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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options March 7, 2013: It's a WICKED Amazing Fundraising Marathon Time! With co-host Julie.

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Hedwig and the Angry Inch  Wicked Little Town   Options Hedwig & The Angry Inch    0:00:00 ()
Belle & Sebastian  Is it Wicked Not to Care   Options The Boy with the Arab Strab    0:30:17 ()
Washed Out  Wicked Game   Options     0:07:42 ()
Little Richard  Born on the Bayou   Options Double Degrees of Separation- Underwater Theme Park Premium    0:12:24 ()
1612 Underture  Autobahn 666 (Travelogue #1)   Options Listener Andrea Ku's- Sounds from a Sliverpool Sloth  For $15 or more you can win this amazing mix!!!!  0:28:03 ()
Django Django  Default   Options Listener Andrea Ku's- Sounds from a Sliverpool Sloth    0:33:27 ()
Skulker  Hej   Options Listener Elwyn Chow's- Your Alternative Workout Mix Tape    0:44:12 ()
Coven  Wicked Woman   Options Witchcraft Destroys Minds And Reaps Souls    0:46:47 ()
Smog  Wicked Man   Options Back to Peru Vol 1    0:49:37 ()
Steppenwolf  Sookie Sookie   Options Double Degrees of Separation- Underwater Theme Park Premium    0:52:46 ()
Razel  Suffer in Submission   Options Listener Elwyn Chow's- Your Alternative Workout Mix Tape    0:56:00 ()
Pyhäkoulu  Painajainen   Options Listener Fred Baube's- Naisleijoinat  $15 or more and you can win this!!!  1:04:21 ()
Thee Ultra Bimboos  I Rule!   Options Listener Fred Baube's- Naisleijoinat    1:06:29 ()
Lee Perry  Wishes of the Wicked   Options Studio 1 Killers Vol. 1    1:07:33 ()
Neville Esson  Wicked and Dreadful   Options Studio 1 Killers Vol. 1    1:10:05 ()
Fats Domino  Jambalaya (On the Bayou)   Options Double Degrees of Separation- Underwater Theme Park Premium  For a pledge of $75 or more you can get this!!!!  1:14:02 ()
Kuolleet Kukat  Vihollinen On Systeemi   Options Listener Fred Baube's- Naisleijoinat    1:15:26 ()
Anonymous 4  Echo La Primavera   Options Listener Dave E's- A Strange Mix  For $15 or more you can win this!!!!  1:20:51 ()
Caretaker  Great Hidden Sea of the Unconcious   Options Listener Dave E's- A Strange Mix    1:22:00 ()
The Meteors  Something Wicked (This Way Comes)   Options Psycho Down!    1:23:59 ()
Zacherley  A Wicked Thought Will Pull You Through   Options Malamondo 7    1:29:10 ()
Spencer Davis Group  Jump Back   Options Double Degrees of Separation- Underwater Theme Park Premium  For $75 or more you automatically can get my premium!!!! Double disc, sticker AND button!!!! Holy!  1:31:21 ()
Soundhog  I Wish I was a Bulldog   Options Listener Danne D's- Hey DJ!    1:48:01 ()
Denis Rosner of Camp Akiba  Big Spender   Options Listener Danne D's- Hey DJ!    1:49:29 ()
Lone Justice  Ways to be Wicked   Options Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80's Underground    1:50:49 ()
The Grifters  Wickedthing   Options Spring Lineup, Sub Pop's Heavy Hitters    1:54:03 ()
They Might Be Giants  Wicked Little Critta   Options Mink Car    1:59:03 ()
Kimberly Rew  Going Down To Liverpool   Options Listener Danne D's- Hey DJ!    2:02:18 ()
Tuomo  My Thing   Options Listener Jenna- Stop! Mannerheim: Music from Finnish Male Singers  pledge $15 or more to win this!!!!  2:05:59 ()
Redrama  Move it Along   Options Listener Jenna- Stop! Mannerheim: Music from Finnish Male Singers    2:08:32 ()
Alice Cooper  Wicked Young Man   Options Brutal Planet    2:11:47 ()
Black Sabbath  Wicked World   Options Black Sabbath    2:15:37 ()
The Faces  Ooh La La   Options Listener Sue A Dynamo's- Car Karaoke Mix  pledge $15 or more to win this!!!  2:26:42 ()
Radiohead  I am a Wicked Child   Options Hail to the Thief    2:28:34 ()
Joanna Newsom  81   Options Listener Sue A Dynamo's- Car Karaoke Mix  You can win this!!!! $15 or more..... go go go!  2:31:17 ()
The Clash  Complete Control   Options Listener Bill- You're My Guitar Hero    2:39:00 ()
Emily Wells  Fever (Lover)   Options Live on Underwater Theme Park    2:41:35 ()
Ride  Seagull   Options Listener Bill- You're My Guitar Hero    2:50:14 ()
Kassabian  Sun Rise Light Flies   Options Listener Thor- WFMU Underwater Mix    2:50:48 ()
Smothers Brothers  Chocolate   Options Listener Gary- Love Folk and Cheese  Last prize up!!!!! Let's go!!!  2:57:17 ()

