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Options May 24, 2018: Don't say no, the only answer is Yaasss! (Live set from Yaasss)

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
The Myrrors  Hasta La Victoria   Options Hasta La Victoria   
Kim Jung Mi  Wind   Options Kim Jung Mi "Now"  0:16:30 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alvino Rey And His Orchestra 
Side B   Options Ping Pong!  0:19:39 ()
Iggy Pop  Bang Bang   Options Party  0:24:48 ()
Television  See No Evil   Options Blank Generation - The New York Scene  0:28:49 ()
New York Dolls  Trash   Options New York Dolls  0:32:35 ()
Lou Reed  Walk On The Wild Side   Options Transformer  0:35:42 ()
The Sabras  Falafel   Options Jerusalem of Gold  0:39:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alvino Rey And His Orchestra 
Side B   Options Ping Pong!  0:43:15 ()
Yaasss  Dance Behind the Glass   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  0:47:56 ()
Yaasss  Full Moon Junkies   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  0:52:58 ()
Yaasss  Hot Sauce   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  0:57:08 ()
Yaasss  Money   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  1:01:08 ()
Yaasss  Tragic Carpet Ride   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  1:04:45 ()
Yaasss  Dumpster Baby   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  1:07:35 ()
Yaasss  Yaasss Theme Song   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  1:12:35 ()
Yaasss  Banger   Options Yaasss live on Underwater Theme Park 05-24-18  1:14:58 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alvino Rey And His Orchestra 
Side B   Options Ping Pong!  1:18:36 ()
Los Wilds  Roca de Hablar   Options   1:22:58 ()
Sonic Youth  Incinerate   Options Rather Ripped  1:25:23 ()
Pylon  Cool   Options Gyrate  1:30:28 ()
Gang of Four  Love Like Anthrax   Options   1:33:41 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alvino Rey And His Orchestra 
Side B   Options Ping Pong!  1:37:19 ()
Laurence Vanay  Demain   Options Galaxies  1:41:25 ()
Ignace De Souza & The Melody Aces  Asaw Fofor   Options African Scream Contest Vol. 2- Benin 1963-1980  1:43:22 ()
Ebo Taylor  Mumudey Mumudey   Options Yen Ara  1:46:20 ()
Nyaruach  Gatluak   Options Gatluak  1:50:55 ()
Blumfeld  Verstarker   Options Die Welt is Schon  1:53:59 ()
Checkpoint 303  Gaza Calling   Options Checkpoint Tunes  1:58:17 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:00pm βrian:


Good afternoon.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:02pm βrian:

Had a racy little Bourgueil last night. Well, maybe two ...
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:03pm Adrian in London:

Hi Meghan.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:03pm Meghan:

I was doing a warm up at my gym last night, running 400m around the building and saw people outside drinking a lovely white... looked so refreshing.... hahaha
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:04pm Meghan:

Hello hello everyone!
  Thu. 5/24/18 12:07pm elwyn:

hi everyone,

i normally go for a run just before the show but went for a run last night.
been binging on "sugarless" confectionery but it still has calories and stevia.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:09pm northguineahills:

Today, GTDS stream is actually quieter......
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:09pm northguineahills:

Digging this The Myrrors!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:09pm Meghan:

watch out Elwyn, that stuff can wreck your insides.....
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:09pm Adrian in London:

I work as a copy editor on wine and spirits magazines at the moment and, frankly, could do with a glass of cold Riesling right now, having been reading about wine all day
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:10pm Meghan:

NGH, it's a quiet song for the first bit, so let me know if that continues....
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:11pm Uncle Michael:

Is this where I'm supposed to bring my Loofah?
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:12pm Meghan:

If you forgot your loofah, there should be some fresh growing ones at the bottom of the ocean floor.... feel free to help yourself
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:12pm northguineahills:

I'm not a Riesling type of guy, but that does sound like a good idea!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:13pm Uncle Michael:

Me and Bill O'Reiily are big fans of the whole Loofah Rock scene.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:14pm Meghan:

There are some lovely dry Rieslings out there... but I am not a fan of the sweeter ones
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:16pm βrian:

@Meghan: Me too. I don't know them well enough, so I usually stick with a Loire or something from the south of France. I really like some of the white Rhones.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:18pm βrian:

And if the ocean were Sancerre, and I was a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and never come up.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:18pm Carmichael:

Heya Meghan and aquarians.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:19pm northguineahills:

Not a fan of sweet ones either.....
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:19pm Meghan:

Hey there!

Brian- You and I have similar wine palettes...
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:22pm northguineahills:

Sorry, I only have spicy homemade freshly caught smoked bass fish salad and crackers (from a coworker).
  Thu. 5/24/18 12:23pm elwyn:

i used to have a housemate who would eat my emergency supply of jelly beans for when i have a low blood glucose level... except the black ones.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:24pm βrian:

I had a cheap Washington Viognier recently that was really good. It had a corny label and a screw-top, to boot.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:26pm doctorjazz:

Hi folks!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:26pm Sem:

Hello, Ms. Meghan, Underwater ones, rubber boot wearers, adept snorklers, Cousteau pretenders, the Pretenders, and all.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:27pm βrian:

Found it:
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:28pm Meghan:

hahaha... nice one Sem! Hello Doctorjazz!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:29pm doctorjazz:

Television, love this!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:30pm Meghan:

never seen that one before! Nice. And a foxy label!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:30pm Carmichael:

I saw Iggy open for the Pretenders a looooong time ago. Chrissie actually kissed the stage in tribute.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:33pm Bas NL:

Hi Meghan, all!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:34pm Meghan:

Afternoon/early evening Bas!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:35pm Sem:

@βrian: I do not know how this might happen, but if you have a chance to try something made from L'acadie Blanc, you may decide for yourself about whether or not it is the Chardonnay of Nova Scotia.
At the distillery, we've turned a batch of its pomace into a pleasing Marc.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:37pm melinda:

hi folks
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:37pm Meghan:

Hello there Melinda!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:40pm melinda:

I read a reference recently to the real identity of Sugarplum Fairy but forgot who it was. Information age overload.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:40pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Yaasss, Meghan! Any summer job openings still available at the Underwater Theme Park?
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:42pm northguineahills:

Almost a commercial for sabra hummus.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:50pm doctorjazz:

Middle Easyern Surf Rock sound, cool
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:50pm Dave B:

Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:50pm Meghan:

Ken, wanna be a lifeguard?
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:51pm geezerette:

Chickpea surfers.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:52pm Sem:

Heh, geezerette.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:53pm geezerette:

long board belly dancing!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:54pm geezerette:

Howdy, Meghan, Sem & assembled!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:56pm βrian:

@Sem: I can't drink marc or grappa. Tastes fine to me, but even small amounts of the best of breed destroy me.
My kryptonite, I guess.
  Thu. 5/24/18 12:57pm Jaredbert:

Swimming in a sea of humus. Yaasss!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:59pm geezerette:

That wave looks like a wall of voodoo.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 12:59pm βrian:

Love me a good hummus. Lemony and just a touch bitter from the tahini.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:00pm geezerette:

Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:05pm Dave B:

Are they live in the studio, or was this recorded earlier? Either way, sounds good
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:05pm Sem:

Quel dommage @βrian!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:07pm βrian:

Quel damage, I say. Ouch!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:08pm Meghan:

Dave, was recorded earlier.... May 6th to be exact
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:08pm Sem:

  Thu. 5/24/18 1:08pm elwyn:

i hate myself for thinking of that band who had that hit "The Only Way is Up".
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:11pm Meghan:

I had this song in my head all week....
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:12pm Dave B:

They've got a good sound. Who's who, what do they play, and where are they playing next/soon?
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:14pm Meghan:

Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:14pm βrian:

Can't find a website for these guys. Only FB.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey, they've got their own theme song, similar to Tenniscoats on Faye's show.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:22pm βrian:

Does Ernie wear an Engineer hat? I love those.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:31pm Meghan:

If we made our engineers wear those, we may not have any engineers here.... just sayin'.....
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:36pm βrian:

Never heard this version.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:36pm βrian:

How many wedding bands have covered this, I wonder?
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:41pm northguineahills:

Ahhhh, I only have vol 1 of African Scream ....!!! Need vol 2!!!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:49pm Meghan:

Just released, so you should be able to grab it now!
  Thu. 5/24/18 1:51pm elwyn:

i am seeimg "isle of dogs" on Saturday.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:52pm Meghan:

I still have to see it! Maybe that is what I should do one of these free days!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:52pm βrian:

When Meghan lets us out of class, I've got to get some vittles. So hungry!

Loving this.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:54pm dutchtheo:

Cool i bought an Ebo Taylor 2cd yesterday with this Mumudey by the Apagya showband with (didn't listen to it yet), Ebo Taylor is next month in my hometown on a festival with Orlando Julius ao
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:55pm Meghan:

oh man, both Ebo and Orlando?! Please tell me you are going to this! And PLEASE report back about it!
  Thu. 5/24/18 1:56pm goyim in the am:

Ah, Blumfeld. What a disappointment they turned out to be. Dude took vocal lessons and they became unlistenable — a shame, ‘cause this record rules.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:57pm Meghan:

oh no! It's funny to think that something like vocal lessons can make you worse!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 1:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Thanks, Meghan. Happy Memorial Day. I hope you get the day off.
  Thu. 5/24/18 2:00pm goyim in the am:

I know! But he clearly went to a pop vocal teacher, and suddenly it was all inappropriate melismas and grace notes. He sounded like a 90s Amtrak commercial.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:00pm Meghan:

ha, Ken your avatar is going to the music nicely....
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:01pm northguineahills:

Checkpoint 303, I might have heard of them???? (I likey!)
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:01pm dutchtheo:

Yes of course i'm going to these golden oldies also with Konono nr 1 and Omar Suleyman mmm
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:02pm βrian:

Melisma sounds like a skin condition.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:02pm Meghan:

oh man.... dutchtheo, now you are just making me super jealous! hahaha
  Thu. 5/24/18 2:03pm elwyn:

i should go to bed. goodnight everyone!
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:03pm northguineahills:

Thanks Meghan!
  Thu. 5/24/18 2:03pm goyim in the am:

It sounded like a skin condition, too: https://youtu.be/OS13ZiwPSR8
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:05pm βrian:

Je te remercie, Meghan. À la prochaine.
Avatar Thu. 5/24/18 2:08pm dutchtheo:

That was short but sweet, thanks!
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