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Quiet countenance, courageous compass. Girlish charm and boyish good looks! Off-kilter pop punk-tuated with mixed media.

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Options March 14, 2013: Hello to Yo La Tengo LIVE from Berlin!

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Hello Children Premium Mini-Comic Preview!

Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
advantage Lucy  Kaze ni Azukete   Options        
Woo  It's Cosy Inside   Options It's Cosy Inside  Yoga Records/ Drag City    WIN THIS LP! Pledge @ 800 989 9368 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Dig a Pony   Options Beatles       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  I Heard It Through The Grapevine   Options Marvin Gaye      Send YLT YOUR requests! $100 pledge or more gets YOU a lovely song broadcast just for you (& us) 800-989-9368 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Not Given Lightly   Options Chris Knox       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Psycho   Options Sonics       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  I Wanna Hold Your Hand   Options Beatles       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  You Make Me Feel Like Dancing   Options Leo Sayer       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Life Begins at the Hop   Options XTC       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  I'll Come Running to Tie Your Shoes   Options Eno & The Winkies       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Better Things   Options Kinks       
Allo Darlin'  Europe   Options Europe  Slumberland  2012  WIN THIS CD! Pledge Pledge $15 or more to WFMU at 800 989 9368! 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  You and Your Sister   Options Chris Bell      Send YLT YOUR requests! $100 pledge or more gets YOU a lovely song broadcast just for you (& us) 800-989-9368 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  La Grange   Options ZZ Top       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!    Hypnolovewheel       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Venus in Furs   Options Velvet Underground       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Godzilla   Options Blue Öyster Cult       
Music behind DJ:
Comet Gain 
An Arcade From the Warm Rain That Falls   Options Howl of the Lonely Crowd  What's Your Rupture?    WIN THIS LP! Pledge Pledge $15 or more to WFMU at 800 989 9368! 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Ridin' in My Car   Options NRBQ       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  I'd Love to Change the World   Options Ten Years After      Alvin Lee, R.I.P. 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  The Israelites (or is it Intensified?)   Options Desmond Dekker       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Acid Police   Options Boredoms       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  "Heroes"   Options David Bowie       
Galaxie 500  Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Peel Session)   Options Peel Sessions  20 20 20    WIN THIS DVD! Pledge Pledge $15 or more to WFMU at 800 989 9368! 
Boomgates  Any Excuse   Options Double Natural  Bedroom Suck  2012   
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight   Options Richard and Linda Thompson       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  This Time Tomorrow   Options Kinks       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Thank the Lord For the Night Time   Options Neil Diamond       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Ruby Baby   Options Dion       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Disguises   Options The Who       
The Clean  Oddity   Options Oddities  Five-Four-O    WIN THIS 2LP! Pledge Pledge $15 or more to WFMU at 800 989 9368! 
Yo La Tengo (not live)  Cornelia and Jane   Options Fade  Matador  2013  WIN THIS CD! Pledge Pledge $15 or more to WFMU at 800 989 9368! 
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Pink Turns to Blue   Options Hüsker Dü       
Yo La Tengo LIVE!  Yoo Doo Right (Medley)   Options Can       

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/14/13 9:07am 12539:

Go Faye (& Gaylord)!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:08am Andy M.:

Can't wait to hear Yo La Tengo play listener requests for pledges!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:08am Ken From Hyde Park:

Line up the children to watch the video feed today!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:08am MD:

Helio Berlin ...Do you copy???
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:08am Joe Posner:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:09am Mike East:

gorgeous animation.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:10am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:10am MD:

Good Morning Faye and Gaylord! May the power of the Rock be with you both!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:10am Ken From Hyde Park:

Zats....not thinking clearly. No video feed today. I'm thinking of YLT on Pseu's show when they were in the studio.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:11am Faye:

HELLO EVERYONE! Good morning to you!! Ready for some YLT action?!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:11am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:12am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:12am MD:

  Thu. 3/14/13 9:12am Herminio Gomez:

What a great morning, listening to Yo La Tengo at WFMU for the 7th consecutive year! Greetings from Natal/Brazil!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:13am HEAT:

YAYYYY!!!!!! I am really looking forward to this show
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:13am Sigurdur:

Hello natal BraZil
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:14am Cheri Pi:

Ready, willing and able!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:14am nickybones:

Killer animations, Faye!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:15am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I like the animated GIFs!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:15am glenn:

happy pi day, cheri pi.
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:15am Arne:

I heard YLT live last night in Berlin! They were in splendid form!! If I hadn't pledged myself silly already in this year's marathon, I'd keep on giving....
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:15am Sigurdur:

Jerkoffs !! hehehehe
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:16am Faye:

glad to hear the animation love!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:16am MD:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:16am Dan B From Upstate:

We heard nosink! NOSINK!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:16am MD:

SOUNDIN' GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:17am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Present yet still unaccounted for.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:17am sFrances from VA:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:18am Chris M.:

i think it actually sounds better than usual?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:18am Stevel:

Is there a Facebook post to share? Already retweeting.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:19am Gaylord Fields:

I dig a phonee pledge to WFMU!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:20am Sigurdur:

Ok a small 420... like 1320
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:21am DCE:

Faye, you've outdone yourself with that gif! and by getting YLT in the studio as well!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:21am Gaylord Fields:

Isn't Faye's YLT gif an artifact of rare and shimmering beauty?!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:22am Van in DC:

Oooh! More animation, great :) Good morning Faye!
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:22am neil d:

I want a t-shirt of that GIF. They can make animated t-shirts now, right?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:22am Sigurdur:

ring ring ring
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:22am sb:

not given lightly = beautiful cover! thanks pledger & ylt!
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:23am Ahmad:

Holy shit Not Given Lightly!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:24am Sigurdur:

Asaalam maleekum
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:24am Ahmad:

I'd pay $1000 to hear them do all of Beat if I had it.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:24am doca:

lovely gifs, faye. i wish i had hundred bucks to contribute to a song.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:25am pezonik:

I love the gif(t)!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:25am Cheri Pi Day!!!:

OMG it's Pi day!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:25am nickybones:

This is already the best morning of my life.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:26am HEAT:

this is one of the best mornings ever!!! hell yeah YO LA TENGO!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:26am Skirkie:

That gif is the best gif.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:26am Gaylord Fields:

$100 or more gets you in the game!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:26am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Salut, Pi!
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:26am Lou:

i thought pi day was july 22?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:27am Sigurdur:

Life caN SDhor BE cRazzzyii
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:27am Scott W:

Faye! That animation! Unbelievable, looooove it
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:27am glenn:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:27am EzSezz:

Guten tag YLT, Faye and Gaylord.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:27am HEAT:

@nickybones Yessss!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:28am glenn:

and gluten tag, also.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:28am Ken From Hyde Park:

July 22 (22/7) is Pi Approximation Day.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:28am pierre:

Bonjour Faye, Gaylord, listeners !

Happy Pi day, Cheri !
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:29am Sigurdur:

Bonner pierre.... why NOt
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:29am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Behold the Mega Cephalopod!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:29am Cheri Pi:

LOL KFHP...Pi- ierre!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:30am Scott McDowell:

Wait... so you're telling me that I can get a song played by YO LA TENGO ... AND I can win prizes, too?!? Say it ain't so.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:30am Cheri Pi:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:31am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Peace be with y'all!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:31am pierre:

(still living the shame of not having my heart next to my name…)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:31am Sigurdur:

Rent, a day of giving.... hmmm sounds family
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:31am sFrances from VA:

*I'm so torn* YLT is one of my all time favorite bands, but The Dusty Show w/Clay Pigeon is what got me into WFMU so I've been holding out my hefty pledge for this evening.....arrrrrrrrrrgh. I can't afford 2 hefty pledges just because I'd love to hear YLT cover anything by Superchunk......
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:31am guido:

U are the best noise I've heard in Berlin!
and for advertising WFMU marathon
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:32am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

I should go to bed but must keep listening and hoping YLT play my song. It's just after midnight in Sydney.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:32am Rev. Turnip Druid:

By the way, sorry for the false alarm. That white smoke was just me. Had Garrison leftovers on the BBQ.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:32am Sigurdur:

  Thu. 3/14/13 9:33am StillNotSureWhatDylansTarantulaMeans:

...3.14159...26535...8979...beentoolong...Cardinals have decided - it's: YLT from Germany - ! > : D
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:33am Cheri Pi:

save me a thighbone?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:34am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Already cored 'em out for trumpets, just awaiting gilded highlights.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:34am Scott McDowell:

Pierre, we all know where your heart is.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:35am nickybones:

Great minds, @HEAT!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:36am Van in DC:

Is there a Sax player in the YLT house?
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:36am josh:

i have never noticed quite how much like christopher walken gaylord sounds.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:36am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Someone pledge the Pi amount!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:36am Sigurdur:

Silly, BILLY. Celina,,,,,,,,,, freaKING BEATIFUL
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:37am Scott McDowell:

3 dollars?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:38am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:38am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

I understand, hopefully you threw Garrison's eyes into Pi-erre's tank for a treat.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:38am Van in DC:

Y3K! Y3K! Yay!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:39am Sigurdur:

maGDALENA 2902
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:39am pierre:

@ Scott : thanks Scott. It will be done by the end of the week though !
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:40am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:42am XPat of Leche de Noche:

how the hell does he know all those ridiculous Beatles chords?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:43am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Fruity Woebegon Nibbles™ ... Keeps your demon octopus in a peppy bloodthirsty rage while the world swoons in fear. Now available in Car Talk Crunch flavor.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:43am sFrances from VA:

Woohoo! Thank you WFMU volunteer for walking me through how to split my donation to get a YLT song *and* donate during The Dusty Show this evening!! WOOT!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:44am Rev. Turnip Druid:

"I have no idea what the hell I'm saying."
-Rev. TD
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:44am Gaylord Fields:

Wir gehst?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:44am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:45am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Comes with a handy tote bag, just perfect for feeding your octopus from the cliff of your favorite Isthmus.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:45am XPat of Leche de Noche:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:45am XPat of Leche de Noche:

nice name Pi...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:46am Sigurdur:

  Thu. 3/14/13 9:46am Laura:

YLT, thanks for playing our request!!! (Not Given Lightly for me and my hubby Ralph!!!)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:46am Rev. Turnip Druid:

Cheers for the [early] XTC. Fine choice.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:46am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Thanks Missing Clown Foundation!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:47am Rev. Turnip Druid:

How many songs does eno?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:48am Bank Rob:

Just made a pledge request. Hope it's not already too late. Also hope I can get the chance to listen while I'm at work!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:50am Sigurdur:

i KINDA have 2 visit an oLD house In Reykjavik..... be back son
  Thu. 3/14/13 9:51am PleasePleasePleaseLetMeGetWhatIWant:

Oh please play "Little Eyes"!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:52am Jennique:

Can I request that Yo La Tengo play Heroes, sung in German?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:53am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

YLT Marathon was my gateway show.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:55am Andrea on the M62:

Hi all. Really enjoying the set. Quick question - my gateway to WFMU was someone called Black Ops...is he still going?!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:55am rsj:

i'm all pledged out, but would love to hear them do "RAW"
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:56am MD:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:56am Rev. Turnip Druid:

jeez, this conversation has me puzzling over what my gateway FMU show was... Stork or Tony Coulter. TC was on in '97, no?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:57am Van in DC:

Son of a gun, it really IS "Pi Day". Who knew?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:57am sFrances from VA:

(that's right, i'm the Frances from Richmond,VA that just donated for a request)

Saving the rest of my donation for my Gateway Show as planned: The Dusty Show with Clay Pigeon at 6pm!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:57am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

You're making me hungry!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:58am MD:

My gate way show was....LOFI with WM Berger!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 9:58am Jennique:

Gateway show: This is the Modern World with Trouble.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:00am Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Joe Frank!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:00am pierre:

gateway show : Scott Williams (I think)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:01am Van in DC:

Gateway show: Dark Night of the Soul with Julie. Was doing a search for "Toyah" and it led me to her show. IEYA!!!!! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:02am Andrew Waterloo:

Gateway show: Fabio
the show that made me a regular listener: Too Much Information
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:02am rsj:

pre-kid trouble. or that old buddist dude, that was a blast
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:02am glenn:

mine was either meghan or michael shelley.
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:03am Ralphine:

The first incarnation of Thunk Tank.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:03am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

It never ceases to amaze me how strong the accents of Australian women are... and when I think about famous Australian male singers, they are often born in places other than Australia (eg Brian Johnson from AC/DC and Jimmy Barnes).
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:03am glenn:

it was definitely the yo la tengo website that led me to wfmu.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:05am Van in DC:

I mean, Angels & Demons forever. Right? I'm sure Chris Limb would back me on that :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:05am orzo:

how can I ask to Yo la Tengo? Can we try Interpol's "leif Erikson"?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:07am Gaylord Fields:

My gateway show was Frank O'Toole.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:07am EzSezz:

My gateway: The hand-off from Ken to Kenny G.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:08am fred:

My gateway show was Cherry Blossom Clinic
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:08am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

<3 Big Star covers.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:09am Gaylord Fields:

@orzo: Pledge money to WFMU on this site. Click on the dog-cow banner in the upper left of this page and make a pledge of $100 US and write in your song request in the comments field.
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:10am Rick in WO Town:

Chris Bell is a great choice.

Evan Funk Davies was my gateway.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:10am glenn:

z.z. tengo!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:11am pierre:

Yo La Z.Z. !!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:11am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:11am tim from champaign:

Endless Boogie is back?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:11am sFrances from VA:

holy shit zztop never sounded better!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:11am rai:

a surprisingly dedicated and awesome cover of La Grange
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:11am Van in DC:

but..but..I want to hear Candy Clouds Part 2. Kind of hard without a sax :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:12am Dave B:

So, if I kick a C-note I could ask them to play Rush "Fly By Night"?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:12am XPat of Leche de Noche:

quality zz top cover!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:13am Dan B From Upstate:

This La Grange cover is amazing. Big ol grin on my face!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:13am Glenn M:

wish i saved my bucks so i could request some STYX
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:14am nickybones:

@Dave B, that'd be amazing.
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:14am neil d:

Greasy Kid Stuff was my gateway show (hi, H&B!), followed quickly by whoever was on right afterwards on Saturdays. (Radio Thrift Shop and, um, something?)
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:15am Rocky:

Dave B: go for it (tho the vocals might be an octave or two lower)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:15am Oh Yes:

Urgh, I missed the first hour because I thought the time difference was 6 hours and somehow it's just 5 hours now :(
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:15am glenn:

would 100$ be worth being shunned forever?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:16am doca:

@Oh Yes: US is in daylight saving time. oh at least most of it
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:16am Vivian:

I missed the first hour! Please tell me this show will be archived..
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:16am Oh Yes:

@glenn, I think 100$ is a pretty reasonable price for being shunned forever!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:16am aadam:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:16am Ike:

@Oh Yes, I warned you overseas folks last Fri. morning in the comments. Should've tuned in throughout the week and you would've noticed!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:17am doca:

if i could pledge a hundred thousand dollars right now i certainly would.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:17am Cal Zone!:

Fantastic Set, YLT! Maybe the best, ever!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:18am hamburger:

Is anybody bootleggin this?! :))
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:18am Nate:

Thumbs up to whoever requested Hypnolovewheel
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:19am Dave B:

the fix is in!

I dunno what my gateway show was, but like Art Linkletter said it lead me to harder stuff on the station.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:19am Gaylord Fields:

Yo La Tengo requests that these shows not be archived.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:19am tomasz.:

i'm unexpectedly at work and i missed the "You And You Sister" cover, eurghghghghghghhh
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:19am Dan B From Upstate:

  Thu. 3/14/13 10:20am rai:

GODZILLA! oh shi
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:20am Peanut Gallery:

Wading through the buildings!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:20am mrmucho:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:20am XPat of Leche de Noche:

my gateway was Ken right in the middle of a marathon. He was hollering his head off.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:20am nickybones:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:20am glenn:

blue oyster vult? i like that.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:21am sFrances from VA:

SOOOO great & thank you to whomever requested GODZILLA!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:21am TV's WFMU Listener 8442:

BOC was an inspired choice!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:21am Titus in GA:

  Thu. 3/14/13 10:21am baconfat:

i really hope someone requested kraftwerk. that would only be appropriate. or some hasselhoff at least.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:21am hamburger:

ou.. fair enough!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:21am sugarwolf:

I am not sure what my gateway shows were, but I remember listening to Trouble & Irwin back in the 90s
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:22am Sigurdur:

Hi all just cumming BACK
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:23am sugarwolf:

