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Ken and Andy further lower WFMU's already abysmal standards as the program enters its death throes. Stunt radio which subjects the radio audience to concepts and topics which mature adults should not have to endure. Find the fatal flaw. (Visit homepage.)

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Options March 6, 2013: Marathon 2013, Week One, The Soak, DJ Battle and Lickathon

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Today's the first-ever two-hour-long Seven Second Delay! Here's what's in store:

Every pledge gets the punchline to this joke:

"How many Seven Second Delay Cohosts Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?

1) The Soak: There will be a four minute "soak Andy" period. If you pledge during this period, Andy will match your pledge out of his pocket. Don't forget the huge payout Andy got from his hit TV show "Monk." Wow. What a windfall that was. I still can't believe how much that was.

2) DJ Battle! Ken and Andy go song for song, and you will need to pledge to get Andy's atrocious soft rock removed from the airwaves.

3) The Ken vs Andy Lickathon: for every $500, Ken or Andy have to lick an item in or around the WFMU studio. The largest pledge in each $500 round will decide whether it's Ken or Andy who does the licking. These are the items that will be licked, in order:

1) the mouthpiece of phone #1
2) the main microphone
3) the needle on turntable 1
4) the doorknob to the studio
5) the 4th floor elevator button
6) a volunteers foot
7) the toilet handle
8) the other guy's armpit
9) the inside of the other guy's ear
10) the WFMU bathroom floor

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Listener comments!

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:02pm Dan B From Upstate:

The era of two-hour Seven Second Delay...

www.youtube.com... (3 seconds)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:03pm G:

Watch out for those dolphins. Andy. I hear they are really really horny. Did you bring protection?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:04pm PMD:

Wear a diaper.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:04pm Orangutan Spectre:

OMG, I love Lickathon prizes!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:04pm G:

They normally have some trouble filling an hour without longueurs...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:04pm Parq:

" the other guy's armpit"??
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:05pm G:

New and improved, with twice the longueurs!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:05pm Caryn:

Dolphins, the gang rapists of the sea. No wonder Andy "date rape and pedo jokes are my faves" Breckman hangs out with them. Always looking for new material.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:06pm Andrea:

How do you feel about the ARMPIT?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

All right, TWO extra hours of 7SD Marathon time! Twice the time to brood over how no one's pledging to this show! ;)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Hi Ken & Andy & Delayers! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:06pm G:

Where's Andy's right hand in that picture? Inquiring minds, and all that...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:07pm Caryn:

The foot and ear licks are going to be really uncomfortable for both parties involved... I suspect the armpit one will too, but less so. That's mostly bad just for the licker.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:07pm Rhett:

This is exciting. I've never listened to a live radio broadcast... and especially not on a marathon! When do they schedule bathroom breaks?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:08pm G:

Expecting just a lick and a promise.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:08pm Pledgemaster:

Ken, you said Grateful Dead
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:08pm Caryn:

@G: maybe he's checking if dolphins are like sharks, with the 2 penises. Or hemipenes, TBE.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:09pm hamburger:

Stop murdering dolphins Andy! #andybreckmandolphinmurderer!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:09pm G:

Like truckers everywhere, they pee in used soda bottles, then throw them out the window when they think no one's looking.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:09pm Matt from Springfield:

@Rhett The answer, may surprise you...
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:09pm Ric:

Will the sponsored licking involve contact microphones? For that like-you-are-there aural experience.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:09pm chris m:

do you have to call in to soak andy, or do online donations count?
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:09pm Rhett:

I didn't plan this very well, drinking a lot of water before engaging the comedy of Andy Breck-man.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:10pm Rev. Turnip Druid:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:10pm cklequ:

Online counts too, Chris.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:10pm Dan B From Upstate:

Kind of a shame there's no video this week.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:10pm G:

You can still please Fidel.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:11pm Caryn:

The Hugo Chavez Memorial Lickathon & Soak.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:11pm chris m:

I had a good year so Andy is going to pay.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:11pm Caryn:

@Dan B: although seeing Andy lick someone's foot or armpit might make us all feel extremely nauseous. So maybe the lack of a video stream is a blessing.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:12pm Ric:

If I pay $500 can I lick Frangry or Michele?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:12pm G:

You and what army, Ric?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:12pm Listener Julian:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:13pm Matt from Springfield:

GO Reinis!

