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Options January 16, 2009

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Artist Track Album
ed shepp  the p is for pseuperpower pseu too   Options pseu's theme 
The Lollipop Shoppe  baby don't go   Options just colour 
cobra verde  home in the highrise   Options Haven't Slept All Year 
nightingales  brownhills united's tattooed southpaw   Options Insult to Injury 
Holy McGrail  raw power   Options raw power suite 
Prurient  months lengthening into years   Options the black post society 
mike jones  Reckless Policies   Options Messthetics Greatest Hiss #110 (V/A) 
marion maerz  so wie ich   Options Burt Bacharach Songbook 
humcrush  edingruv   Options rest at world's end 
Sonu Nigam, Ranu Mukheerji, Neeraj Vohra  Aaj Ki Raat   Options sndtrk -- slumdog millionaire 
Animal Collective  daily routine   Options Merriwether Post Pavilion 
White/Light  discipline   Options black acts 
das k  vier herren   Options v/a ganz einfach 
hamayoko  l'affaire tati   Options retronica 
Aan & Eyes Like Saucers  therein the margins   Options Kristallivirta 
Yura Yura Teikoko  trk 4   Options hollow me 
yahowa 13  big kundalini   Options Sonic Portation 
Paolo Angeli  ?   v/a hipshot guitars 
Various Production  a ** in your memory   Options The Invisible lodger 
m83  space fertilizer   Options Digital Shades Volume 1 
hollow bush  null a - pt 1   Options Null-A Pt. 1 
kito mizumumi rouber  kayo bi   Options boseki ni tatazumu 
acid eater  i gotta move   Options Dirty VLEP 
Kreamy 'Lectric Santa  everything?   Options operation spacetime cinderblock/sickley sweet 
meth teeth  my heart's heart   Options indian spirits 
the hunches  your sick blooms   Options Exit Dreams 
Mystery Girls  the magic is gone   Options incontinopia 

Listener comments!

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:07pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Friday fun is on the way. Starts 8:00PM each Friday. How are things going?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:08pm C:

anyone else find the synth strings on that track kind of distracting?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:09pm pseu:

by all means, no intention to distract here. Carry on.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:12pm john:

Gosh, I didn't really notice them. Of course it may be because the Cobra Verde album title pretty much applies.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:17pm pseu:

anybody got any "it was so cold out today..." jokes?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:18pm john:

Wait. It was cold?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:19pm C:

it was so cold today i almost talked to jesus
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:21pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Well, not a "so cold out..." joke, but I did see a flock of about two dozen robins next to the building here today. We were joking that maybe they're just getting here from Canada. They sit on the tree branches with their feathers puffed way up to try to keep warm.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:22pm Glenn L:

It was so cold out today that Sully could've
landed the plane on the Hudson River instead of in it.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:23pm pseu:

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:26pm Tom:

It was so cold the lawyers had their hands in their own pockets....
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:26pm Glenn L:

.....jeez, and everyone said that Pseu
would be mean to me.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:27pm pseu:

c'mere you...
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:28pm Glenn L:

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:29pm texas scott:

she is only toying with you GL
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:32pm tom:

It's Soooo Cold .. The hookers downtown are charging 20 bucks just to blow on your hands .
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:33pm HotRod:

Pseu doesn't like my mask...

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:33pm tom:

It's sooo Cold .. The fire hydrant is begging a dog to pee on it.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:35pm bartelby:

Icelandic Pseu?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:35pm john:

Could you have been Italian in 1989?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:35pm tom:

It's sooooo Cold ... It's so cold that I actually feel like
listening to Rush Limbaugh. That's how desperate I am for some hot air."
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:36pm RedBeard:

why tom? you seem to be full of the stuff
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:37pm texas scott:

it's so cold...my balls became ovaries.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:37pm MIKE TP:

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:39pm tom:

**** RedBeard

why tom? you seem to be full of the stuff
*** < we do have one that masturbates To Rush on here after all !!!!!
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:40pm RedBeard:

play us some more weirdness, as only you can Pseu
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:40pm john:

It's your accent.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:41pm RedBeard:

you mean you do that too?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:41pm MIKE TP:

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:42pm john:

I think you can use the word "lame" to refer to a disabled person who also kind of sucks.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:42pm bartelby:

Besides Finnish the language with the most cognates with Hungarian is Korean
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:43pm RedBeard:

Actually i only yank it to McCain speeches
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:46pm RedBeard:

I'm in Monroe NY, tuned to WMFU...but i don't know the re-broadcast station's call letters (90.1 fm)
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:46pm ?:

Some fellows profess that indexical references are key factoids, but that in them one must refer to oneself as oneself...or to cognate.

