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Music to slaughter livestock to; 5,000 factory farmers can't all be wrong. (Visit homepage.)

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Options October 3, 2013: Birthdays: Chubby Checker, Tommy Lee, Lindsay Buckingham, Ronnie Laws

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Prong  Steady Decline   Options 0:00:00 ()
Mala In Se  Time Lapse Photography of Decomposing Animals   Options 0:07:05 ()
Scum  Throw Up On You   Options 0:10:09 ()
Unkind  Olemisen Riemu   Options 0:13:30 ()
Hellacopters  Toys and Flavors   Options 0:18:26 ()
Blitzkrieg  Blitzkrieg   Options 0:21:40 ()
Trans Am  Outmoder   Options 0:24:57 ()
Bl'ast!  Only Time Will Tell   Options 0:35:34 ()
Huntress  Snow Witch   Options 0:40:53 ()
Kreator  Hordes of Chaos   Options 0:45:44 ()
Saxon  The Eagle Has Landed   Options 0:50:53 ()
Kylesa  Spiral Shadow   Options 1:01:06 ()
Carach Angren  The Funerary Dirge of A Violinist   Options 1:03:25 ()
Kadavar  Goddess of Dawn   Options 1:17:22 ()
Hammered Satin  Interstellar Lady   Options 1:20:55 ()
Priestess  Lay Down   Options 1:23:46 ()
Six Organs of Admittance  Even If You Knew   Options 1:26:54 ()
Cathode  Yielder   Options 1:32:34 ()
Youth Code  No Animal Escapes   Options 1:34:07 ()
Asbestos Rockpyle  Police State   Options 1:37:11 ()
Marina La Palma  mi Ni Parolas   Options 1:39:23 ()
Candiru  Wish I Woulda Killed You   Options 1:42:07 ()
Black Sabbath  Damaged Soul   Options 1:51:36 ()
Deep Purple  Into The Fire   Options 2:00:38 ()
Ludicra  One Thousand Wolves   Options 2:04:00 ()
Testament  The Persecuted Won't Forget   Options 2:08:47 ()
Voivod  Voivod   Options 2:14:31 ()
Coffins  Rotten Disciples   Options 2:18:45 ()
Atriarch  Altruist   Options 2:22:48 ()
Windhand  Heap Wolves   Options 2:28:35 ()
Svartsyn  Apocalyptic Prophecy   Options 2:33:55 ()
Carcass  1985   Options 2:38:20 ()
White Hills  OutWords   Options 2:43:30 ()
Blood Ceremony  Ballad of the Weird Sisters   Options 2:50:17 ()
Carcass  Captive Bolt Pistol   Options 2:56:35 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:08pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:09pm Andrew Waterloo:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:19pm Jim Devoid:

Das Velo Copterz!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:23pm Cecile:

Hocus Focus, I mean Blitzkreig.
  Thu. 10/3/13 12:24pm tim from champaign:

Ha! Folks are upset with Kuma's Ghost BC burger...http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-at-chicagos-kumas-is-newest-heavymetal-burger-tasty-or-tasteless-20131002,0,1453718.story
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:26pm Cecile:

It's so wrong, it's somehow right.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:26pm Mike East:

what's with all the pretzel buns? somebody's makin' a buck on that fad.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:26pm Diane Kamikaze:

Hallo All! Silent fundraiser happening and I'm putting together a great month of guests for October!! VAZ will be playing LIVE on Halloween, and that's just the beginning! Thanks for tuning in!!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:27pm Cecile:

oh, VAZ! Awesome.
Minneapolis misses VAZ.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:29pm Cecile:

I dunno, but St. Agnes Bakery in STP makes killer pretzel bread. You just want them to sell that crust by itself.
  Thu. 10/3/13 12:30pm tim from champaign:

Pretzel buns are great. They can keep the sloppiest of sandwich together and they are delicious. Mess you up bad!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:30pm joshS:

The drummer from Vaz is one of the best EVAH!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:34pm Cecile:

From Arch Enemy? And Spiritual Beggars?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:35pm Cecile:

oooh, I'm looking forward to a cute Scandinavian-accented English accent.

