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Every show starts with the ’70s! We’ll rediscover forgotten rockers, revisit unfairly maligned disco beats and replay power-pop favorites. Next: plenty of new releases, occasional live bands and more. Don’t let the nickname confuse you.

Wednesdays 9pm - Midnight (EDT) | On WFMU (Info) | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Wed. Oct 16th, 9pm - Midnight: Singles Going Seventies! (More info...)
Wed. Oct 23rd, 9pm - Midnight: A salute to New York Rocker (More info...)
Wed. Oct 30th, 9pm - Midnight: Stag plays live (More info...)

Options December 14, 2011: we bid the WFMU New Bin adieu for 2011.

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments New Approx. start time
montrose  make it last   Options s/t  warner bros  1973      0:00:00 ()
thundertrain  radio ad/love the way   Options teenage suicide  gulcher    CD collection/reissue    0:04:34 ()
the american breed  step out of your mind   Options bend me, shape me  acta    CD reissue    0:08:23 ()
starz  live wire   Options s/t  capitol  1976      0:10:43 ()
tame impala  alter ego   Options innerspeaker  modular  2010      0:14:07 ()
no bs brass  take on me   Options 7"  electric cowbell      *   0:18:50 ()
polecats  make a circuit with me   Options 12"  mercury  1983      0:21:53 ()
tones on tail  go   Options night music  beggars banquet  1987      0:24:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
        efd theme song by Adam WarRock    0:29:13 ()
trolley  summer long   Options things that shine and glow  easter      *   0:39:12 ()
mark sultan  party crasher   Options whatever/whenever  in the red      *   0:41:46 ()
status quo  pictures of matchstick men   Options va-history of british rock  sire    A Greg Shaw production (the album collection, that is, not the song)    0:44:54 ()
total control  meds   Options henge beat  iron lung      *   0:47:57 ()
wax idols  bad future   Options no future  hozac      *   0:53:01 ()
apache dropout  radiation   Options 7"  mexican summer      *   1:01:43 ()
opposite sex  la rat   Options s/t  fishrider      *   1:04:22 ()
sarandon  mustn't grumble   Options age of reason  slumberland      *   1:06:44 ()
hot chocolate  you could've been a lady   Options cicero park  7Ts/cherry red  2009  2CD reissue, orig 1974    1:12:02 ()
mr. chop  hung-up   Options switched on  five day weekend      *   1:15:24 ()
reigning sound  everything i do is wrong   Options abdication  scion av    hear them live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic Christmas show this coming Saturday between 3 and 6pm!  *   1:27:30 ()
tommy roe  bad news (don't follow me)   Options energy  monument  1975      1:30:12 ()
lindsay buckingham  end of time   Options seeds we sow  mind kit      *   1:32:41 ()
carolee  rainout   Options ep1  i2xu      *   1:36:28 ()
soft moon  alive   Options total decay  captured tracks      *   1:42:47 ()
siouxsie & the banshees  arabian nights   Options best of  geffen    orig 1981    1:46:58 ()
lures  falling out   Options 7"  salvaged      *   1:49:56 ()
white whale  widow's peak   Options 7"  big neck      *   1:52:17 ()
thee oh sees  the dream   Options carrion crawler/the dream  in the red      *   1:54:48 ()
morly grey  none are for me   Options the only truth  sundazed    CD reissue, orig 1972  *   2:11:52 ()
pterodactyl  allergy shots   Options spills out  brah      *   2:22:18 ()
mitch easter  sights set on heaven   Options dynamico  electric devil  2008      2:26:32 ()
nothing people  pushing buttons   Options late night  s-s      *   2:31:04 ()
stacian  blood sugar (played at 45 instead of 33) (by mistake)   Options pul 7" ep  moniker      *   2:34:01 ()
stacian  micro trauma   Options pul 7" ep  moniker    played at the correct speed, with my apologies.  *   2:43:41 ()
boomgates  cameo   Options 7"  rip society  2010      2:48:21 ()
crystal stilts  low profile   Options radiant door cd ep  sacred bones    Blue Orchids cover  *   2:51:06 ()
happy refugees  bury me   Options return to last chance saloon  acute      *   2:55:47 ()

Listener comments!

