Kenny G's Hour of Pain playlist | 09.09.10 Favoriting

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Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall

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Artist | Song | Album (Label) [Comments]

> Chicago | In The Country (Listen: Pop-up) Favoriting | Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall (Columbia)

> Chicago | Fancy Colours (Listen: Pop-up) Favoriting | Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall (Columbia)

> Chicago | Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Free Form Intro) (Listen: Pop-up) Favoriting | Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall (Columbia)

> [break]

> Chicago | South California Purples (Listen: Pop-up) Favoriting | Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall (Columbia)

> Chicago | Questions 67 And 68 (Listen: Pop-up) Favoriting | Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall (Columbia)

Listener comments!

  6:52pm OMFG:

Getting nostalgic already for four hours of stumbled-through traffic report transcripts.
  7:03pm TV channels:

Tx very much for the ratings assistance there, Kenny.
  7:05pm 104.3:

Give us our playlist back, dude.
  7:05pm Marco D Argento:

Ok Kenny what are you up to this week???
  7:06pm Chicago:

Does anybody treally care? We've all got time enough to die.
  7:06pm Small Key:

For the love of god don't forget to tune up slowly.
  7:07pm Jack:

Well, it's not painful, but i feel like I've been transported back to the early seventies.
Scott Muni!
  7:08pm Fire in the pants:

Man this is painful.
  7:08pm Jack:

It certainly sucks.
  7:09pm Kali-G:

Play the albums at higher speeds please, that way you'll get all 4 sides in the space of an hour, plus, it will be much more bearable, I mean I made it through the hour of silence and weeks of traffic reports, but this ... this will finally do me in! No zen in Chicago, just no peace of mind, or mind at all ... oh NOW I get it, NO MIND, yes, you did it again Kenny, you did it again ... BRAVO my friend ... master of the Hour of Pain!
  7:09pm Fire in the pants:

Remember that band PoCo. I used to live in PoCo (Port Coquitlam).
  7:09pm Marco D Argento:

Is that lynard skynner? Or the allman brothers band coming thru my iPhone speaker?
  7:09pm Jackie:

Is this making anyone else horny? (Besides Joe cocker)
  7:10pm SF Spike:

This is pretty bad. I'm not ready to turn it off yet, but this seems like the perfect opportunity to take a break and go get some coffee.
  7:10pm Robert:

This is actually listenable to. Not to my taste, but it's identifiably music that people actually paid to hear live.
  7:10pm Fire in the pants:

I'm not a good person to ask.
  7:10pm Jack:

Wanna smoke some grass and ball?
  7:10pm Marco D Argento:

Sorry to say I'm horny all the time:)
  7:11pm Fire in the pants:

I like it.
  7:11pm Robert:

But why do they all sound drunk or on antipsychotics?
  7:11pm Marco D Argento:

I need a woman bad!
  7:11pm Fire in the pants:

Because they are!
  7:12pm Kali-G:

I like the light show myself!
  7:13pm Robert:

What does the Sinner's Xroads guy have to say about this lead-in?
  7:14pm Robert:

Bailing, sorry. Yankees on the radio now?
  7:16pm Robert:

No Yankees. I guess Michael Savage is a rerun for the high holy days, but a new one to me.
  7:17pm Fire in the pants:

  7:18pm Marco D Argento:

Count me in!!!! I'm here for the whole hour! I'm putting on my headphones now!!!!
  7:19pm G:

Went and did all the dishes piled up since this morning. Maybe if I'm lucky I missed most of an album side.
  7:20pm G:

25, or sick to suck.
  7:21pm Robert:

Oh, I'll still check out the comments. Is that cheating, like dessert without dinner with food you dislike?
  7:22pm G:

Levin is ranting live about Democrats as usual, Robert. If you need something live while reading comments.
  7:23pm G:

Chicago noodles like nobody's business. Apparently they thought they were jazz. Miles Davis, call your office.
  7:24pm Kali-G:

Listening to this in its entirety will have lasting effects, like wanting to wear platform shoes, getting your hair permed, wearing massive bell bottoms and eventually getting into disco and polyester while getting a 2 year degree in typewriter repair ... beware students of Pain!
  7:24pm G:

Apparently, for getting to Carnegie Hall, practicing is in fact optional.
  7:27pm Fire in the pants:

Man, this piano solo is raaaammmblin'.
  7:27pm G:

These arrangements are so close to bad high school band arrangements. Duh.
  7:33pm Jackie:

Chicago, live in New Jersey
  7:34pm G:

Question 1 and 2:

Why? Why?
  7:35pm Andy Breckman's Ipod:

This is a pretty cool show, really.
  7:37pm Wes:

I'm diggin' it.....killing time before the Saints game.
  7:38pm Fire in the pants:

Ooooh, we better be all together!
  7:39pm Just what the world needed:

A cover of "Come Together" by Chicago.
  7:40pm Marco D Argento:

I have this urge to start wearing bell bottom jeans:) wierd?
  7:45pm Alternate Band Name...:

...would be Sour Cream.
  7:47pm Marco D Argento:

I'd like to say THANK YOU GOD! For not letting Kenny G do anymore traffic reports while the 3 hold in my skull heal!
  7:51pm SF Spike:

While I've never heard this dreck on WFMU before, I have heard the first album - Chicago Transit Authority - more than once. Because it's the only Chicago record that's actually listenable.
  7:54pm Robert:

Thanks, G, but I'm listening to Savage, rerun or no, now that I'm done with the phone call. He's talking foods & drugs now.
  7:55pm Say it aint so:

I just wikipedia'ed this album. It got to no. 3 in the US album charts, and was certified platinum in sales.
  7:57pm Marco D Argento:

Ok 6 sides of Chicago live that's like waterboarding in battery acid!!!
  7:58pm Um:

Dont think he wouldnt if we whine enough about it. You heard the traffic.
  7:59pm Marco D Argento:

I almost died listening to the traffic!!!