@Ken: Riga or Daugavpils Jewish ancestors?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:14pm woj:

i think the lickathon needs to be combined with waterboarding andy somehow. salivaboarding, the torture no one can take.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:14pm Fredericks:

Isn't Andy soaking in the picture?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks hamburger! #andybreckmandolphinmurderer is already trending higher than #HugoChavezDeath! The world will soon know of Andy's sea mammal cruelty!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:14pm Greg from Bloomfield:

If I pay $500 can I like Jonesy or X. Ray?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:14pm Orangutan Spectre:

Gotta love fruit stickers!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:15pm Listener Julian:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:15pm Greg from Bloomfield:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:16pm Matt from Springfield:

So will the Performance Space host Ken & Andy "UCB Shows"? That would be great--you can still charge $5, but proceeds will now benefit WFMU directly instead of the UCB Theater! Who, by the way, can't even handle a simple exorcism on their premises!!
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:17pm T-Shirt:

How about a Cavalcade of Comedy CD?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:17pm Andrea:

@chris m - online donations count!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:17pm cklequ:

It's always embarrassing to not have watched porn.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Isn't watching pornos in Ken's office the typical monthly staff meeting?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:18pm darien:

quick question: does twice-long timeslot means twice-long soaking?
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:18pm Torbjørn:

Do the soak already, it'll be a lost opportunity if my browser session times out !
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:18pm Matt from Springfield:

@Andrea: So, is the SOAKING period right now? They haven't made that clear on Air.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Never mind, it seems they're answering my question!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:19pm Andrea:

It's true! My boss Ken showed me his celebrity porn before the show tonight. They are NOT SOAKING YET.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:19pm G:

7 figures, cmon.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:20pm G:

even to the Dolphin Masturbatorium
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:20pm Caryn:

The picture on the plate better be a recreation of the "uncomfortably long post-Sandy hug" moment btw Ken and Christie.

The porn will obviously have to wait until the phone banks are changed back into Ken's masturbatorium. In other words, post-Marathon.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:21pm Andrea:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: So is the Dolphin Masturbatorium intended FOR dolphins, or ALONGSIDE dolphins, or TO dolphins??
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:22pm G:

All of the above, Matt. Everyone gets to have fun
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Andrea: Getting ready as we type... :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:22pm Andrea:

  Wed. 3/6/13 6:22pm ted:

What if Andy sings American Pie in it's entirety...that would be worth something
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:23pm Caryn:

@Matt: maybe it's dolphin-themed. You know, dolphin decor and erotic paintings...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:23pm Matt from Springfield:

True, Caryn.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:23pm chris m:

Just waiting to hit submit!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:23pm woj:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm Andrea:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm woj:

  Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm Torbjørn:

@Ted: I second that. I could go for a full karaoke duet.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm Listener Julian:

This is so exciting!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm G:

Putting the OK in SOAK
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm woj:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm woj:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:24pm Dan B From Upstate:

If you search Andy Breckman wet, will it lead to this playlist page now?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:25pm Julie:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:25pm woj:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:25pm -max-:

Soaked him with a mouse!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:25pm Caryn:

@Dan B: I'm not going to do that search, because I just ate.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:25pm Matt from Springfield:

Pledge #63800. SOAKED! :)

@Ted: For a large donation, Andy should do that!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:26pm G:

that Earth Google website

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:26pm cklequ:

That's two mice, max.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:26pm PMD:

Above and beyond pledge for life.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:26pm hamburger:

This is it people! Andy match for match!! Double your donation via Andy the big bucks Breckman!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:27pm Listener Julian:

SOAKED! But where's my heart icon?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:27pm Caryn:

Andy, the WFMU listenership is not exactly chock full of "Twilight" fans...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:28pm darien:

yay. soak andy. then soak him again on the second hour. please?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julian: Sometimes it takes a while to show up, but by tomorrow morning it should surely show up on your profile, and stay there!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:28pm Julie:

I hope it hurts! (Andy)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:29pm Matt from Springfield:

GO DJ Julie! Always a sweetheart! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:29pm Mike Noble:

Ken soakers, hands up
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:30pm Caryn:

I really think that when I make my other pledge next week, I should adopt Andy. I just feel bad for him.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:30pm Julie:

I want a hearrrrt...guess I gotta give online
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:30pm Jeff:

BTW, Ken's a man of his word. When he says he has the porn, he has the porn.

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:31pm Matt from Springfield:

I'm glad they were so delayed with their premium--I got to select a replacement premium I couldn't get in 2012, no waiting for it in the Prize Warehouse! And I'll still get the 7SD premium, eventually!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:31pm Caryn:

Oh Julie, the heart'll be there by the time your show is on.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:31pm Listener Julian:

@Jeff Ugh.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:31pm Mike Noble:

Still terrified!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:31pm G:

Heart delay.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:32pm G:

It's heartbreaking.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:32pm Andrea:

Andy called me POOR!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:32pm Julie:

GOOOOOOO! Lewis/Louis
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:32pm Matt from Springfield:

Everybody CLAP!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:32pm Julie:

Andrea, soak him in person, perhaps a nice pitcher.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:32pm G:

Andy calls everyone south of Warren Buffett poor.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:33pm woj:

has andy ever been adopted?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:33pm Caryn:

Wow, performance space-level pledge!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:33pm Mi-rgod:

Happy to be part of the soaking! Looking forward to the grand total.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:33pm AbeSomething:

Hoping to see a red heart near me name...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:34pm steve:

wow thats a lot of soaking!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:34pm PMD:

How do you get a red heart near your name?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:34pm G:

Give moolah.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:34pm Caryn:

@woj: yeah, most years. This year, adoptions all seem to be going really slowly, so for all we know, someone may have placed dibs on him already.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:35pm Matt from Springfield:

It's a lost-the-will-to-live halt!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:35pm AbeSomething:

Hmm... No heart. I'll have to donate again.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:35pm Caryn:

Wait, I missed the soak total! What was it?
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:35pm Wall Street:

@Andrea: Oh you 47 percenters don't understand...Andy was telling you to get him some coffee, "because beggars can't be choosers"...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:35pm AbeSomething:

Nevermind! It's here! Huzzah!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:36pm Caryn:

You have a heart, Abe!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:36pm hamburger:

That dolphin seems very eager to escape the grasp of Andy Breckman
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:36pm Wall Street:

Ah, United Fruit. Now *they* knew how to run a republic.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:37pm Listener Julian:

I love this so much.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:37pm G:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:37pm Caryn:

Say the number as a square root or something.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Dan B From Upstate:

Good god! That's amazing.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Julie:

whoa! what's the soak Andy record?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm -max-:

Everybody clap!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Matt from Springfield:

WOOHOOOOO!!!!! Lucky number 13 GRAND!! Huzzah! :D
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Dan B From Upstate:

Hah! 71% already!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Listener Julian:

I could run a radio station for $26,000!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Andrea:

$13,664.... gulp!
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Chris:

A hyundai!
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Rhett:

No Hanukkah at the Breck-mans!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:38pm Caryn:

Wow! That's good for 4 minutes. "Best Show" eat your heart out!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:39pm woj:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:39pm Listener Julian:

Andy should call into next week's TomThon and tell him to "keep pluggin' away!"
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:39pm G:

13K??? Bye bye new car purchase lol
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:39pm Caryn:

Oh Andy, we love you. But we also know you're rich as hell. So soak you we shall, like loving siblings shortsheeting their kid brother.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:39pm Rhett:

Is that 71% for SSD or the whole marathon?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:40pm Carmichael:

I've heard your iPod, Andy. Whatever the opposite of perfect is, you have it.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Julie, on the other hand, WAS born with perfect musical taste! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:40pm Mike Noble:

just for this slot
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:40pm steve:

Rhett its for the show... grand total is on the fmu homepage
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:40pm Julie:

Matt -- wait, what? (Puts Olivia & Madonna in the bag for tonight)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:41pm Carmichael:

Jesus, you guys. People will be taking BACK their pledges!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:41pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Andy B has that cuddly face that says: "I'm funny! I'm loving! Throw me into the pool!" :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:41pm G:

Andy: here's the deal. we just don't need to hear hotel california for the 1357th time
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:41pm Caryn:

My phone is a second-hand one, so all the music on it (all 3 songs) are boring AOR from the previous owner. If I was judged on my phone music, it wouldn't exactly reflect my musical tastes.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm G:

Doctor My Ears
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm Andrea:

@Rhett -- it's just for tonight! Our goal from now until 8pm is $22,000... and right now we're at $15,664.39
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: Those are sometimes good too, and in any event focus attention to your other great selections! ;)

I also named Joe McG and AmNazz as DJs here with "perfect musical taste"!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm Julie:

Let's not forget that Jackson wrote 3 songs on Nico's Chelsea Girl.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm Carmichael:

Shit, I'll just change the station to classic rock.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm T-Shirt:

Is this like some of those self-inflicted catastrophes, Sequester-style?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:42pm Rhett:

This is very exciting to listen to this live... it's almost as if it's really happening!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:43pm Andrea:

Pledge $200 now to take this song off the air. One pledge or all your pledges added together. 800-989-9368 or here: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:43pm Julie:

If you say so, Matt (picks up the Rod Stewart cd)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ken: Not as good a pledging strategy as "Soak Andy": remember, many of us listen to WFMU specifically to hear terrible music!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:43pm Listener Julian:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:43pm Caryn:

See, Ken, you should've used this instead of "Careless Whisper"! Of course, Browne's Nico-adjacent music penning talents might make this backfire too.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: *3 shudders* *35 smiles*
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:45pm Carmichael:

Ken, play The Only Song.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:45pm woj:

if you don't get $200, do we have to listen to this again?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:46pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I'm scared that the H7:00 problem is going to make all the computers revert to 6:00 in 15 minutes and the show will never end.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:46pm Parq:

Woj, better, we get to hear "Hotel California".
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Play "Mockingbird" w/ Carly Simon!! That's the worst version of it!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:47pm Dan B From Upstate:

Knuckles the dog! Everyone stop pledging!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:47pm Carmichael:

OK Andy, I dare you to play Hotel California. Wait, no I don't.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:47pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

- Watching the News but - CowKegel - !
[Provisional Heart for Pledge after PayDay...: ((♥)) ]
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:47pm Sean:

I think I know why WFMU listeners hate Andy. Pretty much everyone in the world knows that commercial success and level of artistry aren't exactly equivalent. That is, everyone except Andy. If Andy were a contemporary of Van Gogh, he would dismiss his painting.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:48pm Matt from Springfield:

Go Killdozer, but more importantly, GO BILL MAC!

