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All things avant-retard. A mixture of pop and avant-garde side by side, sometimes on top of one another. (Visit homepage.)

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Options December 2, 2013: Hello Again

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Paul Giovanni   The Wicker Man (Main Title)   Options The Wicker Man: The Original Soundtrack Album  0:00:00 ()
Matmos   Regicide   Options The Civil War  0:01:31 ()
Rufus Harley   Bagpipe Blues   Options Bagpipe Blues  0:04:18 ()
David Watson   Pneumatic   Options Skirl  0:06:40 ()
Francis Bebey   Tumu Pakara   Options Akwaaba  0:08:41 ()
Los Samplers   La Vida Es Llena De Cables   Options Let's Cha Cha w/ Tito Puente  0:12:27 ()
Tito Puente   Let's Cha Cha   Options Tito Puente & His Concert Orchestra  0:16:19 ()
Music behind DJ:
Alex Scorier  
Blowin' In The Wind   Options Scores!  0:18:24 ()
Rüdiger Carl   My Favorite Things (Jailhouse)   Options Book  0:23:48 ()
Misfit Toys   Alone Again Naturally   Options Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?  0:27:01 ()
Hannah Peel   Electricity   Options Rebox  0:31:20 ()
Klimperei   La Descente Dans Le Terrier Du Lapin   Options Alice Aux Pays Des Marveilles  0:33:58 ()
Robert LaFond and Michael Laverdiere   Here, There and Everywhere   Options Snoopy's Beatles Classiks On Toys  0:35:26 ()
Ergo Phizmiz   A Young Lady and her Cat https://vimeo.com/72720185   Options unreleased  0:38:20 ()
Pierre Bastien and Alexev Agui   M. De ReJouissance   Options Musique Cyrillique  0:40:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Ennio Morricone  
Main Theme (Questi Vent'Anni Miei)   Options Malamondo  0:44:40 ()
Meridian Brothers   El Jazz Del Chupasangres   Options Devocion  0:47:10 ()
Blanketship   SOS   Options Pleated Shorts  0:53:08 ()
Blanketship   Breaded   Options Pleated Shorts  0:54:44 ()
Dim Dim   Fucha Fucha (Tipsy Remix)   Options Kiwi  0:56:13 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:00pm People Like Us:

Good evening
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:00pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:01pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

....i mean, g'd evening...
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:01pm People Like Us:

You have to visit the island to find that out
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:01pm Mr. Lowry:

Welcome back! You were missed.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:01pm Zepelim:

Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:02pm Rich in Washington:

Welcome back, People Like Us!
Yay, radio!!
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:02pm Mike Harding:

Hello from Los Angeles
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:02pm People Like Us:

then they found me
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:02pm People Like Us:

hello again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/2/13 7:02pm Crankpaw:

cool this is happening
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:03pm People Like Us:

indeed HOORAY for RADIO
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:03pm Mike Harding:

I can do the first hour but then I have to go and buy some trousers
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:04pm Mike Harding:

and trousers have to come first, since i don't have any...
     Mon. 12/2/13 7:04pm 12539:

I think the last time I heard this show it was summer outside my window.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:05pm spodiodi:

  Mon. 12/2/13 7:05pm D J Wrongbell:

It's yesterday today in London!
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:05pm Óskar Jökull:

Hello and welcome back! We met briefly in Reykjavík last April. I was in a green WFMU shirt. Great to have you back on the air.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:05pm Rich in Washington:

Glad you're back on the air. DoDIY will certainly brighten up my Mondays. It's the home stretch of my workday, here on my side of the globe.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:06pm LovecraftDude888:

I just moved apts. and it was....hell. I have therefore escaped
the Slime People at old apt. in the nick of time.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:06pm self-vulkanizing victimhood:

Sheer torture, here at the public library with no sound on the computer and no headphones...only the playlist and comments section to piece together what it all might sound like. Hmmm, not half bad..
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/2/13 7:06pm Andrew Waterloo:

I think the last time I heard People Like Us live, it was live in Kitchener On.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/2/13 7:06pm northguineahills:

Woah, I was just listening to the Wickerman soundtrack before bed last night....
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:07pm spodiodi:

Carry Headphones, man. It's 2013!
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:07pm Mike Harding:

because I had to throw a pair away with a sensitive hole
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:07pm ranjit:

Hooray, you're back!