Right on, Diane!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:35pm Jim Devoid:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:37pm cthulhu:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:39pm InBrkly:

Did this need remixing? I think Grohl is just a wee bit self-important.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:41pm InBrkly:

Or maybe I don't hear the amazing nuanced difference because I'm listening to an internet stream over 10 dollar headphones.
  Thu. 10/3/13 12:43pm JC Mike:

It's been a while since I was able to make a pledge. Glad I was able to this time. Diane, your show is an essential part of my week and my life. Thank you.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:44pm Cecile:

Diane, what do you think of the feud that onetime guest Isaac Becker has with the lead singer from Huntress?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:45pm Diane Kamikaze:

What is this feud you speak of Cecile?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:45pm common:

so good to listen to the rock instead of shit about the government shutdown (which is on in the background where I work).
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:46pm chris:

Whatever it is, I side unapologetically with Jill Janus... for purely male reasons.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:48pm Cecile:

Not Isaac Becker, he's a chef in Mpls.
Aesop Becker? I gotta research quicklike.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:51pm Cecile:

Aesop Dekker!

"Aesop Dekker, drummer from Portland, Ore., folk-black metal titans Agalloch, has taunted the band mercilessly on Twitter, expressing sarcastic disappointment that its album is not called Fake Tits, False Metal."
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:52pm Cecile:

I like both bands quite a bit myself.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:52pm chris:

Ouch. That's pretty funny, though. :-)
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:53pm Cecile:

it is. hahahahahaha

Oh, it's Victim of Changes!
  Thu. 10/3/13 12:54pm ian:

InBrkly, speculation is that "BLOOD" was "remixed" (or possibly completely re-recorded) in order to get out from under a draconian SST contract situation.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:57pm glenn:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 12:57pm InBrkly:

ahh. I can believe that about SST.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:00pm chris:

I hate that I go into two hours of meetings every thursday during Diane's show. TGFArchives! Bye, lovely people. Thanks tons, Diane!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:04pm Cecile:

is this the "this war is terrible" band?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:05pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:08pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:09pm Cecile:

  Thu. 10/3/13 1:12pm ian:

pretty much, yes.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:13pm Cecile:

the best bad band in a while!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:18pm Cecile:

this, however, is a pretty good band!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:19pm Chris from DC:

Yes. Yes it is.
  Thu. 10/3/13 1:24pm ian:

wish these guys were heavier on the Sweet and lighter on the Darkness influence.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:27pm jljl:

Is the Isaak CD on Small Stone down there? The Priestess made me think of it.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:32pm Cecile:

this is wild.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:37pm common:

this is nice and evil!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:38pm Droll:

I had no idea they still made (good) industrial. Very Skinny Puppy.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:47pm InBrkly:

Yeah I was thinking maybe it was an OHGr side project but no.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:51pm common:

hee! the larch.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:54pm joshS:

HOw about just an instrumental album?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:55pm common:

i like what i've heard of the new sabbath...but the drums are too loud in the mix, i think.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:55pm Jim:

I see it's that time of year again
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:56pm Jim:

I am gonna try and get that heart next to my name..
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:57pm sinister dexter:

thanks for playing Anaal Nathrakh last week Diane ... i love them they rock so hard woohoo!!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:57pm InBrkly:

@common: Ward isn't on the kit.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:58pm common:

Thanks InBrkly. Didn't know.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:59pm Diane Kamikaze:

You always have a heart next to your name in my book, Jim! Nice avatar!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 1:59pm Cecile:

this is a pretty prime slice of Sabbath here.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:00pm Jim:

why thank you
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:00pm Diane Kamikaze:

Yes @sinDxt Anaal Nathrakh rule!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:01pm Jim:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:02pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

There are no excuses, even if they were Banh Mi & Bun salad, for my tarditute.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:03pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

Hey, Cincinnati kids Mala in Se! Right on DK.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:05pm Mike East:

What's a good Deep Purple record to get? I've been wanting to get started on them for a while. So many live albums.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:06pm Jim:

  Thu. 10/3/13 2:07pm ian:

Mike, my favorite is the MK II lineup, which started with In Rock, but really, everything between In Rock and Come Taste the Band is great.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:07pm Mike East:

thanks, Jim.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:08pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

Agreed on the Machinehead tip.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:09pm Mike East:

excellent. Much appreciated, guys.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:10pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:10pm Luna:

Death Angel next?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:11pm coe:

'ello folks.
Not very impressed with the Sabbath
  Thu. 10/3/13 2:12pm tim from champaign:

Before I looked at the playlist, I was wondering what band was out Metallica-ing Metallica. I now understand.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:13pm Jim:

No requests till yall pledge...
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:14pm Jim:

get that lil heart on
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

  Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm ian:

best song ever? best song ever.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm Jim:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm Jim:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm Luna:

Oh yeah....must pledge.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:15pm coe:

I wanted a slighty smaller 4 tour with Testament, Death Angel, Exodus and Overkill.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:16pm Luna:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:16pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

She loves us, she really really loves us!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:16pm coe:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:16pm Mike East:

Metallica had a studio booked here a week ago, but only Robert Trujillo showed up to jam on some bass. crew were nice dudes, though.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:16pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

that's right Coe.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:16pm Sean D. Daily:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:17pm cthulhu:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:17pm coe:

Trujillo was at the New Brunswick Lowes in NJ for the movie opening. I was thinking about going and getting my Infectious Grooves tape signed.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:19pm Chris from DC:

Much needed VOIVOID
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:19pm Chris from DC:

  Thu. 10/3/13 2:20pm ian:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:20pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:21pm common:

now you're cookin' with gas!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:21pm Chris from DC:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:21pm Luna:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:22pm Jim:

You should have gotten a copy of Encino Man signed,Coe
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:22pm Stevel:

Coffins just woke me up! Apparently, I'm at work.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:23pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

Voivod forced me to pledge too! Just a baby pledge, the real one comes next week.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:24pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

If only they knew the Canadian space thrash power violence boogying that goes on in this li'l cubicle...
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:25pm Diane Kamikaze:

You are all just wonderful!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:25pm ian_:

i have an avatar now and everything! whoo
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:28pm Jim:

Great show tonight at Coco 66..Phantom Warrior,Thoaat and ANTICHRIST (Sweden)
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:31pm coe:

@Jim HA! I totally forgot about that.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:32pm coe:

Windhand is better Sabbath then Sabbath.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:33pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

I LIKE like Windhand.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:35pm Jim:

I have to make like Rufus Thomas..Walkin The Dog
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:35pm coe:

Diane's cow is bobbing it's head
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:36pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

This is a fine howdya-do.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:37pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

This is what more cowbell sounds like
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:40pm common:

carcass wrote a song about my least favorite year?!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:40pm ian_:

gotta say i don't get WINDHAND at all
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:41pm Ken From Hyde Park:

How much more until WF the dog wags his tail?
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:43pm Green Mountain Man Mark:

Station manager Ken will just raise the goal on the DJs if they get close so early. I haven't made my pledge yet but I will. Right now I just have a chub. No heart on yet.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:43pm WKR-CP in Cincinnati:

Mr CP doesn't get Windhand either... I adore White Hills.
  Thu. 10/3/13 2:47pm zykloned:

hope to hear satyricon new album track
  Thu. 10/3/13 2:47pm Umut from Istanbul, Turkey:

Carcass, and white hills after that... I love your show, thank you.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:49pm Jim:

Carcass rules but I think that was only a minute long intro to the Lp
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:51pm Diane Kamikaze:

Yes! Teaser!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:51pm Cecile:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:51pm ian_:

totally digging the new BLOOD CEREMONY record though. this shit is epic.
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:52pm ian_:

Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:54pm Droll:

Flute solo, violin, anachronistic lyrics, and yet, not prog... I don't understand...
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:54pm Cecile:

Yes, I saw Anchorman again this weekend.
Hey, Aqualung!
Avatar Thu. 10/3/13 2:55pm Cecile:

It's more Steeleye Span than Gentle Giant.
  Thu. 10/3/13 2:55pm V Priceless:

I dig their sound, this B.C. - seems maybe they've been ferreting Tull/Fairport rekkids....hi Di.
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