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Favoriting The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T

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WFMU's Marathon 2023
WFMU's Hellraiser 2022
WFMU's Marathon 2022
WFMU's Hellraiser 2021

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HEYA guys- welp I am BACK on WFMU after a long self- imposed hiatus as of September 2020!
and I'm on the new stream on WFMU - The Rock'n'Soul Radio Stream
I’m so psyched about the programming on da RnS stream -
check it out!

I’m on
Wednesdays 6 - 8pm (EDT) on the RnS Stream

To listen to any archives of CBC

Look I know this profile looks "awesome"--it hasn't been updated in years!
I’m working on it people.

Do you know where “To Hell And Back” is?

Welp thass where I’ve been this whole time!
I also do another show called HOOLIGAN on Fridays 4-5pm ET -archives of past HOOLIGAN shows here

CHECK OUT the new WFMU music stream
Rock ’n’ Soul Radio !
Full schedule here- CHECK IT OUT

So happy to see you :)


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