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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options July 3, 2012

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Artist Track Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Bob Chance  It's Broken   Options It's Broken  Trunk    *   0:00:00 ()
Repulse  Chance On a Minelayer   Options Habershon Ways 7"        0:09:28 ()
Marvettes  No Turning Back the Weary   Options Various: Put No Blame On the Master  Social Music    *   0:11:10 ()
Amen Dunes  Ethio Song II   Options Ethio Covers      *   0:17:44 ()
Suishou No Fune  Purako Kurenai   Options Your Tears  PSF    *   0:20:49 ()
Terry Reid  Silver White Light   Options Silver White Light: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970  Water      0:29:10 ()
Redd Kross  Annie's Gone   Options Third Eye  Atlantic      0:33:35 ()
Rock Jack  Somebody Get Me a Doctor   Options Belly Bones  No Label      0:37:28 ()
Hammerhead  Double Negative   Options Into the Vortex  Amphetamine Reptile      0:44:50 ()
Hammering the Cramps  Sputnik Racist   Options Hammering the Cramps  Wormwood Grasshopper    *   0:48:43 ()
Constant Mongrel  Billy Crystal   Options Everything Goes Wrong  RIP Society/ 80/81    *   0:53:46 ()
Call of the Wild  The Call   Options 7"  JKSHK    *   0:56:32 ()
The Shrine  Run the Night   Options Primitive Blast  Tee Pee  Wicked Lady cover  *   1:07:54 ()
Divorce  Horseheads   Options 7"  Milk    *   1:04:09 ()
Scorpions  He's a Woman, She's a Man   Options Hot & Heavy  RCA      1:08:28 ()
Furze  When Always Ready   Options Psych Minus Space Control  Fysisk      1:10:36 ()
Factrix  Splice of Life   Options Scheintot  Superior Viaduct    *   1:14:05 ()
Miles Davis  Nne Part 2   Options Dark Magus  4 Men With Beards      1:18:34 ()
Geoff Barrow / Ben Salisbury  Scope the Block   Options Drokk: Music Inspired by Mega-City One  Invada    *   1:30:44 ()
youarelistening.to            1:42:55 ()
Les Blousons Noir  Eddie Sons Bon   Options 1961-1962  Born Bad      1:43:20 ()
Willie Lane  Ill Star   Options Guitar Army of One  Cord-Art    *   1:45:06 ()
Robert Normandeau  Jeu de Langues   Options Palimpsestes  Empreintes Digitales    *   1:50:31 ()
Jean-Louis Costes  Excerpts   Options Plays Marquis de Sade Justine  Bolt    *   1:52:43 ()
The Last Kreep  Loop 3   Options The Good Scratching Record  Chip Shop Slam    *   2:04:01 ()
Plasticman  Excerpt   Options Forward Live Vol. 2: Live at Plastic People 2005  Soul'ja/Tempa      1:59:32 ()
A Place To Bury Strangers  Mind Control   Options Worship  Dead Oceans    *   2:06:43 ()
No Joy  Shame Cave   Options Negaverse  Mexican Summer    *   2:09:28 ()
Crash Normal  Your Body Got a Land   Options Your Body Got a Land  Kill Shaman    *   2:12:21 ()
Tex Soul & the Bayonets  Osi Na Ngada   Options 7"  Academy    *   2:18:34 ()
Debo Band  Ney Ney Weleba   Options Debo Band  Sub Pop    *   2:20:58 ()
Exsanguinette  8   Options And the Creek Don't Rise  Solponticello    *   2:26:57 ()
Vagtazo Halottkemek    Jumping Out the World-Instinct  Alternative Tentacles      2:30:07 ()
Dipers  Dog Mosh   Options Shit House  Shit Hawk    *   2:34:17 ()
Pampers  Guts/Rathole   Options 7"  JKSHK    *   2:34:44 ()
Butt Problems  Chunk Style   Options 7"  Cold Fantasy    *   2:37:46 ()
Creem  Lucid   Options Creem  Katorga Works / Deranged    *   2:38:17 ()
Timmy's Organism  Monster Walk   Options Raw Sewage Roq  In the Red    *   2:40:03 ()
Jeronimo  How I'd Love To Be Home   Options Jeronimo  Second Battle      2:42:10 ()
Fadensonnen  Black Heat   Options White Night  Fadensonnen    *   2:46:29 ()
K Salvatore  The City of Sleeping Statues   Options Tsar Ova Elk  Kelippah    *   2:56:16 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 7/3/12 3:02pm dc pat:

I'm Sean Daily!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:02pm dc pat:

...actually I'm not..
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:04pm Cecile:

This is weird as hell. Tell us more, Brian.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:05pm exchange place drifter:

is this being played in honor of the Flash live stream? heheh
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

It Ain't Broken, It's Brian!!
Hey Brian. How's everyone doin'?
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:09pm Cecile:

It's like David Gilmour and Ray Davies working with Giorgio Moroder
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:13pm Matt from Springfield:

Good description, Cecile.
Right now, it sounds like Marc Bolan-like punk.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Now, it sounds like Folk Revival-ska gospel.
Good Lord, where are the genres today?!? It almost sounds...*freeform*...
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:16pm Slogan:

Freeform is FREEDOM!
Or is it: Freedom is FREEFORM! Eh, works both ways!!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:24pm Looms:

Slogan: indeed!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:24pm hubba:

sounds good BT!!! holla ya'll!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:25pm Matt from Springfield:

BT, sounds like you're following in the footsteps of Meghan McKee--"taking" us to recreational locales near NYC!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:27pm kat330:

Greets, BT! Stream is steady now? Matt, you're alive! :)
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey kat!
Alive, AND aware of a new vocab word: did you get hit by the: derecho, this weekend? :)
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:30pm kat330:

"Derecho" an echo auf Deutsch?
Avatar Tue. 7/3/12 3:30pm BT:

Afternoon everyone in the POOL
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:31pm dc pat:

actually Spanish for "direct" which is a pretty good description of what happened in dc--as in direct hit.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:32pm kat330:

If you mean the weather system that trashed you folks, no, nothing at all. We'd been completely dry heat -- like AZ don't ya know -- until finally a downpour Sunday night. But no sturm und drang.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:32pm paula pc:

these last two tracks are a one two punch BT
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:32pm Chris from DC:

My power only came back in the last hour, Matt. Been a long four days.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:33pm dc pat:

right on Chris, got mine at around 8:45 this morning.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:33pm Dhorque:

I watched a Jethro Tull documentary (Free on Netflix) this weekend which featured their performance at Isle of Wight - 1970. Really good.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:34pm kat330:

I came in on "No Fune," and thought at first Neil Young. Yes, Paula, great stuff. Hope the stream holds up after I took a break away.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:34pm SteveL:

Kat330/unlike the northern section of Hoosierland. People still without power in Fort Wayne. Plenty sturm und drang.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:35pm Matt from Springfield:

Yes, Terry Reid!
@dc pat: The North American Derecho 2012 was certainly a "straight shooter" alright. I was actually lucky regarding my power, only one overnight.

I'm glad for you, Chris. There are a few isolated streets that still don't have power, and you know they're not on the priority list for anyone to drive out and fix them up.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:35pm Peterbilt:

Fort Wayne - WOWO - trucker music!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:35pm kat330:

Oooh, yikes, Steve! Yeah, everytime you look at a Weather Underground radar animation, everything seems to drift either above or below us. Sorry to hear you got hit, too.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:37pm kat330:

So "Derecho" is an actual meteorological term? Does sound like the sky gods decided to pinpoint for a direct hit. Weirdly awful stuff.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Redd Kross! Sounding a bit like the Replacements, no?
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:39pm Chris from DC:

I was pretty surprised. I didn't expect it back on until Friday. I know at least a few poor souls who are still out.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:40pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: I learned that from Wiki's front page. And yet, no category box for meteorological terms! I'd like to see a list at the bottom of each article, so we know if a derecho is substantially different from a gust front, and how they relate.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:40pm Cecile:

I looked it up - derecho means upright or straight in Spanish. So it's a straight line wind. I never heard that tour until now. We just called 'em straight line winds.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

It was sudden and direct: less than an hour after sitting outside, I was listening to Irwin on Pseu's show. Then suddenly a great noise like pouring rain, but it was just a strong wind. Two brief power outages, "blips". After a minute everything seemed fine, but then went out again, and stayed out until the next day.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:44pm kat330:

What I'd like explained is how the states hit in the same system were the mid-Atlantic coast states, New Jersey, PLUS Ohio? How does that work? Pennsylvania was skipped over for frackin' good behavior??
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:44pm Cecile:

MN was hit hard by them a lot in the mid-00's. No fun.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:51pm dc pat:

We were already in bed, there was a giant woosh that woke us up, then lightning everywhere at once, wind blowing every direction. Like getting dropped in the middle of a war. Then the power went out. I had no idea it was coming. The kids were going, "Dad? What's happening??"
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:54pm kat330:

In any event, glad to see all the DC folks accounted for -- except Denise in DC? -- that I know of anyway. And such cataclysms do bring neighbors together in a special way.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:54pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 7/3/12 3:55pm Faye:

Yeah yeah yeah enjoyin this show BT!
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:57pm Chris from DC:

There needs to be a Hammering the Cramps/Constant Mongrel package tour.
  Tue. 7/3/12 3:59pm Edley:

Mr. Turner, will you be attending the Redd Kross performance this Friday?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:00pm Big Red:

Did you know former Eagles bassist, Randy Meisner, is a Scottsbluff native? It's true. Learn more about Scottsbluff, Nebraska here, and include us in your summer travel plans this year!

Avatar Tue. 7/3/12 4:00pm BT:

Indeed, you?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:03pm Edley:

Yessir. Dinner first? Long overdue catch up.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:04pm Real Camera:

Those Red Kross tickets are expensivo! RIP Eddie Kurdziel
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:05pm Matt from Springfield:

@dc pat: I got lightning everywhere too. Thought it was tons of "heat lightning" accompanying the storm, but it seemed afterwards to be all from bolts of lightning.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:05pm Carmichael:

Hey now BT. Just ran a few not-so-fast miles on this beautiful afternoon. Hi everyone.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:05pm Cecile:

Minneapolis band!
Seawhores I thnik still have the great TVBC/Cows drummer Fred Votel on board.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:06pm Cecile:

Got any SkoalKodiak?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:06pm Jamie Starr:

Andre Cymone!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:07pm jk:

yeah for the stretchheads
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:08pm Colin in Glasgow:

Glasgow hardcore, big man.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:09pm paula pc:

@ jk -- YEAH, I agree!!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:09pm Beauty Bar:

Divorce sound a little like melt Banana
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:09pm Astro:

Wow. The trashmen are from Minneapolis. Who knew?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:10pm G:

Speaking of the VA/MD/etc. storms, I was supposed to head down to near Baltimore to visit family on Thursday of this week, but the brother whose place I'd stay at hasn't had power since the weekend. It's now "day to day" about when I go down, because I need power to get online work done pretty much daily... They'll let me know when the power is back...
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:10pm Bambi:

Who /what killed punk?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:10pm BeautyBarJonnyy:

Divorce sound a little like melt Banana
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:10pm Minneapolis:

we did
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:10pm Cecile:

  Tue. 7/3/12 4:11pm Matt from Springfield:

Divorce rocks! Thanks for clueing me in to them!
And this Scorpions is pretty good as well!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:11pm Astro:

Beauty Bar? Home of The Professor and The Audio Kitchen.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:11pm Cheri Pi:

  Tue. 7/3/12 4:11pm Carmichael:

Now we're talking!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:11pm Cecile:

he's a voman, she's a men.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:12pm G. Winston:

New Age killed punk. Windham Hill.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:12pm Cecile:

I love the Scorpions.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:12pm Cecile:

  Tue. 7/3/12 4:12pm SteveL:

I love the speedy Scorpions.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:13pm Cheri Pi:

Scorps had a sad?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:14pm Carmichael:

I could do without the Scorps' power ballads, but I love everything else.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:15pm Walrus:

I no haz Scorpionz, and a mean men took my bukkit.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:15pm Bambi:

New age kills everything in its path.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:15pm Cheri Pi:

Take it BACK Carmy! Everyone loves the Powerballads!!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:16pm G. Washington Jr.:

New Age met its match in Smooth Jazz, the Muzak™ of our era.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:16pm Chris from DC:

Early Scorpions were great. Very different.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:16pm Cheri Pi:

True Power Metal True Powerballads that is....
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:16pm Cecile:

*joins arms with Cheri and whistles the intro to WInds of CHange.*
Avatar Tue. 7/3/12 4:16pm BT:

Hey Eddie yeah buzz me if I get outta here on time fri.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:19pm Sam, The Scorpions fan:

I will listen to them with a fox, I will listen to them without Uli Jon Roth, I will listen to them in a boat, I will listen to them with a goat.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:19pm Retard:

I am letting the insidious sounds hound me from WFMU!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:19pm Cheri Pi:

There's something in my eye Cecile, can I borrow your special power-ballad hanky?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:19pm Rudy:

Herman Rarebell could kick Bobby Blotzer's ass I bet!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:20pm Cecile:

The one woven from unicorn hair and dew drops? Sure!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Grover Washington Jr: Although I'm glad it's at least you checking in, as Muzak™ domineer Kenny G (the "other" not our Kenny G) basically ripped his entire style off of yours, and called it his own.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:25pm Cecile:

That's right, Grover.
Also, I enjoyed that song of yours with Bill Withers: "Just the Tumorous."
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:25pm Cheri Pi:

Yes that's the one girl, I promise to have it washed in the blood of 100 Whitesnake & White lion fans before i return it to you.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:25pm Ciderbully:

  Tue. 7/3/12 4:26pm George Duke:

I remember Grover Washington, Jr's. 'Soul Box' 3-LP set, and the days when Kenny G was in Jeff Lorber Fusion. Guess they had to buy baby a new pair of shoes. Trad jazz wasn't paying the bills. That's how fusion started. Miles wanted some of that 'rock' money.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:26pm Cecile:

Nice, Cheri.

Damn, Grover, now I have a hankering to hear "Street Life." Thanks for nothin'.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:26pm Retard:

  Tue. 7/3/12 4:26pm Son of Sam:

I will kill with all that jazz/I will love with all razzmatazz.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:27pm Nemperor:

Street Life with the Crusaders? Randi Crawford on vocals. Great track. '79
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:28pm Cecile:

It is. I am playing it over this cut.
I am going to jazz hell right about now.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:29pm Nemperor:

Release your jazz shame, Cecile. It's OK.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:29pm Cecile:

It kind of works.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:29pm R. Bachmann:

I need to hear Brave Belt immediately.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:31pm Ginko:

Thanks for the Miles, Brian. How is it that you are so cool while the other DJ's struggle to match your powers?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:32pm G:

@Randy: Got got got got no time....
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Match BT's "powers", or match his "prowess"? Once again, I think that will work both ways.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:33pm R. Bachmann:

... or. at least some Crowbar ot Lighthouse.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:33pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, Brave Belt is the Bachmann brothers, plus Chad Allen.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:34pm B. Cummings:

Star Baby!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:34pm ted:

Ahgarta and Pangea are equally excellent discs. both panned by the 'critics' of the day....like Miles gave a fuck! The late,(just of a few months ago) Pete Cosey was also all over those records. Scary underrated guitarist
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:35pm Ken Burns Barber:

I like Live/Evil.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:36pm Garner Sweatshirt:

Without Brave Belt, there could be no BTO, and thusly, no Blue Collar.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:39pm Chico Marx:

Vhy a duck?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:40pm R. Dante:

Without Oates, there would be no Hall. Without Ridgely, there would be no Wham!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Live police feeds, that's a good resource--an instant industrial mix. Listeners will wonder just what famous/infamous crime that recording is from; when in fact it's just a suspicious vehicle report you just mixed in right now!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:42pm Slobber & Drool:

Adult film agents, at law.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:45pm Synchronized Swimmer:

Point those toes!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:46pm Synchronized Swimmer:

Eddie Sons est bon enfant!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:47pm Buzby:

I wonder if Gloria Gaynor could do a full-gainer?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:47pm Synchronized Swimmer:

Was Ethel Merman really a mermaid?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:48pm Carmichael:

@Garner: Thus, there would be no Taking Care of Business.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:49pm Carmichael:

@Matt: Listeners could look out their window and SEE the music happening!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:51pm C. Hart:

Randy Bachmann credits his great playing to Canadian jazzer, Lenny Breau.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:51pm Assbackwards:

Does Miles face the Crowd? Ethyl Merman a great punk band .
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:53pm Matt from Springfield:

@Carm: "There's the black Mercedes now!! Life is imitating art! No, no wait, it's turning around now..."
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:53pm Carmichael:

Randy Bachman also, at one point, owned over 400 Epiphone guitars, and was considered the go-to guy for appraisals and repair tips.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:54pm Esther Williams:

Deep breathing, ladies, so you can stay under and burst up through the water!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:54pm Horror Film Intro:

"Just keep breathing. Breathe darling. Nothing sinister will ever happen to you, as long as you keep breathing...Do you hear that foreign accent..."
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:54pm Carmichael:

@Matt: Do you call 911 or the request line?!?
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:55pm John Roberts:

Scalia is still mad at me.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:56pm Esther Williams:

Screw Scalia. He looks like James Garner on a VERY bad day...
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:57pm Esther Williams:

Heeeeeeeeeeeere, kitty, kitty, kitty.... heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere, kitty, kitty, kitty.
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:59pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile, we have a copyright problem. go to chunklet.com and we'll talk about it later cause I'm outta here! see y'all Friday!
  Tue. 7/3/12 4:59pm Ben Mears:

I'm headed up to the Marsden place tonight.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:00pm Berg:

great show Brian - helping me staying awake and getting my work done for tomorrow!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:00pm Cecile:

can't see, I'll have to try later.

