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Live studio sessions and chat with the many great musicians in Irene Trudel's orbit. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 2, 2009: Marathon, the first , with co-host Monica

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Artist Track Album Label
Kaki King  Open Mouth   Options Dreaming of Revenge  Velour 
Soon Clyde  Fish Feet   Options Migratory Words   
Shearwater  Home Life   Options Rook  Matador 
Alessi's Ark  Constellations   Options Monday Will Never Be the Same: Live on Irene Trudel's Program  (WFMU premium CD) 
Matt Bauer  (He Asks the Figure) Are You the One?   Options The Island Moved in the Storm  La Societe Expeditionnaire 
Peter Walker  Manitas Juntos (Hands Together)   Options Echo of My Soul  Tompkins Square 
C.O.B. (w/Clive Palmer)  Let It Be You   Options Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart  Radioactive 
Micah Blue Smaldone  A Derelict   Options Monday Will Never Be the Same: Live on Irene Trudel's Program  (WFMU premium CD) 
James Blackshaw  Sunshrine   Options    
Ana Moura  Nao Fui Eu   Options Para Alem da Saudade   
Dana Falconberry  Blue Umbrella   Options Oh Skies of Grey   
Noa Babayof  Loving You   Options From a Window to a Wall  Anova 
Lacrymosa  Wolfsnare   Options Monday Will Never Be the Same: Live on Irene Trudel's Program  (WFMU premium CD) 
Linda Perhacs  Chimacum Rain   Options Parallelograms  The Wild Places 
Jacques Brel  Jojo   Options Infiniment   
Michael Chapman  Little Molly's Dream   Options Time Past & Time Passing  Electric Ragtime 
Rev. John DeLore  Art Of War   Options Monday Will Never Be the Same: Live on Irene Trudel's Program  (WFMU premium CD) 
Marianne Dissard  Merci De Rien Du Tout   Options L'Entredeux   
Lambchop  Sharing a Gibson with Martin Luther King Jr.   Options OH (ohio)  Merge 
Neil Young  Sugar Mountain   Options Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968  Reprise 
Curtis Eller  Sugar for the Horses   Options Monday Will Never Be the Same: Live on Irene Trudel's Program  (WFMU premium CD) 
Hush Arbors  Sand   Options Hush Arbors  Ecstatic Peace! 
Julian Lage  Long Day, Short Night   Options Sounding Point  EmArcy 
Music behind DJ:
Tall Firs 
So Messed Up   Options Too Old to Die Young  Ecstatic Peace! 
Tall Firs  Blue   Options    

Listener comments!

  Mon. 3/2/09 3:14pm stingy d:

  Mon. 3/2/09 3:15pm postmanpaul:

Office-ionados and City Slackers,

Reach for your plastic and get out your ackers,

Forgo the bijou bistro and wanton whisky slappers,

And make that pledge to fmu,

Caus they're all that really matters.

. . . he he
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:17pm -max-:

Loving this set, Irene. Big LOVE to you and Monica!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:17pm stingy d:

i'd be decent at berating people into pledging
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:21pm snow day:

foot of snow has me listening in the comfort of my home, though a choice sound system instead of through the computer speakers in my office - feel pretty good about this afternoon
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:22pm Glenn L:

You'd have to choose another name, stingy.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:24pm stingy d:

the d is for defense. my pockets is in the process of being wide open you jooby duster!

how's that?
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:27pm Mark:

It's 23.26 here, almost bedtime. So thanks for the evening mood.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:29pm Glenn L:

That's great! You've convinced me!
Truth be told, you had me at jooby duster.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:34pm stingy d:

thats a hommade dis. and theres more where that came from you rock dickler!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:35pm Cecile:

I feel like homemade dis deepfried on a sesame seed bun.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:36pm stingy d:

just give dem da moneys smoochie
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:37pm Ike:

Mark, do they still put cabbage in absolutely everything in Russia? I visited in 1996 and '97. Food was awful! They even put cabbage on the pizza -- UNDER the cheese so that we couldn't pick it off. не хорошо!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:40pm stingy d:

ok i think i'm officially IN. thanks wfmu!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:42pm Cecile:

I gave dem da moneys. smoochie back.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:45pm stingy d:

MORE MONEYS! you freakin cobby toast!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:47pm postmanpaul:

...erm, i'd be decent at berating people into pledging...
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:49pm Parq:

Mem'selles Irene and Monica, great to hear you two. I've set aside a little installment of my mouse for you, and it's in the hopper.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:49pm stingy d:

oh dat was me... jonathan
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:49pm Carmichael:

I done already gave. Pony up, people.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:49pm Glenn L:

Paul, you & stingy are gonna hafta battle it out.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:51pm Carmichael:

Stingy is the King Berator, believe me.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:52pm stingy d:

you cud sonnet dem dodo brains. i'ma say to them how is there problems are. dey gonna feel dumb dumbed. open dem ass pockicks!!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:53pm Mark:

Ike. I think you must have been unlucky with the cabbage thing. Even in 96 things were a long way from the Soviet times of grim eating (if you eat out at least, though maybe home coocking retains more of those old fashioned styles). Maybe you were far from the big western Russian cities, or eating in with locals a lot. But still things have moved on a lot more since 96/97, so now pizzas, and much else, are just like in any western country, and all over the place, and all kinds, and tasty and delivered quick and hot and supermarkets and restaurants provide much of what you'd be used to in the US, or wherever. Though it's still not as totally saturated with stuff and full of all the very little comforts and pleasures of the west. Even a lot of eating places are better here than in the west, because they try to do things in their own individual and cool way, so a 'boho' cafe has its own chefs and dishes, which can be really nice and exotic, instead of the generic fare of developed countries. Lots of young, cool places in Moscow and St.Petersburg these days, basically booming and growing since about 2000 (even loads of western bands are getting here these days) so cabbage no longer a necessity. Wholly avoidable. Скажи нет капусте!
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:54pm Kenneth:

Is there anywhere to see the tracklist for this year's Premium CD? Already great to see Alessi's Ark on it.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:54pm stingy d:

got dag mork! essays cost 15 a pop.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:56pm postmanpaul:

cabbages accepted.
  Mon. 3/2/09 3:57pm stingy d:

you heard the man! pop them cabbages gold tooth!
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:00pm Glenn L:

Stingy d's linguistics have really gone freeform!
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:03pm Malcolm:

I liked the Alessi's Ark track.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:03pm stingy d:

i just spell it like it is.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:08pm postmanpaul:

irene - how nice to catch alessi again. fond memories of that show. is not she lovely?
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:18pm Cecile:

I hate to be all "asky", but Irene, do you have a recording of that beautiful cover of "Row Fisherman Row" I think I Micah Blue Smaldone did?
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:18pm stingy d:

falconberry... some name huh pigs? pledge a pledge.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:20pm fine tune:

Dana Falconberry tune - a real treat
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:24pm Carmichael:

Cecile, make Ken ask her, he he he ......
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:30pm Cecile:

Like he's going to listen to me. I just own him.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:31pm marathon veteran:

Kenneth, since no one else is answering your question, I'll step up to the plate. I've never seen a list like you're asking about. This is one of the advantages of not making your CD selections until the marathon is over. Everybody plays a couple of tracks from his or her premium, and a year hardly goes by when I don't decide that something sounds more interesting (or less) than it did on paper.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:31pm stingy d:

night people need adoption. them fellers need parents.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:33pm Michele:

Thanks Irene for your great show! It's the first time I listen to it, but from now on I'll keep on tuning in to your show. Great music! Love it!
Michele (Antwerp - Belgium)
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:33pm Parq:

I can't believe no one's adopted Spazz yet. Wish I had a spare room . . .
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:34pm stingy d:

i hereby adopt night people and rename them dave thoreau and andy perlich.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:35pm Carmichael:

Michele, isn't it getting to be past your bedtime way over there? Just wondering.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:36pm stingy d:

dave is now related to big bank hank david, and andy's new brother is max.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:39pm Carmichael:

If I was a night person, I would adopt Mr. Fine Wine. Not enough dubloons to go around, unfortunately.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:43pm stingy d:

irene, if i'm not mistaken you had lacrymosa and alessi's ark on your show the same day, no? i like lacrymosa more betta, she exudes many fewer elf-blood vibes. thats important to me.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:44pm Kenneth:

Thanks mv, I may just do that as I'm torn between a couple of them (Irene's and Pseu's) this year.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:52pm Carmichael:

Great choice of music, you two. I really like this stuff. Reminds me of good 'ol Davey Graham.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:54pm tejo:

hi Irene...a wonderful show....!!...would be wonderful if you could play one of our latest CD s Monkey Zoo fomr the band Hookerman....cheers ..***
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:55pm Carmichael:

Scott Walker sings some wonderful Jacques Brel. Or wonderfully sings Jacques Brel.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:56pm stingy d:

if anyone gives out the scott walker record that has his cover of "no regrets" can i call dibs? unless it's a walker brothers record. in wich case i got dibs on THAT one.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:59pm Carmichael:

Hay Zeus Stingy, do you and I actually have something in common? I'm all goofy in the head over Walker/Brothers.
  Mon. 3/2/09 4:59pm stingy d:

its tough to berate when this softy music gets played. how about you play that sun o))) record you promised at the start of the show, huh?
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:00pm stingy d:

oh, yes definitely carmike. i'm big on them walkers.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:07pm Carmichael:

If a Scott Walker tune is offered somewhere in that mess o' records, I'll re-pledge.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:10pm stingy d:

i have not received my confimration email... is that an issue?
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:11pm Cecile:

Stingy, I want that Walker Bros record, too.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:12pm Carmichael:

You too? Ya! Glad to see a world full of Scott Walker fans.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:12pm stingy d:

alright thats three people, i bet you guys could start a wfmu biddign war auction jam, if someone puts up a walker (brothers) record.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:12pm marathon veteran:

Stingy, if you pledge on line, they're computer generated. If you pledge by phone, they have to be hand processed.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:14pm stingy d:

hey vet. yea i pledged online... a while back.... maybe 2 hours ago.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:17pm C:

Hope you got to check out Lambchop on the current tour. It was really unforgettable.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:18pm stingy d:

well... i'm gonna go see if i know anyone who is hungry. thanks for the discourse everyone... i'll try to do some more berating later on. bye!
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:19pm mar vet:

Hmm, not sure. My unofficial advice: if you haven't gotten it by the end of this shift, shoot Joe McGasko an email from the link on the homepage.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:21pm Cecile:

don't forget the harangueing, either, stingy!
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:22pm Parq:

Sigh. As a 50-something geezer, I can't help but be amused by kids who think 20 is old.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:26pm Carmichael:

I was old the 1st time I heard this song.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:27pm stingy d:

thanks marathonian, you bet cecile, i'm 10 yeals ode. adios chumachos
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:27pm Olaf:

stingy: I pledged online too, and Gmail qualified the receipt as spam. So check your spam folder.
  Mon. 3/2/09 5:30pm stingy d:

olaf with a gem! i got it.
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