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April 30, 2011 Favoriting
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Favoriting The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

On WFMU | 91.1, 90.1, 91.9 FM & wfmu.org
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Wednesday 6 - 8pm (EDT) | On WFMU's Rock'N'Soul Radio
Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited   Favoriting Shazam!.  
UNDERTONES  (She's A) Runaround   Favoriting The Undertones. Rykodisc. (1994) from 1979 0:07:45 Pop-up)  
STICKS N STONES  Telling the Truth   Favoriting Trouble In Mind. 7". -NR 0:09:32 Pop-up)  
FEVER TREE  I Can Beat Your Drum   Favoriting VA - Mindrocker Vol.12. (1968) 0:11:06 Pop-up)  
CUTE LEPERS  Tribute to Charlie   Favoriting Adventure Time. 1-2-3-4 Go!. -NR 0:13:14 Pop-up)  
HIGH TENSION WIRES  Get Weird   Favoriting Welcome New Machine. Green Noise. -NR 0:15:56 Pop-up)  
KAOS  I Don't Mind   Favoriting Komplete Kaos. Artifix. 0:18:07 Pop-up)  
DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS  Can't Stand the Midwest   Favoriting Family Vineyard. 7". orig. 1981 -NR 0:19:43 Pop-up)  
GOLDEN EAR-RINGS  Lonely Everyday   Favoriting Just Earrings. Universal. (2002) orig. 1965 0:21:12 Pop-up)  
CEDARS  For Your Information   Favoriting El Rock De Mi Mundo: Transpacific Sound Paradise 2007 WFMU Marathon Premium. 0:22:53 Pop-up)  
WIPERS  Mystery   Favoriting Is This Real?. (1980) 0:25:30 Pop-up)  
TIMES NEW VIKING  Ways To Go   Favoriting Dancer Equired. Merge. -NR 0:27:30 Pop-up)  
CHUBBY CHECKER  My Mind   Favoriting VA - Nightmares at Toby's Shop Vol.2. Toytown. orig. 1971 0:29:42 Pop-up)  
Band line up:
Rebecca - Guitar/Vocals
Nathan - Bass (ex-Ponys)
Tom - Drums (ex-Daily Void)

Engineered by Mike Sin

Website: tylerjontyler.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Tyler-Jon-Tyler/58130898898

Current Release: Tyler Jon Tyler LP, 2011, Slow Fizz Records

Still in Print:
Separate Issue 7", 2010, Rococo Records
New England Street 7", 2009, Trouble In Mind Records

Upcoming Shows:
Tonight! 4/30/11 Harrison, NJ Harrison Greenroom
5/1/11 New Haven, CT Popeye's Garage
5/2/11 Cleveland, OH Now That's Class
5/5/11 Chicago, IL Beauty Bar (early show)
6/28/11 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry w/Times New Viking
6/29/11 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle w/Times New Viking
6/30/11 Bloomington, IL The Bishop w/Times New Viking
TYLER JON TYLER  Loyal Caskets   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:55:47 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  Pacific Daylight Time   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:41:49 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  Scotland Yard   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:45:22 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  Castles   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:48:02 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  Pleasantries   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:49:57 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  Livery Servants   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:52:20 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  Tick Tock Tick   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:54:53 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  New England Street   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 0:57:18 Pop-up)  
TYLER JON TYLER  chat w/ Terre   Favoriting 0:59:34 Pop-up)  
BLACK HOLLIES  Benevolent Beacon   Favoriting Claw & Globe. 7". -NR 1:05:20 Pop-up)  
APACHE DROPOUT  Nothing In My Hand   Favoriting Apache Dropout. Family Vineyard. Vinyl. -NR 1:10:05 Pop-up)  
VON LMO  Leave Your Body   Favoriting Cosmic Interception. Variant. (1994) 1:12:43 Pop-up)  
QUITRON  All Night Right of Way   Favoriting Sucre du Sauvage. Goner. -NR 1:19:54 Pop-up)  
UV RACE  Low   Favoriting Homo. In the Red. -NR 1:23:42 Pop-up)  
PENETRATION  Firing Squad   Favoriting Virgin. 7". (1978) 1:26:59 Pop-up)  
PLOD  Lost In Crowd   Favoriting Neo City. Rave Up. Vinyl. (1973) 1:36:29 Pop-up)  
Band line up:
Shannon Shaw- Bass/Vocals
Cody Blanchard- Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Pitat- Drums/Vocals

Engineered by Jason Sigal

Website: www.shannonandtheclams.com
Myspace: myspace.com/shannonandtheclams
Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Shannon-and-the-Clams/134248713268350

Current Release: Sleep Talk LP, 2011, 1-2-3-4-Go! Records

Still in Print:
I Wanna Go Home LP, 2009, 1-2-3-4-Go! Records
Hunk Hunt 7", 2009, 1-2-3-4-Go! Records
Ruin Christmas 7", 2010, 1-2-3-4-Go! Records
Paddy's Birthday 7" 2010, 1-2-3-4-Go! Records