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:48pm kiemzi:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:48pm Caryn:

I'm singing along to Knuckles! Ken might just get Andy to pay the 200 bucks to turn this off. Ken is soaking Andy surreptitiously!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:49pm Caryn:

If Andy does play "Hotel California", those 200 bucks will be pledged immediately! So it would be a good pledge-getting strategy.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:49pm Matt from Springfield:

@Sean: Who needs that ear-cutting weirdo? Just wait a while and you can get a nice, clean, professional song by Don McLean called "Vincent"!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:49pm woj:

@Parq sweet!
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm giraffe-o:

Play the Chiquita Banana song non-stop until you reach your pledge goal. Or the Banana boat song. Or, 'Yes we have no Bananas'
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm Caryn:

Did Cat Stevens ever record any dog-related songs?
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Would 200% get raunchy Dolphin Silhouette action in there - ?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm Carmichael:

Because everyone has lost the will to live.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm Matt from Springfield:

"Shower The People You Love With Love"?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: "I Love My Dog"!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:50pm G:

Must be maple syrup season, The sap is rising.
  Wed. 3/6/13 6:51pm g:

My girlfriend loves JT and is getting REALLY pissed!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:51pm steve:

Caryn - "I Love My Dog"... ?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:51pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

So where are we in the lickathon? I came late.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:51pm Carmichael:

@Caryn: Yes, I Love My Dog.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:51pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Hey, my ears are getting sticky. And the rest of this room. Oh NO!!!!....
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:52pm G:

No one calls, because they love the train wreck, and it's only three minutes per song.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:52pm Caryn:

@Matt & steve: oh yeah...

I fear the sugary sappiness will lead to several listeners going into diabetic shock. Insulin at the ready, emergency rooms!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@G: Similar to what I pointed out above. And, listeners prefer to hear Andy & Ken in a "train wreck" than for them to be fulfilled! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:53pm Carmichael:

Hey, do you have any Dan Fogleberg?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:53pm Dan B From Upstate:

Maggot Brain is awesome. I am people, and people love maggot brain.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:54pm woj:

andy could pledge $200 to get this off the air...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:55pm cklequ:

Who the devil is Dan Fogelburp?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:56pm Caryn:

This is a bit too "Carlos Santana, the talking-about-angels years" for my taste.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:57pm joe:

Wait if I pledge you are going to turn off Maggot Brain off? Are you out of your mind? Of course I'm not going to pledge
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:57pm Andrea:

What are you going to do with your fruit stickers? 201-536-9368
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:57pm Carmichael:

Andy has no idea what Ken plays on his show, because Andy NEVER listens to WFMU.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:58pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Are those the "Devadip" years, or did he have a Christian/New Age period as well?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:58pm Caryn:

Andy, just pay the 200 bucks yourself! (once again, I suspect Ken is soaking Andy in secret)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:59pm Andrea:

If you gave online and want the punchline to the joke "How many Seven Second Delay Cohosts Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb?" we recommend calling in during one of Ken's songs at 800-989-9368
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 6:59pm Caryn:

@Matt: essentially that, but I think he went a bit New-Age-y right after that. And kept talking about frigging angels and energy. *sigh*
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm G:

This is now like one of those horrible Xmas music only stations in December
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Ally McBeal soundtrack! Who's this?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm Andrea:

We're $185 away from taking this off the air.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm glenn:

dan fogelberg IS the devil.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm Caryn:

I actually kinda like this version... less annoying vocal runs than Mariah normally does.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm Edward from Brooklyn:

I just pledged so I have no more arrows in my quiver, but JESUS!!!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:00pm JoJo:

Love this song! Dancing around the living room!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:01pm Carmichael:

Laugh? Cry? I'm going to vomit.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:01pm Dan B From Upstate:

I actually have this song on my iPod. I got it from a Sound and Safe premium from a couple years.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Mariah Carey = Whats'erbutt!!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:01pm isn't it:

It was in Love Actually-- a young kid sang it.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:02pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Hey, we made it past 7. Everyone still alive?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:02pm Rhett:

That's it! One hour!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:02pm isn't it:

young kid = tween
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:03pm T-Shirt:

Stay tuned for Sinners' Crossroads.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:03pm Rhett:

The call was coming from inside the house!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:03pm Edward from Brooklyn:

Shouldn't they be licking something by now??
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:04pm Caryn:

I gotta say, no matter how crappy the songs get, I ain't pledging to turn them off, because I love a 7SD trainwreck moment. So this might not be the best moneymaking strategy.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:04pm Andrea:

Everyone thank Mac from the Antique Phonograph! A true hero: www.wfmu.org...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:05pm Carmichael:

Deliverin' is a live album.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: I figured that the moment I saw the description. And not participatory enough--it's just listening to music, listening to the trainwreck and commenting amongst ourselves, rather than an urgency to pledge.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:06pm Matt from Springfield:

@Andrea: We can always thank Mac! But, for that in particular!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:06pm Rhett:

This strategy is like if GG Allin had a WFMU show saying "If you don't donate to WFMU I'll do something unpleasant to myself."
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:07pm Edward from Brooklyn:

I don't want to pledge any more right now, but if someone doesn't call pretty soon I'm gonna post the punchline to the joke.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:07pm Caryn:

@Matt: I had the same reaction reading the episode description. Especially after what happened on Ken's show earlier today.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey now Ken, don't throw rocks in Glass Houses...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:07pm Carmichael:

Billy Joel. Insta-mute!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:07pm Matt from Springfield:

LOL Rhett! :)
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:07pm df:

I actually had to turn the radio off for this Billy Joel
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm cosmic matrix:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm Caryn:

I'm just laughing hysterically at the Billy Joel. Ken got so flustered!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm G:

Billy Joel was so late on the 70s revival of the 50s that this came out in the 80s.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: What was the concept failure of Ken's morning show?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm -max-:

That Billy Joel song was just featured on a Jeopardy clue a few moments ago, ironically enough.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm Dan B From Upstate:

Dengue Fever is decent!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:08pm cosmic matrix:

and that song by poco "africa" may be my favorite song in the world. SO THERE
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:09pm T-Shirt:

I like this. What is it called again?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:09pm Rhett:

I knew I was going to miss DJ Rupture, but I didn't realize I would miss him THIS MUCH.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:09pm Edward from Brooklyn:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:09pm Caryn:

@Matt: the "pledge now or I'll play the 'Careless Whisper' sax solo on a loop" bit. Pledging came to a screeching halt.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:09pm Andrea:

Getting excited for the Ken v. Andy LICKATHON
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:09pm steve:

T-Shirt - Dengue Fever!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:10pm Andrea:

@Rhett - hilarious
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:10pm Matt from Springfield:

James & Carly's "Mockingbird"!!! I keep telling you, that's the worst version of it!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:10pm cosmic matrix:

you guys are actually kind of comparing apples and oranges as it were.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:10pm Rhett:

@Andrea - serious!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:10pm SeanG:

it's Toto not Poco
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Ha ha, "Careless Whisper" is a song I hate that I love, and that sax part is a big plus for the song!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm Caryn:

@Matt: "Mockingbird" might actually work. But who knows with this masochistic crowd?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm steve:

yeah when does the licking start?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm cklequ:

I'll pledge $200 to get The Beatles off the air for good.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm joe:

so help me god if he plays the kenny g christmas album....
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm cosmic matrix:

@sean--awwww sh*t, really? i always make that mistake OOPS!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:11pm Andrea:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:12pm Caryn:

@Matt: exactly, and everyone seems to feel that way, so almost no-one wanted to pledge to take it off. Ken misjudged his audience.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:12pm Edward from Brooklyn:

  Wed. 3/6/13 7:13pm cosmic matrix:

nice stereo separation!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Folk-country-pop crossover! Make out in a wood panelled basement, drunk on Boone's Farm wine!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:14pm cosmic matrix:

well, ken, let's hear YOU sing a song then! canya do any better? hee hee
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:14pm Andrea:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:14pm Rhett:

Wait, is this what Poco sounds like? After all these years of hearing that name I didn't know what to expect.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:14pm Caryn:

This might evoke some nostalgic feelings in people...
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:15pm Edward from Brooklyn:

cklequ, you're a person after my own heart.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:15pm clint:

We need Andrew gold
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:15pm Jeff:

Here's the man inflicting this on you!

Andy and his iPod:
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:15pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: The melted vinyl stunt was a good pledging strategy for Ken, in addition to being very silly, you pledge to ADD something on, rather than take something off. A good comparison to the cumulative nature of this Marathon.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:16pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks Jeff! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:16pm G:

Andy gave Ken a good Poco in the ribs there
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:16pm Edward from Brooklyn:

Jeff: Eeeeeewwwwww, doncha just hate him?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:17pm Matt from Springfield:

Woooo Hawkwind!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:17pm glenn:

silver machine!!!!!! leave it on!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:17pm Julie:

Hawkwind? who let Clay in there?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:17pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I don't know, I'm kind of considering a pledge to get Hawkwind off.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:18pm steve:

who listening to fmu doesn't love some Hawkwind??
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:18pm glenn:

i want julie to move to a daytime show.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:19pm Adam in Portland and Lynnwood:

Lemmy forever!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:19pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I have listened to Julie's show in real time exactly once and I should have not been up that late, but it was great.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:19pm Matt from Springfield:

Judy Collins! That's a plus!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:19pm Julie:

Glenn -- I rarely come out before dark. Ooh sweet judy blue eyes!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:20pm glenn:

silver machine is post lemmy, i think.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:20pm Andrea:

"It's Judy Collins. She always cooks with honey." -- Andy
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Lena Dunham's also too cool for KP, apparently! Hmmph!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:20pm giraffe-o:

Judy Collins is still alive???
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:20pm Matt from Springfield:

Recorder solo! Dance naked in a field!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm G:

Define "alive".
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm Matt from Springfield:

@giraffe: "Alive and then some", as Clay Pigeon would say.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm giraffe-o:

What's the definition of a minor 2nd?
Two flutes playing in unison ;)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm chaoserene:

does Andy actually listen to this stuff in his freetime?
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm Edward from Brooklyn:

The thing is, I do like some of the music Andy likes. It's mostly his attitude about it that makes me want to curbstomp him.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm Dan B From Upstate:

This has, um... kind of worked. It's gotten them from 71% to 77%.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

Happy Hippies for Hawkwind. & no children. Billy Joel is the fake Elton John. People only like Billy Joel because they look more like him than the Ramones.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:21pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

What is ridiculous about this is that any one of Andy's songs could, under the right circumstances, slip right into Ken's show without incident. He might have to yell over them, but it could work.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:22pm Nick the Bard:

I'm late in saying it, but Billy Joel is awesome. All of it.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:22pm chaoserene:

rainbow unicorn vomit!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:22pm giraffe-o:

Station Manager Ken - was that a Hawkwind recording with Lemmy?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:22pm Rhett:

@giraffe-o - I've heard the same joke about fretless bass players.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:22pm joe:

No that his actually Lemmy on Silver Machine
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:22pm G:

@Pete: You have to turn the material ironic, so *you* are doing something with *it*, rather than *it* doing something with *you*.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:23pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I always hoped Billy Joel would emerge in a new dark, drunk phase. But then I heard an interview with him in which he was just a friendly drunk. Such wasted potential.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:23pm joe:

Bring back the Cambodian murders
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@RRN63: Did you ever hear Billy's first album Cold Spring Harbor? He was really ripping off Elton's early style on that one.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:23pm woj:

i keep wanting to click on the hearts thinking i am liking a comment
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:24pm Matt from Springfield:

@Chaoserene: Good Name For A Band!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:24pm joe:

Wait should I be concerned that I have spoken on that phone many times?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:24pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Elton John publicly called for Billy Joel to get a hold of himself. Billy Joel publicly told Elton John to fuck off. Joel 1, John 0 in the battle of the two first names.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:24pm G:

Billy Joel: "Americans will love a guy like me doing this piano rock shit even more than they did for some fey Brit with no fashion sense."
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:24pm Rhett:

Knowing this, wouldn't Andy have sneaked in and sanitized these items?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:25pm Julie:

I guess we have to wear some gloves tonight to protect from this licking. Interesting they are licking needle #1, because EVERYONE has licked needle #3.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:25pm Andrea:

Dr. Mark is is board certified in Clinical Pathology, which includes microbiology.

He appeared on our magic brownie roulette show at the UCB Theatre, with Amy Sedaris, Tom Gammill, and Gary Lucas
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:25pm chaoserene:

good point, how do we know these items are genuinely as dirty as they would normally be?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:25pm Frangry:

I don't think Station Dictator Ken had the mics in mono. 80 years of radio. Just sayin...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:26pm Julie:

Billy was making records (with his bands) before Elton was recording his own material. I think they have their own style. (Gots to stand up for my piano men!)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:27pm Matt from Springfield:

@Frangry: Haven't you heard, Ken is now the "Station Kenager Man"!
Good to sing to "Secret Agent Man", too.

@Andrea: Great episode!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:27pm Rhett:

Bring in whoever performs their housekeeping to explain how they don't really do their job.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:28pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: Hmm, I presumed that because Elton's first records were out long before '71, Billy was being less than original.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:28pm chaoserene:

@Frangry, who's weekly chore is it to sanitize the equipment? Is this an issue of concern to most DJs?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:30pm Frangry:

@chaoserene, that entire building is a pigsty.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:30pm Edward from Brooklyn:

"That's not as bad as EXPLOSIVE diarrhea" -- Station Manager Ken
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:30pm Andrea:

I really want to see them link inside each other's ears! So intimate.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:30pm woj:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:30pm Andrea:

Let's get the phones ringing!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:31pm Rhett:

Am I missing out on an experience by donating by phone rather than internet? What's the difference?
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:31pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...I'd bet Billy Joel's a good guy (& an accomplished pianist).

- I'm just sayin'.

