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I play music that is old and that is new. Some of it is digital while some is analog. It is from many different countries; sometimes it is loud and at other times it is quiet.

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Options August 6, 2016: White Light

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White Circle, Alexander Rodchenko, 1918

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Hanatarash ハナタラシ  God Noise God   Options 3  RRRecords  1989     
Esplendor Geometrico  Amor En Mauthaussen   Options Eg-1  Geometrik  2013  Original 1982  0:02:24 ()
Gagarin Kombinaatti  Reikäkorttia   Options 83-85  Puu  2016    0:05:32 ()
Dogon Funeral Orchestra  Dini Funeral (Finale)   Options Music of Mali  Folkways Records  1966    0:10:36 ()
RM  Unfit   Options Unfit  iDEAL Recordings  2016    0:14:04 ()
P.E.A.R.L  Vortex   Options 47 002  47  2015    0:18:08 ()
Shinichi Atobe  World 2   Options World  Dds  2016    0:24:08 ()
Aphex Twin  CHEETAHT7b   Options Cheetah EP  Warp  2016    0:30:03 ()
Tatyana Sat  Funeral lament   Options Tuva: Voices from the Center of Asia  Smithsonian Folkways  1990    0:36:41 ()
Fushitsusha 不失者  Angou 暗号   Options Fushitsusha 不失者  Victory  2016  Original 1989  0:38:16 ()
Ghédalia Tazartés  Part II.   Options Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil  Alga Marghen   2015  Original 1979  1:00:40 ()
Giuseppe Ielasi  Stunt Part 2   Options Stunt  Schoolmap  2008    1:17:20 ()
Terry Riley  Across the Lake of the Ancient Word   Options Shri Camel  CBS Masterworks  1980    1:22:18 ()
Funeral Party  Dream Of Embryo (サンドノイズにまける子等)   Options Dream Of Embryo 7"  Pafe Record  1986    1:30:04 ()
Daphne Oram  Pompie Ballet   Options Oramics  Paradigm  2007  Original 1971  1:36:53 ()
Toshi Ichiyanagi 一柳慧  Music For Living Space 生活空間のための音楽   Options Music for Tinguely ミュージック・フォー・ティンゲリー  Edition Omega Point  2007  Original 1969  1:40:43 ()
Gestalt  Mikrokosm   Options Le Sommeil Du Singe  Just In Distribution  1987    1:49:19 ()
Artificial Organs  Baby's Gone Away   Options Memento Mori  Domestica  2013  Original 1980  1:53:22 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:00pm listener james from westwood:

Good day, Mayuko and all! No doughnuts today, but I did have a mighty fine bagel.
Avatar Sat. 8/6/16 12:02pm Doug H Nuts:

Somebody call for me?
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:04pm fred:

Wow, what a great start! The title "White Light" reminds me of Ann Veronica Janssens. I love her work. Listener Lucas actually studied with her, I think that's awesome
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:08pm fred:

@james: I have ice cream thawing
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:08pm Mayuko:

No doughnuts!? NO!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:08pm listener james from westwood:

Ice cream works too!!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:09pm fred:

Does the new time slot mean Danne D lets you starve?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 8/6/16 12:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi, all. I spy a donut in the picture, if that counts.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:14pm Mayuko:

yeah, I used to be able to steal Danne's cookies which were meant for Dave Hill, but no longer have the access.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:16pm Mayuko:

ah, Ken, indeed it is a SHINING DONUT!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:16pm fred:

@Ken; I guess that pic could be a weirdly thin donut over a coffee mug, but it would be a sugar-deprived stretch
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:17pm listener james from westwood:

I'd say you could build a hidden cookie cache at the station, but Olive the dog might be adept at sniffing it out.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:20pm fred:

@james: no need to overthink it: bring the cookies with you, and something heavy if Daddy Garbage is on the other side of that door
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:21pm Mayuko:

fred, I just did a quick google image search on Ann Veronica Janssens, it must feel nice to be standing in her art. Will take more look after the show!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:22pm listener james from westwood:

I will be vigilant for wandering Matt Warwicks!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:22pm listener james from westwood:

This track is a good'un. Meshing with the caffeine.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:26pm fred:

@Mayuko: I first heard about her because of her work with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, who I worship (I saw her choreography work over 40 times, no sense denying the obvious)
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:27pm listener james from westwood:

Holy cow, nice segue to the Atobe. Click-starring this whole show to save me some time. :)
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:29pm fred:

Yeah, this show is definitely looking like yet another keeper
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:30pm Mayuko:

Thanks james! Wasn't too crazy/unique segue, but thought it worked!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:31pm Mayuko:

& thanks fred! for the Keersmaeker info too.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:38pm fred:

The tough part about Ann Veronica Janssens' work is that the conditions really have to be right. Light art is easily spoiled. But yeah, when right, there's magic to standing inside it. Though it also keeps you firmly outside, if that makes sense (probably not)
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:41pm fred:

Fushitsusha! AKA a bunch of dead-serious men in black from the East culture, did I get that right?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 8/6/16 12:42pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I get the sense that Fushitsusha is going to kick into "Black Sabbath" (the song) at any moment.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:43pm Mayuko:

Haha! Yes. I think one day I'll get scolded by all those people for saying silly things on the radio and broadcasting them worldwide.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:46pm fred:

I think Keiji Haino would be more of the withering stare school that the scolding one, but I get your drift
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:51pm fred:

@Ken; if Keiji Haino's records of covers are any indication, they might have been doing that
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:56pm listener james from westwood:

I'd be very nervous if the world stopped remembering what happened today.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:57pm listener james from westwood:

9 August, too.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 12:59pm listener james from westwood:

A friend of mine has 6 Aug as a birthday, actually. Also one w/ 9/11.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:08pm fred:

Ghédalia looks like a very cool guy. I never had a chance to talk to him though, he's always more interested in the women I hang out with. Can't blame him: they are way more interesting than I am
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:08pm Mayuko:

Having bday on 9.11 must be not too easy either! Maybe there's less public pressure in the US society though? In Japan, when it's some memrial day or when there's natural disaster, it tends to become the mood that "it's not the time to enjoy your life", and everybody has to be looking super serious. Not as extreme as during the war I suppose, but.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:14pm Mayuko:

I guess he's not the only one who gets distracted by women. Sometimes it seems like it's good just to listen to the music and never meet the musician. I'm pretty content enough with only music anyway...
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:14pm fred:

I you have only designated days when 'it's not the time to enjoy your life", that's a pretty healthy culture
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 8/6/16 1:16pm Uncle Michael:

Good afternoon.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:18pm Mayuko:

that's true fred, I guess it means it's much more peaceful and improved now than those days when that was the case for every day many years!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:19pm fred:

@Mayuko: I think he's interested in interesting people. I am too, but I'm not one of them. He knows that. I mainly hang out with women because I'm not comfortable around guys
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:19pm Mayuko:

Uncle Michael! Good afternoon!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 8/6/16 1:20pm melinda:

hi folks
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:20pm Mayuko:

welcome on board, melinda!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:31pm fred:

That Terry Riley track was really nice
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:33pm Mayuko:

Suehiro Maruo did this rad cover art for this Funeral Party 7" img.discogs.com... thought for a bit of using it for the playlist today but went with White light/circle/donut...
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:35pm Mayuko:

yeah, I thought that Terry Riley track was quite beautiful too. Tranquil.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:36pm fred:

@Mayuko: That reminds me a little of your radio zombie T-shirt. But of course who could resist a donut?
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:41pm listener james from westwood:

Glad to hear Oram!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:41pm Mayuko:

Yes. Donuts represent peace, dropping an eyeball does not.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:44pm fred:

Wow! this is amazing. Coincidentally, Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle designed the fountain above my (underground) workplace
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:48pm Mayuko:

This particular track was the music for an exhibition at 1970 World Expo in Osaka. Many young avant-garde artists joined it. Toshi used sounds of Tinguely's sculptures for his music, apparently.
  Sat. 8/6/16 1:51pm P-90:

Hello Mayuko and Vertigo Players.
Just wanted to say I like your show in the new time slot. It fits nicely here on Saturday at lunchtime. Or donut time. Or no-donut time, whatever.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:54pm Mayuko:

Hi P-90! Thanks for popping in! Noise music helps digestion in my opinion, I always get hungry whenever I go to a loud music show. It's appropriate to have my show on around lunch/donut time.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:55pm fred:

@P-90: No-donut time is donut-hole time is donut time. There's no escape
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:55pm Mayuko:

This is my last song today - the studio C is getting boiled - thank you all for listening!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 8/6/16 1:56pm melinda:

Nice last song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 8/6/16 1:56pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Donut delivery by drone sounds like a good business to start up.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:57pm fred:

Thanks so much Mayuko, this was a great show, as usual
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sat. 8/6/16 1:57pm Jason_:

& another thanks Mayuko; all sorts of interesting new (to me) sounds today.
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:58pm listener james from westwood:

Re: doughnuts and peace—There was a line in "Mars Attacks!" where one of the kids, while watching the head Martian's speech, says "He made the international sign of the doughnut."
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 1:59pm listener james from westwood:

Thanks a bunch, Mayuko!
  Sat. 8/6/16 2:02pm P-90:

Is Studio C not air-conditioned?!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 2:05pm Mayuko:

I thought of Donut delivery by drone for the cars in traffic jams too, Ken.

Thank you for stopping by to say hello, Jason_!

Studio C not air-conditioned unfortunately, P-90!! Therefore need to go get some ice cream!
Avatar    Sat. 8/6/16 2:05pm Mayuko:

Thanks again so much all for listening! See you next week.
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