Listener comments!

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:02am BadGuyZero:

What color is my heart on here?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:02am fred von helsing:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:02am BadGuyZero:

Yay! It's black again!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:03am Jay/London:

Hey Thanks Julie .... Morning Meghan am not so well hope to be back to work Friday
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:03am fred von helsing:

I've never seen H+AI but a bi she-friend who hates conventional musicals totally recommends it. Does it rule?
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:03am Dave B:

Howdy. I gotta go to work early, and today is payday so I'll be pledging shortly. First things first.... Coffee!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:04am fred von helsing:

but before coffee... wfmu !
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:04am Meghan:

Good morning all!!!!!!! Are we ready for a wicked good time?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:04am Caryn:

@BGZ: well, dark blue
@FVH: it indeed rules, I highly recommend it
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:04am Dave B:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:04am BadGuyZero:

I think it's red to people that haven't clicked on someone's profile. If they have then it's black or white depending on the particular comment s board's color scheme.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:05am Jay/London:

let's get WICKED
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:05am Caryn:

Nice Bostonian cartoon, Meghan!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:06am Meghan:

Changed it up...... didn't want to deal with the sizing...... but I still have my Mass-hole representing!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:07am BadGuyZero:

@Caryn: I suppose it is dark blue.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:09am Meghan:

Ok..... Let's make my computer ring! really! Let's do it!!!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:09am fred von helsing:

@BGZ yup when I click on a profile the heart instantly goes from a natural, healthy blood red to an evil Jett black
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:12am Elwyn:

Hey everyone!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:12am Julie:

I'm heeeeeeeeere
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:15am fred von helsing:

whoa this is a very cool version !
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:18am fred von helsing:

New band! Bosco and the Bagels
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:18am BadGuyZero:

Julie Costanza!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:20am Caryn:

Oh please, until you've properly dumpster-dived, you haven't lived.
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:20am Elwyn:

How much $ to get Julie to kiss Bosco on the lips?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:20am BadGuyZero:

She won't lick the floor. Pretzels in the garbage? No problem.

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:24am fred von helsing:

Morning Meghan and Bosco the Miracle Marathon Mutt
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:28am Julie:

Give now, dudes, you're right here!!
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:31am Andrea on the M62:

Wahey youre playing one of my songs!! Merci!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:32am Dave B:


  Thu. 3/7/13 6:32am Andrea on the M62:

And it's a prize! Wow brilliant im so pledging now!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:33am Caryn:

Andrea, wait until someone else's mix is the prize! You don't want to win your own stuff!
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:33am Andrea on the M62:

Sliverpool as in Liverpool with an 'S' which is where I am from! Hahaha yeah I wanna win that cd!
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:34am Andrea on the M62:

Yes that's tru I will wait for another mix and I will pledge...would kinda make sense I guess!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:34am fred von helsing:

Sliverpuddlian !
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:35am Andrea on the M62:

Sliverpuddlian i likes that one, Fred¬
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:36am Caryn:

Andrea, I've always wondered why the "Liver" in Liverpool and the "Liver" in, say, the Liver Building are pronounced completely differently. What's up with that?
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:37am Andrea on the M62:

oh i dont know about Liver and Liver....lots of non-Liverpool people ask that. I suppose we got used to the different words. But hey, Im so glad you like that cd anyway!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:38am Dave B:

You need to see him in his gold lame rollerderby shorts
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:39am Dave B:

FTR - I knew an italian dude named Andrea, which is the the equivalent of Andrew.
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:40am Andrea on the M62:

yes I am a boys name too. And American folk say the name the same as Scottish peeps. Fact
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:40am fred von helsing:

Can someone come up with a Rush song played backwards
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:41am Dave B:

and for next year....

