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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options August 7, 2009

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Ahmed Abdul-Malik  Isma'a (Listen)   Options East Meets West    1959    0:00:00 ()
Max Roach  Garvey's Ghost   Options Percussion Bitter Sweet    1961    0:03:53 ()
A. K. Salim  Kumuamkia Mzulu (Salute to a Zulu)   Options Afro Soul / Drum Orgy    1965    0:11:42 ()
Art Blakey and the Afro-Drum Ensemble  Tobi Ilu   Options The African Beat    1962    0:19:16 ()
Milton Cardona  Yemayá   Options Bembé    1986    0:25:05 ()
Lucumies Community of Regla/Havana  Songs to Ellegua   Options Cuba: Les Danse des Dieux  Ocora      0:31:18 ()
Cairo Jazz Band  A Farewell Theme   Options The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt    1972 or 4    0:39:45 ()
Kronos Quartet  El Sinaloense   Options         0:50:04 ()
Juan Vicente Torrealba  Chipolenado   Options         0:53:07 ()
Gerson García  Pajarillo   Options Venezuela: Bandola des Llanos  Ocora      0:56:20 ()
  Marinera "The Potter/El Alfarero"   Traditional Music of Peru 4: Lambayeque  Smithsonian Folkways      1:01:26 ()
Los Mensajeros de la Libertad  El Contrapunto   Options Music of Peru: From The Mountains to the Sea        1:04:44 ()
Conjunto Lira Folklorica del Perú  Ayacuchana   Options Music of Peru: From The Mountains to the Sea        1:07:37 ()
Los Románticos De Sicay  Chonginada   Options Huayno Music of Peru vol. 1 (1949-1989)  Arhoolie      1:10:54 ()
Julia Illanes  Licor Maldito   Options Huayno Music of Peru vol. 1 (1949-1989)        1:14:18 ()
Señor Diputado  El Cholo Chanka   Options         1:18:24 ()
Erico Bautista  Saya   Options Musiques du Perou et de Bolivie        1:20:46 ()
Erico Bautista  Wara   Options Musiques du Perou et de Bolivie        1:24:41 ()
  Ensemble of 8 Panpipes   Solomon Islands: 'Are'are Panpipe Enslembles        1:32:13 ()
  Ensemble of 6 Panpipes   Solomon Islands: 'Are'are Panpipe Enslembles        1:38:10 ()
  Solo Blown Bamboos   Solomon Islands: 'Are'are Intimate and Ritual Music        1:41:46 ()
Werdi Senatana  Tabuh Jagra Winungu   Options Jegog: The Bamboo Gamelan of Bali      very. very. very large bambooses.  1:47:47 ()
  Nyangjangan   Bali  Silex      2:04:38 ()
Pendhapa Gamelan of STSI Surakarta  Puspa Warna   Options Gamelan Of Central Java III: Modes And Timbres        2:10:00 ()
  Recak   Java: Sundanese Folk Music      9 angklungs  2:16:50 ()
  Kulilal ät pakpak ät manuk   Philippines: Palawan Highlands Music        2:23:48 ()
  Kulilal ni Puguq   Philippines: Palawan Highlands Music        2:29:44 ()
  Solo de cithare Pagang   Philippines: Palawan Highlands Music        2:29:44 ()
  The Dding Dek Bundle Panpipes   Vietnam: Music of the Montagnards        2:35:56 ()
Danilo Kasaw  Utom S'magi Batul (Beating the gongs slowly)   Options Utom: Summoning the Spirit        2:37:20 ()
Danilo Kasaw  Utom Luk Lenos (Sound of the Wind)   Options Utom: Summoning the Spirit        2:40:12 ()
  Gong Ensemble from Oelolok   Music from the Southeast: Sumbawa, Sumba, Timor        2:47:41 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/7/09 12:14pm dc pat:

this rules, hi bryce
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:16pm bryce:

hey you!
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:16pm Hugo:

Anxiously anticpipating the aural audacities of the Brycean selections for today ...
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:18pm BSI:

Bring on the aural atrocities!
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:19pm north guinea hills:

i stopped listening to the recording of my dj set (free103point9.org) just to tune into bryce.
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:22pm Cecile:


Milton Cardonas, por favor?
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

It's well worth it, NGH. My coworker just said "uh, oh, another Tarzan movie".
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:24pm Hugo:

There shall be aural abominations!
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:24pm bryce:

hahaa :)
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:28pm BSI:

bring on the aural abdominal nations!
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:29pm north guinea hills:

by the third day at my current job, my boss gave an exception to the "no headphones" policy due to the sounds emanating from my speakers....
lol, "another tarzan movie"
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

bring on the aural ab crunches. I need a six pack.

NGH, you're lucky he didn't just take away your music listening priveleges.
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:36pm Jed:

May I plant more vegetables in the back of your skull?
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:36pm Hugo:

Listening to this high-powered percussion, it reminded me of something I listened to earlier today.

Brief review here:


It's off the 1972 Ann Arbor festival. Fantastic stuff!
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:39pm bryce:

hang on jed, trephine's in my locker.

oh yeah, hugo! god, do we have that here??....
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:39pm Cecile:

I have this record. It is the greatest. Der, I put in an extra S.
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:40pm Hugo:

By the way, the eleventh album from Megadeth has the title "United Abominations". Thought I'd let you know ...
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:42pm Cecile:

Hugo, I write for them. Well not as much as I used to This is from the days when we actually had space to write about non-local music. It's funny to see a young Matos being confronted with Sun Ra. It can be an overwhelming experience, your first time with Mr. Ree, Mr. Ra.
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:44pm Cecile:

That's Dave's super right wing nutso disc. He even blames the PTA for stuff. Get out the tinfoil hat while you wait for the black helicopters
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:47pm Jed:

great show
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:47pm ?:

Bryce: got a record by Mongo called 'Yambu'?
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:50pm J-Mar:

hey Cecile,
I used to work for the VVM-owned paper in Nashville. I was a casualty of the whole New Times-VVM merger, though when I look at Nashville paper now I think it's probably a good thing they pushed me out the door.
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:52pm Cecile:

Yeah. I've been freelancing, and I think with the current regime, that's the place to be at. they just don't have much room for what I want to write.

I hope you were able to find something better, J-Mar.
  Fri. 8/7/09 12:57pm Hugo:

I had a look at this short piece. You're probably more acquainted with the whole scene than I am, despite the fact than I'm probably in the middle of it (geographically speaking)

  Fri. 8/7/09 12:59pm J-Mar:

Well, after I got laid off at the Nashville Scene, I did the most ridiculous, counterintuitive thing a journalist could do: I went to work for the Gannett-owned daily (hey, it was a job). Lasted there for two years just barely keeping my sanity before moving into the nonprofit sector, where the power structure tends to be less populated by assholes (thought not guaranteed to be asshole-free, of course).
Anyway, your comments about the content in City Pages sound not surprisingly very similar to what's happened here in Nashville. It's sad to see it happening everywhere, and I feel bad for my pals still stuck in their dreary, overworked jobs at the paper.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:03pm mmmmria:

Bryce! this is demented.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:03pm Cecile:

That sounds like you landed OK. Non-profits at least have good intentions, if not always pure execution.

Yes, can you imagine? They pay the same for investigative journalism per word as they do for calendar items? It's crazy!
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:04pm Rampler:

good afternoon
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:05pm bryce:


hola ramps
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:11pm Ike:

Hey folks. Another Burmese festival happens Aug. 15 in Queens:
The food at this one is really good!
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:11pm north guinea hills:

thanks ike, i'll be sure to check it out!
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:12pm dc pat:

my experience in the nonprofit sector is that the people are MUCH more competent and intelligent but no less power/bullshit hungry. Since I've been here, we've had multiple re-orgs and shake ups and it only seems to ever happen because some one gets bored...
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:14pm Hugo:

I guess you have to read a Minnesota paper to find a piece on a subject like this:


My wife adores it; me and the kid can easily manage without, thank you.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:18pm bryce:

hugo......i like sürstromming...........
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:18pm Cecile:

It's pretty awful. I'm told that MN eats more lutefisk than Scandinavia these days.