You mean self aware lice?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:49pm SPUDS:

KOREANS,,,,another self aware delicacy...they eat FINns.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:49pm texas scott:

mike tp...i'd rather drink antifreeze
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:50pm bartelby:

Um, I think anyone who took a language in high school knows what a cognate is. But tell me-- the suffix "oid" in factoid means basically "like." So what good is something that is fact-like and yet not a fact?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:50pm myelz emoire:

Speaking of strange places, I think New Jersey tops the list for
hardboiled wingnuts and traffic cops with gestapo knee boots
and black teeth. I like it there. That's why I live over here.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:53pm SPUD:

Some higher creatures have antifreeze coursing through their veins which enables them to survive and thrive in quite cold/frozen environments. And yet they can not imbibe said antifreeze. Alas it does not quite work same with the opposible thumb primates....Unless they are of the Vulcan tribe.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:55pm texas scott:

speaking of creatures...hey pseu,where are you now?
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:56pm SPUD:

I took my lunch to skool. I 'partook' of the occasional smoke on the playground. I never took a language to skool. We were not allowed to keep any languages as pets.
  Fri. 1/16/09 8:58pm faux pseu:

  Fri. 1/16/09 8:59pm pseu:

Tx Sct, where do most horseshoe crabs gather? At the Jersey Shore. Hello to the rest of you Larf Riots out there.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:01pm texas scott:

now that Pseu explains alot!
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:01pm HotRod:

"Daily Routine" is yum.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:03pm pseu:

Hi HawtRod. I've seen *your* comments board. Night and day I gotta say.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:03pm texas scott:

i second that,HR.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:06pm HotRod:

Night and day in reference to what?
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:09pm john:

In reference to the beat-beat-beat of the tom-tom when the jungle shadows fall, I should guess.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:09pm bartelby:

This is the kind of music my cat enjoys
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:11pm pseu:

I'm on at Night, and you're on during the day. HAHAHAHA
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:12pm bartelby:

this song about herring is a perfect example of cognates
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:17pm HotRod:

Pseu, you so crazy!
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:17pm RedBeard:

This sounds more like something your fish might enjoy, bart
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:18pm texas scott:

f the cognates,i gotta take these headfones OFF!
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:19pm RedBeard:

I think Bartleby's cat just said the same thing
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:20pm pseu:

why, isn't the cord long enough to reach the "_________" ? LISTENERS FILL IN THE BLANK.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:20pm texas scott:

  Fri. 1/16/09 9:21pm RedBeard:

Coffee Machine
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:24pm john:

Cattle prod
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:24pm RedBeard:

"Belly of the Beast"
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:25pm texas scott:

i think Bartleby's cat just vomited.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:28pm RedBeard:

I think Bartleby's cat has an eating disorder, and that's why it enjoys this music, but only after binging
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:33pm oba:

"Penn Station slop bucket"

  Fri. 1/16/09 9:33pm Bartleby 's Cat:

i luv popcorn!
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:35pm SPUD:

Water retention...to some it is a bad thing. If you like popkorn it is a good thing!
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:35pm daniel:

i'm not trying to be funny.
but i'm thirsty
you are coughing, feel better.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:43pm RedBeard:

I admit i was trying to be funny, but i do really enjoy the program and it's marvelously deranged musical selections.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:43pm bartelby:

My cat liked the synthesizer piece not the one about herring, or rather would have if this were on in the other room. I'm serious you should see him sit with his ears up. he particularly likes pre-virgin records Tangerine Dream
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:44pm RedBeard:

that's one weird cat. You'd think Herring would be attractive to a feline
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:45pm texas scott:

digging the yura yura
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:46pm pseu:

Any males here find a correlation between cat ownership and a decline in sexual activity? Anyone?
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:46pm RedBeard:

My dog has very discriminating taste...as far as i know she only likes tribal chants and one particular song from the "Ventures in Space" album
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:47pm j:

I gently wept when I found out bryce was absent
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:48pm redbeard:

yes, and that's why i have a dog instead
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:51pm texas scott:

i have a dog and a cat...and still no activity...
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:53pm Joe:

Every girl I ever dated who had a cat was completely crazy. I have only dated girls with cats. Or cat fixations.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:55pm bartelby:

Cat's are good pets. My cat is quite friendly, sorta my little furry sidekick
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:56pm pseu:

  Fri. 1/16/09 9:56pm john:

Decline in whose sexual activity? One's own, one's partner's (not necessarily identical, one must assert), or the cat's?
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:57pm Lars:

Cat is shining
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:58pm pseu:

Christ John, always a question after a question. You know what I'm asking.
  Fri. 1/16/09 9:59pm faux pseu:

  Fri. 1/16/09 10:00pm Lars:

Work that radio
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:01pm bartelby:

pseu it is just like you to pick on my punctuation, my cat never does that
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:02pm pseu:

I never noticed your punctuation until you kept pointing it out when you made a mistake...now I'm obsessed.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:02pm Ike:

Hello! I have been summoned from the depths by the scream of the errant apostrophe!

