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I play rhinoceros and psychedelic fork.

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Options June 25, 2013: Thom Jones (aka DDDJJJ666) fills in for Tony with an all-covers show

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Artist Track Album Label Year Approx. start time
Music behind DJ:
Sesamo Apritti/Coil 
Tainted Love   Options Tainted Love 12'       
Mary's Birthday  King Of The Road   Options Quite Contrary  Ultra Modern  1984   
The Fall  Black Monk Theme Part 1   Options Extricate  Cog Sinister  1990   
Laibach  Dig A Pony   Options Let It Be  Enigma  1988   
Mrs. Miller  Green Tambourine   Options Mrs. Miller Does Her Thing  Amaret  1968  0:16:40 ()
Crispy Ambulance  United   Options Fin  LTM  1985  0:18:51 ()
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  Hey Joe   Options Kicking Against the Pricks  Dutch East India  1986  0:24:05 ()
Bruce Springsteen  Dream Baby Dream   Options Bruce Springsteen/Suicide 10"  Blast First Petite  2008  0:27:37 ()
Slayer  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida   Options Less Than Zero Soundtrack  Def Jam  1985  0:34:22 ()
The Ukranians  Batyar   Options Pisni Iz The Smiths  Estate Eleven  2013  0:37:32 ()
Polyphonic Size  Mother's Little Helper   Options Mother's Little Helper  Enigma  1982  0:41:08 ()
Ezra And The Polka Dots  Eleanor Rigby   Options Dance, Sing And Swing With Ezra And The Polka Dots  Singca     0:44:14 ()
Einst├╝rzende Neubauten  Sand   Options Yu Gung 12"  Some Bizarre  1985  0:47:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Chipmunk Punk 
        0:51:19 ()
Barry Adamson/Anita Lane  These Boots Were Made For Walking   Options Delusion Soundtrack  Mute  1991  1:05:08 ()
Cardinal  Singing To The Sunshine   Options Cardinal  Flydaddy  1994  1:07:50 ()
Nouvelle Vague  Too Drunk To Fuck   Options Nouvelle Vague  Peacefrog  2004  1:10:23 ()
Grace Jones  She's Lost Control   Options Private Life 12"  Island  1980  1:12:38 ()
Simon Turner  The Prettiest Star   Options Simon Turner  UK Records  1973  1:18:26 ()
Butthole Surfers  The Hurdy Gurdy Man   Options The Hurdy Gurdy Man 12"  Rough Trade  1990  1:20:58 ()
Severed Heads  Strange Brew   Options The Big Bigot  Volition  1986  1:24:50 ()
Battalion Of Saints  The Ace Of Spades   Options Second Coming  Nutrons  1984  1:29:21 ()
Jody Grind  Paint It Black   Options One Step In  Transatlantic  1969  1:31:42 ()
Carmel  Willow Weep For Me   Options The Drum Is Everything  Metronome  1984  1:36:46 ()
X-TG  Mutterlein   Options Desertshore / The Final Report  Industrial  2012  1:39:20 ()
8 Eyed Spy  Diddy Wah Diddy   Options 8 Eyed Spy  Fetish  1981  1:43:39 ()
Clock DVA  Black Angels Death Song   Options Breakdown 12"  Polydor  1983  1:45:53 ()
Music behind DJ:
House Of Fun/Go Wild In The Country/Stand & Deliver   Options We're The Mini-Pops  K-Tel  1983  1:49:10 ()
The Modernaires  We Did It Again   Options We Did It Again 7"  Illuminated  1981  2:05:18 ()
Sleep Chamber  The Light Pours Out Ov Me   Options Sleep, Or Forever Hold Your Peace  Inner X    2:09:47 ()
This Mortal Coil  Strength Of Strings   Options Filligree & Shadow  4AD  1986  2:13:26 ()
Piece Of Wood  Horse With No Name   Options Piece Of Wood EP  private  1988  2:18:59 ()
Low Noise  Jungle Line   Options Jungle Line12"  Happy Birthday  1981  2:22:38 ()
The Damned  Help   Options New Rose EP  Stiff  1977  2:26:00 ()
Quantum  Gymnopedies #2   Options New World  private   1976  2:27:54 ()
Jah Wobble  Blueberry Hill   Options Betrayal  Virgin  1980  2:30:01 ()
Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Born To Run   Options Welcome To The Pleasure Dome  ZTT/Island  1984  2:34:13 ()
Propaganda  Sorry For Laughing   Options A Secret Wish  ZTT  1985  2:38:25 ()
Teddy and Darrel  These Boots Are Made For Walking   Options These Are The Hits You Silly Savage  Mira    2:41:31 ()
Wall Of Voodoo  Ring Of Fire   Options Ring Of Fire 12"  Index  1982  2:43:54 ()
The World Of Skin  I Want To Be Your Dog   Options The World Of Skin  Product Inc.  1988  2:46:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
Chipmunk Rock 
        2:50:24 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:46am DDDJJJ666:

I post in a comment field, therefore I am.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:49am texas scott:

I'm with ya DDDJJJ666.
If that's your REAL dj name!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:49am DDDJJJ666:

That's my real CHRISTIAN name.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 11:51am pacific standard simon:

And yet, you look strangely familiar...
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:52am DDDJJJ666:

Some say I look like Lux Interior and Nick Cave had a baby that then had its own baby with another baby.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:53am Tony Coulter:

Are there any goths in Soweto? They could use some.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:54am Tony Coulter:

Goth Soca, now there's some unexplored territory!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:56am DDDJJJ666:

Bon Matin, mon petit Woof-Mooers!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:58am DDDJJJ666:

BTW, all Tony Coulter comments today are me forgetting to type in DDDJJJ666.THE REAL TONY IS WAY DIFNERNT
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 11:59am DDDJJJ666:

Hi Doug.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:02pm Doug Schulkind:

Howdy DJ6X3!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:02pm Rich in Washington:

Hi hi hi, DDDJJJ666!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:03pm Rich in Washington:

Greetings, Doug!
  Tue. 6/25/13 12:03pm Ozzy:

Sweat? Cobain?! But I thought...Teen Spirit.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:03pm Rich in Washington:

I had Lux Interior sweat flung on me once and i considered not washing it off, ever.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:05pm DDDJJJ666:

The Earth's atmosphere is currently 1 part per thousand Lux Interior sweat. Much to the delight of my wife, Magnolia Bouvier.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:06pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

now there's a tune with balance.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:06pm DDDJJJ666:

Richozzy: Hellohello.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:06pm Uncle Michael:

hello from my car
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:07pm Rich in Washington:

that's what it is? No wonder it's so humid here at work. I also have this urge to chew the screen off of a microphone. Now I know why.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:07pm DDDJJJ666:

Smokie The Bear sez: DON'T TYPE AND DRIVE!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:09pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

best monks cover evah.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:09pm Rich in Washington:

This is my themesong for the day
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:09pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:10pm DDDJJJ666:

I consider this song an instruction manual for life.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:10pm DDDJJJ666:

I dedicate this song to my mortgage agent.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:11pm DDDJJJ666:

I can't wait to hear from Tony what Tad sweat tastes like.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:13pm Rich in Washington:

I heard MES has a gene that prevents cancer. Or naked mole rats. I can't remember.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:14pm DDDJJJ666:

If cancer goes too long untreated, it becomes naked mole rats.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:15pm DDDJJJ666:

I dig My Little Pony.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:15pm Rich in Washington:

I just image-searched Brix Smith and she's starting to look like Judy Dench
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:15pm Doug Schulkind:

Thom, I made your playlist "Live." Remember to click "Finish" when you're done!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:17pm DDDJJJ666:

I clicked it life at quarter of. Did that not work?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:17pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:19pm DDDJJJ666:

Judy Dench=HOT!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:20pm DDDJJJ666:

Best Throbbing Gristle cover evah!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:21pm pacific standard simon:

So, if all the "Tony Coulter"s are really YOU, who are all the "Doug Shulkind"s? My money is on Gaylord.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:22pm Tony Coulter:

I am everyone.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:22pm Tony Coulter:

Doug is the Egg Man.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:22pm still b/p:

I see on the home page that Mrs. Miller's singing Green Tambourine! And I jump aboard clickety-split! But too late, too late! And all is tears and desolation.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:23pm DDDJJJ666:

No comment is too late for DDDJJJ666. I will consider it retro.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:25pm pacific standard simon:

All the comments by me were written by my dog.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:26pm DDDJJJ666:

Oh, this gun? Um, I just couldn't find a hammer, and I need to nail something. Yeah, that's it.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:26pm DDDJJJ666:

This show is by and for dogs ONLY!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:27pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

dogdogdog! I have spoken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:27pm pacific standard simon's dog:

WOOF! (no moo)
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:27pm still b/p:

My listening was too late. I missed Mrs. Miller entirely. And it could have been...could have been...the best moment of the day. And I have no dog to console me.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:27pm DDDJJJ666:

Give The Drummer Radio is broadcast at a frequency that only dogs can hear, so, if you can hear this, go look in the mirror In the bathroom. Please don't speak.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:28pm DDDJJJ666:

Still: The archive will be up later today.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:29pm DDDJJJ666:

Maybe you didn't hear it because you're not a dog.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:29pm DDDJJJ666:

Wolves can also hear the stream.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 12:29pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

LATER, baby, later. There's a bird over there. Squirrel. Bird. Shadow.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:30pm DDDJJJ666:

Finally, The Boss commits Suicide.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:30pm pacific standard simon's dog:

...and dogs have no consolations to give; we have troubles of our own.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:31pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:32pm DDDJJJ666's wolf:

I'm sick of hipsters appropriating my image on ironic sweaters.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:34pm pacific standard simon:

Bruce, you dummy, I never smile in my dreams.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:35pm DDDJJJ666:

For Magnolia Bouvier (in Gordon Ramsay voice): your putting pillows in pillow cases business is FAILING.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:35pm Tony Coulter:

I vertical smile in my dreams.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:37pm DDDJJJ666:

RIP Jeff Hanneman. Spider bite, that IS a metal way to go.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:38pm DDDJJJ666:

I just consider Satanists a Catholic sect.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:38pm FUNKED UP:

Oh hang the DJ -
How are you DDDJJJ666?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:38pm pacific standard simon:

I'm afraid it was more mundane than that -- the follow-up was that he'd simply destroyed his liver with alcohol.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:39pm DDDJJJ666:

Sup, funked!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:40pm DDDJJJ666:

The Smiths are what got DJs into auto-erotic asphyxiation
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:41pm DDDJJJ666:

I heard his liver failed once it was full of baby spiders.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:41pm FUNKED UP:

I thought you liked sucking lemons!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:42pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Dang the he-J!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:42pm DDDJJJ666:

I'll suck anything put in front of me.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:45pm DDDJJJ666:

I keep my face in an old sock in the closet.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:45pm FUNKED UP:

is it Tom Jones - Eleanor Rigby - the lady eleanor - Eloise!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:46pm DDDJJJ666:

What ISN'T Tom Jones?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:47pm FUNKED UP:

was the Damned's Eloise a cover of someone's?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:48pm DDDJJJ666:

Barry Ryan did it in the 60's.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:49pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:50pm FUNKED UP:

gonna say - thought it was the Revolting Cocks's A fairytale Christmas!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 12:52pm FUNKED UP:

call me stupid but its blondie speeded up!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 12:52pm pacific standard simon's dog:

C'mere, ya little chipmunk chunk...
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:07pm DDDJJJ666:

Do all fairies wear boots that were made for walking?
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:07pm Rich in Washington:

I went for a walk and missed stuff.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:08pm DDDJJJ666:

Did you at least walk all over someone?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:09pm DDDJJJ666:

This is a cover of Mortimer. Go find a copy of Mortimer's album NOW! It's fucking great.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:11pm DDDJJJ666:

The only good Kennedy is a Jello.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:12pm Rich in Washington:

Hmmm. If you think about it, Jello Shooters is kind of an analog to Dead Kennedys.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:13pm Rich in Washington:

Maybe some of the Kennedy clan could start a band called that in revenge for the DK name
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:13pm DDDJJJ666:

Plus they have a real bitchy Biafter-taste.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:15pm Rich in Washington:

It's weird to see Jello morph into latter-day William Shatner
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:15pm DDDJJJ666:

The Deader Dead Kennedys.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:15pm DDDJJJ666:

Maybe he'll do an ironic cover of The Transformed Man.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:18pm DDDJJJ666:

I like that Grace actually loses control during the song.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 1:18pm pacific standard simon:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:19pm DDDJJJ666:

That happens to dogs.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:20pm DDDJJJ666:

No, this is neither Belle, nor Sebastien.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:21pm DDDJJJ666:

The only good Leslie is a rotating Leslie.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:24pm DDDJJJ666:

When I see the hurdy gurdy man, I run, because I have to escape the ren fair as soon as possible.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:26pm DDDJJJ666:

Severed Heads is, of course, an splinter project of the Attached Heads.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:26pm DDDJJJ666:

4 words: Bob and Doug McKenzie.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:28pm DDDJJJ666:

Does this song get played in the weird Ginger Baker rockumentary?
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:30pm Rich in Washington:

oh gawd, I used to own this album.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:30pm DDDJJJ666:

The Ace Of Base, The Ace Of Base.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:31pm Rich in Washington:

My favorite old school Motorhead song is the one that goes It's Obama, Obama.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:32pm DDDJJJ666:

Lemmy is a seer.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:33pm FUNKED UP:

Butthole's Sweetleaf best sabbath cover ever - Discuss?
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:33pm Rich in Washington:

Wendy O was a seer sucker
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:34pm DDDJJJ666:

Because she was a plasm addict.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:34pm DDDJJJ666:

Butthole's Sweetleaf: better than the original.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:34pm Rich in Washington:

the only thing I remember about Sweatloaf was being afraid Gibby was going to set the ceiling on fire during it and making sure I was near the exit.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:35pm DDDJJJ666:

Did you see them at the Crystal a few years ago?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:36pm FUNKED UP:

remember him setting his hands on fire - then I must have passed out from shock?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:36pm DDDJJJ666:

Average age in the mosh pit: 55
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:37pm DDDJJJ666:

Willow Weep For Me, my favorite song about a Buffy The Vampire Slayer character evah!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:37pm Rich in Washington:

I did not. I hate the Crystal, their management and their shitty soundsystem - although I heard it's better. Is this so?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:38pm Sigurdur:

333 only half evil
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:38pm FUNKED UP:

yeh there is this crazy footage on you tube of them doing loolapalooza in about 1988 - and during Blind man - the guitarist is really tripping out when gibby pick up a guitar and tries to play it and then everyone just loses it.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:39pm DDDJJJ666:

The BHS show at Crystal was totally good.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:40pm DDDJJJ666:

In the 80's, howe'er, the Buttholes were almost dangerous to see live.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:40pm Rich in Washington:

Cool! How many members? Paul, Gibby and whatshisname? I kind of wanted to go.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:41pm Rich in Washington:

I last saw the Buttholes in 94 or so and I was really disappointed. They seemed bored and listless.
Many fond memories of them in the 80s
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:41pm DDDJJJ666:

It was first line-up , so they only played early stuff, like the Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave etc. Amazing.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:41pm Sigurdur:

forsteden,,,,,,,, haha
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:42pm FUNKED UP:

the mosh pit is descended from sex pistols gigs in the uk when everyone was pogoeing. Next thing you know during the Hardcore years in the US (80-85) Henry Rollins is killing people during the gig and everyone is going there just to get hurt.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:42pm Rich in Washington:

Damn... Shoulda gone.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:43pm Rich in Washington:

Who is this singing on X-TG?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:43pm DDDJJJ666:

When I go to hardcore shows, I start a mock pit, which makes fun of the mosh pit.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:43pm DDDJJJ666:

Blixa Bargeld
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:43pm FUNKED UP:

this reminds me of Butthole's Kuntz!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:43pm Rich in Washington:

Ah, It's Blixa!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:44pm DDDJJJ666:

It's Lunch time!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:44pm FUNKED UP:

ah nothing beats the Captain's diddy wah diddy!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:44pm Sigurdur:

death wall
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:45pm DDDJJJ666:

Bo Diddley's, in fact. Cowritten with Willie Dixon.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:46pm DDDJJJ666's wolf:

Total death wall.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:46pm Rich in Washington:

Lydia now looks like everyone's looney aunt Lydia.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:46pm FUNKED UP:

yeh but gotta to hand it to Beefheart - surely the best ever blues interpreter - or cover artist!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:47pm DDDJJJ666:

I wish Brix Smith and Lydia Lunch would be a gay married couple.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:47pm DDDJJJ666:

Beefheart's reading is inspired.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:47pm Rich in Washington:

Oh, that reminds me 24.media.tumblr.com...
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:48pm FUNKED UP:

is Brix still married to Nigel Kennedy?
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:48pm Rich in Washington:

@DDDJJJ666: They were briefly in my head in the mid-nineties.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:49pm DDDJJJ666:

I NEED that Lunch Box. Jim Thirwell said the same thing once.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:50pm FUNKED UP:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:50pm DDDJJJ666:

Was she actually married toNigel? Does he still wear crystal earrings.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 1:53pm pacific standard simon's dog:

When the REAL Tony Coulter lets his hair down, everyone can climb the golden stairway to heaven.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 1:54pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Except me; I was banned for leaving a golden trail.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:55pm FUNKED UP:

They did it for the love of ska reggae rather than for the money - think they were both successful enough to adequately provide for all band members!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:55pm FUNKED UP:

or hairway to Tony!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:56pm Rich in Washington:

I wanna hear a supercut of DJs pronouncing Einsturzende Neubaten.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:57pm DDDJJJ666:

From my Mixcloud: www.mixcloud.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 1:58pm pacific standard simon's dog:

@Rich DJ Marathon premium!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 1:58pm Rich in Washington:

It started playing automajickally.
Ill have to listen to it later.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 1:59pm FUNKED UP:

D - did you ever get the 1980s hooked on series?
Great cheese - hooked on to no1s
and my favorite hooked on to metal.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:00pm FUNKED UP:

the real Kenny G - not the wfmu dj?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:01pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 2:01pm Rich in Washington:

My exwife made an album entitled 'Hooked on pulsing blood and money bag'.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:03pm FUNKED UP:

then there was the 1970s Top of the pops series of cover hits lp
One of them is rumored to be Elton John before he was famous!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:04pm pacific standard simon's dog:

uck-fay uck-fay uck-fay
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:05pm DDDJJJ666:

I'm hooked on a Captain.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:06pm FUNKED UP:

hey soft machine!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:06pm DDDJJJ666:

They did it again again.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:08pm FUNKED UP:

whats your favorite Nights in white satin cover
or even whiter shade of pale?
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:08pm pacific standard simon's dog:

It's like the lounge version of Flipper's "Sex Bomb"!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:09pm DDDJJJ666:

I feel like all post-Procol Harum music is just covers of Whiter Shade.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:10pm pacific standard simon's dog:

The wee-wee pours out of me.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:10pm DDDJJJ666:

Oh, and Dickies.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:11pm DDDJJJ666:

That's your light, Simon. Save it in a jar.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:11pm Sigurdur:

white is the shade of black,,,,,,
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:11pm DDDJJJ666:

Next to the one with your face by the door.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:12pm DDDJJJ666:

Whiter is the new black.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:13pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Let me tip all the fireflies out of this one...
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:14pm DDDJJJ666:

Pour your light out on someone you love.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:14pm DDDJJJ666:

Then say "this goes out to the one I love."
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:15pm DDDJJJ666:

4AD, the most pretentious year in history.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:16pm DDDJJJ666:

Gene Clark was weird.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:16pm DDDJJJ666:

And possibly wired.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:18pm DDDJJJ666:

See also my TRICKFUCKED Mixcloud from yesterday, a parade of songs with false endings, which includes the Carmel song from today IN A DIFFERENT CONTEXT.