I steer clear of it. People who eat it say "well it's an excuse to eat lots of butter." No, mashed potatoes and bread are an excuse to eat lots of butter...
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:20pm Ike:

And Bryce continues to bring some of the funniest mic breaks on Earth.

Lutefisk? Hmmm. Sounds bland. I'll probably stick to searching for Burmese tea leaf salad and other spicy treats.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:23pm jk:

hey, this is a great huayno, what label is this on?
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:25pm dc pat:

bryce is easily the most hilarious dj on fmu.

Also this show is totally killing. I couldn't ask for anything better.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:26pm Hugo:

Whatever you can say about surströmming, it's certainly not bland ... ahem ... bryce, you have my full admiration ...

For those who don't know:

  Fri. 8/7/09 1:27pm Clay Pigeon:

Bryce is tremendous and we love him.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:29pm Rampler:

Hi Clay!!
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:31pm dc pat:

man, you guys are really turning me off visiting the home of the vikings..right now Peru is winning for me..
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:31pm jk:

thanks for the info! great show! again
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:34pm bryce:

hey, cp!!! :)

oh no prob, jk! sorry i'm so remiss about the info....usually running around like an idiot with no idea...
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:40pm Ike:

Hmm, surströmming sounds more interesting than lutefisk. Maybe it's the fish version of durian? Heh.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:43pm Chris:

Guess I won't be having either at my desk.
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:45pm dc pat:

has anyone tried to play a pan pipe? You get winded and dizzy real quick. Imagine playing one of those more bass-oriented ones...
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:45pm Jed:

I smoke Tony Robbins' toenails when I want to get high
  Fri. 8/7/09 1:47pm dc pat:

I think one of those guys just passed out. THis is amazing!
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:04pm jk:

do you have those clapping bamboos from indonesia? I think on smithsonian collection vol.1?
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:06pm bryce:

like angklungs maybe?
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:09pm C&C:

You say it's Big Bambu?
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:10pm bryce:

yes AND yes.
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:18pm jk:

I didn't think it was the angklung, but looking back now it might be. I thought it was handclap activated, but could be wrong. turns out the track I'm thinking of is on the sf sampler, it's called Kalimantan.
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:20pm Marshall Stacks:

Hmm... is Kalimantan the name of the track, or where it was recorded?
(Kalimantan is Indonesian Borneo.)
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:40pm jk:

probably both, I don't have the cd infront of me so am going by the amazon tracklistings, which can be wrong sometimes. track 12: http://tinyurl.com/lh8gno
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:44pm bryce:

ohhh! i know what you're talking about now! that stuff's on Music of Indonesia vol. 17. pilip yampolsky, waaay in gringo-unexplored kalimantan, by the upper jelai river, happened across this kind of music: senggayung. the people around there mostly don't have names for their ethnic groups so are known by the river they hang out near. anyway, this kind of music is played only once every 3 or 4 years, when a bunch of kinds of fruit all ripen at the same time. it's for 7 pairs of bamboo tubes, each pair played by one person.

it's incredible stuff for a lot of reasons, one of the weirdest being that the repetoire's all in shifting odd time signatures — really inexplicable for indonesia.
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:46pm Paul:

This show is full of win! My ears are washed clean. Thank you!
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:48pm jk:

ah hah, though you'd know it. nice spontaneous background information, way to fill in the gaps.
  Fri. 8/7/09 2:51pm annie:

planting herbs.. just got back in... and at the right time to catch some good tunes about half an hour ago.
  Fri. 8/7/09 3:03pm Marshall Stacks:

Bryce with the 411. Thanks.
  Fri. 8/7/09 3:08pm bryce:

hooray for liner notes!

bye all
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