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Freer, Formless.

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Options April 19, 2013

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Artist Track Approx. start time
The Inn Crowd  Love Story   Options 0:00:00 ()
Brenda (Nelson)  One Day at a Time   Options 0:05:32 ()
Christine (Charbonneau)  Toi que j'avais reconnu   Options 0:09:37 ()
Josephine Roberts / Matt Vincent  I Will Cry A Million Tears   Options 0:11:58 ()
Gordon Thomas (with the George Kelly Band)  It's So Nice of You   Options 0:15:05 ()
PLX 15  De Sterke   Options 0:22:53 ()
Rainbow Arabia  Silence Me   Options 0:25:59 ()
Afrika [JAPAN]  Dancin' for Money   Options 0:29:23 ()
Executive Slacks  Our Lady (Your Dub)   Options 0:34:20 ()
Holy Balm  One Only   Options 0:37:57 ()
The Love In - The Freak Out  Boy and Girl Number One [Side B]   Options 0:54:38 ()
Mohammad Rahim Khushnawaz   Sheikh Ahmad-e Jam   Options 1:10:15 ()
[Jean Jenkins Eritrean Tribe Field Recordings]  Untitled 05   Options 1:13:47 ()
Henri Pierre Noel  Diskette   Options 1:16:54 ()
The Amar Bros.  Hoojie   Options 1:22:35 ()
Idoli  Poslednij dani   Options 1:28:39 ()
Milmascaras  French TV   Options 1:32:19 ()
Live Skull  Houseboy   Options 1:34:47 ()
Srch Party  Bear Attack   Options 1:37:59 ()
Zodiac  The Mysterious Galaxy   Options 1:44:41 ()
Orca Team  And She Knows   Options 1:50:46 ()
The Carol Antrom Ensemble  New Life   Options 1:59:55 ()
His [Pacific Christian College]  He's There Waiting   Options 2:04:01 ()
The Inn Crowd  Evil Ways   Options 2:06:50 ()
Boogat (ft. Radio Radio)  12 Wow   Options 2:12:32 ()
Grupo Ismaelillo  Amanecer   Options 2:16:14 ()
Trisha Bluewater  Give Me What You Need   Options 2:29:35 ()
Namdziliin Norovbanzad  Bor Bor Byalzuuxai   Options 2:33:21 ()
Shi Shenyan & Shi Shunling  Love Song   Options 2:36:14 ()
Oscar Sulley  Wahala Goes To Lagos   Options 2:38:48 ()
Mildred E. Strang Middle School Chorus  Eve's Love Song   Options 2:50:02 ()
Linda Lane (voc.) [lyrics by Virginia Runner]  Oh, Lord, Help Them To Pray   Options 2:53:02 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:04am Jason Elbogen:

Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:04am ausmanx:

in australia, it would be VERY sensible to pronounce it your way rather than El Bogan, J... as you'll see here... www.urbandictionary.com... good evening from sydney
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:07am hamburger:

Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:33am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Love UrabanDictionary!
- 'Bogans' down under! Here in smalltown North New England U.S.A., wonder what term to use exactly: 'Rednecks' is from farmers w/ sunburned necks - kinda Southern (U.S.) - ? I use 'Hillbillies' but that is by rights Southern Appalachian - even a positive in terms of roots music & such, implies an actual Culture - so not here exactly...'Trailer Trash' I'm told is MidWestern...
- There's 'Woodchucks' - which is appropriate in regional terms - but that kinda calls to mind oldtimey New England farmers to me - & that's kewl - not whom I'm trying to slur really...Good old 'White Trash' may be broad enuff geographically...There's 'WalMartians' for Walmart habitu├ęs specifically...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:34am Jason Elbogen:

As 'THE' Bogan, I gotta say I'm a little offended!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:39am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...I figure I'm from a place - & kinda one of 'em - I can say anything I want! (I'm 'failure to launch' myself as far as ever living anywhere 'urban'.) I've never lived anywhere they don't talk trash about the locals. They do get a little defensive about it though here smalltown N. NewEngland - hits some kinda nerve, I think...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:43am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Very dancey beat this week?
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:44am Jason Elbogen:

You know me! One set=Danceybeat, Nextset=Nobeat.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:44am ausmanx:

but they made a tv series about you! www.sbs.com.au... yes, it's a completely urban term, rabbit. and Holy Balm are my neighbours, DJ !!!!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:52am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

BoganPride looks like 'Hairspray' - ! (John Waters' about very early 60's Baltimore?)
- 'Dancey' not a complaint as such! I'm in New Hampshire ('smalltown' kinda redundant): Woodchucks can hear & are practicing their moves...
  Fri. 4/19/13 6:53am B/wad:

Hey Jason, great set.
For what it's worth, I always read your name el-BO-gen until I heard you say it on air, and still is sounds more natural to me. I wonder if maybe your aversion to that pronunciation comes from a felt proximity to words like Bogey, but I wouldn't worry about it.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 6:59am ausmanx:

the show could do with a little John Waters, i'm afraid. yeah, it's a weird Urban Dictionary entry in that they don't stress that it's just in Australia, but the outer west refers to Melbourne and Sydney suburbs. i am amused that wiki suggests links to a Manx word, which has to be pure bollocks
  Fri. 4/19/13 7:00am jay inthe woods:

Don't know if this will help with the song, but what the hell. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-423581.html
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:07am hamburger:

what is so funny?
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:09am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Fwaarrrr - ! :
...Nice turntable...Stereo Porn.
- Zappa kinda got his start making a naughty soundtrack & got busted for it if you read his story ('The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play' is maybe the smartest & longest Rock book I've read, & I'd've been happy w/ more).
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:13am Jason Elbogen:

info about The Love In - Freak Out LP if you're interested:
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:14am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...funny - I don't smoke but I feel like a cigarette now...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:17am ausmanx:

this is excellent relief from the awful japanese karaoke i'm subtitling tonight...
  Fri. 4/19/13 7:24am bruno angelface:

great sounds, loving it. greetings from saarland, germany.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:57am northguineahills:

Hey, I moved to Brooklyn 13 years ago.
  Fri. 4/19/13 7:58am thedunkel:

Hear ya!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:58am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'self-congratulatory' on-air speech corrector
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 7:59am stingy d:

i moved to brooklyn 13 years ago too! hating brooklyn is regular.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:00am stingy d:

queens. my dad.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:01am ausmanx:

hey, i'm not european! but it's always amusing when districts are being humiliated. sydney's full of places like brooklyn!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:03am northguineahills:

Well, there's a reason I've moved away from from Bedford (although originally I lived in Bed-Stuy). I'd move again, but I have a decent deal w/ my rent. I used to work for years in Lefrak City (Corona Queens). That was a fun bus ride.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:09am stingy d:

i live a very, how do you say.... "freeform" life. so when annoying brooklyn is going to work, i'm doin some hardbody cold coolin with my dog that i love. then we go on long walks and its quiet still. then i take my time to do whatever i gotta do. life is what you make it. be frustrated if you gotta be. but its not gonna help anything.

i highly recommend 'the comedy' a very upsetting movie with tim or eric of tim & eric fame. thats the brooklyn i hate. and its not brooklyn, but it is an element.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:14am stingy d:

i have no trust fund. i have no savings. i don't even have a bank account. so- hold that thought, you.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:19am Jason Elbogen:

Are you from Brooklyn or did you move there?
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:20am Cheri Pi:

Hey yous!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:20am stingy d:

moved. from upstate new york
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:24am stingy d:

i guess i should have not said all that shit up there. happy to take it all back except the movie recommendation.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:24am Cheri Pi:

J'elbo- you can say anything to me if you say it with "kerfuffle."
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:29am stingy d:

fLuffle i think.

