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Polkatively Yours...

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Options March 5, 2016: Take Another Maraschino My Heart Now Baby

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Artist Track Year Approx. start time
MC Peligro  Mata de Vaina   Options    
Venetian Snares  Decembers   Options   0:11:33 ()
Xu Xu Fang  I Crave   Options   0:15:58 ()
Tropic Green  Golden Light   Options   0:20:45 ()
Viva Marvillas  King N'gom et Les Perles Noires   Options   0:23:26 ()
Creedence Clearwater Revival  Ooby Dooby   Options   0:29:06 ()
Dios  Una Vuelta de Tuerca   Options   0:30:56 ()
Adeusz  Soft Pink Truth   Options   0:34:37 ()
Nightriders  Electric Birds   Options   0:40:06 ()
Da Hool  Meet Her at The Love Parade   Options   0:45:55 ()
Party Animals  Good To Go   Options   0:49:23 ()
N.R.G.  I Need Your Love   Options   0:53:52 ()
Drinking Electricity  Break Out   Options   0:58:50 ()
Utah Saints  What Can You Do For Me   Options   1:07:29 ()
A little slice of Meatloaf      1:13:06 ()
Frank Sinatra  Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk   Options   1:16:37 ()
Joao Donato  Ara   Options   1:19:36 ()
Opus  Life is Life   Options 1984  1:22:15 ()
Grimes  Belly of the Beat   Options   1:26:11 ()
Opus III  It's A Fine Day   Options   1:30:25 ()
Daniel Bortz  Cuz You're The One   Options   1:38:53 ()
Venetian Snares  Goose And Gary v@   Options   1:40:59 ()
MC Peligro  La City   Options   1:43:53 ()
Dolly Parton  9 to 5   Options   1:45:58 ()
The Paris Sisters  Diet Rite   Options   1:48:27 ()
Gwenno  Fratolish Hiany Perpeshki   Options   1:52:03 ()
Daniel Gardner  Polokolipt   Options   1:55:53 ()
Amara Toure et le Star Band de Dakar  El Carretero   Options   2:10:33 ()
Ramon Guitierrez Torres  La Puerta Negra   Options   2:15:36 ()
Kenny Knight  Baby's Back   Options   2:19:14 ()
Owiny Sigoma Band  Luo Land   Options   2:21:13 ()
Group Inou  Heart   Options   2:25:54 ()
Venetian Snares  Health Card10   Options   2:32:01 ()
Music behind DJ:
    2:35:06 ()
Tones on Tail  Lions   Options   2:40:22 ()
Françoise Hardy  Ça a raté   Options   2:45:26 ()
Quilt  Seraching For   Options   2:47:20 ()
Xu Xu Fang  Dreamland   Options   2:50:21 ()
Les Sins  Grind   Options   2:55:37 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/3/16 5:12am neil:

stashu! thee choice ov thee new generation!<drink pepsi>
  Sat. 3/5/16 1:21am P-90:

Sado-Maraschinoism? This show gets kinkier all the time. Congrats!
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:06am P-90:

DJ Stashu likes to break the rules. She's the Quentin Maraschino of radio.
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 3:07am Stashu:

  Sat. 3/5/16 3:14am xrayman:

  Sat. 3/5/16 3:22am Larry:

If you're a fan of cherries in cocktails or even on a sundae, avoid those artificially colored and flavored counterfeits and check out Luxardo maraschinos, sour cherries marinated in real maraschino liqueur distilled in Italy from mascara cherries. So yummy! I was contemplating buying a six-pound can of Luxardo cherries online yesterday and six pounds didn't seem like too much
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:25am neil:

cherrio!<more sweet than salty>
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:27am neil:

also pepsi!<'merica>
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:32am xrayman:

that song sucked
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 3:32am Stashu:

  Sat. 3/5/16 3:33am xrayman:

this is better already
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 3:34am Stashu:

  Sat. 3/5/16 3:44am neil:

Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 3:46am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 3:48am Stashu:

Sour cherries!
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:48am Larry:

The "Switchboard Infinity" Tango!
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:50am neil:

who has sucky face?<lemons>
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 3:51am Stashu:

Sour cherries are THE BEST
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:55am neil:

wait what?<missed transition><me>
  Sat. 3/5/16 3:56am neil:

mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:00am neil:

run run run!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:01am tullius:

DJ Stashu's slightly sleepy slightly rusty startup voice after a long set is strangely super sexy..
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:02am neil:

i got this song on an ibiza mix.<got got got>
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:02am neil:

i got this song on an ibiza mix.<got got got>
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:03am neil:

i got this song on an ibiza mix.<got got got>
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:03am neil:

radio radio!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:03am tullius:

And this is good radio I'm listening to..
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:04am neil:

  Sat. 3/5/16 4:04am Larry:

Stone fruits distiiled! Slivovitz, it's like moonshine made from plums! It's a Balkan (and Eastern European) thing!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:04am Alejandroool:

2 more hours! Good thing I can come home from working the bar and turn on some 'FMU at 4am
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:05am Stashu:

Larry what you speak of is true and good!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:05am neil:

plum plum plum!
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:05am Stashu:

Alej Alej take the club home with you!
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:05am Stashu:

You're PLUM outta your mind
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:06am Alejandroool:

this would have gone well with the dj night that was. Larry - how much does SIX pounds of Luxardo cherries cost??
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:09am Alejandroool:

and what. is it. that you can do for the Utah Saints?
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:10am tullius:

Does anyone know anyone from Utah that's NOT a saint, either true or self-acclaimed?
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:12am neil:

i generally sleep on meatloaf.<warm & soft>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:13am Alejandroool:

haven't really met many people from Utah to begin with... Meatloaf Pillow?
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:15am Larry:

Prices vary online and retail; but a 6.6 can goes for about 120 dollars on Amazon. Totally worth it too!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:16am neil:

olde fashion foot walking!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:16am DL in LA:

This Sinatra is from a musical? It's hitting the spot.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:19am Alejandroool:

holy crow! that's some bougie cherry action! oo la la
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:21am Alejandroool:

Yes yes, we know, but WHEN is life?
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:21am neil:

very yes.<ish>
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:22am neil:

when is is?
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:23am neil:

is now or is always?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:23am Alejandroool:

now is Grimes!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:23am Larry:

Nice use of backbeat!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:23am Alejandroool:

always is music!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:24am neil:

ooh gotta blast! going to grimes in oakland!<me><look out california>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:25am Alejandroool:

For whatever reason I can't get into Grimes when I tried listening to the full album front to back - but in different context, a single track works a lot better for me
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:25am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:26am Alejandroool:

yes way
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:26am Ken From Hyde Park:

Live is just a bowl of cherries!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

  Sat. 3/5/16 4:27am neil:

albums are albums.<old school>not a collection ov tracks...
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:28am Stashu:

A bowl of live cherries!?!?!?!
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:28am neil:

  Sat. 3/5/16 4:29am neil:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:29am Alejandroool:

Live is Life
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:29am Jay/London:

just checking in ... morning all
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:30am neil:

listen to thee heartbeat.<chevy><'merica>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:32am Ken From Hyde Park:

They indeed had to use live cherries in 1931, since the concept of freeze-dried cherries had not yet been invented. I believe freeze-dried cherries accompanied the astronauts on Apollo 12 in 1969.
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:33am neil:

do people in england drive ridiculously large trucks? just wonderin?<jay>
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:34am Jay/London:

thought the big trucks were all over there neil ...
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:36am neil:

kinda have this image ov smaller euro cars. where as around here everyone drives big trucks. <its true> even if they never haul anything...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:36am Ken From Hyde Park:

That or freeze-dried coffee. I'm relying on my vague childhood memories for this information.
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:38am Jay/London:

that's just a bit mad neil
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:40am Jay/London:

some people drive very big SUV s to take kids to school here neil
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:41am neil:

not sure if im making a point. maybe on thee importance/impotence ov efficiency? not a size matters thing. we just have a lot ov trucks on nebraska...
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:44am neil:

<traffic>i really dont know where i was going with that...
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:46am neil:

sprite? <pepsi> right!
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 4:46am Jay/London:

never mind neil it's still very early over there coming uo to 10am here
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 4:47am Alejandroool:

this cherry in the background would fit well with its colour scheme if Crystal Pepsi ever had a cherry version
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:55am neil:

crystal<meth>pepsi!<kids don't doo><it will meth you up>
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:56am neil:

dew dew dew
  Sat. 3/5/16 4:59am neil:

  Sat. 3/5/16 5:02am neil:

yeah! commercials capitol cash!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 5:02am Alejandroool:

  Sat. 3/5/16 5:03am tullius:

The Words Committee is currently and officially: tired of words.
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:04am neil:

ye old board ov words. <guys with beards>
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 5:04am Goyim in the AM:

I would like to request that you not fulfill my request.
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:05am neil:

library=u=ies have librarians.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 5:05am Alejandroool:

Words Committee has become word-weary
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:06am neil:

you will b making requests next week...
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 5:07am Stashu:

Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 5:07am Stashu:

Nice try Goyim!
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 5:07am Stashu:

I refuse to read your comment or understand it. Trumped.
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:07am ?:

"Fratolish Hiany Perpeshki" is probably in Welsh.
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:08am tullius:

Hahaha! Neil wins for tonight..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 5:08am Alejandroool:

ooooooh this Carretero sounds great!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:09am neil:

pretty sure...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 5:14am Goyim in the AM:

I requested that you not read my comment! Ah ha! Am I lying? You'll have to read it to find out! Ah ha, ha ha, ha HA!!!!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:15am JimmyfromKearny:

Digging the Spanish stuff tonight/this morning. Thank you Stashu!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:15am tullius:

AY yai yai yai! the black door is superfluous
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:18am neil:

what are words for? when no one listens any more.<missing persons> <not a request> also nobody walks in l.a.<earlier><...>
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:20am Larry:

No, I was wrong! The singer Gwenno is Welsh, but that particular song is in a made-up science fiction language! And what happened to "Switchboard Infinity?"
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 5:21am Stashu:

Welsh yes
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 5:22am Stashu:

Switchboard Infinity will be back after THEE MARATHON!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:23am neil:

im part welsh...<welshish>my moms mom mom
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:25am neil:

no large trucks.<back then>
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:28am neil:

more cb radio music pleeze! <convoy><ect><music for mud flaps><!!!>
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:29am neil:

'merica loves mud flaps!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Sat. 3/5/16 5:33am Alejandroool:

have to fade now, Zzzz....... nite all thx stshu
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:33am neil:

yeee haaaaa!<neil's{me}lost mi mind>runitalltogetheryesyesyes!!!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:34am neil:

whose morning? more a celebration ov life!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:37am neil:

im not!<nihilism, life is meaningless><!!!><!!!>neil<ism>ooh tones!!!!!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:41am neil:

i member when go!<and twist> came out in 84'
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:42am neil:

clickity click click
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:46am BennettCap:

Hi there! I'm very late to the party.
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:49am neil:

side story for thee night...went out for a show tonite, saw an old friend<who i thought was mad @ me>& things were all good...then he asked me to follow him to his car,<so i did>& he gave me 5 pieces ov art made by a friend ov<ours> who had committed suicide a few years back. i was & still am quite overwhelmed...<emotional memories>
Avatar Sat. 3/5/16 5:50am Stashu:

I was just talking about something like that with a friend- it's always so sad and shocking and makes you realize you must enjoy each moment of YOUR life! Hi Bennett!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:52am neil:

things are not always as they seem!
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:55am neil:

but now im sorta worried about my friend who is giving away prized possessions.<when things become burdens><heavy>
  Sat. 3/5/16 5:58am neil:

mime-a-thon!!!<dj walking against thee wind>good night stashu!
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