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Polkatively Yours...

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Options July 24, 2017: Polka Polka Polka Polka

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Swivs  Stashu's Theme   Options 0:00:00 ()
Da Yoopers  Free Beer   Options 0:02:58 ()
Jan Lewan Orchestra  Pierogi Baby   Options 0:04:52 ()
Pedro and his Amigos  No Llores Corazon   Options 0:12:32 ()
Louie Bashell  My Darling Ann Waltz   Options 0:15:01 ()
Bill Mure  Hawaain War Chant   Options 0:19:28 ()
Pete Seeger  Birthday Polka   Options 0:22:58 ()
Will Glahe  Litchensteiner Polka   Options 0:24:32 ()
Walt Jaworski  Mountaineer Polka   Options 0:26:44 ()
Frank Gubala  Cyganeczka Waltz   Options 0:34:24 ()
Chong Park  Cat's Waltz   Options 0:36:43 ()
Clyde McCoy  Tear It Down   Options 0:42:01 ()
The Happy Organ  Circle Waltz   Options 0:44:41 ()
Gary Kent  Whilaway Waltz   Options 0:48:06 ()
Arthur Lyman  Gudalajara   Options 0:54:08 ()
The Fairport Ensemble  Grape Festival Waltz   Options 0:59:26 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:02pm Richard S:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:02pm chris:

free beer! wooohooooo!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:02pm glenn:

so, polka?
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:03pm Justin from Parsippany:

Every Friday, my company buys beer for us, and boy is that the best beer I have all week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:03pm chris:

i'm enjoying some right now, in fact. damn, life is good.
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:03pm queems:

my "i <3 polka shirt" is in the dryer right now
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:04pm Magda:

Free Beer is the best beer.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:04pm Richard S:

He's right. The best beer in the world is the one someone else paid for. Because when they think enough of you to buy you a beer, that bond of friendship and honor is far more important than the quality of the brew....
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:04pm PsychopathJimFields:

Free Beer!!!!!!!!!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:04pm Magda:

This is getting me pumped for my run.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:05pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Pierogi Baby is the best baby!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:05pm PsychopathJimFields:

Hello Stashuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:05pm Magda:

This is not your Bill Shibilsky Polka Hour.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:06pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

I hafta eat dinner before this show....I'm craving sauerkraut pierogi now
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:06pm Richard S:

This is BETTER, Magda!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:07pm Stashu:

Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:07pm Magda:

Way better Richard S.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:07pm chris:

i would happily pay for a pierogi to go with my free beer, if there were a place to get one close by
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:08pm PsychopathJimFields:

Jeszcze raz!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:08pm JakeGould:

Wait… That was an official “Mrs. T” pierogi song?!?!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:08pm Richard S:

Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:08pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

You need to stop this foolishness.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:09pm Stashu:

No waaaaaaaaaaay man
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:09pm Magda:

Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:09pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Pierogi Baby.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:10pm Shulgi:

Yeah homemade Perugia do mean love
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:10pm JakeGould:

It takes boiling water to make Mrs. T’s pierogis. This fella should raise the bar a bit… Like a plate blintzes. Homemade!
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:10pm Jeff formerly from Rahway:

Wait....this song is about Mrs. T's Pierogi? I guess that's better than no pierogi but everyone knows that Babci makes the best pierogi. Mrs. T is just meh.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:10pm Stashu:

Yes sir Yes Mam
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:10pm Magda:

  Mon. 7/24/17 8:10pm Shulgi:

Piroshki babi
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:11pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

The horn players are like slaves.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:11pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Pierogi with fried onions! And sour cream! And salt and pepper!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:11pm Fuzzy:

She can rock me with gnocchi!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:11pm JakeGould:

Mrs. T is fine, but don’t pretend dropping those into boiling water means love. No disrespect.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:11pm ADam:

where can I find this Pierogi Baby track online?
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:11pm Magda:

All right folks. out for my run. Keep the good times going this is getting me pumped for my run.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:12pm PsychopathJimFields:

  Mon. 7/24/17 8:12pm Shulgi:

You gotta roll out that dough like a giant blunt
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:12pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

You're a potato.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:12pm Shulgi:

If music be the food of love, polka on baby
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:13pm JakeGould:

What a cover! www.discogs.com...
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:13pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

There's no chance for a Stereolab request tonight, right? It's kinda like polka.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:14pm Adam:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 7/24/17 8:14pm Parq:

Pierogi Baby was great. I'm going to a Polish wedding at the end of the week, so you're getting me in just the right mood.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:15pm Justin from Parsippany:

@magda if you care to pay 99 cents for it, it's on iTunes and I have to imagine it's also on streaming platforms as well.
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:16pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

I'm serious about the following: Is there a Lech Wałęsa / Free Nelson Mandela-like song from the era? I know Lech was never treated as such, but maybe something. #specials
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:17pm JakeGould:

I really love this “Darling Ann” song. Louie Bashell is a better suitor than someone who boils discount pierogies.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:17pm Mike tp:

stereolabski maybe!!!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:17pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Vacation Jason!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:18pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Skloebski - Ectoplasm Miu Justinin
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:19pm DAME-O':

OMG ! I Don't have to wait till Sunday to listen to Polka ! This is awesome
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:23pm Cat:

Sometimes people's birthdays need to be calculated on many different calendars meow
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:23pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

This Machine Kills Fascists!
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:24pm Cat:

This machine kills zombies
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:26pm JakeGould:

“This Machine Cleans Toilets”
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:28pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

The thing about polka is that, when I fell asleep as it played it, then woke up, I've felt as though I'd never slept. Because it was at the same spot as when I went to sleep.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:29pm JakeGould:

Oh… Polish Rednecks!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:30pm queems:

these musical polish people sound way more whimsical than the ones i know
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:31pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Then play Stereolab...
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:32pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Ann Waltz killed him the next night in his sleep.
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:32pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

That's a yLT song.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:34pm Stashu:

Raaaaaaaaaaaa raaaa
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:34pm Cheri Pi:

Yooper of Polish descent checking in!!!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:36pm Tome:

Twoje zdrowie!
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:36pm Larry:

Polka! Pierogies! Beer! Life is good!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:36pm Cheri Pi:

I just visited the Yoopers' Da Tourist Trap in Ishpeming.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:38pm PsychopathJimFields:

Hey Greg!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:38pm JakeGould:

Do cats know of polkas?
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:39pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Stashu please drink water.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:40pm PsychopathJimFields:

Hi, Pi!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:40pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

If you guys played some heavy King Tubby DUB right now you'd bump your base.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:41pm JakeGould:

“This must be where pies go when they die!” WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!?! youtu.be...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:42pm Cheri Pi:

  Mon. 7/24/17 8:42pm P-90:

Finally! The Jazz I've been waiting for all these months! Uh, wait....
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:43pm Richard S:

A mile of pie, er pi....
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:44pm Stashu:

It wasn't really jazz sorry! Not sorry. Wait. I'm sorry.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:44pm P-90:

"Jazzy Polka" or "Polky Jazz"? Another damn Stashu paradox!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:45pm Ken From Hyde Park:

The "I'm Sorry Polka"!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:46pm Jeff:

Is that the tweetie-bird stop we're hearing from The Happy Organ?
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:46pm Larry:

I would translate No Llores Corazon as Don't Cry, Darling. Corazon is a frequent term of endearment in Spanish, like honey or baby. The verb to cry, llorar, is in the imperative mood here so someone is being told to do something.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:47pm JakeGould:

Is there a disco polka?
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:48pm Stashu:

There is a disco Polka
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:48pm Richard S:

Several, actually
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:49pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

I'm just going to listen after Larry's comment.
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:49pm JakeGould:

Well, it’s past 8:00pm so it is too late to disco polka. But maybe if you get a 5:00pm fill-in?
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:49pm glenn:

i want somebody to redo convoy as a polka.
  Mon. 7/24/17 8:51pm P-90:

"Polk-voy"! Hells yeah!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:53pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

Great show guys!
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:54pm PsychopathJimFields:

Dobranoc, przyjacielu!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:55pm Jeff:

Again! Again!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:56pm Drunken Creep:

Another great show! Was listening on the road, and pulled over by the doggone polka police! They're cracking down more and more out there!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 7/24/17 8:57pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Oh, man! The Polka Patrol strikes again!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:57pm Drunken Creep:

Polka police might actually help Stashu out of ego jail
Avatar    Mon. 7/24/17 8:58pm Richard S:

Same Polka Time, Same Polka URL!!!
Avatar Mon. 7/24/17 8:58pm MayorFrank Rizzo:

  Mon. 7/24/17 8:59pm P-90:

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