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Options September 2, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Bob Dylan  Sara   Options Live 1975: The Rolling Thunder Revue  Columbia  0:00:00 ()
Thin Lizzy  Sarah (Version 1)   Options Shades Of A Blue Orphanage  Deram  0:04:45 ()
Thomas F. Browne  Gentle Sarah   Options Wednesday's Child  Vertigo  0:07:05 ()
Althea & Donna  Oh Dread   Options Uptown Top Ranking  The Front Line  0:10:39 ()
Devin The Dude  Lil Girl Lost   Options Waiting To Inhale  Rap-A-Lot  0:13:24 ()
Vivian Girls  Blind Spot   Options I Can't Stay  In The Red  0:24:25 ()
The Present  Love Melody   Options World I See  Loaf  0:26:54 ()
CoH & Cosey Fanni Tutti  Mad   Options CoH Plays Cosey  Raster-Noton   
Andrew Thompson  We're In Business   Options The Best Of Lewis Recordings  Lewis Recordings  0:41:00 ()
Young MC  Know How (Theme)   Options Aaron LaCrate & Debonair Samir RMXS  Delicious Vinyl  0:44:28 ()
Brightblack Morning Light  Hologram Buffalo   Options Motion To Rejoin  Matador  1:10:31 ()
Fishing With John (McCain) & Sarah Palin        1:16:25 ()
Silver Jews  Smith & Jones Forever   Options American Water  Drag City  1:18:09 ()
Wovenhand  Horsetail   Options Ten Stones  Sounds Familyre  1:21:09 ()
The Tower  In Your Life   Options Cosmorama  Psychic Circle  1:24:22 ()
Ennio Morricone  The Thing   Options John Carpenter FIlm Music Collection  Silve  1:28:36 ()
Roy Harper  One Man Rock And Roll Band   Options Stormcock  Science Friction  1:39:23 ()
Cult Of Youth  Love Will Save Us/Brick By Brick   Options A Stick To Bind, A Seed To Grow  Dais  1:47:03 ()
MIJ  Door Keys   Options Yodeling Astrologer  ESP-Disk  1:50:52 ()
Noa Babayof  At Your Death   Options From A Window To A Wall  Language Of Stone  1:54:27 ()
Tussle  Elephants Meandering (Sal Principato & Dennis Young Remix)   Options Notwave  DFA  2:04:16 ()
Deadbeat  Roots And Wire   Options Roots And Wire  Wagon Repair  2:10:40 ()
King Tubby  Who's Dub   Options KIng Tubby On The Mix Vol. 2  Original  2:15:43 ()
Zomes  Clear Shapes   Options Zomes  Holy Mountain  2:18:50 ()
Les Chats Renaissance  Vive Le Progres   Options Hermaphrodites  Vogue  2:21:18 ()
Ravjunk  Nasten   Options Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner  Transubstans  2:24:44 ()
Avarus  Feeniks-Lintu Valitti Muista Enemman   Options Ruskeatimantti  Tumult  2:28:13 ()
Chrysalis  Dr. Root's Garden   Options Definition  Rev-Ola  2:39:02 ()
Oh No  Sun Dance/25 Keys   Options Overstanding  Stones Throw  2:44:34 ()
Sparks  A Big Surprise   Options Introducing Sparks  Lil Beethoven  2:49:02 ()
The Toms  Wasn't That Love In Your Eyes   Options The Toms  Black Sheep  2:52:32 ()
Bram Tchaikovsky  Sarah Smiles   Options Strange Man, Changed Man  Polydor  2:56:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 9/2/08 9:08am Barney:

Que sara sarah!
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:09am jason:

are you trying to tell us something about your relationship with gov palin?
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:09am maggie:

hatch will you tell me why the orchestration on this song reminds me of court and spark? thank you.
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:25am Parq:

  Tue. 9/2/08 9:25am emma:

Devin the Dude is from Houston TX, not the AT-Hell.
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:25am C:

How about Tayke Palin if it's a girl. Miss Tayke
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:26am e:

how about some starship 'sarah'?! come on, you know you want to...
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:26am Hatch:

Emma, thank you for the correction. I don't know what I'm talking about.
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:27am ?:

fleetwood mac - sara
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:28am Yan:

hall and oates - sarah smile
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:30am PodSean:

Nipsy Palin or Eliot Spitzer Palin.
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:41am PodSean:

We could wish for triplets. Name them Ichabod, Ursula & Eliot Spitzer.

