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Polkatively Yours...

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Options April 9, 2018: The Great Polka Dotted Beetle Infestation

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Artist Track Approx. start time
SWIVS  Stashu's Theme   Options  
Dick Pilar  Beatle Polka   Options 0:05:47 ()
Mala  Come Together   Options 0:06:11 ()
The Beatles  All Together Now   Options 0:07:42 ()
Polka Dan's Beetbox Band  Hoop Dee Doo   Options 0:14:03 ()
Li'l Wally   Answer To Johnnie's Knockin   Options 0:20:37 ()
Polka Beatles  huam noch Sankt Andrä   Options 0:23:51 ()
Happy Louie and His Polka Band  E String Polka   Options 0:29:23 ()
The Beatles  Yellow Submarine   Options 0:32:51 ()
Pat N' Pam  Superman   Options 0:36:52 ()
Punkreas  Aca'toro   Options 0:40:46 ()
Spinakery  Na Mazury   Options 0:44:16 ()
The Rutles  Ouch!   Options 0:49:42 ()
De Four Tak  Bye Bye, Tot Ziens   Options 0:55:04 ()
Helma & Selma  Valderie Valdera   Options 0:58:43 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:00pm J J F:

Good evening.. Stashu and all...
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:01pm CHESTER:

Caluski od TATY !!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:03pm OfficerDowney:

hello. i like the background colors.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:03pm northguineahills:

My wife used to hate the Beatles (when she moved in w/ me, I got to my Beatles section, and it was about I listened to for the month).
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:03pm dale:

my wifes uncle was in a group called the polka dots in dunkirk ny.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:04pm Richard S:

Polka time! Hooray!!!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:04pm Mister Records:

I'm digging this rainbow deal, it reminds me of Easter eggs
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:05pm DC:

Let's ringo!
  Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:06pm yippie:

shellac records are made out of lac bugs
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:06pm coelacanth∅:

imagine if "yeah yeah yeah" and "i want to hold your hand" was all you knew about the beatles.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:06pm dale:

secretions of the lac bug - secretions.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:07pm CHESTER:

U nas ZIMA a u Ciebie ?????
  Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:07pm yippie:

even walt solek made a great LP called hey jude has beatles songs
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:07pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

I fear this beautiful beatles/polka fusion idea might prove to be sensorily overwhelming..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:07pm OfficerDowney:

great cover
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:07pm dale:

it should be 'oh, da da da' and 'i wanna hold your beer'
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:07pm Stashu:

Bardzo zimno Tato!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:08pm coelacanth∅:

ngh i used to work with 3 guys fro mexico (2 were cousins to each-other) who insisted they'd never heard of the beatles 'till i mentioned them. i still don't know if i should believe them.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:08pm LastWhiteRhino:

Hi Stashu and gang,
Has anyone ever heard the "Was you ever in Cinncinati?" polka by Freddie "Schnickelfirtz" Fisher and his Orchestra?????
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:08pm Gaylord Fields:

Stashu, I'm considered WFMU's biggest Beatles fan, but after hearing that Dick Pilar record, I'm convinced they stink now. So now with your conversion, the numbers are even again.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:08pm JakeGould:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:09pm DC:

@hidingintrumpsamerica, let your ears gently rise to the weird goodness
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:09pm melinda:

I love All Together Now.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:09pm coelacanth∅:

hahaha!this is great!
  Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:10pm yippie:

thanks so much for making such a happy show every week
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:10pm northguineahills:

@coel: I think she originally hated them b/c her father used to play them all the time. Now that I don't play them continuously, she's ok w/ them.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:10pm J J F:

All together now.. ready set post!!!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:10pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Hi Stashu! Growing up I danced around the house w/my mom & Polish cousins to two types of music: Polka & The Beatles.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:11pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

@ Gaylord Fields: why did the beatles break up?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:12pm northguineahills:

@coel: I saw many Beatles records (en espanol y ingles) when crate digging in Mexico.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:12pm JakeGould:

The Beatles broke up Fluxus.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:12pm Michael Bova:

This is one great Beatles cover , another is the bangles doing good day sunshine
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:13pm Gaylord Fields:

@hidingintrumpsamerica: Ringo told a funny joke?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:13pm DC:

If we hear a polka rocky raccoon, I'll do a selfless good deed tomorrow
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hey, I think I've seen a picture of that car! www.flickriver.com...
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:14pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

pokój i miłość
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:14pm dale:

taking my listening holes offline - keep the lads from gdansk singing please.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:14pm coelacanth∅:

i went out with a woman who claimed to HATE the beatles and provided me with several mixtapes that would convince me they never had an original idea. i guess it's quite fashionable in some circles.
anyway the more i learn (and i've always been a beatles trivia freak) the more i'm convinced they were influenced, as everyone is; and had MANY innovative ideas...as i originally thought.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:14pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

eh..I was kinda just rorschaching ya..
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:16pm P-90:

Hoopski doo?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:16pm OfficerDowney:

Beetbox i like it!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:16pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

@p-90 hoopski dupa
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:17pm coelacanth∅:

ngh yeah i think those guys were pulling my leg!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:17pm OfficerDowney:

i cannot draw because i am too busy dancing! Hoop Dee Doo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:17pm Gaylord Fields:

@coelacanth∅: derivative =/= bad. Every good artist steals, the best steal from good sources and mix them with original ideas. The Beatles were extraordinarily good at synthesizing influences.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:19pm Michael Bova:

Stashu that is not really the Beatles doing all together now , what you are playing is imitation
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:21pm Stashu:

It'll do.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:22pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

L’il Wally is a GIANT of polka!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:22pm JC:

haha, you rule... Beatles rule! Glad you've come around.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:23pm Robert Tables:

I love these vocals in between verses
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:23pm coelacanth∅:

Gaylord - yes. somebody once said of David Bowie (something like) "unimaginative artists may sound like somebody else; imaginative ones may sound like many others"
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:23pm 666Unicorndeath:

Dancing.... Dancing.... Dancing... the nite away!!!! whos commin with me
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:23pm coelacanth∅:

...actually i'm really butchering that quote! but you get the idea.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:24pm P-90:

Johnnski knockin'?
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:25pm Michael Bova:

And I thought silence was golden , guess I will have to tear up my library card
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:27pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

without wfmu on in the background, we are basically face to face with our mortality..
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:28pm MONEYBAG$:

STASHU who was your favorite yellow submarine character????????????????????
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:29pm andrewb:

i saw yellow submarine's original release when i was 5. When i left the theatre i said it was the best movie i'd ever seen. never had that impulse since so i figure that makes it the best movie ever.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:29pm wendi c:

Hi ❤️
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:29pm Gaylord Fields:

@MONEYBAG$: It's gotta be the Snapping Turtle Turk, right?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:30pm Stashu:

My fave is Nowhere Man- Jeremy!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:31pm Richard S:

Is there a G string polka?
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:31pm Michael Bova:

I've got a hole in me pocket
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:31pm Stashu:

Hi Wendi and hi Gaylord and Kathleen! And hi Dad and hello to everyone who reads this.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:31pm andrewb:

Best yellow submarine character= flying glove
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:31pm Michael Bova:

Well half a hole anyway , I gave the rest to Jeremy
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:32pm coelacanth∅:

i also thought yellow submarine was the best movie ever when i was little. i never say anything is the best ever anything as an adult; so i guess it still stands.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:32pm andrewb:

or the sub itself
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:32pm coelacanth∅:

aww poor nowhere man.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:32pm Michael Bova:

Jeremy ? Hillary ? Boob ?
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:32pm MONEYBAG$:

I wonder what the Glove is doing these days
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:33pm JakeGould:

Hey Stashu! What about a polka version of “Flashdance?” The protagonist could be working all day at a pierogi factory… But at night, she dreams of polka dancing.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:34pm OfficerDowney:

gee wiz, i liked hoop dee doo
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:35pm Michael Bova:

Stashu you should hear Jeremy sing Lucy in the sky , it was not put in the movie , he sings different lyrics ... Picture yourself a nuclear technician ....
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:35pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

..I feel like Ringo got a disproportionately large share of nautical-themed beatles songs for how few were his..
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:35pm CHESTER:

Muzyka mojej mlodosci !!!!!BEATLES !!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I like the one where they go "Hey, dude!"
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:37pm MONEYBAG$:

Now you have to watch the Sgt. Pepper movie
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:37pm GListener MW:

I am enjoying these so-called “Bee-ay tulls”.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:37pm Richard S:

If only it had been archived. The 9/11/2001 "Greasy Kid Stuff" show started with FIVE versions of "Yellow Submarine" - NOT INCLUDING the original!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:37pm J J F:

’Dingbus’ to ‘Yellow Submarine’ go Stashu
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:37pm Sam:

Please tell me one of the beatles didn't just die
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:38pm lawrence:

DJ stashu! You are the best! Such a great sense of humor.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:38pm Michael Bova:

The sgt pepper is all cover , no Beatle in sight
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:38pm Gaylord Fields:

Stashu, who is your favorite Beatle: Jan Leninski, Paweł Macartszyk, Jerzy Hariwicz or Ringo Sturr?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:39pm JakeGould:

Paweł is dead.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:39pm Michael Bova:

Gaylord lmao
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@Gaylord - Do you remember Jan's wife's name? I don't remember just now.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:41pm Sam:

Did you guys know "The Life of Brian" was financed by George Harrison? It wouldn't have been made if he hadn't come through with the financing. He really wanted to see the movie get made.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:41pm Michael Bova:

I feel like I'm on a shuttle to the moon or for a moment I did
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:42pm Stashu:

  Mon. 4/9/18 8:44pm Michael Bova:

The Rutles ... Stashu if you like the Beatles you will like the RUTLES even more
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:44pm J J F:

Is there Anime polka themed show in offing?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:44pm coelacanth∅:

there's a sgt.pepper movie?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:44pm JakeGould:

Sailor Księżyc
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:45pm hidingintrumpsamerica:

life of brian and rutles both suffer from too-literal-ism..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:45pm Richard S:

JJF, needless to say, Weird Al has an Anime Polka!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:46pm Michael Bova:

Sgt pepper movie is bee gees , Peter frampton , and others , it's a movie that goes nowhere filled with Beatles covers , only good thing is George burns
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:46pm v-dawg:

Aca' Toro! Feeling political or are you just in the mood for Punkreas, Stashu?
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:46pm JC:

You have the best background of all WFMU Dj's playlists, and for this, I trust you.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:47pm CHESTER:

MYSZKA!!! Slodkich snow kochanej CORECZCE zyczy TATA !!!
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:47pm JakeGould:

My dad—who was an old dad—liked the Beatles, but couldn’t stand that “Sgt. Pepper” movie. I was 10 years old and bored.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:48pm coelacanth∅:

ohhh, Thank you Michael B i remember now. when it came out i probably said "ugh" too!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:49pm Gaylord Fields:

@Stashu: I'll take the job — that means I get 20% of all pierogies off the top!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

That Sgt. Pepper movie sounds like just the thing for a Monty Hall event.
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:50pm Michael Bova:

I sat through on the I think it was NBC premiere , when it ended I said why did I waste 2 hours of my life ?
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:50pm JC:

You got the free spirit of free form. keep it real
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:51pm Michael Bova:

Yes the Rutles
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:51pm JakeGould:

@Ken: It would have to be some interactive film.

And oh shit! I just accidentally launched iTunes and it instantly played… “Encore” off of the “Grey Album.” Ohhhh yeah!
  Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:51pm yippie:

wfmu outlives the beatles big time
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:51pm Sam:

I hope there will be a performance of Muppet Christ superstar at Monty hall.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:52pm Stashu:

  Mon. 4/9/18 8:53pm Michael Bova:

I made tapes of Rutles songs and removed the vocals and would sing them at a karaoke bar
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:53pm Sam:

Mint chocolate chip!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:54pm DC:

DJ Stashu, don't worry, people are listening to the archives in the future, beyond 7 minutes from now
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:54pm kev:

hey Stashu,listen to the Help album, supper dupper
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:55pm Michael Bova:

Next week for the whole hour Stashu sings for the whole hour
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:56pm Richard S:

It doesn't end - as long as there are Archives!!!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:56pm Sam:

Will Dave Hill sing for three hours?
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:57pm philospider:

this is amazing
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Does there exist a "Never Ending Polka"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:57pm DC:

We are in the early stages of time travel, and we are sending the beatles forward haha
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:57pm Stashu:

Our chives!
  Mon. 4/9/18 8:57pm Robert Tables:

  Mon. 4/9/18 8:57pm Sam:

Ken from Hyde Park - I think they're still composing it. It takes a long time to compose a neverending song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:58pm Gaylord Fields:

@Stashu: 20% of our chives is my chives. For the pierogi.
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:58pm Cliff back in the U.S.S.A.:

If you play The Beatles and The Rutles back-to-back would they explode like antimatter and matter?
Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 8:58pm coelacanth∅:

(you lost me on titanic. can i trust your judgement now?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:59pm listener 126464:

Thanks DJ!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:59pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Now I want to get to work on a polka version of The Wizard of Oz movie. Mayuko was talking about The Wiz the other day.
  Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:59pm yippie:

  Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 8:59pm yippie:

  Mon. 4/9/18 8:59pm Sam:

Is there a polka version of Angelwitch?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 4/9/18 9:00pm Richard S:

Avatar Mon. 4/9/18 9:00pm coelacanth∅:

Thanks Stashu!
Avatar Tue. 4/10/18 10:32pm vinylmonkee:

I would star The Rutles twice if I could. Thanks!
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