Upcoming Tour Dates (all with Hunx and his Punx)
TONIGHT 04/30/11 Milwaukee, WI,Cactus Club
TOMORROW 05/01/11 Minneapolis, MN,7th St. Entry
05/03/11 Fargo, ND,The Aquarium
05/04/11 Omaha, NE,Slowdown Jr.
05/05/11 Kansas City, MO,The Record Bar
05/07/11 Denver, Co,Hi Dive
05/08/11 Salt Lake City, UT, Urban Lounge 241 South 500 East
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Sleep Talk   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:41:39 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  You Can Come Over   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:44:33 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  You Will Always Bring Me Flowers   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:46:57 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Trouble Maker   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:49:47 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Cat Party   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:52:45 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Warlock in the Woods   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:54:15 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  I Wanna Go Home   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 1:57:17 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Toxic Revenge   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 2:00:25 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Oh Louie   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 2:03:25 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  Cult Song   Favoriting Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic. 2:07:00 Pop-up)  
SHANNON AND THE CLAMS  chat w/ Terre   Favoriting 2:11:27 Pop-up)  
LITERATURE  Manmade Man   Favoriting VA - Casual Victim Pile II. 12XU. -NR 2:28:10 Pop-up)  
RICH KIDS  Bullet-proof Lover   Favoriting Best of the Rich Kids. EMI. (2003) 2:29:45 Pop-up)  
RADIO EXILES  Secret Station   Favoriting Psychic Volt. 7". -NR 2:32:52 Pop-up)  
ZEROS  Beat Your Heart Out   Favoriting Bomp!. 7". (1978) 2:36:41 Pop-up)  
BLACK JASPERS  Born in '77   Favoriting Slovenly. 7". this one goes out to Paulie B! -NR 2:39:00 Pop-up)  
BEACH FOSSILS  Adversity   Favoriting What A Pleasure. Captured Tracks. -NR 2:41:45 Pop-up)  
X-RAY SPEX  Day the World Turned Dayglo   Favoriting EMI. 7". (1978) Rest in peace Poly Styrene 2:50:34 Pop-up)  
X-RAY SPEX  I Am a Cliche   Favoriting Live at the Roxy '77. Receiver. 2:53:14 Pop-up)  
X-RAY SPEX  Oh Bondage! Up Yours!   Favoriting Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology. Sanctuary. (2001) orig. 1978 2:55:02 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  3:11pm listener Mark:

  3:13pm ben drinken:

has Terre T ever considered doing a mash up or shorter version of the theme song? as long as i have been listening this theme song seems to get longer and longer every year. holy crap it seems like it takes up 20 minutes of air time.
  3:14pm pierre:

Bonjour Terre T,
grrrreetings from Paris
i love your show, your sets…
and i'm thrilled to have
the chance to listen to it live !
  3:19pm Paulie B:

Ben, you may notice that many WFMU DJs have long intros. That's because they use that time to settle in, set up the accuplaylist and let the previous DJ clear out.

If you're tired of hearing "Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited," you can always tune in at 3:08.
  3:22pm Sam S.:

I love hearing the full-length Move song each week - it's been one of my favorite tracks since the mid-70s, and no one else plays it...!
  3:25pm eyenoise:

Love this Dow Jones & The Industrials record!
  3:27pm listener Mark:

The Cherry Blosson Clinic intro is the best. I like to sing along and ride my bicycle around the room.
  3:29pm Sam S.:

That Golden Earrings song KILLS!
  3:36pm ben drinken:

yeah i know about the dj getting ready thing. i do tune in at about 12 after just so i don't hear that song one more time. but at least it isn't like hearing the same five classic rock songs on the local classic station. it is once a week and you know after it you will have some great radio. but does she really need 10 minutes of a theme song to get ready? Rex has about the same amount of get ready them material but it is broken up into things. maybe me talking this out will make me love this and want it more and miss it if it ever gone
  3:44pm SueP:

How 'bout you shut up and have another drink! :)
  3:48pm steve:

Dear Terre -

While I'm thrilled beyond all reason that you have two, count'em two, bands today...and you have been having all these other great bands either coming or just been. You know what? I would love, love love it if gave us a show of just the straight, unadulterated Terre T. You're a damn good DJ ma'am. You blew my mind with stuff like Chubby Checker's "My Mind."