Then we could form an anagram out of the first letters of all of her children's names:

Eliot Spitzer

  Tue. 9/2/08 9:43am paul:

i almost spit out iced coffee at my screen.
holy shit this song rules.
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:53am Maggie B.:


I chose the most popular name, Abstinence Only.
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:53am stingy d:


  Tue. 9/2/08 9:59am stingy d:

i hear ron paul is pro-RIAA and shit like that
i wonder what his religious approach is?
other than that i think i like him.
hey hatch you seem pretty open - who do you suuport?
  Tue. 9/2/08 9:59am MDH:

Combine Willow and Track to "Wack"

I think I like Tayke better, though.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:08am stingy d:

ps- i hate every politician that ever existed. SNAKES!!!!
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:08am Ike:

The problem with small government is that it leads to a lack of infrastructure. I like my roads and firefighters and sewer systems etc. Sometimes you don't miss these things until you travel to countries that don't have them, or don't have good ones.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:11am owen:

hey, 'bristol' is a pretty good name. why not stick with the theme of grim towns from south-west england? im thinking: great-torrington?
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:13am gumby:

Good point Ike, if there was a lot less government the Cuyohoga River would still be on fire.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:16am Hatch:

For a small government guy, Chris Dyer seems pretty reasonable. Saying we should be spending the money we're wasting in Iraq on domestic infrastructure is pretty damn sensible.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:18am Ike:

Oh, I missed that part with Dyer. Usually small gov't guys aren't that logical. I encountered one guy who thought all NJ roads were paid for by Turnpike and Parkway tolls.

Hey Owen, great idea! Barnstaple! Minehead! Budleigh Salterton!
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:18am gumby:

I for one could live without the B-2 bomber flying over sporting events after the national Anthem, which seems to be it's only purpose.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:19am stingy d:

i thought dyre was very reasonable

hey gumby i didn't get those ticekts man
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:20am are you honest:

when noone's lookin?

sarah is my gov and she's a joke.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:21am gumby:

Only corporations can afford those tickets.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:22am stingy d:

how much cups of coffee does everyone drink in a day?
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:23am Hatch:

I drink two, maybe three.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:24am stingy d:

nah i could afford them, and i get about 30k a year before taxes.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:25am gumby:

I drink around 24 ounces of iced with cubes.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:27am fishmonkeystew:

'bout 16 oz in the am, and maybe another 16oz in the afternoon.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:27am PodSean:

...same here: 2 maybe 3.

Our workplace coffee is like murky brown toilet water. I still drink it though. That's how defeated I am
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:31am stingy d:

i drink 2-3 as well, now i don't feel too irregular... i get a chocolate with my coffee, cus my place i go to is real nice. i can't be defeated!
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:31am Chris Dyer:

Thanks for the interview. I lived in NYC for two years after I left the Navy. It's nice to hear a station that's what radio should be. No corporate B.S.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:33am stingy d:

thanks to you too chris, i liked listengin to ya'lls discourse.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:35am PodSean:

Thanks, Chris.

What is the Libertarian view on drilling for oil? Especially in Alaska, etc.?
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:35am stingy d:

YO BAM!!!!! i gotta go! THEY LIVE IS AWESOME!!! hatch you just made my week!!
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:35am gumby:

Freeform Forever!!!!
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:40am ?:

Calc would be a cute name for Trig's nephew.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:41am Chris Dyer:

I'm a "states rights" guy. The federal gov't is trying to force Yucca Mt. nuclear waste depository on my state (NV). Alaska drilling should come down to what the voters of that state decide. Just my opinion of course, but I'm of the opinion that oil companies should use the drilling oportunities they already have and not get to squat on every potential drilling site for future use.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:41am Dickdong:

"I swear to God"
That's the scary thing, No good has ever come from fundamentalists, but it's ingrained, you say it without realising.
This Palin baby, It must be Jesus junior. Surely THIS is the second coming. Rapture all round.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:43am PodSean:

Thanks, Chris. I agree.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:44am kwhitehead:

I hate to be a buzzkill but, regardless of her odious Sarah Palin's politics may be, I am not so sure how sporting it is to be throwing these names about. It seems like something Rush Limbaugh people would do.

