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May 16, 2009 Options
The Damned Live Set
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release, *** = Special) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  cherry blossom clinic revisited   Options Shazam!. Vinyl. 0:00:00 )  
SNAPPER  hang on   Options flying nun. Vinyl. (1988) featuring Al Haig, ex-early Chills 0:07:07 )  
KING KHAN & THE SHRINES  I see lights   Options what is?!. Vice. CD. -NR 0:12:29 )  
BOY BLUES  coming down to you   Options va: up from the grave. Frantic. CD. Nor-Cal sampler 1965-68
thanks Stu R! -NR
0:16:24 )  
THE THERMALS  I called out your name   Options now we can see. Kill Rock Stars. CD. -NR 0:19:34 )  
KING TUFF  ruthie ruthie   Options King Tuff Was Dead. colonel. CD. -NR 0:22:20 )  
CHROME CRANKS  Draghouse   Options The Murder of Time (1993-1996). Bang!. CD. -NR 0:24:48 )  
THE DAMNED  neat neat neat   Options va: babylon's burning: the rough 'n' ready rise of punk rawk 73-78. Castle. CD box set. BBC session
coming up at 4:30 today, the Damned LIVE
0:27:27 )  
ASYLUM  public mores   Options va: killed by death d'italia. kbd. Vinyl. "strictly no American junk" 0:36:16 )  
LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY  amnesia (I got the memory of a man with)   Options the stanley hall session. Radiowave Recordings. Vinyl. -NR 0:38:47 )  
PROJECT X  Don't You Think It's Fine   Options va: destroy that boy: more girls w/guitars. ace. CD. 1966 -NR 0:40:24 )  
UNRELATED SEGMENTS  Where You Gonna Go?   Options VA: Garage Beat '66 V.7 / That's How It Will Be!. Sundazed. (2007) from Detroit, 1967 0:43:10 )  
THE FOGGY NOTIONS  Need A Little Lovin'   Options va: 2131 S. Michigan Ave.: 60s garage & psychedelia from USA/Destination Records. Sundazed. CD. Chicago North Side band, circa 1966 -NR 0:45:37 )  
THE HOBBS  you got me in a whirl girl   Options Big. Vinyl. (1978) 0:48:31 )  
THE OBITS  Two-Headed Coin   Options I Blame You. Sub Pop. CD. -NR 0:50:36 )  
DEATH  freakin out   Options For the Whole World To See. Drag City. CD. 1974 Detroit trio -NR 0:54:36 )  
COCK SPARRER  England Belongs To Me   Options shock troops. taang!. CD. 0:57:29 )  
THE LURKERS  Ain't Got a Clue   Options fulham fallout. Beggar's Banquet. Vinyl. (1978) 1:00:23 )  
THE MOVE  Open my Eyes   Options the move anthology, 1966-1972. salvo. CD box set. Nazz cover -NR 1:17:42 )  
SATISFACTION  Love It Is   Options VA- The Electric Asylum. Past & Present. -NR 1:25:44 )  
SATANIC RITES  Live To Ride   Options VA- Live To Ride. Heavy Metal. -NR 1:28:44 )  


Dave Vanian -- vocals
Capt. Sensible -- guitar, vocals
Pinch -- drums
Stu West -- bass
Monty Oxymoron -- keyboards

Engineered by Diane Farris & Kevin Rudnick

The DAMNED's website:

New album: "So, Who's Paranoid" on The English Channel label

Special thanks to: Brian Turner, Scott Williams, Nancy Farber, Gabe Anel, Dennis, Tom Scharpling & Ken Freedman
  (Listen to this set: )
THE DAMNED LIVE CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  Under the Wheels   Options a composition from their new album, "So, Who's Paranoid?" 1:38:24 )  
THE DAMNED LIVE ON CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  Dr. Woofenstein   Options A composition from their new album, "So, Who's Paranoid?" 1:49:00 )  
THE DAMNED LIVE ON CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  A Nation Fit For Heroes   Options A composition from their new album, "So, Who's Paranoid?" 1:54:41 )  
THE DAMNED LIVE ON THE CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  There'll Come a Day   Options 2:05:07 )  
THE DAMNED LIVE ON THE CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  13th Floor Vendetta   Options 2:09:15 )  
THE DAMNED LIVE ON THE CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  Dark Asteroid   Options A composition from their new album, "So, Who's Paranoid?" 2:14:14 )  
THE DAMNED LIVE ON THE CHERRY BLOSSOM CLINIC ON WFMU  New Rose   Options special request from CBC host Terre T 2:25:27 )  
BAGS  we will bury you   Options va: life is beautiful so why not eat health foods?. New Underground. Vinyl. (1978) 2:38:07 )  
COATHANGERS  Bury Me   Options Scramble. Suicide Squeeze. CD. -NR 2:40:12 )  
THE ROSEHIPS  thrilled to bits   Options Room In Your Heart. Subway. Vinyl. 2:42:32 )  
VASELINES  Molly's Lips   Options Enter the Vaselines. Sub Pop. CD box set. from the "Dying for It" EP -NR 2:44:10 )  
CONDO F*CKS  Dog Meat   Options F*ckbook. Matador. CD. -NR 2:45:47 )  
VEE DEE  teens o.d.   Options public mental health system. Criminal I.Q.. CD. -NR 2:49:32 )  
THE DEMANDS  shut up and kiss me   Options High Wire. Deep Eddy. CD. The Demands are playing tonite with the Vondells & the Dirty Shames at the Ding-Dong Lounge in NYC -NR 2:53:30 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 5/16/09 3:11pm CCD:

eventually became bailter space - right?
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:23pm Todd 76%:

CCD: The Gordons became Bailter Space. Peter Stapleton of Snapper was in The Victor Dimisich Band, The Terminals and a buncha other good NZ bands...
...looking forward to hearing The Damned today. My band had the honor of opening for them last Sunday thanks to our friend Stu Cook. Thanks Stu!!!.. and thanks to Terre T. for all the great tunes!
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:27pm Terre T:

thank YOU Todd 76%, for the informational note
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:32pm matteo(RUDIE):

ciao terre t, your show is the best, cracking show
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:40pm Peteski:

Didn't like that Snapper track ..... I LOVE it.

ps. did the DJ just say "survey" in the JC vernacular, "sirVAY" or am I tripping?
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:46pm andrea votes for TT:

hi babes
right or wrong - my TT
on the other hand
next week 60 yrs german democracy b-day
BTW play babes in toyland plz?
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:46pm Matt:

This singer kinda sounds like John Travolta doing a Cher impression.

Which is pretty awesome.
  Sat. 5/16/09 3:52pm Davie:

  Sat. 5/16/09 3:58pm TOm:

band sounds like the Dickies
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:05pm Todd 76%:

re: my comment above - boy, is my face red! mixed up Peter Stapleton and Peter Gutteridge (ex- The Clean, The Chills, The Great Unwashed)...didn't mean to spread NZ disinformation. Sorry all!
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:14pm frenchee:

love that DEATH
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:17pm ?:

How about "Ghost Mutt"?
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:24pm SmokinJ:

All buckled in and ready to R-O-C-K !
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:26pm matteo:

yo, i like THE MOVE thanx you , nice song
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:27pm Mike Sin:

The most accessible comp featuring "Where You Gonna Go?" by the Unrelated Segments is "Garage Beat '66, Vol. 7" (Sundazed, 2007). The band was from Detroit. You informational notes... and I've got a few minutes to kill at Panera Bread.
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:29pm exPhillyette:

thanks the Nazz cover sounded great
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:43pm Lewy:

Hi from the UK! The Damned: got you extra listeners from across the pond!
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:53pm andrea:

many thanks !!!
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:57pm Stu:

Sounds Great!
  Sat. 5/16/09 4:58pm Greg:

Brilliant! If only The Damned had some west coast dates on their visit...
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:08pm frenchee:

happy birthday, Mike Sin (2 daze late)!
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:10pm Topkat:

There ain't alot of sure things one can count on... but it's always a sure thing for Terre T to have a great playlist and to have great guest musos in for live to airs. Thanks Terre and thanks to The Damned for playin' on the CBC for all of us listeners.
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:14pm Doctor B.:

The Damned, for the love of Dobbs?!? Only on WFMU! Damn... :~)

Please give my regards to the boys! Been listening to 'em ever since I found a copy of their first single on Stiff Records in a dusty old upstate NY used record shop with a leaky roof!
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:17pm matteo:

yo, is great day thanx
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:22pm Patricia Vanian:

Thats My Man!!!
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:22pm drunk john lennon:

Brilliant!!!!! The Damned sound as great as ever 33 years on!!!
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:24pm woj:

even sadder that i had to miss last sunday's show in new haven. ah well, this is a pretty good backup!
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:29pm Dave:

Great drum solo...
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:30pm Lewy:

Thanks for broadcasting this - excellent!
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:52pm Hank Kimball:

Still holding a burning musk thistle plant high in the air and trying to shout, "MORE!!""
  Sat. 5/16/09 5:59pm matteo:

yo, the demands is fantastic band
  Sat. 5/16/09 7:33pm Terre T:

To Todd 76% Uncertain- That's awesome u guys got to open for The DAMNED---so cool !!!
To Matteo in Italia & Lewy in the UK- Thanx for all the kind words! Good music is universal!

Hi and thanx Peteski, Andrea, Matt, Davie,Tom , Smokin J, exPhillyette, Stu, Greg, Topkat, Dr.B.,Drunk John Lennon,Woj,and Hank!!!

And thanx for the info notes!

To Patricia Vanian- If this is the real Mrs.Vanian---Ur a lucky gal! Its not a stretch to say that Dave is as handsome as he was back in thee day, not to mention very elegant and cool. (If this is a wanna-be Mrs. Vanian ---too bad he's taken!)

It was such an honor meeting The Damned and having them play my show/WFMU. I will admit my eyes welled up with tears at various points because I couldn't believe they were playing my show---as engineer Diane Kamikaze said: "The Damned were one of the first bands I ever connected with and got me into punk. The DAMNED, in a sense MADE me the person I am today."

I will also say I have had TONS of bands on my show, many of them of The DAMNED's stature, and i'm never nervous (very psyched, yes, but not intimidated or freekin out), but with the DAMNED i was a nervous stuttering fool!

To the DAMNED-Thank you so much. You make life happier for so many people!
  Tue. 5/19/09 3:16pm v-ron:

todd 76%-

peter stapleton was never in snapper. it was peter gutteridge, also in great unwashed & clean.
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