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Personal statement:

My Mississippi
---Doughbelly Stray

(ALL-CAPS==I have no idea, I wrote what it sounded like)
([]==very possibly might be this instead)
Except:[SPOKEN_A] and [SPOKEN_B] denote two varying recitatives at the ends of two versions of the piece.
Please send me corrections; if I agree with them, I'll include them, and regardless I'll thank you on this page.

(Apologies for rampant use of 'nigga[z]', and for spelling it that way, but I'd be too uncomfortable with the standard spelling, maybe something to do with my Dad coming from the Ghetto [but before the Germans closed the gates].)

My Mississippi ain't on no map
My Mississippi don't get no Gap
My Mississippi might show you love
But My Mississippi don't take no crap
Ain't no nigga with a platinum plastic came from off of these dusty streets
That don't mean no outside niggaz goin come 'round here and fuck with me
My young niggaz too buck [buff?] to be
In any your fake-ass videos
Cuz down south WARD WE [WHUPPY?] get the finest hos

Fifteen niggaz right on the front row
They got so krunk that they called the cops
C T A niggaz ain't no punk
Missisippi gangsta hard as rocks
Downtown thugs with the game unlocked
Ain't no mo' East/West Coast beef
My Mississippi niggaz run these streets
Fuck them white folks and they sheets

My Mississippi niggaz keep they heat
One damn monkey don't start no show
Best thing get your whole clique are here
Doughbelly Stray don' rap no mo?

My Mississippi niggaz goin keep it krunk
My Mississippi niggaz ain't got no punk
My Mississippi niggaz lead right up front
My Mississippi niggaz
My Mississippi niggaz

My Mississippi niggaz got the will
My Mississippi niggaz UP THE HILL ['buff them heel'?]
My Mississippi niggaz show no fear
My Mississippi niggaz
My Mississippi niggaz

I-crooky-letter don' get no better
Than a bunch of hillbilly niggaz in one place
Fried chicken wings on a paper plate
Box of blunts and a half a K [case?]

RAW head niggaz don' smoke no lace
The only thing that Doughbelly ride 'way
Is a '55 Chevy with the leather and the wood

My Mississippi goin' keep it real
My Mississippi ain't never been faked
My Mississippi goin' shout out loud
While standin' in a crowd of other states

My Mississippi don' playa-hate
My Mississippi goin' demonstrate
My Mississippi claim five percent
But we all goin' click if the shit ain't straight
Y'all with the niggaz ain't got no weight
Down here we move in pounds and keys
Y'all niggaz claim our smoke was no good
But all I see is sticks and seeds

Mississippi niggaz don' smoke brown weed
Snitch on niggaz from other cliques
Mississippi niggaz don' pay fo hos
Run with bows around they dick

All my niggaz they TRUTHIN' HERE
Represent for the dirty South
M-i-crooky-letters-i-crooky-letters-i-pp-i, bitch what it's all about


Yeah, bitch
Is my Mississippi
Doughbelly Stray keepin' it on lock down South
What's up, Alabama?
What's up, Atlanta?
Kentucky, we see you....
Uh huh...
North Carolina, South Carolina...
What's happening?
Yeah, bitch...
Tennessee, we keepin it krunk, baby
CALCUTTA [KAI CUTTER?] is my Mississippi
Uh huh...
Playin' that real shit for 2003

Doughbelly Stray, doin it down here in Mississippi BAY
IT'S my Mississippi
What's up Alabama?
What's up, Atlanta?
What's up Tennessee, we see you, baby?
Texas...what you doin over there?
ChiTown head DIE DOWN
G-Spot...Low Key


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