Decline? No. The activity level was about the same before and after the cat appeared. Actually it may be higher since I got a second cat. Unless you are asking if even the basic inclination towards cat ownership, without even the presence of an actual cat, would correlate. In which case, who knows?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:04pm bartelby:

Should I be composing and proofreading these comments in textedit? I'm off the clock you know.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:04pm texas scott:

pseu,this set is da best...now ,you know what to do...nonono i can't do it...just...oh nevermind.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:05pm pseu:

How may I assist you in your indecision, Tx Scat?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:06pm texas scott:

this space fert just plain SUCKS!!!
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:08pm texas scott:

...and so does hollow bush.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:08pm pseu:

eh? what are you trying to say?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:08pm SPUD:

Lab types at the Primrose Strausse Research Centre (euro version of the old Masters and Johnson) explained thusly: - I am loosely translating and my native tongue is English - '...cats spread their dander, saliva, territorial spritz, and the clay/feces everywhere in the home like an invisable infestation from dinner plates to bath towels to under the furniture, in the beds, on the pillows, toothbrush, etc, etc. This wash of organic and particularly fecal material act as a hormone supressor and can lead to a variety of unexpected physiological effects. Nearly all humans are in one way or another allergic to close habitation with the cat.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:09pm john:

Yup, I know what you were asking. And now would be a good time so to acknowledge. Mrrw.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:10pm epc:

Various production is really great. Reminds me a few other things I love.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:11pm texas scott:

  Fri. 1/16/09 10:12pm pseu:

Texas Scott. Lucky for us crabs, we're NOT Hungarian. That said, you need to SUUUUUCK IIIT.
Suck It.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:14pm MIKE TP:

  Fri. 1/16/09 10:14pm texas scott:

ah pseu, is it something i said?....
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:14pm pseu:

a friend just called and said "Pseu, you're killing me with this weird music". I retorted that I must not be doing that good a job.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:15pm faux pseu:

I"M doing a GREAT job!
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:16pm pseu:

john, I had no comprehension of your reply. Please slide your card through and try again.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:17pm j:

good visuals to this hollow bush, ahem
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:17pm texas scott:

this music is sure killing me....happy now PSEU?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:19pm john:

I was responding to you--a shorter version would have been "yep."

I'll slide the card, but I'll need you to turn around while I type in my PIN.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:21pm Double On-T'Andre:

that's nasty!
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:21pm bartelby:

I think
"The World of Null-A" was a '50s sci fi title by A.E. Van Vogt
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:23pm MIKETP:

  Fri. 1/16/09 10:24pm texas scott:

hollow bush? pseu? any correlation with female dj and no music to play?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:25pm pseu:

(rolls up sleeves, grabs handful of straws)
Any correlation between SUCKING and IT?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:26pm Ike:

Spud, that's pure dog shit.

A.E. van Vogt was pretty cool. Gary Null is a huckster.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:26pm faux pseu:

sorry folks,I am gassy tonite.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:26pm BLUBBERHEAD:

  Fri. 1/16/09 10:28pm faux texas scott:

  Fri. 1/16/09 10:29pm texas scott:

that apostrophe s what you do best....i listen for the punishment every freakin friday nite.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:32pm faux texas scott:

that was for you pseu baby.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:34pm bartelby:

Here's Pepper now for some male bonding.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:42pm j:

this meth teeth is pretty nice
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:42pm texas scott:

get that cat outta here, bby
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:45pm Double On-T'Andre:

Yo yo yo where mah intimations at?
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:48pm texas scott:

hey Double...ask pseu...she has plenty.
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:50pm texas scott:

another fine mess this wuz....love you my cold,cold pseu
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:51pm molly:

the real question should be who paid for the little street next to the path newport to be renamed, "town square."
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:54pm bartelby:

with this weather I am going to end up with a catarrh too
  Fri. 1/16/09 10:59pm 2600:

I listen, and I couldn't care less who hits a cue exactly on the hour. That only matters in network radio.
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