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Chrome Cranks live set
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release, *** = Special) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  cherry blossom clinic revisited   Options Shazam!. Vinyl. 0:00:00 )  
PAPER BUBBLE  Mother Mother Mother   Options Scenery. RPM. CD. (2008) 1969 release 0:07:05 )  
THE MOVE  hey grandma   Options Movements: 30th Anniversary Anthology. West Side. CD box set. 0:10:05 )  
SHAM 69  family life   Options tell us the truth. sire. Vinyl. (1978) 0:13:13 )  
UNDERTONES  family entertainment   Options s/t. Rykodisc. Vinyl. (1979) 0:15:35 )  
SUPREMES  I'm Living In Shame   Options The Best Of Diana Ross & The Suprmes. Motown. CD. 0:18:11 )  
JACKSON FIVE  mama's pearl   Options 0:21:03 )  
PAUL MCCARTNEY  only mama knows (live)   Options amoeba's secret. EP. (2008) live at Amoeba Records 0:23:56 )  
YOKO ONO  Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's only looking for her hand in the snow)   Options Apple "fan club" rare 7" acetate 1968 recording for Yoko's daughter Kyoko 0:27:26 )  
CHEATER SLICKS  Motherlode   Options don't like you. in the red. CD. (1995) 0:31:56 )  
Music behind DJ:
  new bed music!! 0:36:12 )  
KING TUFF  Desperate   Options Was Dead. colonel. CD. -NR 0:44:17 )  
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS  Do Anything You Wanna Do   Options Life on the Line. Island. Vinyl. (1977) Eddie and the Hot Rods are playing tonite at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. 0:47:53 )  
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS  Get Out of Denver   Options teenage depression. Island. Vinyl. (1977) 0:51:38 )  
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS  Quit This Town   Options Life on the Line. Island. Vinyl. (1977) 0:54:49 )  
EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS  Teenage Depression   Options teenage depression. Island. Vinyl. (1977) 0:57:11 )  
Music behind DJ:
My Friend Jack   Options VA: Roaring Blue: Return Of The Instro-hipsters, Volume 3. Psychic Circle. CD. new psychedelic bed music -NR 1:00:02 )  
KAK  Everything's Changing   Options sony. CD. (1993) 1:13:04 )  
DEEPEST BLUE  Pretty Little Thing   Options VA: Skeletons In The Closet (vol 2 of the Off The Wall set). Past & Present. -NR 1:17:37 )  
MANIKINS  Hangin' From a Noose   Options Crocodiles. Full Breach Kicks. -NR 1:20:52 )  
NOW!  Secondary Modern Miss   Options VA: Takin' A Detour. (1996) 1:23:08 )  
THE LONDON DIRTHOLE CO  Money (Give Me All Your )   Options The Stanley Session. Radiowave Recordings. Vinyl. -NR 1:25:56 )  
COMET GAIN  Young Lions   Options Broken Record Prayers. What's Your Rupture?. -NR 1:27:57 )  
VASELINES  Dying For It   Options Enter the Vaselines. Sub Pop. CD box set. -NR 1:30:29 )  
PURPLE HEARTS  head on collision time   Options Smashing Time. Detour Records. CD. (2003) 1:31:52 )  
KINKS  She's got Everything   Options kinks: the ultimate collection. 1:34:15 )  
WE THE PEOPLE  Half Of Wednesday   Options too much noise. Sundazed. CD. 1:36:51 )  
IRON HORSE  Magic Love   Options va: the electric asylum. volume1 - rare british acid freakrock. past & present. CD. -NR 1:38:50 )  
THE GIRLS  here I am in love again   Options va: destroy that boy: more girls w/guitars. ace. CD. previously unissued Autumn recording -NR 1:41:51 )  
Music behind DJ:
deadeye dick   Options VA: Roaring Blue: Return Of The Instro-hipsters, Volume 3. 1:43:40 )  
THE LEN PRICE 3  Swine Fever   Options Chinese Burn. Wicked Cool. CD. (2007) 1:53:46 )  
LE FACE  pull my trigger   Options Isolation. Dead Beat. CD. -NR 1:55:52 )  
OVENS  same sh*t, different day   Options s/t. Tumult. CD. -NR 1:56:50 )  
OBITS  talking to the dog   Options I Blame You. Sub Pop. CD. -NR 1:58:32 )  
Music behind DJ:
  VA: Roaring Blue: Return Of The Instro-hipsters, Volume 3. 2:00:50 )  
Peter Aaron - vocals, guitar
Jerry Teel - bass
William Weber - guitar
Bob Bert - drums
Engineered by Dave Amels and Mike Sin


New CD = "The Murder of Time (1993-1996)" on Bang Records

Upcoming shows:
Friday, May 15 @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY w/ Woman, Headless Hookers, and more 8 pm
Friday, May 22 @ Nuits Sonores Festival, Lyon, France
  (Listen to this set: )
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Way Out Lover   Options 2:05:44 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Draghouse   Options 2:06:32 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Slow Crash   Options 2:09:53 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Nightmare in Pink   Options 2:12:20 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Hot Blonde Cocktail   Options 2:14:41 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Driving Bad   Options 2:19:54 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Lost Time Blues   Options 2:22:05 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Darkroom   Options 2:23:33 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  8-Track Mind   Options 2:29:15 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  50s French Movie   Options 2:32:03 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  Doll In a Dress   Options thanks to Sue Per for making this all legible and orderly! 2:35:02 )  
CHROME CRANKS LIVE ON THE CBC  chat w/Terre T   Options 2:37:52 )  
    Siltbreeze. CD. -NR 2:57:10 )  
EAT SKULL  stick to the formula   Options Wild and Inside. Siltbreeze. CD. -NR 2:58:04 )  

Listener comments!