- Between Joel & Elton it's probably too close for comfort (I think they actually did shows together)...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:31pm Andrea:

If we raise $500 now Ken or Andy will kick the doorknob to studio B.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:33pm chaoserene:

@Frangry, but how do any of these items compare to Andy Cohen's foot?
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:33pm cosmic matrix:

i don't want either one of you to get sick.
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:34pm cosmic matrix:

i'll donate $50 if you two lick each-others' tongues, though. now, THAT'S entertainment!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:34pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Well let's hope there's a high-class weirdo in the phone room who's going to get the footlicking he/she's always dreamed of.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:35pm Julie:

Rabbit, yes they toured together! Saying Billy ripped off Elton is like saying Kate Bush ripped off Laura Nyro. Just because they both write and play the piano....
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:36pm cosmic matrix:

or, conversely, you could ask us to pledge in order for you NOT to lick these dirty objects.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:36pm Matt from Springfield:

All right!! Terrestrial broadcasts, in Portland! Travelling 3 hours back in time!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:36pm Charles in Portland:

WHAT?! ON THE AIR live here in Portland?! How cool is that!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:36pm Frangry:

@chaoserene absolutely none of them. i'm still crying.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:36pm G:

Elton John was the hugest thing on the charts in the mid 70s, and Billy Joel suddenly got popular in the second half of the 70s. Coincidence? I think not.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Snivel away, kids, snivel!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:39pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

My comment didn't get read -- it was "I hate that by pledging I am a part of any of what is going on here tonight."
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:39pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

...for my Place & Time (age) - it was kinda more about the Joel types VS. the Ramones types
- & still seems like it from where I'm sittin'...some people like Sports (like Conservative Johnny Ramone did)
- whatever - !!...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:40pm Andrea:

Here's the doorknob! pic.twitter.com...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:40pm chaoserene:

@Frangry, I'm sure this year's SUW marathons will be just as epic and significantly less awkward
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:41pm steve:

sometimes i wonder if Andy's serious when he rags on FMU, but then he goes along with stunts like this...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:41pm SeanG:

oh my god this is gross!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:41pm Frangry:

Little buddy!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:41pm Rhett:

Ooooh... ADA accessible door knob
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:42pm Julie:

this 2-hour show totally effed me up. Like whoa, it's nearly 8.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:42pm Frangry:

@steve, no way! he secretly loves WFMU
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm Dan B From Upstate:

Maybe mention other things that will be licked AFTER you get passed the doorknob?
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

I'd say Kate Bush was *influenced* by Nyro - not the *fake* one. ; )
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm Sally Field:

"You lick me, you all really lick me!"
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm Chris M.:

that doorknob carries diseases not yet discovered by science.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm Rhett:

They need a device that makes noise when an internet donation comes in.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm steve:

god i wish i had more money
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:43pm Matt from Springfield:

@Julie: And normally it only *feels* like it's been 2 hours!...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:44pm Julie:

Kate was busy listening to Pink Floyd. Even her demos are way far out compared to Nyro.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:44pm Frangry:

@Rhett, the phones DO ring when an internet donation comes in. :(
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:45pm Caryn:

@Rhett: yep, online donations make a ringing phone noise.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:45pm Julie:

What kind of pledge do we have to make to get Andy to cohost a marathon show with Bryce?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:45pm Rhett:

oh...... :-(
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:45pm Fredericks:

Andy Lickman
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:45pm Matt from Springfield:

@Frangry: Seriously? That's awesome!
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:46pm cosmic matrix:

i liked it when they sent ken up with balloons
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:46pm BadGuyZero:

WOW! I tuned in just in time for that magic moment!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:46pm Julie:

Ken JUST got healthy, let's not have him licking the toilet
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:46pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Come on, Andy, give it a nice, slurping sound.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:47pm Caryn:

I kinda feel like Ken's threat of a sports show could lead to interesting Sports Relief-style stunts, like Ken swimming the length of the Hudson. I'd pledge for that, even if it would be as bacteriologically hazardous as this.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:47pm Andrea:

ha Fredericks!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:47pm Frangry:

I really wish this was on video.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Plague Day Doorknob! DO IT!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:48pm Rhett:

Give us a live tweet photo, Andrea!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:48pm Caryn:

@Frangry: hopefully, pictures are being taken (you listening, Andrea?)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:48pm Jeff In Puna Hawaii:

we need proof!!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:48pm Rhett:

So when will Andy's funeral be?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:48pm cklequ:

Licking a doorknob is almost as enjoyable as pleasuring a dolphin.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:49pm Matt from Springfield:

The Listerine spit sounded grosser on the radio than the lick itself! :)
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:49pm Frangry:

@Matt from Springfield, you're totally right.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:49pm BadGuyZero:

Hmm...my heart is black while other hearts are red.

Sounds about right.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:49pm G:

Andy's pact with Satan, resulting in his Monk haul, makes his death impossible.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:50pm Caryn:

This is a good way to soak Andy. He'll gladly pledge to make Ken lick things.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:50pm woj:

thought the listerspit was actually vomiting
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:50pm BadGuyZero:

I wonder if that dolphinsex.org site it still around.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:50pm Frangry:

@BadGuyZero, It turns black once you see someone's profile.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm Frangry:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm BadGuyZero:

BLERG! "is" not "it"
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Yecch!!! Those sounds!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm Julie:

My heart is already black (and non-existent)
  Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

As far as 'America's' tastes relating to its' homophobia & unadventurous fashion - whose position would that support - ?
- I just think Elton communciates real Soul - whereas Joel seems mannered, predictable, a panderer to lowest common denominator popular tastes, & phony...Who cares...
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

My heart turned black after listening to this show tonight.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:51pm Matt from Springfield:

This is fantastic "Theater of the Mind", at least!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:52pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Hey, thanks, Pete's girlfriend!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:52pm Rhett:

Listening my black show was heart when tonight
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:53pm Dan B From Upstate:

People flush the terlet with their shoes, though.

