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Options August 26, 2008

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Artist Track Album Label Approx. start time
Bill Quick  I Sing This Song   Options Maravillosa Gente  Time-Lag  0:00:00 ()
Glen Campbell  These Days   Options Meet Glen Campbell  Capitol  0:04:15 ()
Pointer Sisters  Fairy Tale   Options Dirty Laundry: The Soul Of Black Country  Trikont  0:07:38 ()
Rodriguez  I Wonder   Options Cold Fact  Light In The Attic  0:12:17 ()
Strangelets  Riot On Planet 10   Options Nobody Knows Anything  DFA  0:14:55 ()
King Tubby's  Jah Victory Dub   Options Yabby You: Jesus Dread 1972-1977  Blood And Fire  0:20:34 ()
Performing Ferrets  Shu-Shau   Options No One Told Us  Hyped2Death   
Apache  Russian Roulette   Options Boom Town Gems  Birdman  0:33:38 ()
The Shining Path  Lonely Hearts Killers   Options Chocolate Gasoline  Holy Mountain  0:37:45 ()
Dead C  Mansions   Options Secret Earth  Ba Da Bing  1:07:14 ()
The Gynecologists  We're An American Band   Options Hoosier Psychopaths  Gulcher  1:13:43 ()
Lost And Found  Everybody's Here   Options Never Ever Land  Charly  1:16:38 ()
Billy Nicholls  Life Is Short   Options Would You Believe  Castle  1:19:13 ()
John Baker  Oranges And Lemons (Radio London)   Options The John Baker Tapes Vol. 1  Trunk  1:22:51 ()
St. Maartin's The Rolling Tones  It's A Feeling   Options Calypsol 70  Strut  1:26:53 ()
Fishing With John (McCain)        1:35:13 ()
Wee  You Can Fly On My Aeroplane   Options You Can Fly On My Aeroplane  Numero Group  1:36:23 ()
Dana Gillespie  Foolish Seasons   Options Box Of Surprises  Rev-Ola  1:42:19 ()
Josephine Foster  All I Wanted Was The Moon   Options This Coming Gladness  Bo'Weavil  1:45:31 ()
Teenage Filmstars  Hallucinations   Options Star  Artpop!  1:50:33 ()
Like A Kind Of Matador  Wamba Amma, She Eat Cheese   Options Halfway TO Dangerous  Tumult  1:55:37 ()
Gluons WIth Allen Ginsberg  Birdbrain   Options Local Anesthetic  Smooch  2:10:29 ()
Amanali  Let's Focus On The Issues   Options     2:17:14 ()
The Chandelles  We Are The Ones   Options Psychedelic States: Colorado  Gear Fab  2:19:00 ()
Khazad-Doom  Love Which We Share Among Us   Options Level 6 1/2  Void  2:20:54 ()
The Nothing  Song Of The Tall Poppy   Options A Warm Gun  A Major Label  2:22:37 ()
The Burtons  Macarthur Park   Options Hybrid Kids/Claws  Cherry Red  2:26:41 ()
Modern Shit  Untitled   Options Will Make You Ill  Alga Marghen  2:34:16 ()
Titmachine  We Build A New City   Options We Build A New City  Siltbreeze  2:39:33 ()
Schlammpeitziger  Von Dubisten   Options Schwingstelle Fur Rauschabzug  Sonig  2:42:40 ()
Cocoa Tea  Barack Obama   Options     2:45:49 ()
Doc Delay  Untitled   Options Eastern Bloc Party  No Label  2:49:51 ()
DJ Chaos X  Untitled   Options Live Mixx  No Label  2:51:53 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/26/08 9:02am Bad Ronald:

I like this song
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:03am Derek:

Me too.
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:06am Parq:

This is Glenn Campbell, huh? Never would have guessed.
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:06am Bad Ronald:

Kinda reminded me of Brinsley Schwarz.
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:07am Bad Ronald:

Bill Quick that is, not Glen
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:09am pseu:

hey hatch -- great music -- pointer sisters!
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:12am Parq:

It seems quaint now, but in the early 1970s, the idea of three black women known for funky music having a country hit, and even playing the Opry, was pretty radical stuff.
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:13am Swami:

These Pointer Sisters. . .Nashville Group, early 70's? Backed "The King"?
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:14am PG:

This Rodriguez album is great.
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:16am Swami:

Wait. . .black women? What? Opry?! Hold on. . .
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:18am Swami:

Oh, might as well Jump! Jump, jump for your love!
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:37am gumby:

Russian Roulette! Somewhat similar to the bait & switch game I am enjoying playing with the beauracracy today.
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:47am stingy d:

get them mufuckas hatch!!! aks him to find the hidden matzoh!
  Tue. 8/26/08 9:56am Negator:

Hatch, sneak in a little bit of sweet music behind this...... something Big Brother, yeah, that's it. Circus music would be cool.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:17am gumby:

It never previously occured to me how similar the lyrics to We're an American Band are like a script for the machinations of the political conventions are. WOW! Enlightenment everyday.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:17am Emily:

Great show!
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:19am Hatch:

Thanks Emily.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:19am stingy d:

that waterboardign thing freaked me out man
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:26am Hatch:

Eh. Waterboarding demonstrations have reached saturation point I think, they've become kind of silly. It doesn't seem shocking at all anymore.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:29am Derek:

Nothing de-emphasizes the horror of torture more than drama queen effete protesters playing "waterboarding\ in a public protest.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:29am Parq:

Unfortunately, that's always been the problem with radical-left street theater. The participants lack perspective and wit, and never realize when they're being tiresome.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:30am stingy d:

i hear that... i didn't realzie it was fake- now i feel like an airy-fairy wfmu listener
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:31am Bad Ronald:

Everybody Beer Bong!!!
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:31am north guinea hills:

hatch, derek, parq, you've all hit the nail on the head.....
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:35am stingy d:

i think i am freaked out more by the john mcain leno thing now that i am reminded of it
what a loon man
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:35am Derek:

A noun, a verb, a POW.
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:36am north guinea hills:

fishing w/ john mccain, super brilliant! how did i miss that last week!
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:37am Emily:

FMU could do a fundraiser just for new headphones (a headphoneraiser)
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:43am Jim:

Weird set man!
  Tue. 8/26/08 10:50am Hatch:

  Tue. 8/26/08 10:50am elvie:

wow, this is beautiful
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:14am Jim:

It's fine. I'm just noticing it's markedly different and less poppy than last week!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:15am Sean Daily:

This Birdbrain song kind of sounds like Dave Emory, you know...
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:16am Hatch:

Dave Emory doing this song with the Hoof And Mouth would be somethin' else...
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:16am Hatch:

Hell, anyone doing this song with the Hoof And Mouth would work.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:16am paul b:

Allen Ginsburg sings! Now for some reason I want to hear Gibby Haynes doing "Moving to Florida".
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:17am Jim:

It's a great set, honestly!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:17am Andrew:

Birdbrain = the only song I've heard on both WFMU and Maximum Rocknroll
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:19am Jim:

That's weird.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:20am Parq:

Dave Emory coming to NY/NJ for the marathon finale and doing "Birdbrain" at Hoof 'n' Mouth -- oh please, oh please!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:21am stingy d:

chandelles!! i can dig it!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:23am Andrew:

Khazad-Doom: Yay for Lord of the Rings band names!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:26am Bruce:

The Nothing! Makes me wanna drink in my cubicle.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:27am Jim:

This set is a bit too poppy.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:27am Vicki:

ha ha
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:28am Jim:

  Tue. 8/26/08 11:31am stingy d:

diamanda! got dag
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:40am m:

why is the beginning of this song so familiar?
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:41am Hatch:

It's a cover of a song by Palais Schaumberg.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:42am GP:

Who is this..Nina Hagen?
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:42am Jim:

I wish I understood the appeal of this. Things might be different in my career.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:42am m:

ahhh yes! i love that song.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:43am sqrl:

begining remided me of shellac. something off at action park
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:44am patrick:

great show!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:48am elvie:

this is totally out of nowhere. but can anyone recommend a usb record player? doesn't have to be portable. it's just for my own use at home.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:49am Steve:

Enough with the political crap. We're paying you for Fishing Tips damn it!
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:51am Sean Daily:

You MUST tell me where I can get a copy of this Barack O-BA-MA! song.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:51am Jim:

My fingers smell a little mustardy, it's weird.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:53am patrick:

elvie, if you already have a record player all you need is the geffen imic. if you dont have one, just get the numark. i think its around $150 and you can get it at guitar center or sam ash..
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:54am Hatch:

Here you go Sean:

  Tue. 8/26/08 11:54am stingy d:

hey elvie, i hear the ion one is ok, but have not used it, the numark one is good and friendly but i dislike numark products cus they don't last long enough... there is a stanton one, i like stanton products a whole lot, but haven't used it.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:54am elvie:

thanks, patrick. i don't currently have a record player. i'd like one that i can play records on, but also convert to mp3s. i think you're right in your recommendation. been researching for a while. what i really desire is a victrola.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:56am Parq:

Sigh. That Schlammpeitziger rap has me thinking; a majority of the country thinks Dubya did a bad job, and McC has pledged that he supported Dubya as to practically everything. And still, half the country supports McC. As Marvin Gaye said, it makes me wanna holler, throw up both my hands.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:57am Hatch:

It's only about 30%, Parq. The problem is that 30% of the total population adds up to roughly half of the voting population.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:59am Sean Daily:

In other words, get out and vote. You may think that voting is a rigged game but, still, four years of Obama will be better than four years of McCain.
  Tue. 8/26/08 11:59am GP:

What is the background you are playing now?
  Tue. 8/26/08 12:01pm Patrick:

ELVIE, invest in a good player (like a 1200m2 for less then $200), find one on Ebay and get the iMic. its a easy setup, and is the way i have been doing it.
  Tue. 8/26/08 12:01pm elvie:

thanks again, patrick!
  Tue. 8/26/08 12:08pm Hatch:

GP, the closing track is always "Avslutning" by Bjorn Olsson.
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