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Options January 23, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
jarrod fowler  introduction: re(percussions)   Options percussion as percussion 
Christine Odlund  Magnetosphere   Options phenomena 
volcano suns  white elephant   Options all night lotus party 
made in mexico  remote control secrets   Options guerillaton 
DJ Signify  delight to the sadist   Options of cities 
Pekka Airaksinen  let your anger die before you   Options mahagood 
Metabolismus & Kim Fowley  Stranded In Stuttgart   Options stranded in stuttgart 
trubrot  eg veit ao pu kemur   Options v/a drive in, turn on, freak out 
bells of sicily  black ice   Options v/a radio resistencia 
Kito Mizumumi Rouber  trk 7   Options boseki ni tatazumu 
boots randolph  yakety sax   Options mp3 
sacros  la reaudad   Options sacros 
nino ferrer  mme robert   Options Enregistrement Public "C'est Irreparable" 
mazes  gas's blacklight village   Options mazes 
Yura Yura Teikoku  trk 6   Options hollow me 
ESP Kinetic  metropoline   Options flecK-NOR 
??  ??   v/a oso el roto 
lars myrvoll  heartbeats (the wait)   Options the island 
gog  trk   Options noriah mills 
studio 1  trk 5   Options studio 1 
tijuana panthers  creature   Options tijuana panthers 
ferran fages  possible desfeta   Options al voltant d'un para/.lel 
Antony & The Johnsons  one dove   Options the crying light 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/23/09 8:16pm monica:

hey there theu,
stop taking pictures!!
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:25pm Jeffersonic:

Hi Pseu.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:26pm pseu:

hi J - ugh - forgot to hit you back from last week -- answer to your question is "yes, he still lives there".
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:29pm pseu:

Now, listeners, it's your turn to try to FIGURE OUT what the Question Jeffersonic would have asked to inspire me to answer "yes, he still lives there".
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:35pm texas scott:

Q...do you still have that little man that you said years ago lived in your mouth?
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:36pm Jeffersonic:

I enjoyed ____ to ____. I have an "ancestral house lot" there that I vow to return to one day, and build me a shack. There are some as yet unsettled places surrounding Leesburg that are teeming with wildlife. I like it there. Currently, not much economic support there for a(an) hobo like myself.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:43pm Laurie:

Hi Pseu!
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:46pm Laurie:

December and January have been busy, what with Art Basel and Christmas and the Inauguration and stuff.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:50pm Laurie:

omg I have such a crush on Molly from Ponytail.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:54pm SPUD:

Monticello, or there abouts..reincarnate.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:56pm SPUD:

TEX, Have you visited with Homunculus lately. He knows all.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:57pm Matti:

fyi - Keili's name is pronounced "kaylee" as evidenced by the beginning of her show. Which, being beyond my operating hours, I've only heard in archives.
  Fri. 1/23/09 8:58pm faux pseu:

  Fri. 1/23/09 8:58pm SPUD:

BRICE, Are you cognizant that during your absence you were besmearched and maligned?
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:01pm SPUD:

Yes Keili is HOT and her audio similiarly so.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:04pm SPUD:

Pseu, search for tapeworms or similiar unexpected hosts in your cat.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:06pm pseu:

HELLO faux TX Scott. blahblahblah to you too.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:08pm texas scott:

  Fri. 1/23/09 9:09pm bryce:

i am compost.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:09pm faux pseu:

goodbye 4 ever
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:11pm Glenn L:

Man, all of a sudden I have an incredible urge to drag my ass along my new carpeting.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:12pm john:

Ah, thought this was the Pseu tribute to Benny Hill for a moment. I've often remarked.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:17pm pseu:

john, keep up with the show. It was my cat's theme for ass-dragging across the carpet.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:18pm john:

Different from the content of Benny Hill how?

And btw, as the token French major in the room, it's breathtaking how little sense this song made. Love it
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:22pm pseu:

Laurie, if you're still here, if you haven't bailed -- what row were you in at the Inaug?
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:23pm texas scott:

wow..mazes...finally a good song after an hour and a half.i'm really shocked!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:24pm The Momager:

I sent you the photos pseu! You're Gaaaawwwwgeous dahlink!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:25pm pseu:

Momager, can you believe that Texas Scott? You'll have boys like that bothering your Keili soon. Advise her well, I know you will. Thanks for the pix!! xoxoxoxoxoxox
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:27pm Momager:

Whatchoo talkin' bout pseu! She's already had two stalkers! She speaks Japanese and knows the ancient art of Karate! She's going to Japan in April. She could translate this song.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:30pm Laurie:

Ha! I wasn't at the Inauguration. Just went to a bunch of parties and stuff. And working. And writing.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:30pm texas scott:

must have the hollow me.good stuff.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:31pm Laurie:

I had a friend who was in DC though, and he was there for the Inauguration concert thingy on Sunday. You know, with old man Seeger and Beyoncé and Sting's beard.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:35pm The Momager:

Obama is the perfect man. I want an "Obama" for myself. Except I want him to own a candy store, not be president. That way he'd be home for dinner.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:35pm Ceece:

I tuned in rigth at the moment you were saying the words "Drunks With Guns" but I don't see it on your playlist. Did I miss or is still to come?
Great show otherwise but boy would that be tasty.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:37pm john:

Plus, Momager, you'd never have to make dessert. Milky Ways every night! Almond Joy on Sunday.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:38pm Ceece:

Aw jeeze I feel like a barbarian coming in here talking about Drunks with Guns interrupting this stuff about Obama, candy and the perfect man. Cancel it!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:39pm Momager:

You read my mind, John! You read my mind! What Joy Sunday would be!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:40pm John:

Almondy! THAT'S what joy Sunday would be.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:40pm Glenn L:

Man, all this talk of Milky Ways and Almond Joys is really making me want to drag my ass along my carpeting.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:40pm Momager:

What's the perfect man without booze and guns?!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:41pm john:

In fact, Sunday would now be called Almonday. As that sounds too much like the next day, Monday will be renamed Nestle's $100,000 Barday.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:42pm ANy Non A Mouse:

This is very pleasant and relaxing, much like Pork Rinds on the turn table.
Thank You
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:42pm Momager:

You just showed your age John! Remember when it was called the $100,000 bar? It's not anymore! It's now called the 100 Grand!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:43pm john:

Pork Rinds are one-sided. Make sure you're playing the one with the grooves.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:45pm john:

Ah, Momager, encroaching age gets nearly all of us in the end, or the front. I'm also showing that I'm not morbidly obese by not knowing that fact 30 years after prime candy-eating age.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:46pm Momager:

DAMN! I showed my cards too soon!
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:49pm texas scott:

hey pseu,got anything for insomnia?
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:49pm john:

I am jonesing for an Almond Joy now, though, which I probably also haven't had in decades. Thank goodness I live in a town where no retail outlets are open at 10pm. And Momager, a friend could have told you. No, srsly. I believe that.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:52pm Momager:

Don't do it John! I stole one from the kids' Halloween candy and the amount of floss it took to get that coconut out of my teeth was not worth the joy.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:54pm bar guy:

Pseu. Your bumptious. Alright, I'm out.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:56pm john:

Thanks for the voice of experience. I'll take my teeth out first. Remember, I'm elderly.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:58pm Momager:

I visited my "penpal" in Indiana when I was about 10 and her father went out in the field, shot a squirrel, fried it like chicken and served it for dinner.
  Fri. 1/23/09 9:59pm john:

Tastes like candy.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:02pm john:

Just picturing Nige's wooly caterpillar mustache on--oh, skip it. Better just stick with the jheri curls.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:10pm texas scott:

risotto is rice you italian-looking babe
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:11pm Momager:

OK People! Risotto is riiiiiiice. Gnocci is a potato dumpling that is served like pasta, with marinara and fresh mozzarella - or with pesto. Orzo is what you guys are talking about.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:12pm john:

And for dessert, Phil Risotto always had a box of cannolis given him by one of the various elderly people of Italian extraction to whom he had spent the entire preceding broadcast wishing happy 85th birthday and good luck with the hip replacement.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:13pm Momager:

Get over it John! I'm sorry I called you old... xo
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:14pm SPUD:

Bronx Polish Cemetery, where you can Plotz till your hearts content.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:14pm john:

Can't hear you, Momager. Speak into the horn, young lady.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:16pm Jessica:

Is it just me, or does "lather" sound kind of filthy in that context?
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:16pm Glenn L in the Bronx:

That's a good one, SPUD.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:19pm Jessica:

Have we covered risotto = rice, yet?
It's short-grained Italian rice, is all. Maybe some bees once had a threeway between farina and rice grasses growing in a valley/on the hill, or something, 'cause it is pretty pastalike.
[mmhm, I got yr inane hangin']
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:20pm Jessica:

[scrolls up just a leeeetle bit further]
Yeah, hey: how about that 00 flour, eh, Momager?
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:21pm Jessica:

This is perfect scanning-docs-in-prep-for-divorcing-creepy-sociopaths music. Yay.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:23pm SPUD:

If your cat continues to dragg ass on your carpet, search closely behind its behind. You will find living Risotto's which you can then boil and consume. That is of course IF you prefer not to toss your salad and eat living Rizotto's.

If you're Vegan you will not be allowed to follow your Cat's bum that closely in search of your cheap Rizotto Snacks.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:25pm Momager:

Lulu (DJ Keili's little sis) named her Puffle on Club Penguin "Risotto"
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:26pm Momager:

Pseu! I just sent you more pix! I LOVE THIS SONG!
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:26pm texas scott:

YAY! more music.you've really beat your personal best ,my dear pseu
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:31pm Momager:

There's something very Zen about the inane. A welcome lack of thought.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:33pm Jeffersonic:

The Zebra spilled its plastina on Bemis...
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:36pm john:

And there's not a little inane about Zen, but i should think you'd need someone who's done post-grad work in the discipline to have the perspective to admit it.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:41pm whisky man:

i tuned in at 10:39 and could tell immediately that this show was a complete and utter failure.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:42pm john:

Dull-looking caucasians add instant credibility to any happening.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:43pm texas scott:

W man,at least you got here late.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:46pm genken:

you're right as always -I have a U-Matic 3/4 inch PAL tape from Germany 1883 - I think its got me on it - Never seen it
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:52pm Jeffersonic:

I was in "Corncob Crackpipe!" (back in the aughts...)
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:52pm texas scott:

got corn? the title for this show.
  Fri. 1/23/09 10:59pm whisky man:

lets call this show.....i cant wait for the next show!
  Fri. 1/23/09 11:00pm stale cookies:

HOw can you gaurantee that your philoh dogh is stretched out over a marble table
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