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March 8, 2014 Options
Marathon Week 2 w/ co-host Tom Scharpling!!!
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Options The Cherry Blossom Clinic with hostess Terre T

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Note: The music bed between sets is the william orbit remix of pierre henry's "psyche rock" taken from the 1997 album metamorphose -- messe pour le temps present featuring the music of pierre henry and michel colombier (FFRR/polygram 4562942).

The last column may have tons or NO info depending on how reliable my notes are. (I write up the set list as I play it)
Artist Title Album, Label, Format, Year, Notes (NR = New Release) Approx. start time
THE MOVE  Cherry Blossom Cilnic Revisited   Options Shazam!. Terre's 2014 premium: a CBC beach towel!
0:00:00 )  
JOEL RL PHELPS  Cherry Blossom Hours   Options Joel RL Phelps' Facebook and Soundcloud. New LP "Gala" out now on 12XU! 0:07:04 )  
BUZZCOCKS  What Do I Get?   Options 0:10:00 )  
BLACK HOLLIES  When It's Time To Come Down   Options Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere. Ernest Jenning Record Co.. CD. Pledge now and you could win this CD! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!
0:14:35 )  
THE MISUNDERSTOOD  Find the Hidden Door   Options The Lost Acetates 1965-1966. UT. CD. (2004) Pledge $75 or more and you could win the Ugly Things Prize Pack! Drawing at 4 pm

This prize pack contains:
- The last 3 issues of Ugly Things magazine (#32, #33, #34)
- The Misunderstood The Lost Acetates 1965-1966 CD
- The Fenmen (Wally Waller and Jon Povey, pre-Pretty Things) Sunstroke CD
- Loons (featuring Mike Stax)/Clinic split 7"

0:45:07 )  
THE DIRTBOMBS  Crazy For You   Options Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!. In the Red. CD. (2013) Pledge now and you could win this CD! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!
0:49:41 )  
OBITS  Taste The Diff   Options Bed & Bugs. Sub Pop. CD. (2013) Pledge now and you could win this CD! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!
1:24:20 )  
Music behind DJ:
  Pledge $75 or more and you could win the Comedy Central Prize Pack! Drawing at 5pm!

- Jim Gaffigan "King Baby" DVD
- Workaholics Season 1 DVD
- Daniel Tosh "Happy Thoughts" DVD
- John Hodgman "More Information Than You Require" autographed book
1:28:42 )  
THE ABOVE  What She Said   Options The Above. (2010) Pledge now and you could win
-"Georgia Peach" b/w "Imprisoned" 7"
-"My Love" b/w "Chuck's Blues" 7"
-The Above CD
800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!
1:29:46 )  
TOY LOVE  Sheep   Options Live at the Gluepot 1980. Goner. CD. (2012) Pledge now and you could win this CD! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!
COCK SPARRER   Working   Options England Belongs To Me: Best Of Cock Sparrer. 2:11:38 )  
COCK SPARRER  Working   Options England Belongs To Me: Best Of Cock Sparrer. Taang!. going out to Chris... 2:12:10 )  
TY SEGALL  Would You Be My Love   Options Twins. Drag City. (2012) Pledge $75 or more and you could win this pack of 5 Ty Segall CDs! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page! Drawing at 6pm.

2:14:31 )  
THE DILS  Class War/Mr. Big   Options (v/a) Dangerhouse Complete Singles Collected 1977-1979. Munster. CD. (2013) Pledge now and you could win this Double CD! 800-989-9368 or use the form at the top of the page!
2:39:30 )  
WEIRDOS  We Got the Neutron Bomb   Options (v/a) Dangerhouse Complete Singles Collected 1977-1979. 2:43:24 )  
Music behind DJ:
  Gary the Squirrel insults by request,,,for Squirrel of Today pledges!!! 2:43:44 )  

Listener comments!

Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:09pm Prashanth:

Just joined in from Heidelberg. Is Tom Scharpling gonna be on the show?
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:10pm djtyler:

yes he will be on the show
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:10pm Callieflower:

Hii, everyone! Kick butt, Terre and Tom!
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:11pm tomasz.:

go Terre, go Tom!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:11pm Ken From Hyde Park:

82% at the start. Let's kick it up a bit!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:12pm Dan from Augusta:

Is APMike there yet?
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:12pm tomasz.:

hello to my volunteer and comment board darlings too, you are all worthy of laudation
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:13pm dB from Oakland:

Hello Terre, Tom, AP Mike, and possibly our squirrel friend ... Woof Woof! Moo Moo!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:13pm AP Paulie B:

@Dan: He is indeed! Sitting at phone number 1!
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:13pm Marc:

Full theme song on a Marathon show?
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:17pm neelc23:

Hello hello!
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:17pm LovecraftDude888:

good printing presses in Heidelberg, I hear
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:18pm Prashanth:

@lovecraftdude888: yes...I thought the same too and came here to find a money printing press...ended up paying taxes instead.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:18pm listener number 108581:

holy shit! I thought iTunes was stuck on what I was playing for my kid last night--Buzzcocks!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:19pm Callieflower:

Hello, Neel!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:20pm listener number 108581:

DAMMIT. How much for the towel? Is that $75?
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:20pm neelc23:

Tom Scharpling? Who's that?
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:21pm Rhody Chris:

Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:21pm dB from Oakland:

Hey guys, is there a possibly a live video feed, for those of us who might like to see Gary and the rest of the crew in action!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:22pm Dan from Augusta:

Here comes Gary.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:22pm Callieflower:

He's the one who committed all those murders in Newbridge, back in autumn, Neel
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:23pm dB from Oakland:

If you take that towel to Pittsburgh, it's a Terre-ble Towel (sorry).
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:23pm Ken From Hyde Park:

If not live video, maybe some photos in the playlist. That'd be cool.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:24pm Callieflower:

No apologies, dB. It has been said, and we now need to learn how to cope with our new lives
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:24pm J P:

So Happy!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:24pm listener number 108581:

..I think I need that towel.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:25pm dB from Oakland:

Okay, Callie. It's 2014. Dance like no one's looking, type comments like nobody's seeing them ...
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:26pm dB from Oakland:

Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:26pm Prashanth:

hey Tom!...great hearing you again on FMU...
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:26pm Dan from Augusta:

Yea APMike!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:26pm listener number 108581:

I just scraped grout into my mouth...
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:26pm neelc23:

Pledge $1000 and Vance will insult your musical taste.
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:26pm Nate in Oakland:

Oh man, I missed pledging to Mike? Chi-boo.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:28pm listener number 108581:

well that does it. Terre gets me last pledge...
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:33pm JP:

I didn't know about Tom's premium #tomthon #terrethon
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:36pm BigLankyGeordie:

Good evening all from cherry blossom capital of the world: Northern England! ;-)
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:39pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What an honor to have Tom say my name over the air! Wish I had more to give. When I get some debts paid off, I can increase what I can give.
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:39pm tomasz.:

Northern England represent! - signed, a Manc
  Sat. 3/8/14 3:44pm neelc23:

  Sat. 3/8/14 3:46pm Scott:

I just noticed that the instro "hook" in "Do the Mouse" was stolen for "In a Gadda Da Vida."
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:50pm Prashanth:

wow...the phones seem to be ringing on a blast today....175k more to target.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:50pm dc pat:

shit, yer right pledger #7!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:55pm Dan from Augusta:

Just made my pledge for the DJ premium.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 3:59pm Faye:

WOW! go team Terre!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:00pm listener number 108581:

I jes keeding too.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:00pm listener number 108581:


Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:02pm listener number 108581:

one of my groups covered Neat3
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:02pm listener number 108581:

you gotta love Rat's cymbals..
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:05pm Guido (Cologne):

THE MISUNDERSTOOD: Find the Hidden Door
... one of those everlasting songs.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:06pm dB from Oakland:

I can't believe I haven't heard "Call of Chi-KuLoo" until now.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:12pm dB from Oakland:

Terre T going "Mike Show" on us!!
  Sat. 3/8/14 4:14pm Marc:

How about giving away the DVD set of "Shepherd's Pie" by Jean Shepherd?
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:22pm dB from Oakland:

Who's the guy yelling in the Squirrel pledge sound sting, and what's he saying?
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:25pm Dan from Augusta:

I know where Gary is.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:27pm Rhody Chris:

It's hasn't been nice and warm in Texas yet.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:30pm Dan from Augusta:

That would be great @Marc.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:33pm Skirkie:

Awaiting your call.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:33pm Rhody Chris:

Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:33pm listener number 108581:

man it's like a zillion degrees in DC and fairies and princesses are frolicking everywhere..
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:35pm Alex of Chicago:

Didn't hear nothing.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:43pm glenn:

are there unicorns pooping skittles too, dc pat in disguise?
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:49pm listener number 108581:

into my mouth, glenn...if that is your real name...
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:50pm listener number 108581:

all's I know is I got a towel. No more being totally uncool at the beach..
  Sat. 3/8/14 4:50pm Nora Isabella:

Every year I pledge, Terre asks "Nora P?" and it's always Nora I! Love it <3 <3 <3
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:51pm listener number 108581:

Funny Nora I.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 4:55pm listener number 108581:

WHAT? What'd I do??
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:02pm Rhody Chris:

WFMU makes up for Jersey Shore. And Bon Jovi
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:10pm SeanG:

Cosmic Psychos!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:11pm Rhody Chris:

Yes-Steve Howe=No, just no
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:31pm efd:

Chris S's new band is Eyelids!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:32pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Home !...checkin' in Clinic...
  Sat. 3/8/14 5:32pm Ignore Function:

Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:41pm Rhody Chris:

87% overall!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:44pm glenn:

squirrels are 5 times the size of a mouse. shouldn't a squirrel pledge be 1500$ or so?
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:48pm fleep:

Take 'em to the bridge!
  Sat. 3/8/14 5:51pm Frank Above:

Call in now! I'm gettin bored in here!
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:52pm Alex of Chicago:

Thanks again, Terre. Every Saturday, The Cherry Blossom Clinic puts things back in balance.
Avatar Sat. 3/8/14 5:56pm KP:

Let's go!
  Sat. 3/8/14 5:59pm Toby:

Is Oogie still alive? I though Uncle Floyd hung it up?
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