  Wed. 12/14/11 9:03pm Danne D:

Hey everyone. Hiya Evan.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:03pm Dave B:

Get on your bad motorscooter!
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:05pm Dave B:

  Wed. 12/14/11 9:05pm barkevious mcguire:

I heart the Evan Davies Funk Show.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:07pm Danne D:

Loving the air check/Ad
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:07pm G:

Fordyce Street, where it's all happenin people
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:14pm efd:

*cough*Hey Starz, listen to Kiss much?!*cough*
Hi everyone, thanks for tuning in!
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:15pm glenn:

sticking with the blue, i see.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:16pm Starz:

you drive us wild, we'll drive you crazeeeee!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:18pm efd:

@glenn, yep, I generally only switch colors when the schedule changes. Except for next week's show.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:21pm Dave B:

I had a tame impala once.

It was a 62 bel air.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:21pm Danne D:

Awesome :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:23pm G:

This arrangement almost gives Take on Me a Mexican tinge
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:23pm EL:

The show is always great but sometimes it gets triple great.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:24pm Danne D:

ooh Polecats
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:24pm pipsqueak:

  Wed. 12/14/11 9:25pm glenn:

polecats are great. or were. are they still around?
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:27pm G:

wikipedia, Polecats: "The band continue to tour and as of summer 2009 are playing gigs in Europe, Japan and USA."
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:28pm Danne D:

That's a long tour
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:31pm G:

Do more research if you want info past 2009. :-) They made it 30 years as of that point, but I suppose could have broken up in the last 24 months. My guess is that the wording was written in 2009 and not updated since then, which probably means their status as a group hasn't changed, or the entry had have been edited by someone.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:31pm Danne D:

And that's how it goes. Yeah. And that's how it goes!
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:32pm Van in Dallas:

Coming in loud & clear in Dallas. Hi efd.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:32pm Stevel:

Tones on Tail: trying to remember if I actually heard this or just like it.

Did it get any alt.-station play? Used to listen to an "X" station out of Pittsburgh in '86, 87.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:32pm Danne D:

heh, G, couldn't help the throwaway line :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:34pm nina:

@Stevel I was thinking the same thing. Eerily familiar, or just fantastic?
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:34pm Mildred:

The playlist looks cool in blue.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:36pm Stevel:

Take on Me was a great video of the day, I loved it. There! I said it.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:36pm Danne D:

If EFD plays some Billy Joel covers later, you'll know he also listens to Mike Francesca on the weekends....
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:36pm ?:

hah. i have an etch a sketch pen. it's got a 1 1/4 " x 1 3/4 " screen on top. it works, too.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:37pm glenn:

that was me.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:38pm barkevious mcguire:

Are Starz only exceeded in greatness by Angel?
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:39pm Van in Dallas:

Soon the raptors will strike. They will stalk us all. And then the playlist will be blood red. And then what? The raptors will have won! And it's all the fault of xkcd. It is starting so innocuously with the "woolly mammoth". Ha! Right. We are doomed. Doomed I say.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:40pm Michael from the Left Coast:

Stop busting on Ronnie Montrose (a killer player--especially with Edgar Winter)
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:40pm G:

Every show starts with a cut from the ‘70s
"starting with the 70s, as we pretty much always do"

(the battle of the old and new show descriptions!)
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:41pm efd:

I wasn't busting on Ronnie Montrose! Just taking advantage of an unwitting word choice to make a bad pun.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:43pm cheri:

seasons greetings evan & danne,, but alas evan this is my final post this year,,,i hope you two have a happy new year,, see ya all in 2012!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:43pm Stevel:

?: Does your etch a sketch pen have ROTOSCOPE?!?!? (I think not.)

