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Three unstoppable hours of Dave playing face-melting hot rock jams, talking with extremely important guests, answering the telephone, and trying to figure out what all those knobs and buttons are for. A sincere effort to get the original members of Dokken back on speaking terms will also be made whenever possible.

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Options August 5, 2014: Dave returns from a magical getaway in Bloomington, Indiana to welcome Dick Cavett, David Johansen, and Big Gay Ice Cream's Doug Quint to the program. Also, there are hot jams and a dog in the studio, which is great for everybody.

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Kyuss  Thee Ole Boozeroony   Options ...And The Circus Leaves Town  0:00:00 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave welcomes you to the show 
The Kinks  Mindless Child of Motherhood   Options Kinks Kronikles  0:13:11 ()
Black Sabbath  Lord Of This World   Options Master of Reality  0:15:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Dave back announces and talks to Dick Cavett 
Rufus Wainwright  Jericho   Options Out of the Game   
Har Mar Superstar  Prisoner   Options Bye Bye 17   
Dave back announces and welcomes Doug from Big, Gay Ice Cream       
Brigitte Bardot  Moi je joue   Options Best of Bardot   
High on Fire  Slave the Hive   Options    
Music behind DJ:
Dave talks on the phone with David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter) 
Music behind DJ:
Dave talks with Doug from Big, Gay Ice Cream and his dog Buster 
New York Dolls  Subway Train   Options New York Dolls   
Chuck Moseley  Nameless   Options    
Graham Coxon  You & I   Options Love Travels at Illegal Speeds   
The Groundhogs  Cherry Red   Options Split   
Slade  Mama Weer All Crazee Now   Options Greatest Hits   
Music behind DJ:
Dave back announces like a mofo and bids you good night 

Listener comments!

  Tue. 8/5/14 9:02pm SeanG:

I'm ready for this.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:02pm P-90:

Ths show better be as good/better than last week's --or the trend will be "down"
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:04pm DaveHill:

  Tue. 8/5/14 9:07pm courtneynoir:

Bring on the Doll!!!
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:07pm ledzeppelinsucks:

there is no Standard Time in August
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:08pm boxscore:

just want to say what's up to mr dh and everybody else here before my face melting starts
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:10pm daveB from Oakland:

Hello Dave H, hello Hill people! Oh shit, Dave Johansen? Another great Dave!!!
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:10pm P-90:

"Homosexual dairy products" --one of those deceptively simple "wish I'd thought of that" ideas
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:10pm Danne D:

Hey Dave and Shaina :)
Hey Everyone :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:11pm fleep:

Transgender Chocolate Chip Cookies. You're welcome.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:12pm DaveHill:

Let's do this!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:12pm M.J:

Hi Dave, Danne D and everybody. This is the place to be on Tuesday night! YES!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:13pm cameron_michael:

Hey gang, good to see you all again.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:13pm daveB from Oakland:

Effin' Dave Davies!! #GreatDaves
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:13pm herb.nyc:

Dave said DICK? I scored a copy of Mr. Cavett's "Brief Encounters". I'm all agog (wait, that's a crossword puzzle word. Who uses words like that? Dick Cavett?)
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:14pm daveB from Oakland:

Hello, Canada Cameron!
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:15pm P-90:

@ Goddamn Dave: When you've got Cavett on the phone, ask him when he's gonna come out to Jersey City in person for a sit-down, instead of the usual phone-in chat
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:15pm SeanG:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:15pm JakeGould:

Thank elfin’ God you are playing some “Black Sabbath.” YES!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:16pm DaveHill:

I'm totally calling Dick Cavett right after this song!
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:18pm P-90:

@ Dave: Go for it! Lots of us been loyal Caveteers since before you were born, Son.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:18pm JakeGould:

So Dick Cavett’s Lord of this world?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:18pm DanH:

@Jake Gould, Are you calling Dick Cavett Satan?
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:19pm courtneynoir:

My Mum just called me asking how SHE can listen to Dick Cavett on "this Dave guy's" show tonight! (She reads Twitter)
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:20pm P-90:

Someone DID get in a LOT of trouble once for calling Satan "Dick Cavett"
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:21pm JakeGould:

@DanH You ever listen to “Mastert of Reality?” That album is quite religious. Shockingly so.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:22pm DanH:

@Jake Gould, Yeah, I have. It's one of my favorites, but that song is about Satan, so by calling Dick Cavett Lord of This World, you're calling him Satan.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:22pm MadameLuke:

Phew! Just in time sort of.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:22pm T90FANCY:

Good Evening, Hill People!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:23pm DaveHill:

Can you hear Dick okay?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:23pm Erma Gherd:

"I haven't been to the pastry counter" for Oreos, haha!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:23pm M.J:

Nothing better than a Dick Cavett and Dave Hill conversation!
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:23pm P-90:

Loud & Clear
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:24pm cameron_michael:

Sounds great, Dave.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:25pm Danne D:

Was on a call with one of my best friend's growing up's mom - what have I missed so far?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:25pm MadameLuke:

Oreos, Muhammed Ali, big gay phones...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:26pm MadameLuke:

the usual
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:26pm T90FANCY:

The homophone guy is a teacher.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:27pm herb.nyc:

Wow, neat "credit to his race" story. Can you ask him about the time a male guest on his show had his fly open? True story?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:27pm M.J:

I think they pretty much covered it Danne D
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:29pm Danne D:

I was gonna call with a question for Dick Cavett but then this call came in :)

Here's what my question would be:

Dick Cavett literally interviewed everyone from that era - and it was big and impactful b/c there was so few media outlets. Nowadays it seems like with so many more media outlets is this kind of thing even possible? It seems that oddly with the volume comes an overload where nothing stands out enough.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:29pm P-90:

And of course, someday you'll have to ask him about the guy whose fly was zipped, but actually passed a way during an interview...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:30pm Danne D:

Based on the trailer this Dick Cavett Watergate show should be like 20 hours instead of 1 hour.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:30pm T90FANCY:

Dick talked about the guy dying on Dave's podcast.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:31pm CHICO:

Really enjoying this conversation with Dick Cavett!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:31pm Danne D:

Truth - as a young boy (like 4 years old) I would tell my sister everything that happened on Watergate that day when she came home from school. I guess I kept the hearings on after big bird was on.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:31pm MadameLuke:

Danne D - I like the question and I think you're right. I've always said (in my best "Get Off My Lawn" voice) that the Beatles could never happen again. Same problem, plus we've lost our sense of wonder.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:31pm CHICO:

I can hear Mr. Cavett fine :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:32pm T90FANCY:

My first TV memories are the Watergate hearings.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:32pm Danne D:

(I don't remember this - my sister does - apparently I gave a great account of what the one attractive lady witness was wearing that day)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:32pm M.J:

I am about to turn 52 and I was a kid during Watergate. I remember it being on instead of the daytime game shows that we watched
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:32pm MadameLuke:

Today's coverage would be: 10 Reasons Watergate is Good for Your Marriage
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:33pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:33pm Danne D:

But Dave talking to Dick is magic. Though if he can ask my question I'd love it :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:34pm JakeGould:

Spiro Agnew!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:34pm JakeGould:

Spiro Agnew is a Homophone!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:34pm T90FANCY:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:38pm T90FANCY:

We could do worse than a dead guy.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:38pm Danne D:

And Dick Cavett ends up actually asking my own question for me.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:38pm Tea Party Joe:

  Tue. 8/5/14 9:39pm P-90:

...they didn't call him "Tricky Dick" for nothing (Nixon, not Cavett)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:39pm Danne D:

Oddly, I think the answer is closer to yes than Dick Cavett believes, unfortunately. That it would be copped to it and then they would just sorta keep on doing it.

That the crime basically get obscured in the torrent.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:40pm Danne D:

The 70s - back when people actually did their job.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:40pm P-90:

That janitor was a credit to his race
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:41pm MadameLuke:

...so he was a credit to the Presidential race?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:41pm Danne D:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:42pm Danne D:

I think the reason nobody else is doing this is because...