Anyway, I'm still kinda sad there's no video this year.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:53pm Caryn:

@RRN63: I don't think either one of them has much "soul", but both have some decent songs. And entertaining drunken behaviours.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:54pm chaoserene:

yeah, having video for SUW and 7SD was so good last year!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:54pm Frangry:

Ken didn't do video this year because he says "the novelty has worn off". But I think it's great for the stun/talk shows.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:54pm Andrea:

We are $320 away from having Ken or Andy lick the bathroom floor. This bathroom is worse than a dive bar bathroom. Pee stains and all.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:54pm Frangry:

Seriously you guys have no idea how fucking gross that bathroom is.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:54pm BadGuyZero:

"The State of WFMU" post-hurricane address.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:55pm Julie:

OMG the bathroom floor, that's the bathroom the volunteers and bands use too!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:55pm chaoserene:

okay I think I might need to contribute to this cause
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:55pm BadGuyZero:

The toilet doesn't have a cover on the tank.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:56pm G:

aka CBGB's Bathroom, Jersey City branch
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:56pm Caryn:

@Frangry: yeah, like CGI or 3D, if video is used as a crutch and a novelty, it's no fun. But with shows like this, video is needed to get the full experience. It is not a novelty when it is integral to the show!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:56pm chaoserene:

pledging for this is pledging to uphold what truly makes this show one of the most brilliant things ever... right?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:56pm cklequ:

$320 to bob for upper deckers?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:56pm G:

It's like contributing to medical research
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:57pm Frangry:

@Caryn, maybe Foodbed and I will ask for video on our show. We don't have any great stunts tho.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:57pm Rhett:

I made the ringy sound!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:57pm steve:

we get pics yet?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:57pm Caryn:

Man, the past 2 days of the Marathon have been very toilet-centric... Oy.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:57pm Frangry:

@chaoserene, fuck yes.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:57pm chaoserene:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:58pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

How do you people use that bathroom and not just clean it out of disgust, then?

That's right, 'you people.'
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:59pm Frangry:

I use the ladies bathroom on the 3rd floor. Which is significantly cleaner. The bathroom they are near is the one all the bands and volunteers use.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:59pm Rhett:

@Andrea - make the twitter photo happen for this one!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:59pm Caryn:

@Frangry: no, but you do have plenty of horndog male fans who will gladly pledge if they see video footage of you. Whether that encourages or discourages the use of a video stream, though, is up to you.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:59pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Ha! "Ladies" and "Bands"!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 7:59pm Matt from Springfield:

Ewww, here it comes!!
  Wed. 3/6/13 8:00pm Michael:

Uhh...guys: this is how The Aristocrats _started_.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:00pm Frangry:

@Caryn, good point. video it is.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:00pm Frangry:

@Pete from Boston, hahahaha you win.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Michael: "...Seven Second Delay!"
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm chaoserene:

And @Caryn, I do believe the sex appeal has doubled this year
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm steve:

  Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm Dropper:

Too bad there's no video stream this year.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

Thank you!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm Matt from Springfield:

Eww! The "tastes of the city" experience!!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm other david:

Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:01pm Sierra:

I have empathy for Andy.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:02pm Julie:

Yes you should reward those people who had to look at Andy Cohen a chance to look at you and Michele, Frangry
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:02pm Pete from Boston (and NJ):

I have contempt for everything I've heard tonight.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for the stunts, Ken and Andy!
Surpass your records next week! :)

Have a good night everyone!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:02pm Caryn:

@chaoserene: yep, even with the footrub stunts of last year, this year is clearly more appealing
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:03pm Frangry:

Great show 7SD!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:03pm Caryn:

Andrea better have a frigging folderful of pictures of this!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:03pm BadGuyZero:

Oh my...I'm scheduled to be working the phones next week. What horrors will I witness?
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:04pm Dan B From Upstate:

The wheeeeeeeeel of fate! There had better be video for that.
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:04pm Caryn:

@BGZ: just don't touch anything with your bare hands! Rubber gloves or disposable hankies at the ready!
Avatar Wed. 3/6/13 8:06pm Rhett:

That's how my name *is* pronounced! Boo!!
  Wed. 3/6/13 8:14pm RevolutionRabbitNov63:

'Even her demos are way far out compared to Nyro.'
- Well - you made the comparison, not me.
' I don't think either one of them has much "soul",'
...Like I said - more about the Joel types VS. the Ramones types for me...
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