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Options November 27, 2007

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Los Hijos Del Sol  Carinito   Options The Roots Of Chicha  Barbes  0:00:00 ()
Hal Lone Pine  Dear Sister   Options Shit Happens!  Bear Family  0:03:54 ()
Karen Beth  White Dakota Hill   Options The Joys Of Life  Decca  0:06:29 ()
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy  I Came Here To Hear The Music   Options Ask Forgiveness  Drag City  0:10:28 ()
Dino  Chamarrita El Chiquero   Options Montevideo Blues  Lion Productions  0:15:54 ()
Glen Adams  You Can't Hide Love   Options Jamaica Funk  Soul Jazz  0:24:28 ()
Soul Drifters  Funky Soul Brother   Options Carolina Funk  Jazzman  0:25:56 ()
Zerihun Beqele & Embiltas  Semesh Man New?   Options Ethiopiques 23  Buda Musique  0:31:47 ()
Madlib  Dancing Girls Theme   Options Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4: India  Stones Throw  0:36:10 ()
China MC Brothers Vs. Martin Atkins  Untitled   Options China Dub Sound System  Bloodshot  0:38:31 ()
The Reflections  The Interpreter   Options Slugs And Toads  Cherry Red  0:48:20 ()
The Victors  You're A Better Man Than I   Options Victorious  Arf! Arf!  0:55:20 ()
Bobb Trimble  Night In The Asylum   Options Iron Curtain Innocence  Secretly Canadian  1:00:48 ()
Cluster  Hollywood   Options Zuckerzeit  Brain  1:02:34 ()
Vapaa  Varjoista   Options Hum Hum Hum  Last Visible Dog  1:06:41 ()
Burial  Shell Of Light   Options Untrue  Hyperdub  1:27:34 ()
Bermuda Triangle  Dream On   Options Bermuda Triangle  Winter Solstice  1:38:28 ()
Matteah Baim  Far Away Songs   Options Death Of The Sun  DiCristina  1:44:04 ()
Campos Verdes  Covered Mirrors   Options Leaving All These Things Behind  Digitalis Industries  1:47:23 ()
Orion Rigel Dommisse  Capricorn   Options What I Want From You Is Sweet  Language Of Stone  1:52:12 ()
Pekko Kappi  Oli Mulla Aarre Kallis   Options Jos Ken Pahoin Uneksii  Peippo  1:56:30 ()
Rapped Youth  Jaska   Options Jaska & Ma  Lahna  2:05:46 ()
Studio  West Side   Options West Coast  Information  2:11:37 ()
WZT Hearts  Lava Nile   Options Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones  Carpark  2:19:42 ()
Atlas Sound  I Know, I Know   Options Fractal Trax  Hoss  2:22:58 ()
The Clean  Point That Thing Somewhere Else   Options Anthology  Merge  2:25:54 ()
Pieces Of Peace  Peace And Blessings   Options Pieces Of Peace  Cali-Tex  2:35:11 ()
Ross Johnson  Baron Of Love Pt. II   Options Make It Stop!  Goner  2:43:03 ()
Renzoku Shasatsuma  Untitled   Options Shibuya Yaneura  No Label  2:46:45 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 11/27/07 9:10am Wes:

Mornin' Hatch. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us today. Raw nuts and chance encounters, it's a love-me-tuesday not a f***-me-tuesday
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:11am Hatch:

Who says I have anything in store?
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:15am Parq:

Contemplating Cage's 4'33", then?
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:17am Wes:

touch&eacute; ....we'll just wait and see won't wee
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:21am lang:

We do care about your holiday Hatch! Tell me about the good life in AZ
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:24am Hatch:

What a good life it is. Mountaintop jacuzzis. In the desert.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:27am stumpfiteJCityWay:

oh yes thank you - no need for coffee got the funky soul brother !
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:37am jeanine:

That sounds a little bit better than New Jersey.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:39am Hatch:

I hear there are some pretty nice mountaintop jacuzzis in Newark.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:42am Wes:

rooftop toilet, maybe....
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:43am EGAD!:

  Tue. 11/27/07 9:45am Pamela:

Wow, that IS unusual for bloodshot!
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:46am jeanine:

Hey, Garrett mtn is pretty "nice," though it's in Paterson and not Newark. Don't remember any jacuzzis there though, they must have been put in after my high school cross country days
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:49am Laurie:

I can't decide if I want to vote my heart in the primaries and go with Kucinich, or if I should vote for Obama, who actually has a chance of winning the primaries.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:51am Howling Rabbit:

These are The Reflections? Didn't they do "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet" back in '63?
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:51am Wes:

Laurie, the msm (mainstream media) wants you to vote for Obama. They've been having an Obama love fest lately. Myself, I'd rather look at the person the media/corporations seem to hate (aka fear) ie, Paul or Kucinich
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:52am Joe_Schmuck:

Vote for Denniws.. At least he's for real.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:54am Joe_Schmuck:

  Tue. 11/27/07 9:54am Doctor Holiday:

Ah yes, Kucinich. A man whose expertise in foreign affairs extends to other planets: http://tinyurl.com/2ptfax
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:54am Hatch:

Can you picture Dennis Kucinich in the White House? I can't. He's a good guy with the right ideas for the most part. But I can't imagine him as a Senator, let alone as President.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:54am Hatch:

Wes, I guess that makes me the "Main Stream Media."
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:55am Joe_Schmuck:

I sure can! And we'd be rockin', that's for sure!
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:55am jonathan:

i'm voting for howard zinn.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:56am Joe_Schmuck:

Didn't he invent a wine?
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:57am Laurie:

Yeah, yeah, the UFO business kind of scares me, but it's not any worse than Bush's religious fanatacism, is it? Kucinich isn't going to start a war in the Middle East in an attempt to hasten the Apocalypse, is he?
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:57am dave:

i'm voting for charlton heston! GUNZ YO!
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:59am miss a:

Biden. A Biden/Obama ticket. Barack as VP, I must stress. That's my dream team.
  Tue. 11/27/07 9:59am Laurie:

I would love a nice Zinnfandel.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:00am Joe_Schmuck:

Try a cold beer. It's breakfast time!
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:00am Hatch:

I don't care about the UFO thing, I don't have any problem with Kucinich. I just don't think he's got it in him to meet the challenges of the executive branch. Plus he'll never win in a million years. Dodd and Biden are both much more plausible candidates. Dennis is a terrific legislator, though.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:02am Laurie:

Whenever someone mentions Biden, I always remember that time he called Obama "articulate." Truly cringe inducing, no? I like his politics, though.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:02am Wes:

Hatch, you are far from being mainstream. If you are saying you support Obama I really couldn't blame you. He appears to be sane. What does he really think about the "war on terra" though? What about the war on drugs, or any other name for the war on the American people? (submit totally to government, etc)
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:03am Joe_Schmuck:

Didn't they try that go with the 'guy who's got a chance' shit back when Gore ran? Vote your concience, Dennis K. Rocks...
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:04am Wes:

Admit it, you just like his hot red headed wife.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:05am north guinea hills:

thanks hatch, you made my day by playing cluster!
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:05am Joe_Schmuck:

Hahaha.. That just proves this guy's mojo is working!
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:05am jonathan:

i'm voting for beer.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:05am Torbj&#248;rn:

Excellent track, this Cluster bit. the melody sounds quite alot like the track "Remind me" by R&#248;yksopp .. hmf, go figure.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:05am Laurie:

His hot redheaded wife is a bonus.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:05am miss a:

That Biden comment was badly stated for sure. Certainly taken out of context though, especially when you look at his history of championed social causes. I just think we need a foreign policy guy right now. Give Obama the VP and you may have a 3-4 term Democratic Executive run.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:06am Laurie:

I'm sure Biden realized how it sounded the minute it came out of his mouth, and I'm sure there were no ill intentions behind that statement. Nonetheless, it's cringe inducing.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:09am Hatch:

For what it's worth, Presidents hire foreign policy people to work for them, i.e. the Secretary Of State. These days it's easy to forget that, since Bush sidelined his first one (Powell) and hired an incompetent to replace him (Rice).
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:09am Todd 76%:

People's political memories are pretty short. Anyone remember how Joe Biden pulled out of the '88 pres race after being outed for plagiarizing speeches and greatly exaggerating his academic record and credentials? Seems like &#8216;politics as usual&#8217; to some of us&#8230;
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:10am Doctor Holiday:

Ron Paul is a man whose appeal extends across the political spectrum:
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:15am Wes:

Unfortunately for Ron Paul his money and studly good looks don't extend across the celebrity status spectrum.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:24am slugluv1313:

hey Laurie,

i totally agree with you about Kucinich . . . actually, i think the UFO stuff is far LESS scary than Bush's concepts about "religion" and what "God" tells him to do . . .