POS VIBES, bogey! i think you are talking about a cross section of society. but to just call that brooklyn, is a little off. obviously queens is the most culturallly diverse place on planet earth. so... anyway. YO LETS ARGUE
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:32am Cheri Pi:

Even Ohioans don't like Brooklyn. It's a good place to park our big cars and find the subway...no offense I say this in the nicest way.
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:32am Stevie Hawkins:

The upsetting thing about bk is that the population and businesses are being rapidly replaced/ pushed out / out priced / out rented - hello Connecticut muffin on myrtle ave - it's going the way of soho , the village , les , jc , etc - the true hold outs are bx , qns and inwood - hopefully bk won't have a chain coffee pits and atms on every corner - although some neighborhoods have gone that way
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:32am Stevie Hawkins:

The upsetting thing about bk is that the population and businesses are being rapidly replaced/ pushed out / out priced / out rented - hello Connecticut muffin on myrtle ave - it's going the way of soho , the village , les , jc , etc - the true hold outs are bx , qns and inwood - hopefully bk won't have a chain coffee pits and atms on every corner - although some neighborhoods have gone that way
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:35am northguineahills:

I had to leave Bed-Stuy in the early 2000s b/c I was the only non person that didn't grow up there, and I kept on getting jumped and mugged. So, I relocated to east of W'burg, and north Bushwick. Now I'm more in Bushwick proper. My block is a mix of 1/3 hipsters, and 2/3 ecuadorians, mexicans, and dominicans.
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:35am Rev. Turnip Druid:

As a surviving relic of Marion Barry-era DC, it's clear that the Williamsburg Pattern is happening nearly everywhere. 'cept maybe Detroit, but give that one some time...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:36am fred:

Good morning Jason. You sure know how to get me to comment
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:37am Rev. Turnip Druid:

But 'tis true, visiting friends in mid-80s bkln was indeed another world vs modern times.
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:38am anne:

in BK we lived in an orthodox Jewish community within a larger Caribbean-American and African-American community. within our bldg, downstairs was a French-speaking Indian couple from the Mauritius Islands, and upstairs was Puerto Rican and St Lucian couple. we ourselves are Greek-American and Taiwanese-American. it was an engaging awesome place to live, noisy and a mess sometimes. but I was a mile walk from Prospect Park, BK library and Brooklyn Botanic. and easy access to eating on Church Ave. lived in Qns too. miss NYC.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:38am maestroso:

Ah...um.. that was beautiful (Namdziliin).
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:39am Cheri Pi:

My friends bestie was brutally raped and murdered in Bed-Stuy probably around 2000. I'm wary of that place.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:41am stingy d:

and with that... lets talk about oscar sulley.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:42am Cheri Pi:

what Stingy said...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:43am fred:

@maestroso: if you liked it, there's more (of varying quality) here: mongolianmusic.blogspot.fr...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:43am ausmanx:

hey fred, good evening... what's happening with Belleville?
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:44am stingy d:

how do you pronounce it? where is he from? what year was this record made? what is wahala anyway? lagos- is that west africa? isn't oscar a pretty terrific name?
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:46am fred:

@ausmanx: I don't go there much these days, it's Sonic Protest time, so my schedule is full
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:48am stingy d:

just let it go
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:49am common:

rubix cubes and kiss records. kids.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:54am northguineahills:

Good tunes, good vibes!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:56am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...reminded of show Irwin just had Wed. interviewing author about the history of Greenwich Village.
- Anything I can learn from y'all here (CommentsBoards) about the Urban Reality is good - more than I knew before...
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:56am ausmanx:

hey guinea, good timing with that comment... "satan exists to devour their souls", now that's what i call good vibes! i'm favouriting this one, for sure!
  Fri. 4/19/13 8:57am common:

LOVE that positive message from the insane right.
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:58am northguineahills:

I noticed that too, ausmanx, lol!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 8:58am Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx as ever for help w/ wakey wakey - JE & FMU!
Avatar Fri. 4/19/13 9:06am maestroso:

@Fred - thanks for the link, saw your comment too late to respond.
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