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Playlist for 26 October 2016 Options | Singles Going Steady: With No Playlist Due to a Web Outage

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Donovan  Hurdy Gurdy Man 45 at 33   Options  

Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 7:57am AnAnonymousParty:

Hello? Is there anyone home? The door was unlocked so I let myself in. I'll make some coffee.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 10/26/16 8:23am cory:

weird, i can't sign in
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 8:24am Ken:

Wow AAP, you got in! Despite an East-Coast wide internet shutdown.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 10/26/16 8:28am cory:

  Wed. 10/26/16 8:36am FửFử (:

Psst! WFMU staff!

Can you read me? Please help me find the Mariah Carey's Vision of Love 7inch single. We need to hide it. Kommissar Ken migth want to play it today!
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 8:36am AnAnonymousParty:

I guess there's advantages to living in the midwest?
  Wed. 10/26/16 8:37am FửFử (:

Are the hackers shuting down the internet today as well?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 10/26/16 8:37am Aaron in Minneapolis:

1. Got your message, and no one named Katie from KFAI Punked me 2. Can you play Strokin by Clarence Carter? It seems to be a Singles Going Steady tradition with your show, as long as Little Effing Annie, so gotta keep the traditions alive!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 8:38am Ken From Hyde Park:

Coffee, eh? Where do I pledge the cream and sugar?
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 8:46am AnAnonymousParty:

I wrote the IP address for WFMU on my hand just in case.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 8:55am Ken:

Its not a DNS issue AAP, I dont think...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 8:57am Ken From Hyde Park:

Well, I hope they didn't take out Paypal again because you guys just got that working.
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:06am AnAnonymousParty:

Dunno. This says if you believe it, Norway is getting ddos'd by China and, apparently, the ISS?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:07am Guido from Cologne:

You played to much Khlam and Pusy Riot!
Putin ordered to hack WFMU!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:10am bobdoesthings:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:18am pantz:

Robert Tilton is the Devil
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:19am Mark S:

ooh vinyl
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:23am Uncle Michael:

Am I in? Is this real? Is this heaven?
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:25am FửFử (:

Internet please!

I'm a web surfer and I'm fed up of the slowdown. Internet please!!!
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:25am #4:

The Tilton TILT !!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:30am Ken:

How come there are so many comments and I cant even post a single song??!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:31am pantz:

Post them in this here shout box, Ken.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:31am redkayak:

Loud and clear in the Midwest
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:31am Polyus:

Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:32am Mark S:

maybe you need to reboot
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:32am Morphe:

Thanks to students downloading pirate proxy(i)es, I can circumvent the DOE Blockade of anything starting with "W." I can always get KALX because the SUITS have not realized that other places have other prefixes....
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 10/26/16 9:32am coelacanth:

my internet seems to be running at 33-1/3.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:32am Ken From Hyde Park:

Check the calendar. It must be Wacky Wednesday.
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:33am JakeGould:

Hello Ken. I heard hackers took down AltaVista, Facebook and GeoCities.
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:44am Brendan:

The hackers just want us to reacquaint with our pre-Internet minds. I can only imagine what that was like. The old ones speak in solemn,hushed tones of a time far back...
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:45am melinda:

Oblivious, yay
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:50am FửFử (:

A singles going steady show is incomplete without the one, the only, the great...

CL Campbell - Hey Mayor Daley Man!
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:50am hecanjog:

Sending a message in a bottle from the midwest. Get well soon, internet.
Avatar    Wed. 10/26/16 9:50am Sem Chumbo:

Yo, Ken, and Kens and Barbies.
Goddamn I miss Skipper.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:50am pantz:

GeoCities is down?! Better check on my Limp Bizkit fan page.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 10/26/16 9:50am Goyim in the AM:

This is not a joke question: does WFMU have a contingency plan for middle-term or longer Internet failure? Shortwave or something?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:51am Ken From Hyde Park:

When the internets come back, I hope there will be pictures of the hand-drawn GIFs currently on the DJ table. I assume the animated GIFs are in the form of flip-books.
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:51am Sam:

This purple people essen is most willkommen!
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:51am SueAdynamo:

the most evil-sounding children's song i have heard
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:51am AnAnonymousParty:

I can't get to any Myspace pages.
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:52am foofs:

This creature is buying chocolate ice cream, not eating people.
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:52am Brendan:

Herr Ken, wunderbar!
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:52am jan:

receiving show on sonos. and was able to see website.
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:52am Jeffy Jazz:

Ugh! I missed the ID. What was the tune right before Aztec Camera? Will the playlist be posted later?
Avatar    Wed. 10/26/16 9:53am Sem Chumbo:

...tap.tap, tap....this thing on?
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:53am hecanjog:

Good luck, internet! Come back soon.
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:54am Brendan:

Herr Ken ist wunderbar!
Avatar    Wed. 10/26/16 9:54am Bronwyn Bishop:

Morning Ken and everyone
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:54am FửFử (:

Antidote songs please!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 9:55am -Ken:

Yes, I will post the playlist later - I'd post it here but I cant even get a comment in most of the time - before Aztec Camera was The Nelories and "banana"
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 9:57am Mark S:

testing testing 1,2,3
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:57am danimal:

Waazzmo nariz
  Wed. 10/26/16 9:58am Jeffy Jazz:

Thanks, Ken! And good luck with the technology for the rest of the show!
  Wed. 10/26/16 10:00am FửFử (:

Goyim in the AM,

The contigency plan is to post the lyrics and sheet music of the songs to listener's address via mail. I believe that's how WFMU used to do it before the advent of the Internet.
  Wed. 10/26/16 10:11am FửFử (:


Hopefully this shout will arrive just in time Ken plays Khlam
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 10:23am (Murakami Whywolf))):

I heard Ken say that he and Andy would 'rape' our costumes. Honestly.
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 10:29am Mark S:

testes, testes, 1,2.... 3?
  Wed. 10/26/16 10:30am lucy:

Mr Magoo!
  Wed. 10/26/16 10:31am Brendan:

This Is almost as bad as that time there was no toilet paper. Almost.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 10:34am frozen_peas:

FuFu, you're slaying me.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 10:35am pantz:

Kipper Kids?
  Wed. 10/26/16 10:35am Toilet paper:

Greetings I was in the closet all along
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 10:35am Mark S:

Just you I think
  Wed. 10/26/16 10:36am Fredericks:

Playing fine in New Port Richey!
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 10:38am Henry:

juice is flowing over here
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 10:51am Stevel:

Best song ever about immolation in lava.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:03am Polyus:

I bought this 7" so I can play along at home.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 11:04am (Murakami Whywolf))):

'Young people are aware of the broken system.'

I've long thought some American consetvatives had a bad case of '60s Envy. There are people who consider being publicly and proudly racist, sexist, xenophobic, and cruel to the poor and weak their form of 'coming out',and contempt for anybody who thinks those are evils and says so is the oh-so-powerful Man they're bravely standing-up-to.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:04am Listener142985:

Those sisters had big butts before big butts were big.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 11:05am Ken From Hyde Park:

Yay, troglodytes!
Avatar    Wed. 10/26/16 11:05am Sem Chumbo:

Excellent Sock it to you, Daddy.
Suck it, free form detractors.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:06am Cecile:

Avatar    Wed. 10/26/16 11:09am Sem Chumbo:

Feets Don't Fail Me Now.. You could say anything in the 70s.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:21am JakeGould:

Such good jokes.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:30am Ike:

Test test
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:37am ?:

this sucks
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 11:39am Jeff:

Hello, is this on?
     Wed. 10/26/16 11:42am Listener Robert:

When you said Eddie Murray was coming, I thought, Billy Murray? No. Eddie Lawrence? No. Billy Lawrence?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 11:43am pantz:

This sounds like Unknown Hinson. No?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 10/26/16 11:43am Michael 98145:

okay downstream on the left coast ...
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:44am Marie:

Wow, a love song based around Jimmy Hoffa. Wow
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 10/26/16 11:44am Rebecca Lewis:

Looks like the internet is fixed for now.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:46am FửFử (:

I saw Jimmy Hoffa the day he disappeared! I came across him on his way to the world of the dead because the day he went missing I was born.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:46am Marie:

What's next, a children's song based around the King assassination?
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 11:48am

ooh, this is alive. i saw Will Rigby sing "psycho" and at end, said "leon payne said no one could record this song while he was alive". true?
     Wed. 10/26/16 11:49am nodice:

Looks like packet loss is occurring when you get to Amazon's nodes...
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 11:49am Asheville Jon:

it's back!
Avatar Wed. 10/26/16 11:51am Asheville Jon:

love it when Ken gets the 'twang thing going on his show!
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:51am ?:

wtf with this show
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:52am Marie:

@Asheville John: Yeah, it is automatically funny.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:52am FửFử (:


You have 9 minutes to post all today's GIFs, playlist and make some comments in here before Duane Train comes.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:53am FửFử (:

Strict Scandinavian rules.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:57am Cecile:

Do it.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:58am Marie:

Did you piss off ASSange?
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:58am Cecile:

Duane might have real train problem.
  Wed. 10/26/16 11:59am Brendan:

Can you don't need an excuse to play Patrick Swayze records! Go for it what's the worst that could happen
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