when i first heard about him some years ago, i could not believe it -- WHAT?!?!? a VEGAN politician?!?!?!?

the more i learned about Kucinich, the more i liked, and have been supporting him ever since
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:29am Joe_Schmuck:

Dennis is rare one indeed. Go Kucinich.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:30am SueB:

My dad claims to have seen a UFO as did an ex-boyfirend. I think they all did see something

it was in the 70's
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:32am SueB:

all this time i thought Ron Paul was the creator of those monkey pajamas
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:34am esch oder anarchie!:

What about the Gorebama ticket? Slogan: Isn't it about time we joined the 21st century?
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:35am Hana:

My father also claims to have seen a UFO, also in the 70's...most curious....
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:36am Wes:

Never seen a UFO, but I have seen dancing, glowing orbs of light, over a lake, at 2 in the morning. About 6 or 7 of them, dancing about...
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:38am SueB:

haha Wes
are you saying it has been identified?
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:38am slugluv1313:

oooooo TRENT LOTT??????? BESTIALITY??????

throw him in jail with Michael Vick!!!!!!

(heck, throw him in with Vick ANYWAY! i mean, wouldn't they make a *cute* couple?!?!?)
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:38am dei xhrist:

In the greater/lesser scheme of things, is there much difference between extraterrestrials and religious characters? Same phenomena, different interpretations. And as far as 70's, perhaps an era of post-mind expansion and greater observation skills? Or, there wasn't an organized (or perceived) policy to explain the airborne inexplainable.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:39am Laurie:

Wes, you obviously saw fairies. J/K!

I betcha Trent Lott is into a bit of rough trade. Ewwww. I want to bleach my brain now.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:40am SueB:

While my BF was tripping (they got a sober jock to confirm the sighting) my dad is no spiritualist.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:44am slugluv1313:

ewwwwwww is right!

goodness who knows what Trent could be into . . . felching . . . brown and/or golden showers . . . trannie lot lizards . . .

ughhhhhhh . . . now i wanna disinfect my whole body!
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:45am Hatch:

One time I saw UFO, the British heavy metal band.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:48am Hana:

Were they unidentified or flying at any point?
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:48am Wes:

Laurie, you coud be right, who knows what type of "energy" they harnessed. Fairies, spirits, "aliens" from another sphere, down for a frolic over the lake (a small but pretty lake here in Virginia) I was not tripping, I was walking the trail late at night with my dogs.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:48am dei xhrist:

I read a book about the physics of angels that covered all kinds of neat stuff, like the wingspan and clavicle you'd need to get a 180 lb human airborne. Some of the other chapters covered the concept of aliens/angels, but also a theory of multiple personalities and perception of reality. I gotta admit I just didn't get that chapter. So SueB, your pa might have been having a mild psychotic episode or perceived a biological event as external pretty lights.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:51am Wes:

Lucky for me, I had a friend with me, who also saw what I saw...(how could he not, I was constantly repeating "are you seeing this???") However, I did have a manic episode the first time I heard GY!BE's "Infinity" LP side two with it's loop ending.
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:51am dei xhrist:

c'mon, someone come up with a joke about bleached brains and flying senators wearing glowing, disk shaped 'marital aids'
  Tue. 11/27/07 10:57am Wes:

Orion Rigel Dommisse...wow, that was the best thing I've heard yet today. And she's from my neck-o-the-woods.
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:08am Parq:

++c'mon, someone come up with a joke about bleached brains and flying senators wearing glowing, disk shaped 'marital aids'++

A bleached brain, a flying senator and a glowing disc-shaped marital aid walk into a bar . . .
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:11am Ann Arbor Doug:

What is it with Finland that makes so much of their music so good? I gotta go there sometime.
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:11am dei xhrist:

...singing along to Coach Z from Homestarrunner...
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:15am briezy:

this song is rad-i-caaaaaaaal
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:26am jonathan:

is this atlas sound track new? nice.
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:40am gj r-vus:

Pieces of piece lay down some serious nasty. What was that bed music just prior?-
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:42am Hatch:

That was "Florecen Los Nardos" by Almendra,
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:44am Wes:

The baron needs to have a facial....
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:49am Andrew:

Blistering Japanese facial coming right up.
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:57am Wes:

Yes, I would like the happy ending, thank you.
  Tue. 11/27/07 11:57am slugluv1313:

Trent Lott *needs* a facial too!!!
  Tue. 11/27/07 12:00pm Wes:

Trent Lott needs prison time.
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