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Options December 4, 2007

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Modern Sound Quintet  Flamenco Groove   Options Otinku  Em  0:00:00 ()
Hassan Khan  Tabla Dubb No. 6   Options Periferico  Sonic Arts Network  0:06:41 ()
Buddy Peace  Slow Gang Funeral   Options Invisible Superstars  The Secret Life Of Sound  0:11:35 ()
Diplo & Tripledouble  Untitled   Options AEIOU Vol. 2  Ultrasound  0:15:41 ()
RX & Mike Gravel  Power To The People Vs. Give Peace A Chance   Options     0:23:12 ()
Sun City Girls  The Victory, Biological   Options Dulce  Abduction  0:32:06 ()
White Lodge  Sunset Deep   Options Twilight Vision  Attacknine  0:35:20 ()
Sylvain Chauveau  Fly Like A Horse   Options Nuage  Type  0:39:55 ()
Tape  Augustan Chateau   Options Whispers From The Forests, Screams From The Mountain  Wire  0:44:32 ()
The Funkees  Akula Owu Onyeara   Options Nigeria Special  Soundway  0:50:47 ()
OPA  Brother Rada   Options Back Home  Lion Productions  1:03:34 ()
Boscoe  We Ain't Free   Options Boscoe  Numero Group  1:07:55 ()
Ananda Shankar  Universal Magic   Options 2001  Fallout  1:15:35 ()
Bi Kidude  Ya Laiti   Options Zanzibara 4  Buda Musique  1:19:31 ()
Oorjak Hunashtaar-ool  Bayan-kol   Options Melodii Tuvi  Dust-To-Digital  1:26:20 ()
Morley  Faran's Forest   Options He & She  Pet  1:37:55 ()
Joe Dassin  Les Champs-Elysees   Options The Darjeeling Limited  Abcko  1:40:25 ()
Love Committee  Darling Come Back Home   Options Conquer The World  Legacy  1:43:27 ()
Noel Elllis  Reach My Destiny   Options Summer Records Anthology  Light In The Attic  1:46:44 ()
Cultural Amnesia  Fingertip Testing   Options Press My Hungry Button  Vinyl On Demand  1:55:21 ()
Psychedelic Horseshit  What's In Store   Options Magic Flowers Droned  Siltbreeze  1:59:48 ()
Baldelli  Girotondo   Options Gommagang 4  Gomma  2:06:51 ()
Daft Punk  Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger   Options Alive 2007  EMI  2:10:18 ()
Der Plan  Gummitwist   Options Japlan  Captain Trip  2:17:29 ()
Can  Don't Say No   Options Saw Delight  Mute  2:20:44 ()
Donnacha Costello  Pistachio A   Options Colorseries  Minimise  2:31:09 ()
Pole  Sylvenstein (Deadbeat Remix)   Options Steingarten Remixes  Scape  2:40:06 ()
The Actor  Modern Air   Options Trumpett Days  Enfant-Terrible  2:46:06 ()
Mark Wilkinson  Kathy's Rape And Death   Options Blood On Satan's Claw  Trunk  2:50:04 ()
Paul Metzger  Bright Red Stone   Options Deliverance  Locust  2:54:51 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 12/4/07 9:03am Laurie:

Good morning!
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:06am Hatch:

Yes it is, isn't it.
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:07am KungFuJCityStyle:

Yes its Tuesday - its time for the Hatch Master!

  Tue. 12/4/07 9:11am Laurie:

I passed out at around 10:30 pm last night. I woke up this morning convinced that yesterday was Sunday, and I said to myself, "Boy, that weekend went FAST."
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:15am Hatch:

I woke up from a dream in which I was trying to decide whether to sleep on the couch, or in the bed.
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:23am Hatch:

Watch along with the song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S2zkh6ZOGE
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:26am listener jeremy:

Diple & Tripledouble - correct me if i'm wrong, but it's Diplo, right?
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:31am Hatch:

You are correct, sir.
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:51am g:

that Giuliani thing was hilarious . ..
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:52am dei xhrist:

thanks, I needed something funny.
PS: 9/11, 9/11, 9/11
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:53am dei xhrist:

and I'm sorry for my poor taste out of context.
  Tue. 12/4/07 9:53am CHARLIE:

  Tue. 12/4/07 10:00am Laurie:

Charlie: Cheat on his eighth wife with an intern?

PS: dei, didn't Amy Poehler make that joke? Or was it Jon Stewart? Either way, it's funny and interesting that Rudy's exploitation of that day has -- okay, I'm trying to choose my words carefully here. Rudy's mindless repetition of "9/11" has turned mindlessly repeating 9/11 into a joke. I guess. You know what I'm trying to say.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:04am Wes:

I was thinking the same thing, Laurie, except that I think it's more than just the Rudy business, I think it's everyone and everything that has exploited 9/11 and profited or gained from it somehow, and then expected us to believe goat herders were solely responsible...what else could our mind turn to to protect our sanity *except* humor?
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:20am Dickdong:

Disaster sells, Wes. e.g. Titanic 9/11. I used to sell prints here in the UK. Amazing the number of people that wanted 'twin towers' prints for 2 to 3 years. Myself, I hadn't hear of the WTC till that day when I saw the collapse in the tv shop window 2 doors down from my own shop. It still seems unreal. As for the consequences, bizarre tragedy.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:20am Wes:

humor, that is, to keep our hearts from turning black towards those fake christians and fake politicians who run this show, while at the same time having the will power to help the poor, the sick, and the downtrodden at every opportunity to put some balance back in the world.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:37am (mta) Tony:

Well-put, Wes.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:37am sasa pavlovic:

Nice show.
Greetings from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:39am Hatch:

Greetings to you, from Jersey City.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:45am Brian C.:

Catch of the Day, thanx for mentioning the DBs show--I tipped a friend off to that. But also saw on the arbtrary guide that Sly was playing at BBKings. Anybody know how Mr. Stone's gigs are going these days?
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:47am Sarah:

Joe Dassin! I knew I knew that voice.
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:47am Hatch:

According to this review, not so well at all... http://www.nytimes.com/2007/11/22/arts/music/22ston.html
  Tue. 12/4/07 10:56am Fishmonkeystew:

Fantastic Show!!! Got any Can?
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:03am Sean Daily:

So completely not first comment! Woo hoo!
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:07am kwhitehead:

Oh Hatch...I loved Darjeeling.

Wes Anderson has sort of lost track of a coherent narrative at times but he has (in my mind) made up for it visually.

My guess is that you didn't like "Life Aquatic" either.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:08am autumn:

have any of you seen Heima? there's a free screening tonight in the next town over from me. i think I'll go either way, but some opinions are nice.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:08am dei xhrist:

Sasa's listening out of Macedonia? Yow, I'm only in wee New Hampshire. Just doesn't roll off the tongue as nicely.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:10am ross g:

checking in from chicago south burbs...

  Tue. 12/4/07 11:11am Sarah S:

Hey Hatch, I had a dream last week that you came to my house for dinner. Since I don't know what you look like you appeared as Yannick Desranleau from Montreal's pulverizing noise rock band Aids Wolf (also of Seripop fame). Not to worry, there was nothing weird about it; you were just eating spaghetti.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:11am nh_dave:

Boy there are lots of NH fmu'ers.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:11am Hatch:

Yeah I thought Life Aquatic was abysmal.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:12am Adam:

It's rainy in San Francisco and I'm sad
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:13am ross g:

i liked it...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:13am kwhitehead:

To each their own...I guess.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:14am ross g:

i liked all the bowie tunes done on acoustic....
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:14am autumn:

man, I love the stuff Michel Gondry did with these guys (daft punk). I could watch those videos all day.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:14am Hatch:

Don't be sad Adam. It will stop raining eventually.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:15am Marcy:

It's treacherous in Ames, Iowa following a huge ice storm and I miss San Francisco "winter."
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:15am ross g:

and the cheesy mark mothersbaugh synth tunes
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:16am dei xhrist:

but most people here listen to adult contemporary country. vomit sounds. I once went to a PFLAG fundraiser; everyone was a wallflower until the Achey Breaky played.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:17am Randy in NC:

It's chilly and grey, but dry, dry, dry, here in RTP, North Carolina. We sure could use some of that strange stuff called rain here...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:18am Sean Daily:

Modern country is teh sux. Gimme Woodie Guthrie or Johnny Cash any day.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:18am ross g:

thanks dude!!

one of the newer ones (to me)...

der plan rules...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:18am Fishmonkeystew:

We're freezing over here in Connecticut...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:20am nh_dave:

The one thing that is hilarious about NH this time of the year shall we say is all the political commercials. I usually don't watch local channels but dang every ad is for some person running for prez.

And yeah it is cold :)
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:20am Hatch:

Sarah, I don't look much like any of the guys in Aids Wolf. But I do enjoy spaghetti.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:21am dei xhrist:

Or we're putting one up on our couch. That crazy guy with the cross last election? Lives a few blocks from me.

Like the way the Der Plan singer was running out of breath.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:23am Adam:

Can....YES....Now I am not sad but pleasantly pleased
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:24am ross g:

ok, now i'm doing the twist...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:24am north guinea hills:

can can can-can?
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:29am Fishmonkeystew:

Why, thank you, thank you very much! CAN!
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:31am ross g:

yes, Can can Can Can...

  Tue. 12/4/07 11:31am Adam:

Pls play some Autechre
and it will be good
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:32am dei xhrist:

Instead of Psychedelic Horseshit, can you say Psychedelic Semprini? Or is that just as bad?
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:35am jason:

hey hatch what do you think of that band tussle from SF? they have that smooth disco sound that makes me feel alright.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:37am nh_dave:

tussle's don't stop has the best groove ever
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:39am PKNY:

Hey, what was that instrumental you were speaking over after the Can track? That was dope!
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:40am Hatch:

That was "Farewell To The Welfare" by Wendell Harrison.
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:41am north guinea hills:

ross g, that was truly fuckin' hilarious, thanks, made my day!
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:49am Sarah S:

Before Aids Wolf, Yannick had this band called Da Bloody Gashes. They were pretty crazy. One day you might like to introduce them to you listeners. Or you might think they're garbage. I don't know if he likes spaghetti as well...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:50am maggie:

i am not listening, but i have already received email correspondance about your cold-scallop talking. don't be insensitive on the airwaves robert!!!
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:51am maggie:

  Tue. 12/4/07 11:51am Wes:

Modern Air is the perfect soundtrack for watching Ron Paul argue with The View ladies, he's such a gentleman. Watching Whoppie argue with an OB/GYN...hah...
  Tue. 12/4/07 11:52am ross g:

  Tue. 12/4/07 11:57am perdido:

love that song! modern air. cool.
  Tue. 12/4/07 12:11pm ken in denver:

Hey Hatch, loved the Rudy ad parody. Where did you find that?
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