  Wed. 12/14/11 9:43pm glenn:

i didn't think so, either.
titular : from whom or which a title or name is taken
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:44pm glenn:

rotoscope pens? i am agog.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:45pm cheri:

i love ya efd & danne
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:46pm Stevel:

Mark Sultan="The Spaceshits, just like the Powersquats before them, were well known for their violent stage shows."

Same guy? I'm in.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:47pm Danne D:

hi/bye Happy Christmas/Merry New Year Cheri
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:48pm Danne D:

(still not exactly sure why I get singled out with all the superior commenters on here)
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:50pm glenn:

because crazy people tend to fixate on one person or thing.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:53pm Danne D:

um, but Evan and Julie and I aren't one person....
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:54pm Van in Dallas:

I'm three people all by myself.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:55pm Stevel:

Danne D: Perhaps you form a triumvirate? Those are cool! (And powerful!)
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:55pm glenn:

oh yeah. there is that minor detail.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:55pm Danne D:

That's different though - you're like god or something, Van
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:56pm Van in Dallas:

Oh no not at all! It's just levels of alcohol.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:57pm Stevel:

Van is the Seer. The Seer of DOOM!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:57pm Van in Dallas:

Well, alcohol, and the emergency status of Raptor invasion.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:58pm Danne D:

Seer is just one of those words that's looks weird compared to how you say it.
  Wed. 12/14/11 9:58pm Stevel:

IS this how you spell Seer"? It doesn't look right.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:00pm glenn:

in this context, yes. there's also sear and sere.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:01pm Relational Dynamics:

Danne is nice to people. Cheri knows some people will not be receptive to her, but Danne is safe. It's pretty simple.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:01pm glenn:

i don't think the mavericks will have to worry about a raptor invasion, cause they're probably the worst team in the n.b.a..
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:01pm Relational Dynamics:

I meant "her"
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:02pm Van in Dallas:

Yes but just in case, I still crush every egg I see in the supermarket. Just in case. Raptors are reeeeeeeallllly sneaky.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:03pm Relational Dynamics:

How much have you had so far, Van?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:04pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

I am leaning up, briefly, to say hello. Enjoying the show, EFD. Now, back to leaning back.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:04pm 12539:

But it's true, Mr Funk, many of us are out here quietly enjoying the experience of the Evan Funk Davies show, with a straight face even.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:05pm Van in Dallas:

Well, if this playlist suddenly turns blood red, then not enough!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:05pm Danne D:

JfH! Greetings. Got some celebrity power in the chat tonight!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:06pm Holly in NC:

Hi Evan & all! -
I'm pretty sure Tones on Tail's 'Go' (which I most certainly played on WOZQ in Northampton, MA in the mid 80s) was featured on a Beverly Hills 90210 episode (which I did not see). I played ToT's 'Slender Fungus' with more frequency - do guess which song holds up better. Ah, fake-gothy youth.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:08pm herb:

oooh, i *first* heard TROLLEY on yr nov. 30 show, evan. and by coincidence, on that very day, i picked up the new BIG TAKEOVER mag & happened to catch trolley's "thats that..." review (p.128. come on, buy this loooong-time music mag already). i'll have to chk em out further.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:09pm Robin Eisgrau:

That Wax Idols song was amazing. I have to see them ASAP. Great music as usual, Evan. Trying to go to sleep but can't bear to turn off the radio:)
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:09pm 12539:

Speaking of fake-gothy youth, I have "Go!" on red vinyl (and "Christian Says" on blue).
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:11pm Holly in NC:

@12539 - I think I love you. But do you have ALL the Sisters of Mercy 12", and refer to them by color?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:11pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

Hi, Danne D. Please, let's put some quotes around that word "celebrity."
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:13pm 12539:

Sorry, Holly, I never liked Sisters of Mercy. I saw ToT perform once in NY, and all I remember of that show is Daniel Ash wore pants with very, very large polka dots.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:14pm Holly in NC:

Yay Hot Chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:15pm efd:

@Robin, yeah, that album is great as was their single that was out earlier in the year.

@Herb, if you go way far back in my archives you'll find even *more* Trolley!