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:42am Dave B:

FvH - I have a show ready of Rush covers sprinkled with Rush covering other songs....
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:43am fred von helsing:

oh maaaan
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:43am Caryn:

Maybe the suggested theme will end up being "songs with either the word 'Billy' or the word 'Joel' in them"...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:45am fred von helsing:

this HOPS
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:46am Julie:

Pledge now to get into the running for Elwyn's cd. Hey! Hey! You're a guy! Hey! Hey!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:46am Dave B:

@Andrea - would that difference be "Ahn" as opposed to "Ann"
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:46am fred von helsing:

workout becomes heart attack <3
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:47am Dave B:


For that pledge, where's my freakin heart?

what a gyp....
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:48am fred von helsing:

volume prob - this and the last song are too low compared to the mic
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:48am Meghan:

strange! Where is your heart?!?!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:48am Jay/London:

your mic is ok but sound on music is low
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:48am fred von helsing:

sorry dave your heart has been sold on the aftermarket
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:48am Andrea on the M62:

Yeah brits say Ann-drea and scots says Orn-dree-a which i believe americans do too....but correct me if I am wrong!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:49am Meghan:

How's that?
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:49am Andrea on the M62:

So if I pledge now am I in the running for this workout CD? I need one of those!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:50am Jay/London:

bit more up maybe
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:50am Julie:

I've known both Ann-dreas and Ahn-dreas
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:50am Dave B:

I don't think I was signed into the Friendship Society when I pledged... FECK.

I'll hit up Kenzo for the fix.

FWIW - I can barely understand Scots to begin with.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:50am hamburger:

Hej - The J is silent(?)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:51am Meghan:

Yes! You are in the running if you pledge now for a workout CD!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:51am Caryn:

@hamburger: the J is pronounced like the Y in "yell"
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:52am Andrea on the M62:

Julie, have u known and Orn-dree-a? That's the Scotch way
ok am gonna pledge this minute! Id love it!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:52am Sem Chumbo:

Something wicked this way comes. Meghan nails it.
  Thu. 3/7/13 6:52am Elwyn:

It's spelt Hëj. I <3 umlauts!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:52am fred von helsing:

Candy is dandy but wicker is quicker
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:53am hamburger:

Hej Hej! Why the double Hej? !
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:53am Julie:

Isn't Hej Hej hi in..is it finnish?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:54am Caryn:

@hamburger: because then it means "bye", the same way you could say "bye bye".

@Julie: Swedish/Norwegian/Danish
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:54am fred von helsing:

Hëj hëj we are de svenska Monkëës !
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:55am Dave B:

Hëj is for Norses...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:57am Caryn:

@hamburger: or as FVH points out, it's a chanting thing
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 6:57am fred von helsing:

A Norse is a Norse of course of course
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:58am BadGuyZero:

I'm going to try to go on my own dime.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:58am BadGuyZero:

I need to see My Bloody Valentine again.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:59am BadGuyZero:

Tony brought you more gravy?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 6:59am Danne D:

Hi Underwater Fans :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:00am BadGuyZero:

Good morning, Danne!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:01am BadGuyZero:

You should play a song about a superhero called "Tony's Theme!"
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:02am fred von helsing:

wow that IS a snazzy bag store.wfmustore.org...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:03am fred von helsing:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:03am Danne D:

you guys are wonderful and I am sleepy but I had to come say hi
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:03am sugarwolf:

Yay! Maybe the workout CD will inspire me to, you know, work out.
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:04am fred von helsing:

WOMEN'S team !
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:04am Danne D:

Fun fact: in 1980 beat Finland to secure the gold medal (a couple days after the Miracle on Ice win vs the USSR)
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:05am fred von helsing:

i'd love to see how the cover art worked out !
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:05am Meghan:

Danne D!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:05am Caryn:

I need to allow a non-Finn to get this, so I'll wait for another mix to pledge for.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:06am Julie:

good morning Danne!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:07am fred von helsing:

Thee Ultra Bimboos YEAY!
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:07am Dave B:

An unFinnished listener
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:07am Caryn:

@Danne: yeah, the way the hockey bracket worked in those days was a bit weird
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:07am Miika:

Hey, it's Pyhäkoulu, not Phyhakoulu!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:07am Caryn:

@FVH: hey, I have TUB on one of my mixes too! Oh wait, that's on next year's mix... Never mind!
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:09am Dave B:

Miika - umlauts are a bitch on that console PC
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:09am fred von helsing:

Bimboos said they won't have any reunions. ME SO SAD.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:09am Meghan:

Thanks Miika! fixed!!! Now how do you pronounce that!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:10am Caryn:

@Dave B: I suspect the extra h is more of an annoyance...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:10am fred von helsing:

pyhä: y like German ü, ä like vowel in "cat".
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:11am Caryn:

Koulu: the ou like the ou in "soul"
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:12am Danne D:

not to be confused with AP Mike's chi-ku :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:12am Julie:

pledge now to get FVH"s cd, you're already on the site, I don't need to read it to ya!
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:14am Miika:

I can't figure out how to spell pyhä, but koulu's a bit like "co-lou".
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:15am hamburger:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:16am Caryn:

The bayou seems to play a key part on Meghan's premium...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:17am fred von helsing:

btw Naisleijonat not Naisleijoinat :)
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:18am Elwyn:

Julie didn't learn to cuss in Finnish? :-(
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:19am fred von helsing:

it's also got silly sound clips !
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:19am Danne D:

awwwwwww bosco :)
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:20am fred von helsing:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:20am Danne D:

yay :) I was digging those tunes FVH :) Looking forward to it
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:21am Danne D:

See folks, even if you are curled up in a fetal position next to your computer due to sleep deprivation you can still pledge and win :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:22am woj:

danne d - an inspiration to us all!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:23am fred von helsing:

In honor of my first successful wfmu cd... another great song by The Ultra Bimboos... Who Stole My Underwear?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:26am Meghan:

Sorry FVH, will fix! on my computer, sometimes it's hard to read on my computer!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:29am Meghan:

Make that computer ring!!!!! Come on! We need to make our goal!!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:30am Julie:

not even 30 percent raised, get in the running for the Dave E Cd!
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:30am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

[Provisional Heart for Pledge After Payday: ((♥)) - plenty JettBlack]
...'Maybe the suggested theme will end up being "songs with either the word 'Billy' or the word 'Joel' in them'...groooan - it's morning - okay? Underwater is right...'Little Billy' by The Who
- An-dreee-ah / An-dray-ah - ? 'Andrew' means 'man' (Like Anthropology?) - so Andrea means - ?? Person?...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:31am Julie:

you don't have to wait for payday, you'll get billed later. Pledge now while the cd's are hot!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:31am Caryn:

This is fantastic!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:32am fred von helsing:

Meghan please do send me an image file for the cover art, I want to see what y'all came up with !
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:32am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

! - Read about Zacherley in 'Monster Show' by David J. Skal. Good book.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:33am Meghan:

It's on the other computer..... but I will send it to you!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:34am Caryn:

I must admit I'm quite curious about mine too, Meghan :)

BTW; I'll spend the year coming up with cover art for the other two mixes.
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:35am Elwyn:

Yay for zombies!
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:36am Dave B:

More of a mambo, or maybe cha-cha
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:36am Caryn:

Yay for Patton Oswalt-adjacent gravy drinking discussion!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:38am fred von helsing:

Danne D it's a bunch of web pix and pix I've taken. Meghan that photo of the two gals with the purple hair it rules eh heh
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:39am Danne D:

yay michael:)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:40am BadGuyZero:

Sing a Klaus Nomi song!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:41am Caryn:

The battle of the Falco covers! Which one will Meghan prefer?!? Oh, the intrigue...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:42am fred von helsing:

Let me guess. The name of the CD is... "Hëj Fever !"
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:42am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

! - good point Julie - !...I almost feel I don't deserve them - only tuned in for a month or two. Been thinkin' Pledge once @ (Kitty!) T-shirt level & 'Vote' for fave shows when I do - simple...Okay I'll cogitate that...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:43am Danne D:

Hey Bulldog with Eminem btw
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:43am KP:

Morning, Meghan.
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:43am Michael-T:

Congrats Meghan to your German phrases! When mentioning 99 Luftballons, don't forget abou CAN, Einstürzende Neubauten and J. H. Bach (for oldfasioned fans)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:44am Danne D:

RR1163 you are as deserving as anyone :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:44am Caryn:

I'm sad that the first two Degrees of Separation premiums are not available at the prize warehouse. I need those to complete the set!
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:44am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Gotta work - ! 'Be Lucky!' as Roger Daltrey says.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:46am KP:

So this CD set picks up where last one left off?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:46am duke:

pass the Kool-Aid
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:47am Dave B:

bust out a few rails of jell-o mix
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:47am Danne D:

@KP Meghan's premium picks up from last year's :)
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:47am fred von helsing:

pixie stix ! and wax liquor bottles
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:47am Caryn:

@KP: yep, and the finished set will be a cycle (the last track on the last CD will connect with the first track on the first CD)
  Thu. 3/7/13 7:47am RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Comments Boards make me lmao *all the time* (y'all). Probably measurably good for one's immune system...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:48am Danne D:

this is the roughest song ever on any FMU premium btw
Off of Noah's '11 premium
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:48am Dave B:

@Caryn - kinda like the original Planet of The Apes movies?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:49am Caryn:

@Dave B: essentially :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:50am Danne D:

This is off the Incorrect Music ('02 I think) premium btw
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:50am Danne D:

(Irwin and Michelle B's old incorrect music show btw)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:51am Julie:

Only 30 percent is NOT acceptable. You underwater folk are like an underwater family (sea monkeys?) Dig out your wet soggy cash and pledge!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 7:51am hamburger:

This sounds like an awesome mix Danne D!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:51am Caryn:

For WFMU, this is correct music.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:51am Meghan:

COME ON!!!! Let's go!!!! Pledge damn it!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:52am Danne D:

also have songs from such DJs as Terre T, Evan Funk Davies, Hova, Meredith, Keili and many more :) 17 songs in all
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:52am BadGuyZero:

Lone Justice! I still have this on vinyl.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:53am Danne D:

FMU legends like Pat Duncan and new stars like Amanda Nazario.

Um, Julie's songs apparently were too dark to have someone say "hey" in 'em :( (at least the ones I could find)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:53am EzSezz:

Maria McKee killed it live too.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:53am KP:

Does the last song on the new one lead into first song on first one?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:54am Danne D:

And there's actually no Meghan song, b/c I figure you guys more likely than not have 'em :D
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:54am Caryn:

@KP: I don't think the set is complete yet, so I suspect no.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:55am Meghan:

The last song on last years premium links the the first song on this years! Same with all of the others!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:55am KP:

I had a theory Maria McKee was the girlfriend in the original Less Than Zero.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:55am Danne D:

@KP - nope - it'll lead to the first song on the next one I believe. Meghan's development an epically long chain as I understand it :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:56am KP:

That's cosmic.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:57am Van in DC:

Oh goodie, I made it in time for all the good stuff! :) Hi Meghan!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:57am Dave B:

Like a human centipede!

(ducks and runs for cover)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:57am Meghan:

ewwww Dave!!!!! gross!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:58am Meghan:

Alright..... we have ONE HOUR left! I need to raise $3000! We are not even half! I have done this before, so let's go!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:58am Dave B:

not as gross as the upper decker convo on Ken's show yesterday
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:58am Danne D:

Thanks Hamburger :)
Hey Van :)

I will say that my prize CD is a good tour for the WFMU newbie - especially for some of the great DJs of FMU past. It has stuff from premiums dating back to '01

Mileage varies greatly in terms of styles on it too
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 7:59am Danne D:

It was amazingly fun to make :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:00am Parq:

Wikid Litta Critta!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:00am Danne D:

lol heya Parq :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:00am KP:

I hope that is next week, Danne D. I am not awake enough for a presentation.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:01am Van in DC:

Hey Danne!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:01am KP:

Hello, Van!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:01am Parq:

I like 'im. I have prawblums.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:02am Danne D:

This one serving as Meghan's bed music is off my CD too :) This was from the '02 Meredith Premium.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:03am Van in DC:

Wow, full crowd looks like :) Hi KP!

Julie! I wanted to catch your show LIVE for once and what happens? What I ask you? My stupid laptop at home DIED yesterday! I have it in repair shop :(
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:04am Danne D:

Thanks for pledging pledgers :) Very glad I didn't drive all the pledgers away :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:04am Danne D:

Yay Brynn - I hope you really enjoy :)
  Thu. 3/7/13 8:04am Elwyn:

Dang! I love this background song by Katrina from Katrina
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:05am hamburger:

yay! Haha. Lookin Fah-wahd to it! (Boston accent)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:05am Dave B:

Holy Crap - now THAT'S a Bloody Mary!

