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Keilidh [kay-lee] (n.) 1. Gaelic word for a musical gathering in celebration.

Beastin' [bee-stihn] (ger., adj.) 1. An unnecessarily extreme reaction. 2. Pwning everyone at video games. 3. Tearin' up some pussy. 4. Really, really, REALLY cool.

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Options October 11, 2012: OMG IM BACK DOE fillin for Mary Wing ft. Hieroglyph Thesaurus and Low Fat Getting High!

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Black Ceiling  In My Head   Options   0:00:00 ()
R. Stevie Moore & Keel Her  I Hate It When You Look At Me   Options   0:03:11 ()
LA Beard Club  Toxic (Cover), More Than   Options   0:05:34 ()
Marigold  Space Pig   Options   0:09:24 ()
Mega Buiser  Oldies (U Still Got It)   Options   0:12:03 ()
Friends  I'm His Girl   Options   0:14:48 ()
3rd Line Butterfly  Hello   Options   0:17:59 ()
TV Girl  Loud And Clear   Options   0:19:31 ()
Still Saffire  Give Me A Break   Options   0:28:48 ()
Noni Rene  Get Out Of Here   Options   0:29:49 ()
Sin Kitty  Makes Me Wanna   Options   0:33:06 ()
The Upskirts  Man Child   Options   0:35:35 ()
Advaita  Chaoz   Options   0:39:17 ()
Heaven's Gate  Jesus Hair   Options   0:41:47 ()
Lana Del Rey  Lolita   Options   0:43:52 ()
Low Fat Getting High  Lacoste   Options   0:59:43 ()
Eppard & Vonyx  Gloomy Sunday   Options   1:13:59 ()
Wikan  Gucci Bitches   Options   1:18:05 ()
ERA  blvck vnd yvllvw   Options   1:26:08 ()
UGK  Front Back Side To Side (Chopped & Screwed)   Options   1:32:10 ()
Izaq  Sath Balts   Options   1:36:48 ()
Aesop Rock  Ruby '81, Gopher Guts   Options   1:55:32 ()
Neutral Bling Hotel  King Of Ante Up, Pt. 1   Options   2:01:57 ()
Jesse Abraham ft. Homeboy Sandman (additional vox by Corina Corina)  Always and Forever   Options   2:06:17 ()
Major Lazer  Get Free ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors   Options   2:09:48 ()
Hieroglyph Thesaurus  Sword Tag   Options from the unreleased but upcoming 12/12/12 album "Round 3"!  2:22:56 ()
Jacques Jupiter  Burritos Surgeies   Options   2:35:40 ()
Knxwledge  komeup [TWRK]   Options   2:39:10 ()
Noo Noo  Do Da Noo Noo   Options   2:43:05 ()
Baby Kaely  New Sneakers   Options Ummm...she's 6 years old.  2:46:49 ()
Remi  Lo Lo Bike Music   Options   2:49:43 ()
Hieroglyph Thesaurus  Like What   Options   2:57:23 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 10/11/12 12:04am Danne D:

YAY :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:04am Matt from Springfield:

Welcome back Keili!
*Great* 4 Non Blondes loop in Black Ceiling!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 12:04am DJ Keili:

  Thu. 10/11/12 12:04am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

Hi Keili! Hi Beasters in Europea, Americia and elsewhere on the planet! Welcome back!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:05am Caryn:

Yay, Keili's in the hizzouse! Too bad I'm fading fast and will probably have to go to bed soon.
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 12:05am DJ Keili:


It's 10/11/12 at 12am, how about we get some 12 dollar pledges in?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:06am Danne D:

Welcome back Keili :D
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:06am Toots Nixon:

Yaaaaaay! Keili!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey everyone! Pledge lots oh money!!!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:06am Jeff H:

HEY YOU!!!! Missed ya!!!! :-)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:06am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

This is already my favorite WFMU set of the past four months.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:07am Toots Nixon:

10plus11plus12equals 33! Pledge 33!
plus 12 equals 45! Pledge 45!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:08am Caryn:

I'm assuming the 17 % is for Mary Wing's goal. I'd hate to think that Ken would demand that you set a goal for a fill-in.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:09am Elwyn:

We've missed you Keili! We were so close to organising a storming of the building!! ;-)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:09am Elwyn:

We've missed you Keili! We were so close to organising a storming of the building!! ;-)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:09am Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: It seems for fill-ins it just shows the general WFMU total, like up above.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:09am Danne D:

I think it might be the overall total goal actually as that seems to be where it was at on the home page.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:09am Caryn:

Is DJ Mama Lisa in the hizzouse too?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:09am Danne D:

Pretty sure the goal-setting is optional anyway Caryn - I haven't seen it on every playlist
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:10am Caryn:

@Danne & Matt: thanks for the info!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:10am Toots Nixon:

@Caryn - in HER house.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:10am Jeff H:

....just home from Radio City! Shook Morrissey's hand TWICE! Yay!!!!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:11am Destroit:

Keili! Nice surprise.
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 12:11am DJ Keili:

so jealous Jeff. So jealous.
Did you get to touch his fab boots too?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:11am Matt from Springfield:

...in the Herzzouse, of course.

Marigold = Lovely!!!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 12:12am DJ Keili:

@Elwyn - WHY DIDN'T YOU??
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:13am Toots Nixon:

@Matt - You are the biggest estrogen jihad supporter on Irwin's show!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:14am Matt from Springfield:

@Toots: Say Wut?!? I associate that with menstruation, prob. because of Bronwyn C's term "monthly hormonal jihad"! :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:15am Toots Nixon:

  Thu. 10/11/12 12:15am Danne D:

Hey Stormtrooper Elwyn :)
Hey Fellow Beastin' Fans :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:16am Toots Nixon:

Danne D! xoxoxo
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:17am Danne D:

what's happenin' Toots?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:17am Caryn:

Possible Elwyn answers:
a)Well, we had this pesky rebel alliance to crush first.
b)We were too stoned to storm the station. And then we got the munchies, so we just stormed the pizza place.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:19am Matt from Springfield:

Ah, is Estrogen Jihad "Keilidh"s professional name now? I *do* love her songs, esp. her vocals.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:20am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

I think that was her band's name, wasn't it?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:20am Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: I was thinking that Elwyn was going to storm the place, but ran out of pig carcasses to use as weapons! :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:22am Caryn:

@Matt: that's possible answer c.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:22am Danne D:

Every time I see this guy on the TV when I watch the Bengals, I think of Elwyn: http://www.myspace.com/bengal_stormtrooper
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:23am Elwyn:

@Keili: only saved up $1400 for my future trip to the USA. Coincidentally I have about the same amount in credit card debt. :-(
I still need to get off my ass and send you a t-shirt!

@Danne D: hey! I passed my first test out of two to become a male roller derby PLAYER! The people in my league are awesome but people in other leagues nearby have such thin skin. Recently got kicked out a new group because I pointed out that one of the admins was being snide against my league and examples where she was wrong. Such drama queens!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:24am Matt from Springfield:

OMG Hi! Again, Keili!!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:24am Danne D:

Elwyn needs a youtube channel of ElwynWorld :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:25am Danne D:

Of course you'll do an amazing show Keili :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:25am Elwyn:

@Matt: are you referring to Star Wars Angry Birds? That makes me think of this roller girl I want to date who always has an Angry Birds expression when playing and is dating someone else yet kissing her teammate and I found out goes to the same gym. I need to cry now.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:26am Danne D:

Tweeted out the news that Keili is on now :)
You should tweet the news too ;)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:26am marc from FB:

  Thu. 10/11/12 12:26am Matt from Springfield:

Welcome, "ancient" guests Hieroglyph Thesaurus and Low Fat Getting High!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:27am Danne D:

No crying in roller derby or Angry Birds, Elwyn :)

I gather that Buttercup is your favorite Powder Puff Girl.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:28am Matt from Springfield:

LOL Elwyn! :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:29am Matt from Springfield:

MOST of us are Geezers next to you Keili! Same dynamic w/ DJ Faye.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:30am Danne D:

So this is the first Presidential Election that Keili can vote in, right? :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:30am fred:

Hey Keili! Hey everybody!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:30am Danne D:

Keili in 50 years: "OMG Welcome to Geezin' the Airwaves, everybody!"
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:31am Danne D:

fred :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:31am Jeff H:

i heard that :-)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:31am Danne D:

You wanna get out of here? You just got here :D
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:31am Toots Nixon:

Beastin' the Geezers!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:34am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

@Danne, does that mean Keili should move to a swing state?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:35am Danne D:

We need Keili here, Bob :) We can't be outsourcin' her!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:35am Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: I remember a past comment of yours, that because you tweeted that someone was filling in, that that should bring "literally ones of listeners in"! :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:36am Joshua K:

I have graveyard shift for two weeks but I'm beastin!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:37am Matt from Springfield:

Man Children Unite!!!

@Joshua: That's great you at least can listen to Keili during the graveyard shift! And Mary Wing next week!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:37am Danne D:

@Matt yeah that's probably true - well maybe :) I was probably overstating my impact
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:38am Danne D:

That's why you guys need to be Tweetin' about the Beastin'
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:39am Elwyn:

@fred: hey there!!

Yes, Man Children of the world unite... dressing like a life-size action figure optional!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:39am Elwyn:

@fred: hey there!!

Yes, Man Children of the world unite... dressing like a life-size action figure optional!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:42am Caryn:

@Danne: I would, but my laptop hates Twitter and refuses to go to it so much that I managed to tweet for one evening and that's it. It's been so long, I no longer remember my handle or password. I occasionally get messages that this or that person is now following me on Twitter, and I think "Really? Why the heck? It's not as if I'm tweeting a damn thing!"
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:46am Elwyn:

@Caryn and Danne D:
I think I hate Twitter. Most people ignore my tweets. :-(
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:47am Danne D:

LOL Caryn - I get facebook notifications that way - I haven't logged on there in 2 years (and no I'm not giving it - I don't wanna use it)

@Elwyn I read your tweets :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:48am Toots Nixon:

@Elwyn- I read your Twitter notifications, but not the actual tweets. I don't go on there.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:49am Caryn:

Oh, Elwyn, I'd read your tweets if I could :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:49am Kendall!:

  Thu. 10/11/12 12:50am TPM:

Hey Keili. Listening on the internet. I'm on twitter too:
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:50am Toots Nixon:

Keili went to hockey camp. now she's mature.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:51am Danne D:

Kendall :) Lots of the regs here :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:52am Danne D:

@Toots did Keili go to this hockey camp?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1dPIfra9DY :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:52am Matt from Springfield:

You had to google to get to the educational song!!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:52am Kendall!:

what the heck kind of conversation did I just walk in to?
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:52am Caryn:

Oh man, fading fast. Can't keep eyes open. I think that's it, folks, going to bed now. Especially as I should be up in 4 hours... Oy.

Great to have you back, Keili, no matter how briefly! Have a great rest of the show, everyone!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:54am Toots Nixon:

Tell Keili to tell you the "I went to Hockey Camp" story.
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:54am Matt from Springfield:

It's Always Smoky In Brooklyn
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:54am Matt from Springfield:

G'night Caryn!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:54am Toots Nixon:

By Caryn! Have a good rest! xo
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:56am Matt from Springfield:

This Dude's Basement Mollusk Studios---dot COM!! :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:57am Matt from Springfield:

Cool! Keili & bands name check! :D
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:57am Caryn:

Thanks, Matt & Toots! Bye!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:58am Matt from Springfield:

Although, I kinda intended "dot com" to be part of the studio's name itself! Convolution :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:58am Danne D:

I made a pledge in your honor Keili :) Wish I could do more but I kinda go overboard during the regular marathon!
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:58am Toots Nixon:

If you like what you're hearing, PLEDGE! $33! 10/11/12 - $33
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:59am Danne D:

G'night Caryn :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 12:59am Caryn:

Bye Danne!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:00am Danne D:

I didn't pledge exactly $33. I drive the station crazy enough with my serial pledging during the regular marathon so I just am doing the one. Might do a 2nd one later on in the marathon if I have the cash but I'll spare 'em this time :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:01am Danne D:

Other folks should feel free to serial pledge all their favs though :) That's a totally cool thing to do :D
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:01am Kaleen:

Woo!! INTERVIEW! I listened to the whole thing, miss you all!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:03am Matt from Springfield:

@Danne: Cereal pledging several moderate "tips" to shows this Silent Fundraiser!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:03am Elwyn:

@Toots: Heh heh. I just hedged my bets (what on, I don't know) with $50 on Beastin' and $50 on Underwater Theme Park.
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:04am Toots Nixon:

You're a good egg, Elwyn.
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:05am Danne D:

yay pledger people :)
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:05am Elwyn:

@Keili: Is it possible to get a pen Beastin' chewed upon on craigslist?
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:06am Matt from Springfield:

24 Hour Pledger People!! :D
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:06am Toots Nixon:

Yaaay Matt in Springfield!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:07am Kendall!:

it's where Yuengling is brewed! America's Oldest Brewery (tm)
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:07am Danne D:

Pottsville Maroons were an NFL team back in the 20s
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:07am Toots Nixon:

The Potts Tour
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:07am Joshua K:

Pottsville has nothing on Buttzville, NJ
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:08am Toots Nixon:

The Potts & Buttz Tour!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:10am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

Newspaper in Pottstown is called the Mercury.
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:11am Elwyn:

I'm jealous. The dodgiest place name in my state is a suburb called "Bobbin Head".
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:11am Matt from Springfield:

THAT'S where I've heard of Pottsville! That's right, Yuengling Central. And considering the Decatur Staleys and Canton Bulldogs, Pottsville is like a typical 20s NFL town.
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:12am Danne D:

  Thu. 10/11/12 1:14am Elwyn:

@Danne D: It's even got a banner on the side with the words "Bring Beastin' the Airwaves (with Keili) to Sydney, NSW DEMAND IT!" Ha ha ha!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:15am Danne D:


And no telling of the tale of the Maroons would be complete without:

Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:20am DJ Keili:

yo bro we don't diss da r stevie moore here. he's the man. THE MAN
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:20am DJ Keili:

thanks for keeping the chat moving!
i love you!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:21am DJ Keili:

In celebration of my guests, here's a new topic:
"Can one actually low fat get high?"
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:22am Danne D:

:) Doin' alright Keili :) Enjoyin' the show
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:22am Fuzzy:

I'm lowfat -- I can get high.
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:23am Danne D:

I'm not low fat :(
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:23am Elwyn:

Keep pledging people... because we all need more miracle soap! :-)
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:25am Elwyn:

According to my body mass index, i'm obese! :-(
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:29am Elwyn:

Fat bottom girls make a rockin' world go round.
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:29am DJ Keili:

people gotta learn that if they act like a jerk they gon' get deleted
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:31am DJ Keili:

yehhh preach it elwyn
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:32am Kendall!:

yo if anyone wants to get fat on beer this weekend, come to the JCBC Homebrew contest. At the 4th St Arts & Music Fest in Jersey City!

also I can't believe this song is still going on
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:35am Matt from Springfield:

C&S -- Chopped & quite Screwed!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:36am Slippo:

For my own sanity, (12 hours at work so far) the last 2 songs have been slooooooow, right?
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:39am DJ Keili:

  Thu. 10/11/12 1:48am tombom:

keili is cool
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:50am Toots Nixon:

PDOT is my boy! I love that guy! Remember the mama, PDot?!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:51am DJ Keili:

Here's the video for ROCK OUT by Hieroglyphic Thesaurus, the tune you're hearing RIGHT NOW!
World Premiere!
  Thu. 10/11/12 1:55am Toots Nixon:

Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:56am DJ Keili:

@Toots - OH, PDOT REMEMBUHZ DA MAMA. He says hi hahah
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 1:57am DJ Keili:

  Thu. 10/11/12 1:58am Elwyn:

I hope DJ Mama pops in. It wouldn't be a reunion show without her!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:00am Matt from Springfield:

And... now I'M Ghost!
Great show Keili, TY much for coming back! Thx Hieroglyph Thesaurus and LFGH for coming on! G'night, peeps!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:00am Toots Nixon:

@Elwyn- I've been here the whole time!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:01am fred:

Great timing, Aesop Rock just as I can finally turn up the volume.
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:01am Toots Nixon:

g'nite Matt in springfield!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:01am Matt from Springfield:

G'night Toots N/DJ Mama! :)
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:04am DJ Keili:

  Thu. 10/11/12 2:04am Toots Nixon:

NOT for airplay. Too many curses. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK8mJJJvaes&feature=youtu.be
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:05am Matt from Springfield:

Goodnight Keili! I'm out, peace!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:07am Chad in Minneapolis:

Some Minnesota love for ya...How about a shout out to Abstract Artimus who's on his Eurotrashin' Tour right now! He was just here headlining Surly Fest 2012 at Surly Brewing Co.
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:08am GetMeOutOfMichigan:

Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:10am DJ Keili:

and @Chad - ahhh! I called Artimus asking him to be on air only to realize, yes, he's in europea..d'oh
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:13am Tomek:

Good to hear you again Keili! Keep beastin'. I hope your unexpected vacation from WFMU will end soon.
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:15am fred:

No Abstract Artimus show in Paris though...
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:16am Danne D:

Tombom :)
Hey everyone - I have to go sleep - but I'll be sure to catch the rest on the archive :)
Soooooooooo Glad to hear you Keili :)
Have a good night Beastin' fans - glad to see so many friendly folks. Good night DJ Mama :D

Keep Beastin'
Keep Pledgin'

  Thu. 10/11/12 2:17am Toots Nixon:

Danne D! I LOVE YOU! xo
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:17am Toots Nixon:

Danne D! I LOVE YOU! xo
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:20am Chad in Minneapolis:

Bummer. I believe it was Cologne, Germany who had their hands full with his one-man, one-guitar invasion tonight. Lucky bastards!!!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:23am Elwyn:

@Danne D: goodnight. Sleep well!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:24am DJ Keili:

Goodnight Danne!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:25am DJ Keili:

Like what you hear?
Like it like ya like vinyl?
Give it some vinyl love, some 33 rpm love, minus the 1.2!
Pledge 33 dollahz!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:25am DJ Keili:

1/3** haha
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:39am Joshua K:

I was out of a job for 3 months, otherwise I might pitch in more. (I still do swag for life monthly payments)
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:40am DJ Keili:

Izz aiight Joshua! I'm just glad you're all here!
So awesome to be back.
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:55am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

OK, now we need video of Keili's Quaker attire.
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:56am Elwyn:

Keili, when are you on next?
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:56am listener mark:

Keili ! Great to hear you on the air!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:57am fred:

@Hieroglyph Thesaurus: please do a show in Paris!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:57am Bob in DC/VA/Wherever:

Thank you, Keili. Hurry back!
Avatar Thu. 10/11/12 2:57am DJ Keili:

Keep in touch, I'll let you know when I'm on next!
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:58am fred:

Bye Keili
  Thu. 10/11/12 2:59am GetMeOutOfMichigan:

Don't Go!
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