The world is waiting for Dave Hill to do it!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:42pm T90FANCY:

When it comes to races, I prefer the Indy 500.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:44pm Danne D:

Sometime - even on tape - I'd love to hear Dave do a full 3 hours with Dick Cavett.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:46pm P-90:

Oh yeah, Norman Mailer's legendary sense of humor...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:48pm Danne D:

Mort Sahl actually follows me on twitter.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:48pm Ignore Function:

This is great, Dave and Dick.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 9:48pm Supermeowy:

Hey everyone! Glad I got here in time for Dick.
Wait, who died on Dave's podcast???
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:48pm T90FANCY:

Let's get Dick and Phil Anselmo together for three hours.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:49pm Erma Gherd:

Dick Cavett has great stories and a great memory for them.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:50pm Danne D:

There have been some issues with 91.9 of late I believe. I think I heard that. I could be wrong.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:50pm Rickwaukee:

I'm listening while wrapping Xmas presents
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:51pm MadameLuke:

Dude, you need a faster connection...
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 9:51pm Supermeowy:

I hope @Davehill plays some Glenn Campbell tonight!!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:51pm pollen:

Mr. Cavett, any special memories from the Cassavetes, Falk and Gazzara episode?
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:52pm Rickwaukee:

in 2016!!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:53pm Danne D:

Kinda amazing that Dick Cavett doesn't know from Dr. Who - it's actually been around longer than him, no? ;)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:53pm MadameLuke:

Yeah, it was kind of Dave not to point that out. :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:54pm Danne D:

@MadameLuke I think it's just emblematic of the fact that everyone is not aware of everything :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:54pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Cavett shoulda *been* the 1st Non-British Dr. Who...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:54pm T90FANCY:

I guess they didn't get the BBC in the fifties and sixties.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:55pm MadameLuke:

fiddlesticks - someone's got to be keeping track.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:55pm Danne D:

Dick on message with the 20 minutes(!)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:56pm Danne D:

I know PBS showed in in the 80s and I think 70s
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...& Johansen the Master...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:56pm M.J:

Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 9:57pm Supermeowy:

Gospel of Cavett!! Dave is the best comedic talent in the northern and possibly southern hemispheres.
  Tue. 8/5/14 9:57pm CHICO:

YAYYY! That was sweet! Die Happy Dave Fuckin Hill! Die unhappy Dick God Damned Cheney!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:57pm cameron_michael:

Boy, I wish I had a television. Or that the PBS website would allow Canadians to view their shows online!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:58pm Erma Gherd:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 9:58pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 9:59pm Erma Gherd:

I was wondering if he was going to play Montauk since Dick Cavett mentioned he was in Montauk.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:00pm MadameLuke:

I've asked before buy I'll give it a go again - there was a caller awhile back from Santa Cruz. Anyone know who it was? I want to start a local DHFC for fun and shenanigans.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:01pm Danne D:

CALL DAVE - 201-209-9368

(one of these I am going to screw up and post my cell number instead and surely regret it)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:01pm Danne D:

@Madame - you should call in and put an APB out for this caller :)
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:02pm Supermeowy:

I wouldn't know what to say! Maybe one day.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:02pm CHICO:

Tell me that's Stevie? Love it!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:03pm Danne D:

Be your SuperSelf SuperMeowy :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:03pm MadameLuke:

Like making Dave play fan matchmaker
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:05pm Supermeowy:

Madame Luke - there was a caller recently from austin that Dave had to school. I'd like to educate that fan :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:07pm Erma Gherd:

I do like all the ye-ye choons!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:07pm CHICO:

Soundtrack for crunches: Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:07pm Supermeowy:

I will accept gladly a French song in lieu of Glenn Campbell!! Oui oui!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:08pm Danne D:

Seriously I bet you have folks about Ice Cream you always wanted to ask.

Personally I'm wondering if the fact that I avoid the pink ice in the neopolitan 1/2 gallon makes me intolerant :(
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:08pm CHICO:

Killin it!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:09pm Danne D:

Is Shaina there tonight? Maybe she's busy eating some Big Gay Ice Cream? :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:10pm MadameLuke:

she's not there, at least not at the top of the show. Sadness...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:10pm DaveHill:

Doug from Big Gay Ice Cream up next. He brought his dog!
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:10pm Supermeowy:

I have never known anyone to eat that Neapolitan stuff, Danne!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:11pm DaveHill:

Shaina is home sick tonight. This show is dedicated to her.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:11pm Danne D:

Oh no 8( Poor Shaina! Get well soon Shaina!

