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Options July 4, 2014

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Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:05am Droll:

Good morning, Stan! Happy Independence Day!
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:07am P-90:

Greetings Stan and droll. Any other diehards?
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:08am Kenzo (Ken's Last Ever):

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 3:10am fleep:

You were right, Droll, fleep does dig it.
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:10am coalhard:

Independence day my ass the tea party is trying to take over !
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 3:10am Ken From Hyde Park:

I'm not asleep yet!
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:11am i k e:

Holy cow! Stan has comments now?!? Very cool!
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:14am neil:

happy oildependance day.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 3:14am fleep:

ike, how goes the hunt for a replacement computer?
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:16am Droll:

Kenzo was recently hunting for a hard drive. Do people really hunt entire computers at once?
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:17am coalhard:

something wrong with playlist or is it just me?
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:18am P-90:

@coalhard: don't worry about it, Stan has his own approach, he'll catch it up later...
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:20am Droll:

The playlist looks like it's supposed to. Only listeners (and the clipboard) know was played. It's just like it used to be.
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:21am coalhard:

ok I'm getting nothing rebooting
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:22am Droll:

Kenzo, You see the confusion computers cause? Repent, man!
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:26am coalhard:

Rebooted hear music--- chat working---but playlist still down --was working earlier--Damn you Arthur!
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:28am i ƙ e:

Hey Fleep, I'll be all hooked up & like new in about a week. Until then, this older hunk of junk will only connect to a shady unsecured wi-fi netwk, hence I won't log in here, or anywhere -- I'm paranoid that this wi-fi might be a Russian mafia honeypot used to harvest passwords and then use them to send out boner pill spam! Heh.
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:29am coalhard:

stupid age spots er I mean sun spots causing havoc
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:30am Droll:

[Rats! Foiled again!]
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:32am P-90:

@coalhard: Stan will announce everything at the break. That's the "playlist" for his show. Don't sweat it, go with the flow...
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:35am coalhard:

no @P-90 I will not go with the flow--FUCK YOU
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:37am coalhard:

I want my radio station back
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 3:39am fleep:

coalhard, go look at previous Stan playlists. See the lack of playlists? The consistent absence of the playlist? This show doesn't keep a playlist. I have run out of ways to say this.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 3:39am Droll:

You left it at 43 Montgomery St, Jersey City, NJ
Good luck.
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:41am coalhard:

NO there was a playlist then it vanished--I got nothing now
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:43am i ƙ e:

Also, the sound card on this old backup computer WILL NOT WORK. So glad I can tune in at 91.1 FM, otherwise I'd be frelled.

On that note, if anyone has recommendations for good (pref. long-form) silent videos (or ones that don't require the audio to be understood), let 'em fly! Will need something to watch when there's no show on FMU as good as Stan's. Can't even get FMU archives lately. Ugh.
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:43am coalhard:

I'm about to go Tom Cruise on your asses
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 3:44am fleep:

I don't think you mean that the way it sounds.
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:46am P-90:

  Fri. 7/4/14 3:47am neil:

bending over. <with laughter>
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:48am coalhard:

Tom Cruise lines ships just a front for tactical forces for takeover of radio stations
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:51am neil:

ooh a penny...
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:54am coalhard:

no not a penny--leave alone --only 15 percent copper
  Fri. 7/4/14 3:57am neil:

but now i can go score a penny bag...
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:01am coalhard:

You know that bull statue on wall street reach way up under there reach for the penney bag
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:02am i ƙ e:

Acid Mothers Temple, "Pink Lady Lemonade" eh? I gotta make a note of that.

Hiking? Where ya been hiking, Stan? Harriman State Park maybe?
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:05am neil:

small time. <all thee time> tickle thee bull? <get thee horns>
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:08am coalhard:

I HATE REPUBLICANS--now they have taken over WFMU--you can all just just kiss my DEMOCRATIC ass --kidding love you guys
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:11am Berg:

best heard with italian coffee..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 4:13am Sem Chumbo:

Good morning, Stan, and all.
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:15am coalhard:

not sure liz is on our side --we may keep her tied up for now
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:18am neil:

music for fax machines. <to get it on>
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:19am i ƙ e:

Very nice. Expo 70 does it again.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:22am bibi:

hi all.
keep updating the playlist, stan, never give up.
i know one day it will. and this day will be big, though not as big as the playlist itself.
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:25am coalhard:

There is no fucking playlist
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:26am neil:

im waiting for thee movie, "stan: thee playlist" ...
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:28am bibi:

it exists, i can feel it.
somewhere in space-time continuum, the playlist drifts.
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:28am P-90:

Good Morning @ Sem & bibi!
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:29am neil:

uncharted waters...
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:30am P-90:

@neil: actually I think it will be an HBO Original Series. As soon as they figure out how to add gratuitous nudity to a playlist...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 4:31am Sem Chumbo:

@P-90, good day to you.
@bibi: hahaha.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:31am Droll:

I don't want to see naked DJs any more than I want Tom Cruise on my ass.
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:32am neil:

waiting for thee ink to dry on thee contract...
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:33am P-90:

@ Droll: Yes, but combine the two and you might really have a sale to HBO...
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:33am neil:

darn invisible ink...
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:35am bibi:

yep, tom cruise as a naked dj, you got something worth trying.
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:35am coalhard:

Stan is busy stealing his own credit card he may turnip someday
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:38am P-90:

Coming this Fall: Tom Cruise IS "Stan" in: "The Lost Playlists"
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:38am neil:

toms on board...if he gets to save thee world.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:39am Droll:

You've seen Tom Cruise fly a plane and wear underwear, and you've had him on your ass, but you've never seen Tom Cruise hunt naked DJs! See Tom as you've never seen him before in "This is Stan, as Usual", featuring Tom Cruise as Stan (voice-over by James Earl Jones).
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:39am P-90:

@neil: that's a given
---waddya think Stan does every Friday morning?
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:45am P-90:

Establishing Shot:
A sleek Learjet racing above the clouds at dawn.
Cut to: Interior
"Stan" (Tom Cruise) at the controls, using a futuristic next-genereation laptop to update a playlist from April 2009. A single bead of sweat is dripping down his brow, furrowed in an expression of determined concentration...
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:50am P-90:

Cut to: Close up
The computer screen: displays "Incoming Priority VidCom LinK".
Cut to: medium shot
"Stan", in his white crisp white briefs, dons a pair of Groucho glasses, to safeguard his identity before he takes the call
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:51am bibi:

@p-90, with an obvious product placement on computer screen closeup for pagemill2.0
  Fri. 7/4/14 4:52am neil:

ummm...<thee king ov thee world isnt gonna like this><thee people need to know><but><how can we make them believe?> <explosion><the list><its coming now><wait its too soon><hand coming out ov thee grave><more explosions>
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 4:52am Sem Chumbo:

@Droll and P-90: a writing team whose time has come.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:55am bibi:

regarding casting, cruise as stan ok, but who s starring as the playlist ? gwyneth palthrow ?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 4:56am Jeroen Kuster:

good morning that was great
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:56am Droll:

Yes, and as co-writer I insist that the Stan character should be having more sex and drugs, especially in the opening scenes, to make the whole thing more realistic.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 4:58am bibi:

what ? the movie's already over ?
thk you tom, that was dreamlike. as usual.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 5:00am Sem Chumbo:

Michael Bay to direct. Or zombie Stanley Kubrick.
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 5:00am Droll:

Yeah.... About the playlist... Can't we CGI that?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 5:03am Sem Chumbo:

Zombie Nicole Kidman as the nominal love interest. Get the old Eyes Wide Shut team back together.
  Fri. 7/4/14 5:05am neil:

a movie thats just all credits!!!<staring tom cruise>
Avatar Fri. 7/4/14 5:07am Droll:

Yes neil! All credits! Perfect juxtaposition for the missing playlist subplot!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 5:08am Sem Chumbo:

@neil: angling for a credit writing credit? Very Hollywood.
  Fri. 7/4/14 5:12am neil:

<putting on over-sized sunglasses><saving thee world...one credit at a time>
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 5:20am Sem Chumbo:

@neil: you'llb e driving one of thede before you know it: en.wikipedia.org...
  Fri. 7/4/14 5:29am neil:

first id like to thank thee academy...<thanks stan><watch out for flying umbrellas>
  Fri. 7/4/14 5:32am Justin:

So I'm a courier from Richmond Virginia and I came here to Jersey to deliver a package at 4 in the morning and I tuned to 91 .1 and was mesmerized by this station. It did the opposite of put me to sleep - it kept me awake because I wanted to know so badly what was playing. This station is awesome!!! We need stations like this back in Virginia very desperately all the plays is shitty country music really..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Fri. 7/4/14 5:36am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Goof Morning - Codependence Day Resistance 'Radio'...a storm named for the most famous British king rocks our American power supplies...the Dow's above 17,000...our bailout is imminent...good sounds...
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