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Options November 18, 2012

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Artist Track Approx. start time
Anita O'Day  My Ship   Options 0:00:00 ()
Domenico  Familia Oca   Options 0:04:03 ()
The Harptones  Sunday Kind Of Love   Options 0:06:33 ()
Della Reese  A Stranger On Earth   Options 0:09:31 ()
Emmylou Harris  Someday My Ship Will Sail   Options 0:12:29 ()
Harry Nilsson  He Needs Me   Options 0:14:40 ()
Maxine Sullivan  If I Had A Ribbon Bow   Options 0:16:47 ()
Miller Sisters  Finders Keepers   Options 0:19:15 ()
Nu  Man O To   Options 0:22:37 ()
Terrence Dixon  Fountain Of Life   Options 0:27:02 ()
Lalo Schifrin  Four Leaf Clover   Options 0:30:10 ()
Du Droppers  Speed King   Options 0:38:11 ()
The King Sisters  Easy To Love   Options 0:40:57 ()
Dave "Baby" Cortez  The Boogie Organ   Options 0:42:48 ()
Det Er Det Her Det Hele Handler Om  Frisk Frugt   Options 0:45:02 ()
Lonnie Donegan  Diggin' My Potatoes   Options 0:47:36 ()
Granny with Cast  Vittles   Options 0:50:28 ()
Chanranjit  Haal Kaisa Hai (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi)   Options 0:53:26 ()
Midge Williams  I'm In A Happy Frame Of Mind   Options 0:56:00 ()
Helen Humes  Airplane Blues   Options 0:58:37 ()
Detroit Emeralds  Shades Down   Options 1:13:04 ()
Michael Andrews  Heaven In Five   Options 1:15:45 ()
El Perro Del Mar  If I Was A Boy   Options 1:18:28 ()
Karin Krog  Open Sandwich   Options 1:23:07 ()
Butter  Growly   Options 1:25:04 ()
Acid Pauli & Laura Weider  Oregano   Options 1:27:20 ()
Mott The Hoople  Waterlow   Options 1:37:11 ()
Blue Steele and His Orchestra  Girl Of My Dreams   Options 1:45:06 ()
Wild Bill Davis  The Nearness Of You   Options 1:48:57 ()
Marcia Griffiths  I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely   Options 1:51:46 ()
Greta Keller  Thanks For The Memories   Options 1:54:00 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 11/18/12 7:03pm david:

she's looking... at me!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:03pm cb1:

Ready for my close up!
A couple of weeks ago you played Imelda May. Just got her album - she kills it on every level. Thanks for the introduction!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:06pm sweet cheri:

hiya monica i hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving and best holiday wishes!! i'm ready for a super show as always!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:07pm david:

That's some serious fourth-wall breaking for the B&W era, isn't it? though maybe this is from the later side...
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:11pm monica:

she sure is, david!... so happy to please ya, CB1... hey there. super duper cheri...
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:14pm Steve M.:

Love Emmylou
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:16pm monica:

likewise, steve m.! should be more familiar with here catalog than i am though.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:17pm AbNorma:

Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup. But are YOU?

I'm as big as ever, darlings. It's the GIFs that got small.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:19pm sweet cheri:

monica you're the queen of sunday nights!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:20pm monica:

great one, AbNorma!... that's your crown, cheri...
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:23pm DeanLand:

The playlist is current play only ... is this just my browser?
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:24pm DeanLand:

As soon as I post that, the list appears!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:25pm monica:

magic wand, dean! see what you can so do when you put your mind and mouse to it?....
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:28pm texas scott:

great gif,monica

late as always...HOLA!
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:31pm monica:

yo, t'scott!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:36pm diego:

  Sun. 11/18/12 7:36pm Steve M.:

All Hail Gloria!!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:37pm sugarwolf:

I'll miss Sno Balls
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:37pm diego:

near unity temple?
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:38pm DeanLand:

On my half birthday, through my teens and early to mid twenties, I would buy a Twinkie on my half birthday, a private observation of the 6 month mark.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:38pm diego:

twinkies are gone but twinks are still around
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:38pm anne:

little debbies all the way. break open the different layers, then indulge.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:40pm texas scott:

I loved Ding Dongs,when they were wrapped in foil.
They went to a plastic wrap and it tasted different.

the Hostess area at my grocery store was bare yesterday.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:41pm anne:

mom-in-law is crying due to the demise of hostess. she's knitting right now. we're loving the show as always! thanks, Monica!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:42pm DeanLand:

Now my pleasure is Murray's Sugar Free cookies. A guilty pleasure, and much healthier than those revolting Hostess products. I will admit that once, awakening after surgery, I was asked if I wanted anything. Like a knee jerk response (after all, it was knee surgery) I asked fpr a Yodel or a Ding Dong.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:42pm monica:

what diego said, and yeah, not far. from ether. unity was on lake st....xo... ah yeah, steve m.!... alright, s'wolf, speak on it, girl... damn, dean - i could never hold off that long... anne, a significant little debbie contingency around here... now yer talkin, t'scott!...
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:43pm Reeshard:

Given that Hostess products are guaranteed to outlast cockroaches and Cher's eyebrows, I'm certain that someone will be dealing Suzie Q's off a TV tray in the park next summer.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:43pm cb1:

When I was a kid my dad was friends with a fellow who owned a pig farm. Every Tuesday he'd go over there and get a supply of Twinkies, Hostess cupcakes, etc and bring them home for dessert. They were sent to pigs because they were stale - so to thins day they never had much appeal - but I did eat them - they were nasty and worse old.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:45pm Catsilk:

Plant those tulips bulbs, lady, before the ground freezes beneath our feet. One Twinkie after the next.. Luv yer stuff.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:46pm david:

My twinkie fell in the toilet in first grade
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:46pm Catsilk:

  Sun. 11/18/12 7:47pm Listener Schned:

More proof that hedge-fund richies are evil- in our little suburb-of-Brooklyn, Saturday morning meant (Drake's cupcake) Yankee Doodles + orange soda, cf. Bill Cosby-
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:47pm cb1:


Did you eat it?
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:47pm Neil:

Holy Cow! You described my relationship with Suzie Q's to a T! 4.5 oz package, if I remember correctly, and definitely the biggest bang for your sugar fested buck, and the same attention to the side "cream" before attacking the Q proper. Also was a big fan of the fruit pies, preferably cherry, please. And also did the Snowball thing, almost choking to death one day at middle school lunch demonstrating that I could eat one in one bite. Gelatin coating got lodged in my throat, and it was cough it up or die. They hadn't invented the Heimlich back then. That being said, and not that I want to be a wet blanket, but if there was ever a company who manufactures poisonous food and kind of deserves to go out of business . . . But we can still have the memories.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:48pm dale:

hey mo and crew! long time no hear - glad to be back on earshot. ready for my closeup!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

I think I'm the only person on earth that believes Twinkies will simply get a slight package redesign and be made by someone else.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:49pm sj:

now i have to go to the supermarket to buy snack cakes, or at least look at them.

but i'm in montreal so not sure what i'll find
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:50pm monica:

Reeshard - looking for the celeb tie-in rebrand soon.... You just needed to deep-fry 'em, CB1. Like CB2 woulda done... Catsilk, a garden of Twinkies - yes!... david, didn't stop you from eating it, did it?... Listener Schned - what about Entenmanns?...
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:50pm dale:

..oh, i guess everyone is ready for their closeup....and i fell in love with little debbie - sorry.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:51pm david:

cb1 + monica - of course!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:51pm Andrew Waterloo:

@sj. here in Ontario I just go for the Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies
I didn't see any Twinkies at Walmart today.. just the cupcakes.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:51pm Little Debby:

Boo Hoo!!!! BOOOOO HHOOOOOOOO!!!! We had faces!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:52pm dale:

yay granny. meet you out be the see-ment pond!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:52pm Cheech and Chong:

Hmm, let us take a peek at our pot!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:52pm texas scott:

  Sun. 11/18/12 7:53pm Andrew Waterloo:

Granny must be a madame from Quebec if her thing is pot and beaver
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:53pm Little Debby:

Didn't Granny see any Twinkies?
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:54pm david:

we were more of a ring ding kind of family...
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:54pm dale:

wasn't it rumored that she was a lesbian later in life?
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:54pm sugarwolf:

I like Mrs. Freshley's. I think she makes a version/rip-off of the Twinkie. And Sno Balls!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:55pm steve:

I've been pretty light on Hostess for, well, decades now. But for me, their two best products were the chocolate cupcake (with the white iced filigree) and the little apple pie in the green wrapper (1969 wouldn't have been the same without them).
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:55pm diego:

mega news: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/18/bimbo-twinkies-mexican-hostess-liquidation_n_2155070.html
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 7:55pm monica:

Neil, YES!!!.... Dale, great to have ya back... Andrew Waterloo, coming soon to a T Style section near you... sj, run like the wind... aw, Little Debby, don cry...S' Wolf, - yes! Love Mrs/ Freshleys!! Frosted crullers...
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:55pm Little Debby:

Oh, God! Snowballs. Boooo Hooooo!
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:56pm david:

no-bake twinkie cake: http://jcp.is/rVYctD
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:56pm texas scott:

my sweet tooth aches.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:56pm Reeshard:

So glad that the Bev Hillbillies are having another day in the sun, thanks to your good ministrations, Miz MoLuv. And as you mentioned your fondness for whistling - and since you've already played a track of his - you should check "I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely," the lead-off track from Nilsson's 'Knnillssonn' lp, wherein Harry whistles a heart-melting middle 8.
  Sun. 11/18/12 7:57pm Little Debby:

"No Bake Twinkie Cake" is the nicest poem I ever heard.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:01pm david:

Anyone remember Kudos?
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:01pm cb1:

Love Helen Humes. Saw her at The Cookery in the Village oh so long ago.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:02pm david:

Maybe Texas could secede and instead of becoming some sort of buffer narco state save Ho-Hos.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:04pm sugarwolf:

david, you mean the chocolate covered granola bars? I definitely remember them.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:05pm G:

Some Hostess snacks will come back under new ownership. Wonder Bread is probably dead, because so much bread buying has left white bread and gone into whole grain, mixed grain, etc.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:05pm texas scott:

we would never do that,david.

if we did,it would def be for ding dongs.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:05pm david:

sugarwolf - those are the ones. I think all of them were covered in chocolate...
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:06pm Andrew Waterloo:

Wonderbread is made by Westen's here
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:08pm Andrew Waterloo:

I am planning a pilgrimage to next year's record fair
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:11pm G:

There's no cream in there. That goop never saw the inside of a cow. Jeez! :-)
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:11pm Irene:

For me, Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes, Raspberry Zingers and occasionally those marshmallow/coconut covered SnoBalls were a weakness (I had a terrible sweet-tooth as a kid). Oh and those Cherry Pies! But you definitely know somebody's gonna buy the name and start it up again, I betcha. Hopefully without the huge salary boosts the CEOs gave themselves as they filed for bankruptcy.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:11pm G:

It's "creme", see the difference? :-)
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:12pm Steve:

Fruitpie the Magician in the unemployment line
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:12pm Listener Schned:

To carbon-date myself: I doubt that there wasn't a box of Entenmann's Crumb Cake in Mommy's kitchen, right up to her assisted-living days- in all fairness for a large "MOR" baker they have some o.k. goods, had a kick-ass Oatmeal Raisin cereal bar about 10 years back (no longer- they've gone all multinational)
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:12pm david:

donettes were good...
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:14pm Brian:

Correction - the products are "Creme filed or have a "creamy" filling - they were not allowed to say "cream" because the fillings were far removed from anything dairy
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:14pm david:

wonder bread is big with barbecue... wonder about that...
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:14pm Andrew Waterloo:

now I'm craving Joe Louis
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:16pm texas scott:

I could sho eat a bag of chocolate donettes,right about now
with a big glass of whole,ice-cold milk

you got the tunes tonight,mo
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:17pm sweet cheri:

well monica i have to head out now thnx for having me tonight,, happy holidays everyone,, have fun mo!!
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:18pm DeanLand:

My kiddie-era sweet treat was a 6-cent box of Red Hots, those cinnamon and sugar delights that would coat one's tongue and teeth all red. On a dare I once ate a box in one mouthful. Steam may have come out of my ears, but it was fun. I graduated to Atomic Fireballs later on. Nowadays it is curry and jalapeno for me.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:19pm Brian:

Snoballs were my favorite - they let me know what holiday was coming up. They were like Star Trek tribbles
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:19pm Listener Schned:

@dale I reckon workin' around Ellie Mae there might make a body switch her pitch :) worked fer Miss Hathaway didn't it?
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:20pm david:

I think the pudding pies were in the same format as the apple pies...
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:21pm t[sh:

One summer in Canada, Hostess introduced fruit flavoured potato chips - maybe with leftover pie stuff?
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:22pm V:

  Sun. 11/18/12 8:23pm t[sh:

Ketchup chips were the only oddball flavour that stuck.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 8:23pm monica:

andrew from waterloo, quest-ce que c'est joe louis?... t'scott, git in line... david, sounds great to me. add mayo please.... well alright now, brian!...david, damn straght... Steve, awww....G, yeah frenchifying it....Irene! Relieved to know that you too had a Hostess fix....CB1, Helen the best...DeanLand - total matinee staple!... t[sh, i'm there.... david, love em alll. ... Thanks, V!
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:24pm Andrew Waterloo:

Joe Louis is like a small chocolate cake with white icing in the middle
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:24pm t[sh:

oh! and dill pickle! [gah] I doubt I'll ever forget the purple grape chips.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:25pm david:

That's true Brian - the Snoballs anchor us in time.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:26pm Andrew Waterloo:

  Sun. 11/18/12 8:26pm texas scott:

  Sun. 11/18/12 8:28pm V:

Monica the vessel! and an excellent one at that!

Everyone else, howdoyado?
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:28pm sweet cheri:

i'll see you in two weeks monica,,
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:34pm Andrew Waterloo:

I feel like Homer Simpson when I sing along to that
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 8:42pm monica:

a good thing, andrew...
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:49pm Andrew Waterloo:

Homer does know indulgence
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:51pm Twinkie in Toilet:

Glub. Glubbbb.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:53pm Rich:

Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:54pm Peter K:

Odd, I could have sworn you played "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)" just a few minutes ago, but there's no sign of it on your playlist. Was I imagining things?
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:54pm Richard from Venezuela:

great music selection
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:54pm Homer Simpsons:

Closes his eyes and conducts his happy musical thoughts with both index fingers.
  Sun. 11/18/12 8:56pm Rob from Maryland:

Peter K, I heard it too. :-)
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 8:56pm monica:

Bout damn time, Rich... Twinkie - it's all about the moistness.... Sugar rush, Peter.... Richard from Venezuela- thanks!!... Oh, Homer - my hero....
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Sun. 11/18/12 8:56pm monica:

  Sun. 11/18/12 8:57pm DeanLand:

Greta singing the appropriate song of the week, Twinkie- and otherwise. :-)
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