Let's talk the high road.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:44am Parq:

This is way late, I know, but I was commuting. I dug the 'Drew Thompson thing about the robot.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:46am Hatch:

They're just baby names, dude.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:47am Hatch:

And besides, McCain claims he was aware of this from the start. So he knew what he was getting this family into.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:47am Jim:

Hey bro.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:49am kwhitehead:

To each their own, I guess.

Great show, btw.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:53am stingy d:

did i miss any carpenter flicks or do they start tonight?
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:54am FeT$eR:

  Tue. 9/2/08 10:54am Hatch:

Started last night with Big Trouble In Little China.
  Tue. 9/2/08 10:59am stingy d:

aw damn! i like all those movies so much! i'm going to all of them! i haven't been excited in months!
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:05am Emily:

I saw Big Trouble Little China last night - fun to see on the big screen
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:06am seamush:

what was the squawking guitar track in between noa babayof and tussle?
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:14am Emily:

Her voice is so annoying
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:16am Parq:

I'm with Emily - I'm gonna have to hear *that* voice for the next three months, and maybe the next four years?
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:16am stingy d:

not for nothin-
definitely 4 years
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:22am ?:

  Tue. 9/2/08 11:22am Dickdong:

This is the scariest thing since Barry Goldwater.
She's something of a political enema - well she sure scares the shit out of me.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:26am Julian:

Sorry to say I get no reception here so I don't know what y'all are referring to, but I'll join in: USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! Just kidding. I wish I had the money to leave this country tomorrow.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:28am Parq:

Whoever that reporter was, I hope she brings her sunscreen to Gitmo.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:29am stingy d:

you can probably make bombs with sunscreen, i bet she'll have to smuggle it in her skin
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:30am Hatch:

The squawking guitar track was "Florecen Los Nardos" by Almendra.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:31am sqrl:

ive had to listen to that voice from the gubernatorial seat up here AK and it is absolutely grating. she is way too green to even run the state office up here never mind veep. i wish you all could see the town she was mayor to. terrible meth problem, extremely high drop out rate, etc. it's a podunk town that embodies failure and prides itself in being different from the rest of the country. where she is coming from, she is so out of touch w/ the rest of the US it's not even funny.

palin in any office (including her current one) is a travesty.

hell, it turns my stomach just loking at her.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:37am stingy d:

is that petra haden miss mergatroid album out? or not yet?
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:38am Parq:

Sqrl, none of this shit is funny. That's why I can't take Bush jokes any more, even though they remain very popular. This guy and his party have run my country into the ground, and I'm still supposed to laugh at the fact that he can't pronounce big words?
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:38am trent:

actually i just registered so you're opposed
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:40am Hatch:

You missed the deadline, Trent. Sorry buddy. You can run against me in 2010.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:44am Kyle:

Redhook is only about an hour away, too bad I am up at school. You would have gotten my vote though.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:44am Emily:

Did anyone suggest Juno for the baby name? there have been some Juno jokes though, so it's not original.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:44am trent:

you're a sneakster
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:46am sqrl:

i don't think it's funny at all, parq. ive had to live with this woman already and i'm telling you how it is. she's out of her league as gov never mind veep.

i remain absolutley dumbfounded that mccain chose her. dumbfounded and a little sick to my stomach that people actually think it's a good idea.

i cant look or listen to her because she's a fucking idiot and a liar.
  Tue. 9/2/08 11:50am stingy d:

who the fuck is sean somers? he's annoying.
i am angry at sparks rigth now because of the bad weekend i had.
  Tue. 9/2/08 12:00pm Emily:

Good luck with the election, Hatch !
  Tue. 9/2/08 12:02pm stingy d:

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