(I hope she doesn't have Ebola) :(
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:12pm P-90:

Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:12pm Supermeowy:

Send her our collective get well!! I hope it wasn't because she's lactose intolerant.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:13pm Danne D:

@Supermeowy oh I would eat 2/3 of it. Well okay closer to 5/8 as I wouldn't want to get any of the pink stuff in there and would leave a buffer zone.

Btw, I want Buster pics on the playlist :)
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:13pm Supermeowy:

Buster is on thin ice!!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:13pm M.J:

Awww, Buster!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:14pm Erma Gherd:

I hope Shaina feels better soon!
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:14pm Supermeowy:

Why don't you just eat a vanilla+ chocolate combo?
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:14pm Rickwaukee:

enjoy your night out, Shaina!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:15pm P-90:

Most dogs CAN'T handle having their own Instagram feed.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:15pm Danne D:

I had a boss who would bring his dog in sometimes. When we had staff meetings the dog had to be in the room (since someone had to watch him) - every time someone spoke up Bob Dawg would starting barking :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:16pm Danne D:

@Supermeowy - I was a kid and was not the ice cream decider.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:17pm Erma Gherd:

Danne D, strawberry is the best of those flavors! WUT.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:17pm Supermeowy:

Bustertime is Buster's instagram account. #themoreyouknow
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:18pm Danne D:

There goes my question "what is the most gay ice cream flavor?"
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:19pm Danne D:

@Erma I guess we'd never fight over ice cream.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:19pm Rickwaukee:

eat the bull penis
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:19pm Supermeowy:

I hope to travel to NYC to experience BGIC in person!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:19pm CHICO:

Dave Put the dog to sleep. Beat segment, or good enough anyway
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:20pm CHICO:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:20pm Erma Gherd:

Nope. I'm more of a salty snacker anyway. I do like the Salty Pimp.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:20pm Supermeowy:

I think this has been the best segment ever, @Davehill
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:22pm Danne D:

@Supermeowy I'll treat you a taylor ham sandwich if you make it out this way.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:22pm Supermeowy:

I would only eat Neapolitan if the chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry were replaced with coffee, coffee & coffee. ;-p
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:24pm bobdoesthings:

GOD DAMMIT.. why do I always forget to tune until 10:30/11.. god dammm
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:27pm Rickwaukee:

Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:27pm Supermeowy:

Do people not know what they're calling in for??
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:27pm cameron_michael:

Oh brother.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:28pm Supermeowy:

Chico!! Take the reigns!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:28pm pacific standard simon:

God damn, Dave Hill! Hi! I like strawberry!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:28pm Danne D:

everyone's calling for Buster :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:28pm Erma Gherd:

Buster is super-cute.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:28pm Rickwaukee:

Kevin Allison, PLEASE CALL IN
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:29pm MadameLuke:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:29pm Danne D:

Breyer's Vanilla is my preferred store brand. When I worked in a supermarket it was the only one we had to throw away when the freezer broke down.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:29pm Danne D:

awwwwwww Buster :)
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:29pm Supermeowy:

Blue Bell is the Texas pride of ice cream!! Very yummy!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:29pm chad from oregon:

The show tonight has carved out a new notch on top notch.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:30pm MadameLuke:

it's like callerpalooza
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:30pm pacific standard simon:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:31pm Erma Gherd:

death to patchouli. Patchouli is the wooooooooooooooooorst thing in the world.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:31pm pacific standard simon:

Paisley Patchouli ice cream.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:31pm Supermeowy:

I'm with Dave on the toffee debacle of Ben & Jerry's
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:32pm MadameLuke:

yeah Danne D! represent.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:32pm P-90:

Ben 'n' Jerry's RUINED their Patchouli flavor
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:32pm Erma Gherd:

stahp with the patchouli talk!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:32pm cameron_michael:

Ben and Jerry's just makes me think of Phish and Grateful Dead fans, so thumbs down forever.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:33pm bobdoesthings:

Erma Gherd STAHP - someone is a redditor..
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:33pm Erma Gherd:

this isn't the first time I've been accused of that but I'm not, I swear.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:34pm CHICO:

Thanks for havin me on G.D. Dave Hill! tho, i sound like i'm on more pills than the ice cream dude
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:34pm Rickwaukee:

I eat my popsicles with a knife and fork
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:34pm pacific standard simon:

I used to live near an Indian ice cream parlor, and the cardamom was tasty as hell.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:35pm Supermeowy:

In Texas, if you can't put a food item on a stick, you're not trying hard enough.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:36pm Ken From Hyde Park:

My daughter wanted some pistachio and the store had pistachio with almonds. It seems odd to me to have two different kinds of nuts in ice cream.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:36pm pacific standard simon:

You can give YOUR money to whatever business you want.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:36pm Erma Gherd:

I am finding Doug thoroughly entertaining.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:36pm P-90:

"Brimstone 'n' Treacle" flavor
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:37pm cameron_michael:

Westboro gets Ben and Jerry's. That's what they get.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:37pm CHICO:

No bowl, STICK! STICK!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:37pm pacific standard simon:

KFC ice cream flavor!
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:38pm Supermeowy:

I finally relented on my chikfila protest. Forgive me, please.
Great call, @danneD
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:38pm Danne D:

I did better this week I think :)

I think we need Cam to call about Maple Ice Cream.

Thanks Supermeowy :)
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:38pm Rickwaukee:

Million $ idea: Chicken Seasoning Dippin Sticks
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:39pm VealCutlet:

Rock solid call @danned
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:40pm bobdoesthings:

Oh boy.. I gotta check this out on the archive tomorrow.. my swag finally came and I got premiums to listen to.. keep on rocking and chatting ice cream. goodnight all
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:40pm Rickwaukee:

talking to the wife no doubt
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:41pm VealCutlet:

Beet sugar is ok from a European perspective
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:42pm pacific standard simon:

I still ain't buying Barilla pasta -- fuck them guys.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:43pm Erma Gherd:

a boomin' granny!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:43pm JeffHQ:

Moshpit mocha?
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:43pm Supermeowy:

When I retire I'm going to apply for the sexy grandma position!! SWEET!!!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:45pm ms.z:

  Tue. 8/5/14 10:45pm JeffHQ:

Cab caramel?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:46pm T90FANCY:

Taxi Turtles
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:48pm hola-soymilk:

  Tue. 8/5/14 10:48pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:48pm Erma Gherd:

hola hola.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:48pm Supermeowy:

Hi, hola!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:49pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Bon soir, Hola!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:49pm Danne D:

Thanks Veal :) Btw Chico you did great :)

@PSS yeah I have to agree about Barilla.

Hola Hola - you should call!!!! this is your topic !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:49pm pacific standard simon:

Oleh oleh bandung!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:49pm JeffHQ:

Kinky kit-kat krunch
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:50pm ms.z:

Vanilla ice cream w/ soy sauce
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:50pm T90FANCY:

Salamata Po, Hola!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:50pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:51pm Danne D:

So is this Ben and Jerry's dude like the Danzig of Ice Cream?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:51pm hola-soymilk:

Did dick cavett not know Dr who?!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:51pm spikegrowl:

Happy birthday, Wm. Berger!
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:51pm JeffHQ:

The revolution will be pinted.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:52pm T90FANCY:

Asking the tough questions:How much butterfat, Sean?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:52pm Danne D:

@hola - apparently. He's been busy having a career
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:52pm hola-soymilk:

Ice cream topic? I like the tiramisu one from Ben and Jerry's
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:52pm MadameLuke:

timewarp comment: nobody offered up Cab Carroway flavor?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 10:53pm hola-soymilk:

Danne, this bothers me
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:53pm JeffHQ:

Mike Wallace wonderbar
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:54pm T90FANCY:

Madame, you are killing it.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:54pm Rickwaukee:

use your words, Dave
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:54pm MadameLuke:

and the pieces are GIGANTIC
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:55pm MadameLuke:

thanks T90... :)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:55pm Danne D:

I love that Dave is finally getting to the bottom of this travesty
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:56pm Supermeowy:

Ben & Jerry's story is sounding Watergate-like to me!! Don't relent, @Davehill!!!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:56pm cameron_michael:

What do you know, snooty artisan stuff ruins things again.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:56pm MadameLuke:

I remember my first car, a Pontiac GMO.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:57pm T90FANCY:

Special Prosecutor Dave.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:57pm cameron_michael:

GMO's forever!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:57pm Danne D:

I think Dave needs restitution
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:57pm MadameLuke:

40 ounces and a mule
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:58pm Danne D:

Guarded Mounties Only, Cam?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:58pm T90FANCY:

More like reparations.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 10:58pm Supermeowy:

Was he Doritos shaming Dave???
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:58pm pacific standard simon:

I confess -- I was genetically modified by my parents.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 10:58pm pacific standard simon:

As were they, by theirs.
  Tue. 8/5/14 10:59pm Rickwaukee:

I'm a Blue Bunny man
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 10:59pm cameron_michael:

If GMO's are good enough for Neil deGrasse Tyson they should be good enough for Ben & Jerry's, damnit! www.rawstory.com...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:00pm MadameLuke:

my jeans are totally modified, in order to camouflage my genes
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:00pm T90FANCY:

I'm actively modifying my genes constantly. Excuse the shaky typing.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 11:01pm Supermeowy:

@Madame Luke high-five!! (I'm in the same camp)
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:01pm P-90:

"tertiary flavor" (!)
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:01pm MadameLuke:

@Supermeowy - WOOT!
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:04pm JeffHQ:

Damn iPhone battery...That's how it's gonna be
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:05pm VealCutlet:

What exactly is toffee anyhow? Genetically modified or otherwise?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:06pm Danne D:

I may have a special report for Dave next week. That's all I'll say for now :)
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:06pm Jim S.:

Who updates the playlist when Shaina is under the weather?
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:06pm P-90:

@Cameron: Ya gotta love Neil deGrasse Tyson, but even a guy like that can be SO wrong occasionally-- like when he's opining outside his area of expertise
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:06pm MadameLuke:

butter and sugar. it's a perfect food
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:06pm Danne D:

Dave can handle only so many buttons, Jim. I'll bet they'll go back and get it done later :)
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 11:08pm Supermeowy:

@danned are you not gonna give us a hint???
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:08pm pacific standard simon:

Tyson is the most awesome science explainer on the planet. Which means he's too good for America.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:08pm Danne D:

Nope :)

Only Cam knows and he ain't talkin :)
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:08pm Dave Sustain:

Dave, you have to ask David J. about his role in one of the best films about a musician ever made Candy Mountain 1987.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 11:09pm Supermeowy:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:10pm Danne D:

My first David Johansen memory was of his video on MTV from his solo album Live It Up :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:10pm VealCutlet:

Butter and sugar? All it's missing is white bread and it's the perfect snack
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:12pm pacific standard simon:

But bread is full of WHEAT, which has been genetically modified by agriCULTuralists!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:12pm DaveHill:

David Johansen on seconds from now!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:13pm VealCutlet:

I'm pretty sure I saw Johansen for the first time on the Uncle Floyd show. Didn't quite get it. I was 12.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:13pm Danne D:

Woohoo :)
You should ask David if/how the Nixon/Watergate era impacted (or didn't) the New York Dolls :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:14pm hola-soymilk:

@Jim a small elf updates the lists when no one else can
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:14pm VealCutlet:

And sugar is often filtered through the charred bones of cattle. Still pretty good
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:14pm JeffHQ:

Dave. From before.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:14pm T90FANCY:

Ask about Malcom Mclaren!!!!
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:15pm JeffHQ:

David turns the tables.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:15pm Danne D:

@Veal Uncle Floyd - there'd be a great guest :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:15pm pacific standard simon:

David Jo! God walks among us!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:17pm pacific standard simon:

Throw a copy at him!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:18pm pacific standard simon:

A staff of crack-heads.
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:19pm JeffHQ:

Bowling alley beer. Yes.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:19pm Danne D:

The one beer to have when you're having more than one
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:20pm pacific standard simon:

  Tue. 8/5/14 11:20pm Jim S.:

Ask him about the Mudd Club!
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:20pm JeffHQ:

  Tue. 8/5/14 11:21pm JeffHQ:

New York Dolls forever
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:22pm pacific standard simon:

Listener comment peanut gallery rules.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:22pm pacific standard simon:

Where did Morrissey go wrong?
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:22pm JeffHQ:

@simon says wha?
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:23pm T90FANCY:

Moz loving the Dolls is like Lowriders loving Moz.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:27pm pacific standard simon:

Every Christmas, I get to see David in Scrooged, on some basic cable channel. It makes me happy.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:27pm VealCutlet:

David throwing out the love for Bay Ridge!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:27pm JakeGould:

Fort Hamilton Parkway! Wooo!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:28pm VealCutlet:

I love the part of the parkway where it goes behind the cemetery. so nice
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:29pm JakeGould:

He is right. Driving down 5th Avenue from Atlantic Avenue to my place in Bay Ridge is like traveling through 4 different countries.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:30pm JakeGould:

Veal, me & you can appreciate this now.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:31pm pacific standard simon:


so good
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:31pm Rickwaukee:

He didn't want to be eaten
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:31pm VealCutlet:

Indeed. At least 4
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:32pm JakeGould:

Veal, we might have talked about this but I think we both live in the land of Hookah bars, right?
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:32pm Jim S.:

Well done. Served by Bob Mitchum...
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:33pm Danne D:


Finally! I've been trying to remember the name of Tramps for a while now.

Always got into a fight there at - of all things - a Victoria Williams show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:33pm pacific standard simon:

The guy who wrote the movie, duh, Dave.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:33pm Danne D:

Not me
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:33pm VealCutlet:

Yes. We probably did talk about this a while ago. Land of hookah bars and laundromats and 99 cent stores
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 11:33pm Supermeowy:

Billy sounds like he needs to shape up or ship out!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:34pm pacific standard simon:

Turn your phone down, dude.
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:34pm JeffHQ:

What is happening w that ECHO???
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:35pm JeffHQ:

Im having a stroke
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:35pm VealCutlet:

why would you get into a fight with Victoria Williams? Now Lucinda Williams, I totally would get that
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:37pm MadameLuke:

maybe because Victoria is easier to take down?
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:37pm JeffHQ:

The app-cast sounds ok...but the website pop up player is freaking out.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:37pm pacific standard simon:

David is a generous man, Dave.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:38pm VealCutlet:

You might have 2 copies of the pop up open Jeff?
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:39pm Rickwaukee:

David Johansen, saving marriages one bus at a time
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:39pm pacific standard simon:

Yeah, but he'd be talkin' on the phone to somebody in a foreign language!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:40pm Danne D:

@Veal - okay so at performers request the audience had to be seated. I was in a good spot (well as good spot as possible - cuz all these record label types were hogging all the good spots cuz they figured, correctly, that Lou Reed would appear - at this round table suitable for like 4 people). Well this dude who was later arriving ended up in the seat on the opposite side of this table - right next to a pole and it blocked some of his view. So he kept picking up the table as he craned to see. We almost came to blows. Dum.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:41pm Danne D:

You guys should go to the Hipster Diner after the show Dave. I can actually recommend the taylor ham sandwich.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:41pm dB from Oakland:

That was a great Dave on Dave convo!! Mr. Hill, have U ever talked to DavidJo before?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:42pm VealCutlet:

Concert jackasses are infuriating
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:42pm pacific standard simon:

May I stump you with a stump?
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:42pm JeffHQ:

All sounds good.
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 11:42pm Supermeowy:

I'm taking you up on your offer @Danned. If I ever make it up to NYC!! Sammich = yummy
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:43pm DaveHill:

That was my first time talking with him, db! Great guy!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:44pm Danne D:

Dave you are hitting all of the marks Dave. Outstanding show tonight :)
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:44pm Jim S.:

Both Dave & David have fantastic Rock & Roll hair. You are blessed.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:44pm Danne D:

@Supermeowy Taylor Ham is New Jersey greatest achivement.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:44pm dB from Oakland:

Cool! You should try and get him and Dick Cavett to the studio ... maybe even at the same time!!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:46pm DaveHill:

That would rule, db! A lot of heat for one studio!
Avatar    Tue. 8/5/14 11:47pm Supermeowy:

I'm not gonna be able to keep the eye lids open anymore. G night all. Stay street & see you next week.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:47pm pacific standard simon:

Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:48pm Danne D:

C'mon Supermeowy :) Only 13 more minutes :)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:48pm pacific standard simon:

...and AWOOO!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:48pm Danne D:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:48pm dB from Oakland:

Man, it was great how DavidJo immediately came in hot and heavy with the Slade reference.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:49pm VealCutlet:

Which mediocre 80s metal band did a terrible cover of this?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:50pm VealCutlet:

Why am I asking so many questions? Wait....
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:50pm MadameLuke:

Quiet Riot?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:50pm dB from Oakland:

@Veal ... Quiet Riot ... and they also charted with another Slade cover (I think it was Cum on Feel the Noize)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:50pm pacific standard simon:

Would love to hear an album of Slade cover songs by The Dolls. Sadly, that's impossible. But I can imagine it quite nicely.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:51pm MadameLuke:

If the question is Slade, the answer is often Quiet Riot
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:52pm John Lisa:

DLH' a version of that Animals medley is super excellent
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:52pm pacific standard simon:

"Sweet Jane", Dave.
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:53pm JeffHQ:

Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:53pm VealCutlet:

I thought QR initially but they had a huge hit with "Feel the noise" and I didn't imagine they'd go back to the same well
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:54pm Tome:

into to Zep black dog ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:55pm dB from Oakland:

@veal, oh, they had no shame about dipping into the same well, if there was $$ in that well.
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:56pm T90FANCY:

I'll be thinking about that until next Tuesday evening, Madame. Nite all...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:56pm dB from Oakland:

@tome I believe he was doing the solo from Living lovingMaid/Heartbreaker.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:56pm pacific standard simon:

Livin' Lovin' -- She's Just A Woman

I heard it there.
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm Rickwaukee:

How much time left?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm VealCutlet:

There wasn't anywhere else to go to? I guess after Raven covered "Action" from the Sweet QR had to find someone else
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm Danne D:

woohoo :) Cashed in the online poker tournament I'm in just now :) At least $87.50 coming my way.

Thanks for an incredible show Dave and Dick and Doug and David and Listeners and Callers and Commenters. Have a great night.

And feel better soon Shaina! We all love you!
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm CHICO:

Good night D H! See ya next week!
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm JeffHQ:

Stay street all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm pacific standard simon:

OK, what dB from Oakland said.
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:57pm k beach:

Dick dale
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:58pm tone def:

And we die young by Allice in chains while you're in drop d
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:58pm dB from Oakland:

riff request: Rocky Mountain Way, by mr. Joe Walsh
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 8/5/14 11:58pm VealCutlet:

Have yourself a nice sandwich @danned
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:58pm pacific standard simon:

@ Danne D - BOX SET FUND!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:59pm Danne D:

You could always just do a Journey song since they had that Journey Escape game :D

LOL Thx pss :) More like bigger poker buy-in fund ;)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 8/5/14 11:59pm pacific standard simon:

Goddam Leos!
Avatar Tue. 8/5/14 11:59pm Danne D:

Thanks Veal :)
Again good night everyone :)
  Tue. 8/5/14 11:59pm Jim S.:

Funk #49.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/6/14 12:00am dB from Oakland:

"I don't like your tone" is a funny thing to say to a guitar that has gained thought and sentience.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/6/14 12:00am VealCutlet:

Good night folks. Great show DH!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/6/14 12:00am dB from Oakland:

@JimS ... yes! that one is great as well.
Avatar Wed. 8/6/14 12:00am MadameLuke:

goodnight all! goodnight @Dave Hill. till we meet again. like on twitter or something. oxxoox
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/6/14 12:00am Ken From Hyde Park:

Bye, Dave. Get well soon, Shaina!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Wed. 8/6/14 12:01am dB from Oakland:

Hey guys, that was a fun radio show. Have a good night!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 8/6/14 12:01am pacific standard simon:

Rise, William, rise!
  Wed. 8/6/14 12:01am Jim S.:

Get well Shaina.
Avatar Wed. 8/6/14 12:15am cameron_michael:

Goodnight Dave. Great show again. You're killing it with guests.
Avatar Wed. 8/6/14 2:22am DaveHill:

Thanks, everybody!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 8/7/14 6:09pm Lizardner Dave:

As a lifelong Staten Islander I would just like to point out that there are no buses that go directly from the Port Authority to Staten Island. Very proud that Johansen moved back home though.
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