Hi Jason, nice to see you here! As well as Van, Holly, Stevel, Danne, 12539, glenn, barkevious (thanks for your nice comment very early on!), Michael FTLC and anyone I missed!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:15pm Danne D:

C'mon now, JfH - you have a following :) Anyhow good to see you :)

Hiya Holly :) Evan's doing a show in your honor next week I think.

Wow, I just realized I'm driving down South next week for the holidays - need to get the whole rent-a-car thing going...
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:16pm Danne D:

I'm having some Hot Chocolate at the coffee shop right now.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:16pm Van in Dallas:

Oh my. Polka dots! Very large ones! Talk about a target! Raptors LOVE polka dots!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:17pm Danne D:

I would take my own car, but it has like 239,000 miles on it so I figure I'll play it safe even though it still is running like a champ *knock wood*
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:17pm Michael from the Left Coast:

wow--I didn't know Cicero Park was reissued--a great album!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:18pm Stevel:

"...could have been sweet as wine..."

I can smell the Boone's Farm from here. Memories. Fuzzy, fuzzy memories, like many in the 70s.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:19pm Holly in NC:

@Danne -
Hollydays? C'mon, bring it, I've heard 'em all ;-)

North Carolina welcomes you!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:19pm barkevious mcguire:

@holly i would refef to Alice as Tan and Temple of Love as green but i think having Teenage Jesus on vomit pink vinyl is where it's at.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:20pm Holly in NC:

Strawberry Hill. Oh yeah.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:21pm Holly in NC:

@barkevious -
You are much, much, cooler than me - much. Game set match! However... 'Long Train' *flexi*?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:24pm Bookworm:

Is there a Strand in NC?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:24pm Stevel:

Holly: I was lucky. The easiest stuff to buy in Colorado was 3.2 beer, Awful stuff, and slow to the buzz, but it served the purpose.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:26pm Danne D:

I meant more Deck the Halls With Boughs of...
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:26pm Danne D:

Wonders if Bookworm is related to cheri...
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:27pm Danne D:

but if it keeps a troll happy and feel good about themselves, what's for me to say? Except nothing else about that.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:27pm barkevious mcguire:

@Holly Haili no. Not that connected. And thet kinda fell apart when they got a real drummer and became the the skinny meatloaf.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:28pm Bookworm:

thats ok danne,,, no one got it but us,,,
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:28pm Van in Dallas:

I don't know about STRANDS in NC, but I'll bet there are raptors there. Or soon will be.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:31pm Holly in NC with a real question:

Very good friend of mine is *finally* getting her BA on Sunday. I'm filling her mp3 player as a present. We do art walks & food trucks & thrift stores & animal volunteer work together, but she's not music obsessed & she's only ever told me she likes 2 artists - Richard Buckner & Lucinda Williams. And at our crappy 9-5 job she sings along to the local crappy big hair rawk station . Quick - stream of consciousness - what music do you load for a Lucinda Williams/Richard Buckner/Warrant fan? Who is also possibly the nicest person in the world?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:32pm Van in Dallas:

Anything from Windham Hill...?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:33pm Michael from the Left Coast:

Nice call on the Tommy Roe.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:34pm Michael from the Left Coast:

Holly--how about Shelby Lynne--not too far from the Lucinda Williams axis and good in the same sort of way
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:35pm barkevious mcguire:

@Holly The Birthday Party "Junkyard" lp. The late bass player wore a cowboy hat.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:36pm Van in Dallas:

Even raptors so love Lindsay!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:36pm PB:

Did Tommy Roe do that song (I'm So) Dizzy?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:36pm john:

Hey Evan! No day, however crappy, can't be dramatically improved by Lindsay Buckingham.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:37pm Julie:

Lindsay Buckingham??!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:37pm will:

I'm not ready to hear Lindsay Buckingham do his best impersonation of Dr. Robert from the Blow Monkeys although I've no idea who came first.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:37pm G:

Yes, PB. One of the first 45s my sister ever bought
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:38pm efd:

Hi John, hi Julie!