  Sat. 5/9/09 3:13pm Joe Steele:

  Sat. 5/9/09 3:30pm matteo:

cya, i'm happy listen your show always
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:32pm Stu:

Nice seque!!!!
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:32pm tim:

Gawd, it just gets better-n-better!
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:33pm Joe Steele:

It's like Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer.
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:33pm Topkat:

Terre T on the air, James Bond on TV (volume off) and I received all of the Royal Purple CD's in the mail on Monday.
Jeez, I'm happy!
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:34pm Terre T:

Hi peoplez,
No Stu I won't play "Your Mother Should Know" nor will I play "chop up your mother" by the sic f*cks
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:35pm Pink Floyd:

Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:36pm John Lennon:

Mother you had me but I never had you.
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:36pm Parq:

Wotta set! I turned on the radio during the Supremes cut. I'm actually old enough to remember when that single first broke on top-40 radio. It was the first, or nearly the first, of Motown's "relevant" period, which also yielded the Temp's "Psychedelic Shack" and "Ball of Confusion". And going from that Jax track to Yoko was genius.

Also, this is the first time I've tuned in since your playlist became comment-enabled. Great to have you join the Now crowd!
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:38pm mazzotti music:

"badges? we don't need no stinking badges!"
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:47pm GeorgeSimian:

Sham69 rule. Best punk band
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:50pm listener mark:

hi Terre T.
great tunes
happy Saturday
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:52pm Terre T:

thanks Parq! Glad youse all liked my mother set!
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:56pm ono's yoko:

greetings from chicago hostess terre t...looks like its gonna rain here too...rain helps the music grow.
  Sat. 5/9/09 3:57pm Jed:

I love do anything you wanna do
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:02pm ono's yoko:

hmmmm...i think i might be suffering from teenage drepression
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:05pm Stu:

WMFU sounds like it's short for something that can't be said over the air.
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:06pm Jed:

I like My Friend Jack, but I always loved your old bed music. Bring it back!
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:07pm Joe Steele:

Ken gave me tickets via twitter, does that count?
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:09pm Joe Steele:

I guy walks into a bar and says, "I'm a renown pianist..."
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:09pm frenchee:

yes, wmfu does sound raceeeeeee!
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:13pm Topkat:

The Damned...damn allright then! I can't miss next week!
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:38pm Michael K.:

WoW! TeRRe's got it ALL!
#1- YOU CANNOT say MFU on the air...can you? Much less W it?
#2- Is PeTeY there?
Believe it or not we are playing in Cincy in July!
I'll have a bowl o' Chili in your Honour! (multiple alarm)
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:41pm David Shortell:

No more “Psyche Rock” between sets? I was talking to film critic/A-Bones guitarist Bruce Bennett about that ol’ music bed just last night! (I bought the “Z” soundtrack album for that tune, yet it was strangely omitted from the record.)
  Sat. 5/9/09 4:56pm GeorgeSimian:

Yeah, man. Swine Flu was bullshit!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:03pm 4sure:

omg wfmu stfu!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:04pm matteo:

yo, i like the obits thanx terre
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:08pm Joe Steele:

I want to form a band, break it up, and have it re-unite on Terre's show.
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:17pm matteo:

yo, thanx from CHROME CRANKS, i hope that tthey will go in italy, i saw them in reggio emilia in 1997 great show
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:18pm Terre T:

HA HA, what an honor, Joe S! yes, Pierre H. and I had a fight, David S.
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:25pm Topkat:

Hey, this is a general kudos to all of the people who run the board for the live-to-airs on WFMU. You all make the bands sound so great!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:25pm John L:

I saw them last week, in Kingston and they were amazing. Many of us in the Hudson Valley are desperate for music like this. Save us from Michael Franti, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and the rest.
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:26pm Joe R:

I was just listening on Beware of the Blog to Laura Cantrell's performance at the Grand ol' Opry. I miss the days when your shows were back to back and there was always a little friendly banter between you.
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:28pm slugluv1313:

HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOO from HOBOKEN and great big Teletubby BIG HUGS to TERRE T. and THE CHROME CRANKS!!!!!!!!!! totally totally TOTALLY loving this live set woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:28pm Terre T:

Hi to all I didn't name-check: Topkat, John L., Matteo, 4Sure, Geo. simian, Joe R., Jed, Frenchee... and slugluv and EVERYBODY!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:29pm Patrick:

Yeah, the Chrome Cranks! I saw them in Switzerland in 1995. I never forget that show. They really kicked my ass
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:37pm Terre T:

COOL, Patrick!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:41pm slugluv1313:

i saw Chrome Cranks waaay back when too and YES you guys still sound AMAZING!!!!!!

the kitties here are totally digging yer soundz too!!!!!!!!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:41pm Patrick:

Oh yeah, that was fun, Terre, i hitchhiked from my hometown in Germany to that show in Lausanne!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:45pm Brian:

Chrome Cranks = Cincinnati's finest!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:47pm Terre T:

Hey Michael K, wow, Cynics playing Cincy in July? I'm gonna drive out there in my mini!
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:56pm Joe Steele:

Sister Anne? My 5th grade teacher?
  Sat. 5/9/09 5:56pm Michael K.:

Multiple alarm vegan chili for YOU!!
  Sat. 5/9/09 6:00pm Joe Steele:

Stand up to Cancer Benefit with a whole bunch of local bands tonight at the Saint in Asbury park http://www.heycole.com/
  Wed. 7/1/09 11:24pm Peter Aaron:

Hey Terre, are the photos you took during the set posted anywhere? Please e-mail, thx!
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