Please give me show or two of that, doll. Love ya no matter. -s
  3:48pm BK boy:

diggin the sultry voice and lo-fi sound!
  3:54pm jen b.:

While I agree with Steve's point abt Terre being awesome, I'm also glad she's clues me into new bands that rock...like this one!
  3:55pm ps:

awesome voice!
  4:01pm Lester:

Tyler Jon Tyler are awesome, and sounding swell!
  4:04pm Freddy:

Ben -

Sometimes you don't need to take those dumb thoughts about how things might be in your perfect world and actually tell them to others. How about appreciating what Terre brings you every week rather than moan about things that make sense to you and only you?

Thank you for bringing the radio that you bring to us all Terre T! And Tyler John Tyler were AWESOME!
  4:04pm jaycjay:

Sorry to have missed Tyler Jon Tyler's show at swat the other night (but I've never heard of them until today so it's not my fault).
  4:05pm Freddy:

Same goes for Steve - go play an archive if you don't want live music. Seriously, you ingrates never cease to amaze me...
  4:08pm Accidental Reference:

John Tyler, president 1841-45.
  4:10pm drr:

Yeah, guys, please, no feedback on the show, please--it upsets Freddy.
  4:20pm Brian X. SHock Treatment:

That CHubby Checker BLEW my mind. I was guessing lost Deep Purple track.( I know what you're thinkin- He doesnt have much mind to blow, but it blew what little I have left.) As for the live band, dug it , sounded like Bratmobile or the Slits. Right on.
  4:21pm RMH:

That Apache Dropout LP rules.
  4:21pm Mike Flood:

I’m not Ben Drinkin and do not agree with his sentiments.
We love you Terre T.
  4:21pm ?:

  4:25pm Freddy:


So a comment defending the dj's style and approach is less valid than a comment whining that the DJ won't do the show exactly how a listener wants it to go?

You go Terre T! Ignore the ingrates!
  4:29pm drr:

Nope, but it's not more valid either.
  4:36pm Accidental Reference:

The whingefest is almost like a parallel show -- entertaining, but not nearly as fun as the actual show! Great set, TJT and TT!
  4:37pm ben drinken:

i loves me some Terre T, too. but just need to tune in after the theme song. after Rex I turn it off until about 12 minutes after so I don't hear the song one more time in its entire long.
  4:38pm Paulie B:

People, let's not lose sight of the fact that Terre and all other WFMU DJs work very hard to do their shows and do all that hard work for FREE!

It's not that they are beyond criticism, of course. However, the less fun DJs having doing their shows, the less inclined they are to do them. Please keep that in mind before you decide to air your quibbles.
  4:41pm ben drinken:

love you Terre T!! just don't like the them song.every damn week. stuck in the head oh!!! after years. and so long!!
  4:41pm Brian X. SHock Treatment:

U Peeple R NUtz!
  4:44pm listener Mark:

The music is great, I have little people doing arts and crafts and dancing listening to the cherry blossom clinic with DJ terre t
  4:46pm steve:

Jeez - Just because I would love a show of pure unadulterated Terre T straight up doesn't mean I'm knocking what she does in the slightest. In fact, I think I was trying to praise her and all her DJ magnifisence. This is called a request, people. Terre can ignore and I wont be insulted either. So go girl. I'll be listening to you anyway. -s
  4:46pm Move Lover:

I'm actually hoping for a much longer version of the theme someday.
  4:48pm ScottC:

for free, getting paid - it doesn't matter. If you want repeatable results you shouldn't listen to WFMU. I'll bet some of these complainers are the type that have boxes of half eaten chocolates because they took a bit and it wasn't what they expected so they but half back. If you don't like it CHANGE THE STATION. I do it all the time without needing to comment on it.
  4:52pm ben drinken:

Terre T has arguably one of the best shows on wfmu. She works so damned hard every week to give us the best. I am always stooopified every week about how she pulls her show off. So goooood! but i turn it off at the beginning because of the theme. just can't stand and stomach it
  4:54pm Paulie B:

Ben and Steve- It's cool, guys. Nobody's calling for your heads.

Let's everybody relax and enjoy Shannon and the Clams. They're pretty good, huh?
  4:57pm Rx for Relax:

Hey, Clams: Music's sounding great, keep it turned up!

Hey, Crits: Music's sounding great, keep it clammed up!
  5:05pm dc pat fc:

Terre T, hardest workin woman in free-form.
  5:06pm dc pat fc:

I don't know why, but I love this group!
  5:07pm andrew:

Nice clams!
  5:10pm James:

Shannon and the Clams are brilliant! This is so good
  5:11pm Mickey Bagoosh:

Let me tell you dudez somethin'. A lot of hott broadz work at WFMU for no pay. Not even dollar tips. They just do it for the luv, so I gots no problem just throwin' that luv back with no questions. Jus let 'em do their thing. It's fun man. Luv them.
  5:14pm listener Mark:

This is grate !
  5:15pm dc pat fc:

Man, people are so bitchy on the weekends--that was fekkin great!
  5:16pm listener Mark:

Ha ! A helicopter on the roof ! The building would fall down !!