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:06am fred von helsing:

the female singers was mine :) but OK some murrcans mixed in
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:06am Danne D:

(Btw thanks to Meghan for figuring out who did that version of Going Down To Liverpool - I actually couldn't find the song list for that particular CD)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:06am KP:

Danne D, I had good idea for the CD but BGZ insisted on MBV. MBV is so over now I don't remember what it stands for.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:06am Caryn:

Well, I was worried last year, because of the crappy condition of the tapedeck I was using to make the mixtape. No technical problems this year, so less worries :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:06am Jay/London:

@ Dave B omg it's more like a meal !
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:07am fred von helsing:

I was wondering too what the hell an upper decker is. now I know. thanks a heap, ken.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:07am Julie:

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:08am fred von helsing:

holy fräk that is the bloody mary to end all bloody mary's.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:08am Meghan:

Holy crap! I want that bloody mary!!!! Where do we get that one!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:08am KP:

Why is my heart black? Don't answer that.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:08am Danne D:

Cool :) You guys should be pledging to win this awesome Jenna mix CD :) I am lucky that I didn't have to follow this one!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:09am Caryn:

The "Stop! Mannerheim." is TM last year's Marathon comments board, BTW. So, thanks to whoever came up with that.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:09am Meghan:

mmmmmmmm GRAVY!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:10am KP:

Uh, is there a separate pledge for Cds or something, Danne D? I just got up.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:11am Jay/London:

WAKE UP JULIE @ kP Because you are friends with one or more of the folks on the board
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:11am Caryn:

@KP: nah, you just pledge. You can mention in the comments if you want to try and win a specific mix cd.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:12am KP:

Thanks, Jay.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:13am KP:

And the CD goes to the high pledge of that time span?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:13am Julie:

we have all kinds at FMU, we have vegans, people who drink gravy and everything in between
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:13am Meghan:

As long as you pledge, you are in the running for something!!!!!! Come on everyone! I am not even half way!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:15am Caryn:

@KP: it's a lottery system. Every pledge card from a specific period is shuffled and the winner is drawn.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:15am Danne D:

@KP - there's Meghan's Premium. Peeps get that automatically for $75+ pledges.

Then there's the prizes with are the mix CDs we made :)

Right now Jenna's is on the prize block.

Mine happened to be the one that was on the prize block before that
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:15am Jay/London:

looks like most of the people on the board have pledged we need new blood
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:15am fred von helsing:

and before that was the grrrliest one :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:16am Danne D:

Meghan has to be able to look Bosco in the eye at the end of this shift people! PLEDGE!

(That's right, I played the puppy dog eyes card)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:16am PKNY:

Sabbath! With Bill Ward! \m/
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:17am KP:

Meghan did you see Jeff Moore's tumblr as posted to Joe's show yesterday.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:17am Danne D:

And though archive listeners can't win the prize CDs they can still get Meghan's awesome premium - you oversleepers are not off the hook either!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:17am Dave B:

Stop Mannerheim steamroller!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:17am fred von helsing:

Speaking of eyes, is Bosco playing poker ?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:17am Caryn:

@Danne: I think we need a link to a soulful-eyed Bosco pic to get people pledging.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:18am Meghan:

I didn't......
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:18am fred von helsing:

Bosco shuffles the pledge cards www.rugandart.biz...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:19am hamburger:

@Caryn: YES!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:19am Van in DC:

I didn't oversleep on purpose, I really wanted to catch at least half of Dark Night of the Soul, but alas, no way to listen right now at home. Hopefully next week.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:19am KP:

Oops. i meant Flickr.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:19am Julie:

clickity click the pledgey button! You too can have me misidentify your gender on the air!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:21am KP:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:21am Dave B:

Get Bosco's soulful stare and shop it into a "Feed The Children" add. Insert Sally Struthers big bulbous head into the picture for extra oomph!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:22am Danne D:

Bosco wants you to pledge:
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:22am Danne D:

And hooray to Jenna for adopting Bosco :)
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:23am Dave B:

@Danne D:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:24am Caryn:

Congrats to the winner!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:25am maestroso:

Late to the party...putting my 2 cents in...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:26am Van in DC:

Bosco says WF! WF!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:26am Caryn:

The cow is trying to make friends with animated, but still, Bosco.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:26am KP:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:27am KP:

Ok i want this.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:27am Cheri Pi:

Oh lala is right!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:29am Julie:

only a half hour to go and almost 50 percent left to raise. C'mon guys, you don't have to pay now, pay later, enjoy now and always!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:29am KP:

Cheri Pi, bless your black heart.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:29am Van in DC:

MOOve cow MOOve cow! Yay!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:30am KP:

Udder delight!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:30am Meghan:

Let's make the dog bark!!!! come on everyone!!!! Bosco will be sad if the dog doesn't get any attention!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:31am hamburger:

Heavenly Bovine!
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:33am glenn:

meghan and julie together = www.youtube.com...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:34am BadGuyZero:

Meeting Nick Cave is so 1994 to me. :P
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:35am glenn:

trawna represent.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:36am KP:

Triple CD!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:38am BadGuyZero:

Souvenir from August 21, 1994: sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:40am Julie:

Glenn that looks JUST like us
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:40am Meghan:

nice keepsake BGZ!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:40am Julie:

Come on guys, no one in the running. You can WIN WIN WIN
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:42am glenn:

i was thinking more along the "wicked and weird" lines.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:43am Julie:

so we are not the half naked trailer trash girls?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:44am Dave B:

I remember talking to MAC at the holiday party and he liked the idea of mix tape prizes. And then the conversation digressed to releasing the prizes on wax cylinders...
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:44am glenn:

only if you want to be.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:44am Julie:

Come on, let's at least get her to 2000, 15 minutes left!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:44am Danne D:

I'm heading to work :) Keep pledging guys! And keep up the great work Meghan and Julie (and Bosco) :)
Have a good day everyone!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:45am Julie:

Dave that is so very Mac
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:45am Julie:

So long Danne & thanks for all the pretzels
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:45am Meghan:

Thanks Danne D!!!! For everything!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:45am KP:

See ya Danne D.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:46am Dave B:

Admit your love of the band RUSH!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:49am Caryn:

@glenn: appearance-wise, I think these girls are more like Meghan and Julie (but, you know, just ignore the burgeoning lesbianism): www.youtube.com...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:50am Dave B:

Do "Fly By Night" at the Hoof and Mouth.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:50am KP:

Caryn, that would be difficult/
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:51am Caryn:

@KP: well, you don't have to, but you can. It's a free world, after all. ;)
  Thu. 3/7/13 8:51am Ami G.:

Hey! Hey! from Israel!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:51am Julie:

I'm not hearing any ringing, c'mon guys! You, Israel, you can pledge too!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:52am Meghan:

Yay Israel!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:52am KP:

Caryn, can i take this home?
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:52am Meghan:

do you hear these amazing mixes!!!! Come on!!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:52am Caryn:

@KP: nobody's stopping you...
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:53am Julie:

guys, less than ten minutes to go!! hurry hurry get your pledges in
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:53am Caryn:

Now I really hope I win!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:53am KP:

Does BGZ REALISE there's a 15-minute MBV track on "You're My Guitar Hero"?
Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:54am HEAT:

good morning!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:54am Meghan:

Let's go! A Cluster of CD's!!!!! 4 CD's for a mere pledge of $15!!!!! Go go go!!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:54am KP:

Caryn, i hope you win.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:54am Caryn:

Now I'm annoyed because I can't remember which frigging movie this track was in.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:56am Dave B:

@Caryn - I'm thinkin more Lucy/Sarah (sorry I couldnt find a better clip)

Avatar Thu. 3/7/13 8:56am glenn:

oh my gawd! the caryn memory bank has failed.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:56am KP:

Wait i cant win my own CD!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:57am Jay/London:

gave all the money I could on Julie’s show wish I could have spread the money out
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:57am KP:

Congratulations. Tim. Thanks for pledging.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:58am KP:

jay, you dont have to give money, you can use credit cards.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:58am Julie:

2 minutes left!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:59am Julie:

<3 Smothers Brothers!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:59am Jay/London:

that's what I did KP
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 8:59am Meghan:

Come on!!!!! Last chance, last prize!!!!!!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 9:00am KP:

Jay i know the feeling.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 9:00am KP:

Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 9:00am Dave B:

You can also get billed. Esentially an I.O.U.
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 9:00am Van in DC:

Thanks Meghan! Thanks Julie! Thanks pledgers and Bosco! And donators! And everyone! MOOO
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 9:01am KP:

Im thinking!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 9:01am Caryn:

Darn it! But congrats!
Avatar    Thu. 3/7/13 2:11pm Caryn:

BTW, glenn, the old brain kicked in again. It wasn't a movie, it was an episode of "John from Cincinnatti".
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