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:21pm DDDJJJ666:

If I was in the desert on a horse with no name, I would name it like a hundred things, because I would be bored.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:21pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Where's Vanilla Fudge when we need them?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:22pm DDDJJJ666:

They melted in the desert.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:22pm DDDJJJ666:

The best la's in rock!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:23pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:23pm DDDJJJ666:

Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto...
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:24pm DDDJJJ666:

Richard Harris was once a man called Horse, does that help?
  Tue. 6/25/13 2:24pm Blue Collar:

Could Hard Workn' Man by the CaptainB be possible?
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:25pm DDDJJJ666:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:27pm DDDJJJ666:

Here's yer damned Damned!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:28pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:28pm DDDJJJ666:

Damned straight!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:29pm DDDJJJ666:

I'm a Gymnopedophile.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:30pm pacific standard simon's dog:

Work out, baby!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:31pm DDDJJJ666:

Jah Wobble re-appropriating his own PIL bassline!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:34pm DDDJJJ666:

Weebles Wobble, but they don't Jah down.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:35pm DDDJJJ666:

Franie, my dear, I don't give a damn.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:38pm DDDJJJ666:

Tramps like us were born to drink Mad Dog in alleys.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/25/13 2:38pm davex:

Good day one and all!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:39pm DDDJJJ666:

A Trevor Horn double shot!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:39pm DDDJJJ666:

Dood day, one.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:39pm DDDJJJ666:

Whatever Dood means.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:40pm pacific standard simon's dog:

I had one of my Sinatra dreams, last night: Frank and Dean showed up at my place, afterhours, and shmoozed around a bit, then went into the kitchen to look for a drink. I was looking for a bottle that wasn't vermouth, when Dean started vomiting on the floor. Frank and I helped him sit down and I woke up.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:41pm DDDJJJ666:

That was rat packed with action!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:45pm DDDJJJ666:

Remember, kids, don't go near rings of fire!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:48pm DDDJJJ666's wolf:

Now I wanna be Pacific Standard Simon's dog.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:50pm FUNKED UP:

now I wanna be your hog!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:50pm pacific standard simon:

My dog gets no action.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:51pm FUNKED UP:

thought that was the smurfs cover of Kink's village green for a second!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Tue. 6/25/13 2:52pm pacific standard simon:

She's got Ava Gardner's thighs.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 2:52pm Rich in Washington:

I once met man who collected Chipmunk and Weird Al records.
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:54pm FUNKED UP:

sounds like cocaine on the brain!
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 2:55pm Rich in Washington:

SHe's got two dead holes, all full of flies, because
Betty Davis died...
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:56pm FUNKED UP:

great show D - will have to check you at home - where are your regular broadcast shows! I am mainly looking at resurrecting Peel sessions etc. sort of 1979 -1989 period!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 2:58pm DDDJJJ666:

www.praradio.org. Mondays 4-6. Show is called Hipsters Suck.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Tue. 6/25/13 3:02pm Rick from SC:

Great show. Gotta love those covers.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 3:03pm Rich in Washington:

there's a guy on Radio 23 who's sort of a John Peel impersonator. Not his set lists, mind you. He just sort of impersonates John Peel.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 3:04pm Rich in Washington:

There's also a karaoke show by mentally disabled folks every wednesday.
Avatar    Tue. 6/25/13 3:04pm Rich in Washington:

thanks thanks thanks dddjjj666!!!
Avatar Tue. 6/25/13 3:04pm DDDJJJ666:

Oi boyz! Tanx!
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