Gaylord is my dessert gateway
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:23am Greg from Bloomfield:

No WAY did I miss "Not Given Lightly." I'm gonna smash everything.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:24am Sigurdur:

LA ur Y
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:26am sarah:

yay! YO LA TENGO! that .gif rules!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:27am BadGuyZero:

Good morning, Faye and fellow listeners!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:27am sFrances from VA:

OMG!!! THANK YOU!!! I've really luved the Allo Darlin' that I've heard so far!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:27am tomasz.:

i think my gateway show was Belly of the Beast with Stefan, back in about 2003 when i was much more of a metalhead
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:28am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:28am XPat of Leche de Noche:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:28am Dave B:

mighta been Arial View back in the early 90s now that I think about it...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:28am Ike:

You pledgers better get your requests in now while there's still time.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:28am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Hey BadGuyZero!

I am watching you, Evil Brady!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:29am Chris from DC:

Dammit, missed "Godzilla"!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:29am Vivian:

Oh darn...okay, completely respect YLT's wishes.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:30am Sigurdur:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:31am Caryn:

My gateway show was the WFMU Marathon. I seem to remember I tuned into The Best Show, because I was a fan of one of their guests.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:31am Ike:

Vivian, it's probably due to big rights/royalties issues... I'm presume they'd allow it if it were feasible, but all these famous covers must make it a horror show. (?)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:32am Amanda:

Hi Faye and Gaylord!!!! You are sounding tremendous.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:32am HEAT:

I am new -- My gateway show was through Reed Dunlea and then I started listening in the daytime and got hooked to Meghan (Underwater Theme) and Faye's shows and it's been awesome ever since!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:32am brian b:

yes id like to win!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:34am glenn:

and let's not forget the awesome amanda nazario, ladies and gummie bears.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:34am woj:

hmmmm gateway shows...i think it was a combination of bob brainen (which i have a vivid memory of listening to while driving on 287 between morristown and bedminster back in the day) and nick hill's live music faucet. wooooo.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:35am sFrances from VA:

Thank you to whomever is taking the photos during YLT's set!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:35am doca:

the first show i listened on 'fmu was gaylord field's show. i was hooked by the how lightheated it was. then i listened to jandek live on tuesday afternoon and i thought "oh this is the real deal".
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:35am Van in DC:

I've always wondered what airs over FMU during the "web only" programs. Like Meghan's show just previously. Can't be commercials!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:35am Sigurdur:

PITtY hahahhaha
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:36am Amanda:

Aw shucks glenn.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:36am Jennique:

I actually like WHAMMIES, well maybe watching them happen to other people.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:37am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

@Van: JM in the AM airs while Underwater Theme Park is on.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:38am Vivian:

@ Ike, Oh, I'm not mad at YLT, if that is what you thought. I know there had to be a good reason.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:39am woj:

oh yeah! of course! jm in the am -- used to listen to that every day on the commute to work! gateway!
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:39am Phelger Nank:

Yö Lä Tëngö Kïcks Bütt
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:40am Phelger Nank:

  Thu. 3/14/13 10:40am aadam:

Is this not the best sounding pledge drive show YLT has ever done? Let's thank Mark Luecke for the excellent work!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:41am joe:

I'm tuning in late. What no Kraftwerk cover?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:41am XPat of Leche de Noche:

man somebody request Inagaddadavida or something, make that dude on the couch work...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:41am sFrances from VA:

@aadam and Mark Luecke: it sure is. pristine sounding and YLT are *killing it*.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:41am Van in DC:

Oh okay thanks Spatulator!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:42am Sigurdur:

gotta go moovveee stuff around in a shed.... 224442.. ring ring ring
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:42am Laurie:

We've heard Yo La Tengo cover NRBQ before and in my opinion? They make NRBQ songs sound better.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:43am Ike:

Van, a few more details on the history of it: No free-form DJs wanted those morning slots in the early 80s (lazy hippie bastards?!) as far as I can figure. So a Jewish Orthodox show grabbed that radio real estate and has held it since. FMU might not have survived without their fundraising prowess. Until Scharpling, they made the most $$. The streams are separate because there is virtually no crossover audience (they don't play much klezmer unfortunately -- I'd listen if they did).
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:43am Laurie:

PS my cat is groovin' right now.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:44am sFrances from VA:

pardon while I sing "OOOOOOH, EMULSIFY" in YLT homage.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:44am pierre:

this is très très bien !
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:44am Joe Posner:

HAHAHAHAHAHA the israelites has become intensified!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:44am glenn:

me too. i love klezmer.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:44am Parq:

Keeping close to my desk so as to miss as little as possible. Amazing how long they've been doing this, and yet each year yields a whole set of familiar songs with no repeats. And Miss Faye, the GIF is brilliant.
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:45am Erik:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:45am XPat of Leche de Noche:

jeeze. I don't even know that Boredoms tune...what? where?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:46am Van in DC:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:46am Ike:

Laurie, of course. You could also grab a random drunken bum off the street and he would make an NRBQ song sound better IMHO. :P ;)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:46am Jennique:

  Thu. 3/14/13 10:46am Erik:

It is the best Boredoms song, it's the first track on Chocolate Synthesizer.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:47am Van in DC:

Thanks for the little history there Ike! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:48am XPat of Leche de Noche:

don't have that alb. Soul Discharge is my fave.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:49am Brian Trauma:

'Me Ears are Alight'
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:49am joe:

The friendship socity really does not like MS Explorer and I don't blame it but unfourtunatly I can't load Chrome on my work PC
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:49am Jennique:

Wow, the Heroes vocals are superb. Lieben Sie es!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:51am Van in DC:

Wow! I didn't realize they were in Berlin!! How cool is all of this!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:52am Caryn:

Speaking of JM in the AM, I'm really excited about tomorrow's video stream, because I'll finally get to experience more than a couple of minutes of the show.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:53am SeanG:

  Thu. 3/14/13 10:55am maskedbandit:

galaxie 500?!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:55am hamburger:

faye the bear lol
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:56am Parq:

Wait, Gaylord is black?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:56am Ike:

Joe, it seems a bit slow today, prob. due to volume. Anyway try googling "installing software w/out admin rights." :) Internet Exploder is a plague that must be resisted vigorously, comrade!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:56am joe:

Wait? Gaylord is black?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:58am kham:

Is it too late to get a request in to YLT?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:59am Andrew Waterloo:

Shh.. nobody tell Gaylord.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:59am joe:

No way Parq same comment LOL
  Thu. 3/14/13 10:59am Tim C:

Hi Gaylord.... still listening since sunday
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:59am Phelger Nank:

Gaylord is the new Black
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 10:59am Spatulator (formerly elwyn5150):

Billy Jam is...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:00am XPat of Leche de Noche:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:00am Ike:

Daniel Blumin is in the phone room? He does an AMAZING show on Saturday night. Tune in and pledge, or at least hit the archive.
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:00am thereisnocat:

I've been listening to WFMU since the early 80s, which slightly predates this program, but the earliest specific program I remember listening to, which could count as my gateway program, was The Hound.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:01am Caryn:

@Spatulator: let's save some of that for the H&M. It was fun last year, as commenters went, "Wait, he's... and he's..."
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:02am lauren:

<gaylord+faye3 see you guys this weekend!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:02am Dave B:

@Joe - try this sandbox environment...

  Thu. 3/14/13 11:03am maskedbandit:

aw yeah, galaxie 500 are so good.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:03am joe:

I was actually listen to tapes from WFMU before I was listening to WFMU without even knowing it. i was traded some Pat Duncan tapes by someone in Seattle but there was no station info on them. They had looped around the country and come back to NJ.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:05am Van in DC:

Sure...go ahead. Make me pledge again.
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:05am Pablo BRAZIL:

YLT are the best!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:07am Ike:

@Joe, another option, but I've never tried it: portableapps.com
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:07am woj:

oh yeah, how could i forget the hound and pat duncan. and the bean. and gerard cosloy/johan kugelberg. and joe frank. and alan watts. (moved to nj in 1990 so that's how long i've been a listener.)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:08am Van in DC:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:08am Parq:

Joe @10:59: Great mind think alike. And, apparently, so do ours.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:10am Faye:

YLT after this track!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:12am Ike:

RTD@9:56, yup, Tony Coulter was on in '97.

