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Reading the Traffic Part Four

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Listener comments!

  Thu. 9/2/10 7:07pm Marco D Argento:

OH NOOOO! More traffic reports!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:08pm Paraphrasing John Cage:

Just keep doubling down. It really can't get any more boring that it is already.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:08pm Mr_Donut:

I would love to hear just "Panasonic JAM CAM" over and over for an hour. Now that would be pain.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:09pm Julie:

sorry for the late playlist, Fabi & Clay are distracting
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:09pm Panasonic:

Jam your own Cam.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:09pm Marco D Argento:

And just when that hole I drilled in my head to let out all of last weeks traffic reports healed!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:10pm Craftsman:

Need a new bit?
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:11pm Mr_Donut:

"F D R Drive" is such a mouthful. Why not something cute like the "Freddie D"?
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:12pm Marco D Argento:

I think this time I'm going to need the 2 inch wide drill bit!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:13pm Craftsman:

Try Home Depot or Lowes. Or Dr, Mengele's, I mean Dr G's, office.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:13pm Mr_Donut:

Meanwhile! Meanwhile! Meanwhile!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:14pm Marco D Argento:

And just when my hair was starting to grow back. Now I have to shave it bald again!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:15pm 2 inch drill bit:

We add whole new meaning to the cliche "brain drain"
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:16pm Marco D Argento:

Please someone have mercy on me and puncture both my eardrums!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:17pm greg G from DC:

I love how Kenny says, " Near the midtown tunnel" .... " Lincoln and Holland tunnels are good" and " Oh boy, this could be bad!" so much, I could hear it every day, 5 1/2 hours a day, for the rest of my life. Call it my Kenny G Life of Pain.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:18pm Freda Pain:

It aint an hour. It's a whole way of life.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:19pm Marco D Argento:

And for the few of us it's a giant sausage finger shoved where the sun don't shine!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:20pm Giant Sausage:

You submissive masochistic pervs like it.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:20pm greg G from DC:

After a while of listening, my frontal lobes stop understanding the words that are being said and I rest within the empty space between Kenny G's spoken words. This is maybe what spiritual seekers call bliss ... I don't know?
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:22pm Rick:

From an ancient Alan Watts lecture broadcast: '...the fool who persists in his folly will become wise'. (Mr. Watts' source credits long forgotten)
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:22pm Marco D Argento:

It's like hang gliding of the space shuttle during re entry!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:22pm Julie:

Greg is gets kind of meditative
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:22pm New Age Guru:

Just be in the moment. After moment. After moment. After moment. After moment.

Then dive screaming off a tall building.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:23pm Mr_Donut:

Kenny just said "Load"!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:23pm Marco D Argento:

I'd rather have my hemroids operated on by a blind doctor with only one finger!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:25pm Blind doctor:

This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me. Keepin it real, dawg.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:25pm Marco D Argento:

Just put these accu pressure needles in my testicles!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:26pm Marco oysters:

Leave us out of thissssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:28pm Marco D Argento:

Take my scrotum stretch it out like a drum and play w"on't get fooled again" by the who on it
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:29pm Daltrey:

Hear the new show! Same as the old show!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:30pm Marco D Argento:

smear my naked body with honey and lower me into a super colony of red fire ants!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:32pm greg G from DC:

The show either makes you peaceful and enlightened, or just upset and mean spirited, interesting ... it's like as if Kenny's voice and content brings the real essential personality out of folks, like milking the yuji dry, leaving you either with a smile and a twinkle in the eye... or one of those Glenn Beck looking faces .
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:34pm Marco D Argento:

What's worse than being stung to death by fire ants!!!! This it really the worst thing you can do to yourself. Be forced to listen to Sarah Palins inspirational speeches!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:36pm Traffic cliches:

slow go, blocking both lanes, congestion, crawling, into the tolls, stacked up, police activity, crash, alternate side parking rules, really slow ride, very heavy, thirty minute delay, no access, stretching back, disabled vehicle, tire changer, big delays, you want to avoid, sluggish, etc. etc. etc.

  Thu. 9/2/10 7:36pm Marco D Argento:

Kenny G has a nice voice. But I don't want to hear any more TRAFFIC REPORTS!!!!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:39pm Marco D Argento:

New York city is a giant bake oven and Kenny G is the guy poking you with a fork too see if your done!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:39pm Julie:

I just got a call saying "Why am I hearing 1010 wins?"
Fear not, I believe this is the last week of traffic.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:40pm listener:

no more? WAAAAHHHH i was getting all meditative!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:41pm Rick:

I doubt that listening to this could make me peaceful and enlightened, but I am glad he made this recording. The aesthetic is agreeable to me, but I can get it better from the day to day minutiae all around me.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:42pm Marco D Argento:

I hope to god your right julie! Because this 95 degree heat and Kenny G's traffic reports are contributing to the citys suicide rates!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:43pm Marco D Argento:

But at least the people at home depot are making money selling a lot of rope!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:44pm Marco D Argento:

All the drugstores in my area are out of razors and scissors!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:46pm greg G from DC:

Looks like there is a disabled vehicle blocking certain listeners center lane, so what to do? Blow the horn then keep blowing the horn in hopes that the sound will move the center lane obstacle? Or maybe just move around it, or perhaps stay off the lower deck Queens-bound lanes, but if stuck, close the eyes, take a deep breath and release, to go with the Kenny G Flow as in "Let the traffic Flow!"
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:47pm listener:

new yorkers like to whine -- that is just us purging, you know
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:49pm JT:

@Julie I was wondering how long it could last. It's almost like Kenny G is just asking to relive past persecution by a certain 3-letter agency.
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:49pm Marco D Argento:

I'd rather Kenny G read from a home decorating book!! Than traffic reports!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:50pm Marco D Argento:

Read the entire rules and regulations for ice hockey!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:50pm DMV:

we are much worse than this
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:51pm Marco D Argento:

Read from the journal of American medicine! Cover to cover!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:52pm wOOt!!!:

  Thu. 9/2/10 7:53pm listener:

he wants sympathy!!!!!!!!! kill him!!!!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:53pm Julie:

We all survived, we should be proud :)
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:54pm listener:

[checking for his pulse]
  Thu. 9/2/10 7:54pm Marco D Argento:

NOOOOOOO!!!! Not chicago in concert!!!!
  Thu. 9/2/10 8:01pm Rick:

When he sings, you WILL tune out!