I'm listening in a Jamaican restaurant where there's loud Christmas Muzak on the radio. It's perfect.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:07pm People Like Us:

hello Iceland! Yes I remember
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:07pm Rich in Washington:

We should transcribe it for you in ASCII musical notation.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:08pm People Like Us:

Yes, I was on Doug's show in Kitchener - did a fill in on fmu in around May this year but before that it was my Radio Boredcast project thing
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:09pm in the weeds:

spodiodi: I left my headphone with my walkman back in 1996
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:09pm People Like Us:

very nice to see all of you popping up in comments
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:09pm Mike Harding:

and you can't wander around LA trouser less. oh no.
     Mon. 12/2/13 7:10pm 12539:

Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/2/13 7:10pm cklequ:

..... so glad this show is back on the air.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:10pm Whooda:

Rich in Washington: Yes ASCII or better yet, braille
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:10pm People Like Us:

you can
ha ha, briefly, ha
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:10pm spodiodi:

Whatever, Rockefeller. I used Tater Tots in 1996.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:11pm Mike Harding:

I don't like jokes about trousers. its no fun at all not having any
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:11pm LovecraftDude888:

I recall getting an actual hifi Sony Walkman for Chanukah
1988 and it was rad. cause it had actual EQ on it and bass boost. That was a step up.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:11pm spodiodi:

Skirtman, Mike?
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:12pm spodiodi:

actual EQ! *faints*
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:12pm Mike Harding:

Could work….
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:12pm gen ken:

Can't picture Mike Harding buying trousers, are you sure you are forgetting something?
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:12pm pig valley:

The only thing I stick in my ears are plugs to block out that dag-blamed rock music you kids play so loun on your hi-fi phonograhs.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:12pm People Like Us:

Hello Gen Ken :)
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:13pm spodiodi:

don't forget "that damned jungle music!"
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:13pm Mike Harding:

I last saw you for ten seconds in Brighton
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:13pm Rich in Washington:

I still have my first ever Sony Discman, from around '87. Really heavy and only portable in the sense that you could carry it. Completely unable to track while moving even slightly.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:13pm gen ken:

Hello People Like Us!
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:13pm Mr. Lowry:

I have a Senior Coconut cover of this!
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:14pm spodiodi:

People... you are my favorite multi-persona-dj-ista
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:14pm People Like Us:

this is Senor Coconut - Los Samplers is the same chap
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:14pm Upsidedown Mike:

Super great to have people like us!
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:14pm LovecraftDude888:

that Bug MUsic....I didn't own a Discman until the early 1990s and then wasn't that impressed with those. I switched to Minidiscs around 1997 or so late in the game...now they're sitting here gathering dust.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:15pm tim:

Do you have multi-personae?
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:16pm spodiodi:

All My Music Be Drive Bys
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:16pm Mr. Lowry:

Thanks. Googling Los Samplers now...
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:16pm Mike Harding:

Oh its only an hour long! I can hear the whole show THEN get my trousers! JOY!!!
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:16pm potty in my pant leg:

Yea, that's the noise I'm talking about: that jungle music and 'dem screamin' niggas! Whoa! what made me say that?!

My parents never decided on a proper name
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:16pm People Like Us:

who, me?
who, me?
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:17pm Faye:

I'm extremely extremely happy this show is back on the main schedule
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:17pm LovecraftDude888:

what type of trousers are you getting? I can never find like cool trousers on L.I....jeans yeah. Dockers aren't cutting it!
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:17pm People Like Us:

hello Faye!
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:17pm spodiodi:

People Like Us: any chance of hearing something by Stan Ridgway?
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:18pm Mike Harding:

They need to be light, confortable and have some pockets… #noteasy
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:18pm amEdeo:

!!!!! Welcome back!!! ☀☂☃☕✍✈✈✈૱ℇ➔➦➺☜⇑⇆➹#§♡✃
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:18pm gen ken:

Mike, you still have that thing in your pocket that lets you listen on the go so you can shop and listen at the same time?
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:18pm spodiodi:

I wish I could get a show on the WFMU (:-^B
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:18pm People Like Us:

Loook I'm typing and talking at the same time
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:19pm Mike Harding:

yes i do - karma wifi hotspot… bloody marvellous it is too
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:19pm spodiodi:

I HAVE broadcast before, AND am an ordained minister...
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:19pm amEdeo:

Impossible!!! Impressive! Outstanding!
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:19pm Faye:

  Mon. 12/2/13 7:19pm vince:

yES!! DO or DIY is BACK!!! Love ya'!
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:20pm spodiodi:

* P L U *
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:21pm tim:

Typing and Talking, a little known Dusty Springfield b-side.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:22pm Mike Harding:

There were bagpipes in the Hollywood Parade yesterday
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:22pm vince:

Ms Us, will these show 'pop-up' on the old podcast for iTunes?
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:23pm gen ken:

I have a killer version of Blowing in The Wind on a 8-Track called "It's NOTMe, Babe"
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:24pm People Like Us:

were they Scottish?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/2/13 7:24pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Sounding good. Glad to have you back in the lineup.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:24pm People Like Us:

yes, they will be podcast automatically, as far as I know
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:25pm spodiodi:

I cast all yer demons out! Hallelujah!!!
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:25pm People Like Us:

peoples, if you want this as a podcast there's a link just to the left of this column
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:25pm People Like Us:

I would like that 8 track version
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:26pm vince:

cool... thank you.
will listen to the rest later.. I'min the middle of "TheLovely Bones"!
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:26pm People Like Us:

I like Blob Dylan covers
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:27pm tim:

And Gilbert O'Sullivan... covers.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:27pm gen ken:

I like Bob Dylan covers too, especially instrumentals.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:27pm spodiodi:

i like anything Burt-Reynolds.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:28pm spodiodi:

esp cMars-Attacks era
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:28pm People Like Us:

there is a great Dylan mashup album too, by ToToM
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:29pm spodiodi:

  Mon. 12/2/13 7:30pm gen ken:

on 8-Track? (ha!)
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:30pm spodiodi:

Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:30pm People Like Us:

I like Blurt Reynolds too
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:30pm spodiodi:

Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:31pm spodiodi:

Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:31pm tim:

Dan August... high point of his (acting) career.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:31pm Mr. Lowry:

Do you have Burt Reynolds covering Dylan?
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:31pm spodiodi:

Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:32pm People Like Us:

OMDG! You mean
I COULD have him covering it but prefer Bugs Bunny covering the Beatles
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:34pm People Like Us:

it's the twinkle waltz section
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:34pm tim:

Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:35pm People Like Us:

ha ha
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:36pm tim:

Dan Fogelberg covered this song too. He retitled it "Longer" and sold millions.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:38pm Mike Harding:

What I really need are combat trousers without the khaki colouring i.e. plain
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/2/13 7:39pm cklequ:

I was sure the Legion of Rock Stars had at least one Dylan cover, but i can't find it in the list:


The Cracklin' Rosie cover is genius, though.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:39pm People Like Us:

will look at the links after, thanks
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:40pm People Like Us:

this is Ergo's kids
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:41pm Rich in Washington:

I love kid recordings. Seems to be a dwindling artform, though. Do children make crazy recordings anymore?
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:41pm People Like Us:

I should imagine so, yes - we just need napster again in order to find the unknowingly shared recordings on peoples computers
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:42pm Mr. Lowry:

Now days the kids are all twerping or something.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:42pm tim:

Kids grow up. I recommend pets.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:43pm People Like Us:

we have to go and chase the cat round the garden after this to get him in, he's waiting, sniggering
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:43pm tim:

See what I mean?
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:44pm People Like Us:

am surprised the neighbours don't call the police - chasing a furball round in the dark at 1am with a feather on a stick
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:45pm tim:

Expect a drone.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:45pm People Like Us:

delivering an amazon cat
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/2/13 7:46pm cklequ:

You should get a laser pointer. My cat hates everything in the world, but would follow that red dot into a furnace without realizing it.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:47pm People Like Us:

yes I have one of those
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:48pm People Like Us:

I love the Meridian Brothers, their music is so stupid
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:48pm People Like Us:

thanks for doing the boardop, Tim
I do the station ID at the end in case you were wondering
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:49pm Angela Genusa:

Welcome back, Vicki! So glad to hear you here again! <3
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:49pm People Like Us:

hi Angela!
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:50pm Mike Harding:

Ten minutes to trousers time...
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:50pm tim:

I previewed (pre-heard). All mod cons up in here. A pleasure to be back, and to have you back. And HAS IT BEEN TWO YEARS? (Answer: yes.)
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:50pm People Like Us:

ten minutes to chasing the cat time
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:51pm tim:

I wish I was wearing trousers.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:51pm People Like Us:

  Mon. 12/2/13 7:51pm Mike Harding:

What will happen to the cat?
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:51pm Rich in Washington:

Wow! This is really peculiar! I love it.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:52pm gen ken:

10 minutes to Blowing in the Wind time
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:52pm Mike Harding:

Haven't any of you got anything better to do?
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

the cat will run into a bush, and then another bush, then up a tree and then into the first bush again
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:53pm Rich in Washington:

Ten minutes to me getting in my car and driving home time.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:53pm tim:

Six minutes to Stochastic Hit Parade, w Bethany, also.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:53pm People Like Us:

indeed! Hurray!
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:54pm Mike Harding:

Combat trousers are very good for recording in… they don't rustle and have good pockets
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:55pm fleep:

Snail mail can be processed during ear massage.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/2/13 7:55pm Kat in Chicago:

It's so good to have you back!
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:55pm People Like Us:

yes, you can't be running across wasteland, jumping trenches, and your pocket falls off
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Mon. 12/2/13 7:56pm cklequ:

I forgot how fast this show flies by.
Glad you're back, Vicki.
  Mon. 12/2/13 7:56pm Mike Harding:

Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:56pm People Like Us:

yes it IS a fast hour
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/2/13 7:56pm davex:

Very interesting hour, Vicki! Looking forward to the next one...
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:57pm People Like Us:

yes glad to be back - thanks people for listening in - don't forget this is archived/a podcast if you want to hear it again
     Mon. 12/2/13 7:57pm 12539:

Thanks, Vicki.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:57pm Rich in Washington:

An hour is awfully short but it's packed full o' fun.
Thanks so much for making radio for us!
Glad we get to catch your show again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Mon. 12/2/13 7:58pm JakeGould:

I like this.
Avatar    Mon. 12/2/13 7:58pm People Like Us:

see you next week
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:59pm Mr. Lowry:

Good luck with the cat.
Avatar Mon. 12/2/13 7:59pm ranjit:

thank you Vicki!

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