@PB - yes, he did that song and many more that are even better! :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:39pm Van in Dallas:

Hi Julie!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:39pm Julie:

hi there Van
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:41pm Danne D:

Heya Julie
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:42pm monica:

enjoying the evan davies funk show!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:43pm Julie:

hi danne hi monica
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:44pm Danne D:

I know Evan's show is more baseball oriented, but I'm fascinated by the bar set by the Colts: "Report: Jim Caldwell out if Colts finish 0-16"
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:44pm Van in Dallas:

Whoa people. Too many celebrities congregating in one place is just an open invitation to a raptor attack! Hopefully everyone is not wearing their bling tonight? That will help.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:45pm efd:

ha, hi Monica! Nice to see you as always.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:46pm Holly in NC with a real question:

Hi Julie!
@Van - not sure I have anything on Windham Hill, any suggestions?
@Michael FTLC - new to me, will definitely explore after efd 's show! good starting point?
@barkevious - heh. *I* love that ep. Jessie, I think, would not

@efd - Soft Moon = most EXCELLENT music for ex fake-goth girls!!!!!!!! Thank you!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:46pm Stevel:

We have no Raptors in Indiana. Yet.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:47pm Van in Dallas:

Oh, wait. Never mind. They still have to do the Wooley Mammoth first...THEN we get to face the wrath of the raptors afterwords. So, never mind.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:47pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

Julie = Julie from Cinci?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:48pm G:

Julie the overnight FMU DJ
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:48pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

My wife, Brandi from Huntsville, is digging this Soft Moon track.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:48pm Julie:

yay softmoon @Jason no Julie from WFMU
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:48pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

Oh, OK. Hi, Julie.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:49pm cheri:

again julie--have a happy new year,,sorry i troubled you the other morning i hope theres no hard feelings
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:50pm Julie:

hello Cheri, hard feelings from what? @Jason Julie will be happy you're the first person she thought of
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:50pm Holly in NC with a real question:

efd is totally channeling his inner fake goth girl, to mighty fine effect!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:50pm Van in Dallas:

@Hollie - from WH records I really like Mark Isham, Philip Aaberg, Liz Story, Scoyt Cossu & Michael Hedges
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:51pm Julie:

I showed up at the right time
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:52pm Holly in NC the geek:

Speaking of Wooly Mammoths....

  Wed. 12/14/11 10:53pm barkevious mcguire:

Everything John McGeogh played on was vastly improved by his presence.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:53pm Van in Dallas:

Um, I can typo! Scoyt = Scott. Sorry...I thought a raptor was stalking me....
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:53pm cheri:

from tallking about that girl group all the time julie,,
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:53pm kate:

the lures are so amazing, who are these guys???
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:54pm efd:

kate, I do not know! The record just showed up in my mailbox last week.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:54pm Danne D:

Heh - "Goth Girl" by John Wesley Harding would be a funny capper to this set.

@holly - here's my dumb less informed suggestion - how about digging up a youtube video of one of the bands she likes and then take a random walk through the "related videos" on the right and see what you find. Just a thought. Anyhow, what a good friend you are:)
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:54pm Julie:

@EFD lucky you
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:56pm efd:

@Julie even luckier that it was actually good! :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:56pm cheri:

evan & julie thank you very much for a great year of kick ass music!!!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:57pm Randy in NC:

@Holly, Hayes Carll? Or local CH/C stuff?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:57pm efd:

you're welcome, happy holidays cheri.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:58pm Van in Dallas:

@Holly - that is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! It's nothing but "WE'RE GETTING THE RAPTORS NEXT!" ha ha ha! You are all going to be DEAD! Sigh.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:59pm G:

That Lures is pretty obscure alright. The only reference that shows up easily on ye olde interwebs is Brian Turner's Dec 6 playlist
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:59pm 12539:

@Holly: Laura Cantrell for your friend?
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:59pm Holly in NC the geek:

@Van - thank you for ideas!
@Danne -aw, shucks ;-)
Everyone else - know that Laura Cantrell WILL be loaded.
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:59pm monica:

hey, evan! hey, julie!
  Wed. 12/14/11 10:59pm Danne D:

I have to take off - will still be tuned in on the radio. Thanks for a great show as always, EFD :) Good night everyone!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:00pm Holly in NC the geek:

@12539 - saw your comment after I posted mine. I DO love you!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:01pm 12539:

  Wed. 12/14/11 11:01pm Rickwaukee:

rawk the freak out
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:02pm Julie:

Wait! What's this about Laura getting loaded???
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:03pm Joe B:

Tommy Roe really hit bottom a couple years later on Warner Bros. covering You Better Move On. sounds like a good match but ... it wasnt
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:05pm cheri:

julie i hope i'll see you again in 2012
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:06pm Rickwaukee:

that's in Brooklyn?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:06pm Holly in NC the geek:

Hi Randy In NC! Definitely some local stuff - anything John Howie-related, some Tift Merrit, -oohhh - Trailer Bride - yes - thanks for reminding me! Oh! and Picasso Trigger! Cupcake Cowboy!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:07pm Van in Dallas:

nobody will see ANYBODY in 2012 if the raptors get to them first! Oh crap. I hear noises at the back door...uh oh...
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:09pm Randy in NC:

@Holly, Caitlyn Cary? SCOTS?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:09pm G:

Hull is a pretty scruffy city. It got the hell bombed out of it in the blitz, and was very run down and downscale for decades after. I would expect rough (in the right way) music like the Lures out of Hull. (I lived in the UK for a few years.)
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:11pm G:

Tommy Row Houses?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:12pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

I have been eaten by a Raptor. Goodnight.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:12pm G:

How did you taste?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:14pm Jason from Huntsville, AL:

G: Pickled.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:14pm G:

Sorry, stupid question :-)
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:15pm barkevious mcgee:

Whither the housemartins?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:18pm Van in Dallas:

Thankfully it was a Raptorette, not a Raptor. So, I have THAT going for me....
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:20pm G:

Morly Grey sounding a bit like "I'm Your Captain" in places here...
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:20pm G:

crossed with Cream
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:21pm Randy in NC:

@G, I thought it was for a moment...
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:22pm Holly in NC:

@Randy, oh yes, early SCOTS & Whiskeytown, of course. And Pine State. Do you know that someone, somewhere, has video of a VERY drunk me joining Pine State on stage at the Duke Coffeehouse to provide the backing vocals for their cover of Pussy Galore's "C*nt Tease"? In my defense - the Pine State guys passed a gallon jug of Wild Irish Rose to the the front row, & no one else would drink it. I hate waste. And I'd never had WIR before. And I never have again!!!!! :-)
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:23pm Van in Dallas:

See, this whole Raptor thing...I blame squarely on Ken. Am I the only one still traumatized by his show today? Of course, I end up feeling that way pretty much every week anyway. It's because of HIM that I still long for The Only Song after all. I need counseling. Can I sue? :)
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:23pm Holly in NC:

Rembrandt Maracas. Yes.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:24pm G:

@Van: No, but you can pseu.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:25pm G:

Van, here's your freaking pterodactyl finally. Sonically anyhow.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:25pm Randy in NC:

@Holly, speaking of going back a bit in time, 80's jangle pop fans should know that the Connells are playing a rare gig Friday.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:25pm Van in Dallas:

@G - lol how right you are
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:29pm efd:

and speaking of North Carolina jangle pop...
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:30pm efd:

@Randy, are you going to that Connells show?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:31pm Randy in NC:

Undecided. I saw them this summer, they played all the hits and were great. I am going to SCOTS the next night.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:34pm Rickwaukee:

Well, it's happened again... efd has made me go an snag the last two by Thee Oh Sees... DAVIIIIEEES!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:34pm Holly in NC:

Oh my gosh, I used to love the Connells! I played the 'Welcome to Comboland" lp on my Massachusetts radio show way before I ever thought of moving to NC (when I wasn't playing the Sisters of Mercy) ;-) So yeah, also dbs, Mitch E - hey, efd, you are in my head! {shakes vigourously}
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:34pm Randy in NC:

@Holly they are at the Pour House Friday.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:35pm Julie:

ooooh I just remembered Mary is next! No sleep for me!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:35pm Julie:

My struggling all this time with my printer has somewhat impaired my enjoyment :(
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:36pm efd:

ugh, printer battles suck. My sympathies.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:37pm Rickwaukee:

Me, I want a Hula-Hoop
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:37pm Printers:

We always win. All we have to do is nothing. Easy peasy.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:38pm efd:

The synths totally work at 45 rpm, I think. The vocals, not so much.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:38pm Julie:

with all the advances in technology we can't make a home printer that doesn't suck. Too many moving parts I suppose
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:39pm Rickwaukee:

If only the Chipwrecked soundtrack was like this
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:39pm Julie:

yeah the synths are great
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:40pm Julie:

I am glad that even a veteran DJ like yourself occasionally makes a booboo
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:41pm G:

At 45, it was "Elevated Blood Sugar"
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:41pm Rickwaukee:

I wonder what Stehpin Merritt would sound like slowed down
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:41pm Randy in NC:

@Julie, even when they don't move they stink. Like mine which says "paper jam" even though there is no paper jammed. Don't get me started on how printer designs stink.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:42pm Julie:

@Randy we should start a protest
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:44pm Julie:

I once played Kate Bush at the wrong speed, I forget if it was too fast or too slow but it took a while to figure out
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:46pm Holly in NC - now totally freaked out:

@Printers -
Last night I was proofreading Jessie's (yes, the very same Jessie who I've been chatting about all night) application essay to the UNC MSW program - said essay had a few tense/voice/grammar issues - which (cue eerie organ music) I told her would be "easy peasy" to fix. Nobody says "easy peasy". Nobody. Ever. Except for me. And you.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:46pm Rickwaukee:

@Julie too fast and only a dog would have been able to hear KB
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:47pm Randy in NC:

@Julie, Mine's already occupied.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:47pm 12539:

Can we hear the 45 rpm synths with the 33 rpm voice?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:47pm G:

I'm not sure this is a slam, but fwiw stacian's overall feel at 45 and 33 is not that different really.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:49pm Printers:

I'm psycho. Uh, psychic. Sorry. I really meant psychic. Would you like to talk to a friendly palmetto bug instead?

Easy peasy was on a Geico radio spot in NYC for several years. My gf from Virginia also says it.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:52pm efd:

G, I think that's a marvel of technology and production.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:54pm Holly in NC:

Honkin'! I've missed you!
Better the flying cockroach you know than the naked mole rat you don't ...
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:54pm G:

Yep, that's why I wasn't sure it was a slam. It's got a lot of long sustained tones, and they just don't feel that different at the two speeds.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:55pm john:

Getting droney tonight! Awesome.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:55pm Holly in NC:

EFD! A fake-goth band covering a fake-goth band? Genius.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:55pm Printers:

You're putting way too much together here, Mizz H. My therapist says to keep my multiple personalities separate, lest the spacetime fabric be rent asunder.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:56pm Rickwaukee:

turntables... is there anything they can't do?
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:56pm Randy in NC:

efd, enjoyed the show!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:57pm Stevel:

Another lovely evening. Many, many thanks.
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:58pm efd:

Thanks very much everyone, and have a great night! Back next week with the Holiday Music Funktacular!
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:59pm Joe D.:

great shewwww
  Wed. 12/14/11 11:59pm Rickwaukee:

"Burn her or dump her?"
  Thu. 12/15/11 12:00am G:

Holiday Funktacular: B there or B ❑
  Fri. 12/16/11 11:55pm Holly in NC:

EFD - re-listening Friday night - must note the killer Reigning Sound-Tommy Roe segue! :-)
  Sat. 12/17/11 1:47pm efd:

Thanks Holly! I was pretty pleased with that one myself. :)
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