Dave Mandl was my gateway, followed by the great Tom Crowe, Margaret, Bart Plantenga, Joe Frank, early non-metal Wm. Berger, and Ken.
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:14am Laurie:

This is my request!!
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:14am H Cameron:

Rockin' it Faye!! YAY YLT!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:15am tomasz.:

never knew Joe Frank was on FMU. ace.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:16am XPat of Leche de Noche:

wow, obscure Kinks tune...
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:16am H Cameron:

Also Gaylord! Hello!! :) :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:16am steve:

Ike, what did Wm Berger play pre-metal?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:17am XPat of Leche de Noche:

Dave song too, right?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:17am Gaylord Fields:

@Parq @Joe: We'll see who's what when the revolution starts!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:19am sFrances from VA:

I'm eagerly anticipating which ELO or Superchunk song they choose, I donated to request either band/any track!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:19am Parq:

Are we doing Name That Gateway? Irwin and Jim Price for me.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:19am glenn:

nope. ray wrote it. although dave may sing it.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:20am XPat of Leche de Noche:

Think he did...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:21am XPat of Leche de Noche:

that was my first Kinks album...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:21am Rev. Turnip Druid:

@Ike: thanks, I figure Tony & Stork probably share the honor of gateway for me. It was 1997 and there was this sacred list circulating from someone at MIT, of "webcasting radio" which was quite a wacky thing at the time... FMU was prominently there atop a handful of obscure international stations (news from Egypt and such)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:22am Brian Trauma:

glenn TWO Kinks toons. Your lucky day.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:24am XPat of Leche de Noche:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:24am XPat of Leche de Noche:

glenn: you are correct, penned by Ray...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:25am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

what that guy said
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:26am glenn:

i know. i feel bless - ed. thanks to pope ray.
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:27am maestroso:

Anyone else having trouble with the web page? Won't load on computer or iPhone
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:27am maestroso:

Anyone else having trouble with the web page? Won't load on computer or iPhone
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:28am Kayle in Toronto:

Awww double thank you! You guys rule.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:29am Van in DC:

@maestroso - probably all of us are having slowness over the web...must be a massive audience tuning in :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:29am SteveL:

Page is logy, but back now.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:29am Ike:

@Steve@11:16, lots of krautrock & noise as I recall, maybe a bit Fabio-like.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:30am Van in DC:

Congrats and grrrr Danne! :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:30am Danne D:

Thanks :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:30am Danne D:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:31am Danne D:

lol Van :) Hope you win the next one :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:32am maskedbandit:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:33am XPat of Leche de Noche:

ha, saw the Clean bout a year ago. They were swell.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:34am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

this album rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:34am tim from champaign:

What's the big deal about the Clean? Naw, just kidding, they're so frickin great!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:36am Van in DC:

Funny tweet I saw: Tim Siedell ‏@badbanana No end to the Pi Day jokes, apparently.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:36am tim from champaign:

I wanna freak out everytime I hear the Clean.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:37am Faye:

YLT LIVE after this YLT Recorded!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:38am Snau:

Hey! I jsut pledged, but saw in the parting section, that I had typed my epost wrong... What do I do? Is there going to be a problem?
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:39am Danne D:

Love the new handle, Cheri :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:40am andymorphic:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:40am XPat of Leche de Noche:

wait a second....how'd you get all those characters in there??

Hey! I was in a group that covered this HD song!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:41am Andrew Waterloo:

@Snau email Joe, his email is at the bottom of the parting form and the email they send you. There should be a pledge # for reference.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:41am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

Yoo dooooooooooooo right!
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:42am Phil:

On my page, Georgia is only hitting her drum sticks at the air.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:42am hamburger:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:43am sFrances from VA:

(trying not to panic that the request I pledged for before 10am might not happen) But still much much loving this entire set! Great requests all around!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:43am Andrew Waterloo:

She's hitting hat with her elbo
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:43am Erik:

  Thu. 3/14/13 11:44am Phil:

But it's cool that Ira is playing bass. And with no pick. The switch-off!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:44am Danne D:

Very Jealous of Ira's shirt - mine fell victim to overuse and laundry :(
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:45am Phil:

There it is, sFrances.
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:45am neil d:

And there's the Superchunk song, more or less.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:45am Chris from DC:

Killing it here.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:46am sFrances from VA:

Yep, & Driveway to Driveway was going to be my request, but then I decided to throw it to fate. Fate rulz ok!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:46am Faye:

they are a very versatile band as I understand it....
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:47am Danne D:

Btw, my gateway show was Aerial View with Chris T (Friday edition)

The Hound, Wild Girl's Rock and Racing, Trash Twang and Thunder, Radio Active Theater, Joe Frank, and Yes Seven Second Delay were also early faves :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:48am Gaylord Fields:

They are variegated sports, botanically speaking.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:49am Phelger Nank:

YLT James: you were fantastic in The Parking Lot Movie

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:50am Jennique:

WHOA. 99 LUFT BALLONS. Mad props to YLT.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:50am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

balls to the walls awesomeness
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:51am Therese:

Yo La Tengo ist gut.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:51am Danne D:

The end of show montage is always fabulous :D
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:51am ?:

The website is incredibly slow here, making me incredibly anxious. Took over a minute to load.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:52am Snau:

Ah, thanks! Sorted! :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:52am Erik:

Parking Lot Movie! Charlottesville represent!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:52am tomasz.:

This Charming Man over Yoo Doo Right groove. this is just the best
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:52am XPat of Leche de Noche:

lots of images...
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:53am Danne D:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:53am sFrances from VA:

Nice Damned cover mixed in! & yes, Parking Lot movie rules! We made roadtrip to Charlottesville just to park there.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:53am Jennique:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:54am Tom in PA:

Bob and Doug love! Alright!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:54am TV's WFMU Listener 8442:

This is basically the best thing ever.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:55am Jennique:

Yo La Tengo missed their calling, they should have been the backup band to the game show Name That Tune. Alas, born too late for that.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:55am Dan B From Upstate:

Man, three hours just flew by. It does every year, too.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:56am Danne D:

"Take Off" was an inspired and beauty choice for the Rush song for them to do :)
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:56am Bill from Shanghai:

Die Geist von Michael Karoli lebt immer! Or something along those lines. Great raveup!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:57am Danne D:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:57am Cheri 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028:

I thought Ayn Rand wrote all the words, oh well
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:57am Skirkie:

Mark my words: These Yo La Tengo kids are gonna go places.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:58am maja:

such a great show!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:58am Therese:

This medley is making me giggle like a loon at my desk. I love you all so much.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:58am Danne D:

Love the new avatar Skirkie :)

Agreed Therese :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:59am Van in DC:

Great show!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Thank you, Yo La Tengo. You guys are XLNT!
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:59am Herminio Gomez:

Love WFMU! Love YLT! Yo La Tengo, come to Brazil, please!
  Thu. 3/14/13 11:59am Laura:

Yup, medley is always the best part! :-)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 11:59am woj:

that was amazing!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:00pm BadGuyZero:

"The drummer from Rush wrote the words. That's why the words sound like drums."

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:00pm joe:

This is really so cool that this went down.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01pm Irene:

What a fantastic show! Congratulations you two for co-hosting and to everyone who pulled this off. Yo La Tengo are fabulous!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:01pm Bas NL:

Great work all! Yo La Tengo is the best!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02pm Danne D:

Seriously can't thank YLT enough :) Always wonderful :)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02pm sFrances from VA:

Thank you Yo La Tengo, WFMU, WFMU Volunteers, WFMU fans!!! Gabba Gabba Hey~~
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:02pm sFrances from VA:

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:04pm Dave B:

Thanks for playing some RU(BBI)SH!!!

Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:04pm Hoboken Jack:

Great job Faye and Gaylord!!
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:04pm Rick in WO Town:

Thank you WFMU! Thank you YLT--the best band in the land--their marathon-cover shows are always great and this was up there with their best.
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:04pm TMB:

Incredible show Faye, Gaylord & YLT!
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:04pm tinaun:

man the time just flew by
  Thu. 3/14/13 12:06pm Binky:

What is this music?? (theme tune to some toon I believe??)
Avatar Thu. 3/14/13 12:10pm Dave B:

Rock and Bullwinkle
  Fri. 3/15/13 3:29pm Ken Katkin:

With a little help from Ira, I was able to work out the complete setlist for the final medley as well as the main set. I've posted it online at http://trashflow.blogspot.com/2012/03/yo-la-tengo-2012-wfmu-all-request.html
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