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I never miscue a record. I am punctual, well-prepared, and dislike clutter. Outgoing and helpful, I'm always appropriately dressed. I do not behave erratically and have excellent penmanship. My CD's never skip, and I am in good health. I like all the notes, in any order.

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Options April 3, 2009

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Artist Track Album Comments
Michael Prime  The Mouth of Hermes   Options Fructification   
Yannick Dauby  [track A1]   Options La Rivière Penchée   
Christina Kubisch & Fabrizio Plessi  Air   Options Two and Two  alto flute w/o headpiece + accordion 
Mauricio Kagel  Phantasie für Orgel mit Obbligati   Options   Gerd Zacher's organ 
Olivier Messiaen  Apparition de l'Église Eternelle   Options    
Hermann Nitsch    Das 6-Tage Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters   
Claus Böhmler  Rahlstedt. Nacht. Innen.   Options Materialien zur Postmoderne in Bild und Ton   
David Cunningham  Venezuela 2   Options Grey Scale   
David Cunningham  Bolivia   Options Grey Scale   
Ilhan Mimaroğlu  Fragmentation   Options Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar   
Ilhan Mimaroğlu  Motors   Options Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar   
Ilhan Mimaroğlu  Hide & Seek   Options Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazar   
David Behrman  Leapday Night   Options Leapday Night   
Ellen Fullman  Swingen   Options The Long String Instrument   
Mia Zabelka & Giselher Smekal  Aura   Options Somateme Körperklänge   
Jani Christou  Morendo   Options    

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/3/09 12:04pm Carmichael:

Good morning, Bryce and fellow noise fans.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:06pm bryce:

hawrdy doo-diddle
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:07pm BSI:

good lord... I'm so ready for this I'm breaking out in hives. Literally. There are very large bees rising to the surface... here comes another one...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:08pm Carmichael:

BTW Bryce, thanks again for the throat singing sounds last week. I'm a huge fan of Tannu Tuva and that genre, so I really enjoy the few times I actually get to hear the stuff.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:09pm Sean Daily:

Fifth comment! Woo hoo!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:10pm annie:

the next comment after the last comment!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:10pm jon:

Good Lord! What a marvelous din!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:10pm Sean Daily:

@BSI: That is probably the most hallucinatory thing I've ever read in the listener comments.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:11pm Cecile:

  Fri. 4/3/09 12:12pm bryce:

(ding dong) WHHELLOOOO!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:12pm annie:

bryce, i sent you around FB!!!!!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:13pm Hugo:

Bryce is nyce ...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:14pm Carmichael:

That's what they say ....
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:15pm dc pat:

bryce is vyce
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:16pm ?:

bryce's ryce is twyce as nyce as the myce's lyce
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:16pm BSI:

Sean: It's all Bryce's fault... I mean, hell, I'm burping bees all over the office! It's like a heaving yellow cyclone of the f*ckers! And it's fully awesome!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:16pm Cecile:

breiss is gneiss
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:17pm bryce:

what, is it my birthday?
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:18pm Hugo:

bryce on yce
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:19pm still b/p:

We just stir when the Bryce man cometh.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:19pm Cecile:

Brycy Hot
It helps your arthritis AND plays really cool glitch music.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:19pm Carmichael:

Throw some my way ....
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:21pm BSI:

Brice & Beans = a complete protein!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:22pm Al Kaseltzer:

Mama mia, thatsa Brycey meatball.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:23pm jon:

Hermes has a big mouth. But he sings pretty.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:23pm Cecile:

Reunite on Bryce. Very nice!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:25pm dc pat:

only if it's BROWN bryce.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:26pm zoot:

Guess y'all just want a slyce of bryce
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:26pm annie:

bryce, i'm gonna record the night noises around the cabin here.. it'll fit in very well, all the myce scurrying and the nyce wind blowing.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:26pm Pearlÿ Sweets:

Even from vacation I can't miss Bryce's show
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:26pm Hugo:

Broyce digs noyce
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:26pm Cecile:

brown bryce in my drink? yuk! nuh hunh
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:27pm dc pat:

pearly, we've officially dropped the umlauts. Get with it...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:28pm Foreigner:

You're as bold as Bryce,
You're willin' to sacrifice
Your expectation of lyric and melody..
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:28pm Hügo:

Not really ...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:28pm Pearly Sweets:

I'm gone for one day and the umlauts are gone? Damn it all!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:30pm Jerry Butler:

I am the Iceman. But he is the Bryce-man.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:30pm annie:

pearly's been on vacation. inbox full
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:31pm still b/p:

We're all just innocent brycestanders...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:31pm dc pat:

well, you can only do that kind of stuff for so long--yesterday I suddenly became insanely sick and tired of special characters, so it's over. Hugo, knock it off.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:31pm BSI:

Welcome to the Brycecapades.
BYO Umlaut.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:33pm Hûgo:

Bry ce way ...

(I'll keep my hat on)
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:36pm dc pat:

suit yourself Hugo, just be aware that any vowel decorations are embarrassingly out of style right now...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:36pm Carmichael:

Don't get Texas Scott started on the whole special character thing. He'll go waaaay over the top ......
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:36pm annie:

music to my ears.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:36pm Parq:

Don't hold back, shout it out umlaut.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:37pm Bulwer Lytton aspirant:

Aboard the carousel of aural abstruseness, we have grabbed the Bryce ring.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:37pm BSI:

it's alright, nobody's less fashionable than me. ... I still pray to Cupcake Dog before taking naptime on that stinky green vinyl cot in the back of the office...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:38pm dc pat:

special characters are like 4s on Bryce's marathon playlists.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:40pm still b/p:

No, no, no...Stinky Green Vinyl is not a GNFAB.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:40pm Carmichael:

But it IS the name of my next band.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:43pm Carmichael:

Bryce, I'm beginning to hyperventilate ....
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:44pm bartleby:

Something that folks don't know is that when Bugs Bunny delivered the line commonly recalled as "and another thing, stop breathing in my cup!" to the big orange monster he was actually saying "Stop breeding in my cup!!" he had a long standing feud with the cartoon beverage bacteria over their lack of professionalism on the set.

Hi Bryce
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:44pm annie:

i don't dare leave the room , never know what's next, waiting for the next shoe to drop
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:45pm Bäd R☺nald:

Did not get the memo...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:46pm BSI:

The air/breathing piece did recall that epic purring-cats bit a few weeks ago... although not quite as bent...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:47pm Martin Luther Keyboard:

"...judged not by the color of their skin, but by the coolness of their characters."
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:48pm Cecile:

I know. I almost never get lunch on Wednesdays or Fridays...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:50pm Benjamin:

Magnificent music right now ... just before 6 pm uk time and I is going home ...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:51pm jfkl;:

Ask not what your keyboard can do for you, but what you can do for your keyboard!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:52pm annie:

hehe, ya can't write this stuff!!!
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:52pm dc pat:

aaah, look at bad ronald, what a nerd...
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:53pm bartleby:

so the piano tuner says, "Schopenhauer? We don't even get a coffee break!"
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:53pm Bäd R☺nald:

<sheepishly waves freak flag>
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:56pm Carmichael:

I wish my name was Gerd Zacher.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:56pm Parq:

Nice high note on the Kagel. For a moment there, I thought we were making tea.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:57pm carmichael's genie:

then it shall be! your name is now Gerd Zacher.
  Fri. 4/3/09 12:57pm BSI:

aieee, but you just can't find a decent kagel in this town...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:00pm bartleby:

you can open a beer on hurricane fencing in a pinch
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:02pm Bäd R☺nald:

Tee Hee - "Gerd Zacher's organ"...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:02pm Cecile:

Make sure you do your kagels if childbirth is impending
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:02pm gyn. & tonic:

Try these Kagel exercises twice a day.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:03pm risky!:

thanks for a calming commute bryce!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:03pm Cecile:

now we need bew-bew-bew effects
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:04pm gyn. & tonic:

Cecile - gynx!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:05pm BSI:

...and more Station IDs by pagan gods...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:07pm Sean Daily:

A nice kagel, a little lox, a shmear, sit down and have a nosh, oy! So good it is!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:08pm Cecile:

And a nice Dr. Bronner's on Bryce
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:11pm annie:

bryce-a-roni,,, the san francisco treat!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:12pm bartelby:

herb Albert and the Tijuana Bryce
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:13pm jon:

Hermann Nitsch, I love his stuff! Play it loud!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:14pm BSI:

three times, a-Lassie!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:14pm still b/p:

I was on an earliner flight when the captain suddenly announced, "Bryce for impact!"
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:14pm bryce:

and disembowl a cow hanging from a cross onto a naked boy laying on a bed of tomatoes if ya got one
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:15pm jon:

I wish HN would come back to the states to do a performance. Maybe even on the Mall in Washington.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:15pm bartleby:

is it true WFMU is opening up a taureum in the basement?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:16pm g:

yes, bryce yourself. here it comes...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:17pm owen:

pity me everyone. i have to leave the warm embryce of the show to go out and drink beers. incidentally, this hermann nitsch track is nightmarish. it makes me feel like i'm at the G20 riots, surrounded by a bunch of ketamine hippies. urrr.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:18pm Carmichael:

I'll pray for you, Owen.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:18pm bartelby:

I doubt the presence of ketamine hippies at an event such as that
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:19pm BSI:

Ketamine puppies? What?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:19pm still b/p:

An audiotaureum?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:20pm Cecile:

or even the Mall of America, jon
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:21pm Carmichael:

Ketamine Puppies broke up after their only album, "G20".
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:21pm bartleby:

a place of worship for the Mithras cult was called a Taureum. there are a number of them left, often built over with cathedrals and stuff
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:24pm texas scott:

nice after lunch**BARRRUPP*...show.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:25pm BSI:

underneath the Taureum, archaeologists uncovered the legendary "K Hole" where the remains of a dozen puppies were found, in various positions suggesting a total effing bliss-out...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:28pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

I've just discovered that Bryce and Band Saws don't mix.....
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:28pm Minotaur:

Under the Taureum, down by the sea, lies a pool of blood for me and my baby...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:28pm bryce:

tristam, batter and fry!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:30pm Pearly Sweets:

Who wants to play some cupcake dog?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:33pm Parq:

Pearly, asphalt or clay?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:34pm Carmichael:

Shirts or Skins?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:35pm Cecile:

Only if I get to be the one with the sprinkles
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:35pm BSI:

ketamine or advil?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:37pm still b/p:

The law firm of Tristam, Batter and Fry for the defense, and representing the plaintiff, Pearly, Asphalt & Clay.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:37pm chris:

I can never decide what wine goes with ketamine
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:38pm Hugo:

I went to see Faust last Friday and am happy to report that they're still alive and kicking, Zappi Diermayer and Jean Hervé Peron are the only left from the old 70s band, but have recruited three "youngsters", the youngest born in 1975! Two hours of fun time and Jean brought the cement mixer and Zappi his drill and metal cutter.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:38pm Tristram in Brooklyn:

doomed by lightening....
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:40pm bryce:

hugo, that's amazing! was wondering how it went...

so the band was all right?
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:46pm annie:

so, ya see, i really have to get outside now. planetary obligations.. see y'all later.. if not have a great weekend..
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:47pm Cecile:

later, lady!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:48pm bryce:

  Fri. 4/3/09 1:49pm ?:

If we're filing show reports....saw Big Blood in a storefront space last Sunday, and it was fiiine. Fifty or sixty people in there. Bought two CDs for a fin each! Colleen's art on the CD cover and on the walls. Wisht I'd been in front when they asked for volunteers to play tambourine and bells. I can't build a house or hit a fastball, but I can keep a beat. Tonight they plan to play a few stories up and let open windows deliver the music to Artwalk participants on the street.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:50pm dc pat:

dammit bryce, she's gone!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:50pm still b/p:

My BB report.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:50pm Hugo:

Bryce, they were very good and they sounded more like a real band than what they have done for many years, I suspect. The three new ones, including the first woman in the band to date, are all English and played guitars, keyboards, synthesizer, accordion (!) and Geraldine Swainey shared vocals with Jean and even did some live painting and recitation (from Faust, of course). After two hours, a soaring version of "Krautrock" as the evening final. There is also another version of Faust, led by Jochen Irmler, but this version has two more gigs coming up in this country this year, though out of town. I'm tempted ...
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:55pm bryce:

i wish they'd hurry and fix my intercontinental pneumatic tube.
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:59pm Bäd R☺nald:

Eep, op, ork, ah ah!
  Fri. 4/3/09 1:59pm dc pat:

that means I love you!
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:04pm Hugo:

Photos here:

  Fri. 4/3/09 2:05pm Parq:

Hey, he knows the secret code!
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:07pm Parq:

Or, if you prefer:

Pop, Six, Squish, Uh-uh, Cicero, Lipschitz
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:10pm bryce:

wow, great photos! thanks, hugo

  Fri. 4/3/09 2:23pm Larry:

Hello Bryce. The Olivier Messiaen was good. I especially enjoyed the first movement. Do you keep song titles on file? Well, I should go. Keep doing a good show.

Your friend,

  Fri. 4/3/09 2:26pm joe:

Hey Bryce,
Haven't spoken to you in a while. Just getting over being really sick. Had a fungal infection and something else. Been out of work since 3/18. Just wanted to say what up
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:29pm Hugo:

Young enthusiastic chap at the Borealis festival:


And the old man holding his nose (for some odd reason):

  Fri. 4/3/09 2:32pm bryce:

hi larry,

yes, all song titles are on file in triplicate with the records department in room 162B. they are filed in order of pitch, so please be prepared when you come to submit your requisition.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:32pm texas scott:

sometimes,when I listen to this show,I hold my nose.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:35pm Hugo:

Instant book making:


That was actually quite fun.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:36pm BSI:

oh god....
still a few more bees coming out...
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:39pm chris:

What's next? Dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark bees come out? Robotic Richard Simmons?
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:41pm Bob-Bee McFerrin:

Don't worry. bee happy!
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:42pm bryce:

joe voltage? oh crap, we need to boil you in formaldehyde.

tscott, i just want you to know: when you let go of your nose, you'll turn inside out.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:42pm Parq:

"Robotic Richard Simmons" would make a good name for a -- no it wouldn't, never mind.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:44pm texas scott:

!etal oot
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:47pm G.:

Somateme Körperklänge

bodytheme bodynoises

I always figured that gradschool Greek and German would be worthwhile. Not so often at the same time in one phrase.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:48pm Hugo:

The Bryce show wouldn't be complete without an ümlaut ...
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:52pm ?:


Non-Nikolai Rimksy-Korsakov

"The Non-Flight of the Altered-State Bumblebee"
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:54pm Hugo:

Final pic:


This was at the Johannes church in the centre of Bergen. Very quiet, ambient music from tiny speakers mounted high, lasting several hours. Not unlike a Bryce playlist. For a meditative Sunday afternoon ...
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:55pm BSI:

While the ketamine puppies watch, I'm coughing up bumblebees wielding long-bladed hunting knives. This can NOT be good.

Or is it the Jani Christou which makes it so?
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:57pm chris:

Man, whatever you had for lunch I gotta try it sometime.
  Fri. 4/3/09 2:59pm G.:

he had cereal.

lysergic cereal.

the corresponding musical genre is cerealism.
  Fri. 4/3/09 3:00pm bryce:

pneumatic tube's fixed. gotta gsssssccchplott
  Fri. 4/3/09 3:00pm G.:

serialism + surrealism, i guess

b b bryce
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