See you all next week.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:00pm Philo Gristle:

Cheers, Ben! Nostradamus! Nosferatu! Nosdrovjna! Kippis!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:01pm Berg:

and did yall know tomorrow is the day we should find out
about the existence (or not) of the God particle - but it sounds like it's there..
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:01pm Magic 8-Ball:

It is decidedly so.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:02pm kat330:

@PG: Toasting with Koskenkorva, hunaja!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:03pm Matt from Springfield:

Go Brit raps!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:03pm H. Depot:

Does that mean there's God particle-board?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:04pm Philo Gristle:

@Berg They'll debate about it long past we're all gone. I'll go with Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance.'
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:08pm kat330:

The universe is a combination of domino and tiddly wink action with some cat's cradle string bits here and there.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:08pm Shaky Spear:

Particle is such sweet sorrow.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:09pm kat330:

Einstein was right that god doesn't roll dice with the universe -- instead she plays dominoes and tiddly-winks.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:09pm Berg:

9AM CEST folks.. that'll be the time for the announcement!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:10pm R. Clemens:

If he was playing to win, God shoulda took some shots in the ass. Smokin'!!!@!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:10pm Philo Gristle:

Is that the same time GTDR airs Ein Steinski show?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:11pm kat330:

No, PG, same time as Station Mgr. Ken's show. If he'll be present.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:12pm A.A. S. Q.:

Acolyte Action Squad Rules!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:13pm seang:

Anbody getting hiccups on the Flash Player?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:14pm kat330:

Not now, Seang. Earlier in the afternoon, yep.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Flash player going consistently for me.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:17pm Carmichael:

Sorry, I'm on 128 stream. It's rockin' in the free world.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:18pm Matt from Springfield:

The Sadistic Steampunk Festival.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:19pm kat330:

@Berg: Say, what is CEST time? CERN time? Also, what would be the effect or result either way, there being or NOT being a "god" particle?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:21pm Philo Gristle:

I guess Tex Soul just got bayoneted! AAAARRRGGHH!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:21pm kat330:

Oooh, I think my soul just got bayonetted there.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:22pm seang:

Thanks, must be my computer
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:22pm kat330:

Jinx, Sweetos! :)
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Ooooh, speaking of the Marquis de Sade, I actually just saw at Barnes & Noble a DVD of "Salo: Or 120 Days Of Sodom" from Pier Pasolini. Considered the most controversial film ever, now available for sale at your local B&N (though for $40). Even more strange, it was immediately above The Adventures of Tintin or some kids film like that!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:23pm kat330:

  Tue. 7/3/12 5:23pm Carmichael:

From Reuters: "Scientists have worked long and hard to prove the existence of the Higgs boson, the final piece of a model proposed four decades ago laying out the basic building blocks of matter in the universe.

The Higgs particle's presumed power to confer mass seems to endow it with the power of creation itself, which helped lead to its "God particle" nickname. Many physicists loathe the term, fretting that it makes their discipline seem self-aggrandizing."
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:26pm kat330:

@Carm: If it can contribute to beaming our particles safely from one geo spot to another -- hell, to another orb or system even -- then I sure hope it exists and the physicist get crackin'.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:26pm Philo Gristle:

@Matt I'd stick to Bunuel & Dali's L'age D'or.... even though I think Criterion put Salo out even in Blu. And I'd stick to Herge for Tintin!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:26pm Bambi:

Cupids arrow arrives>
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:27pm kat330:

Apparently my "s" key no longer works, or requires a pounding I'm noticing today. :[
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:27pm Philo Gristle:

Debo Band sounds outstanding! Sur pop.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:28pm kat330:

Yes, BT, liking this MUCHly!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:28pm Ciderbully:

VERY groovy.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@Philo: Wow, need to check that out! I've just seen their famous "Un Chien Andalou" in film class, but never got into their other collabs. I think I remember reading about that particular film now.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:30pm Best Show Caller:

Orange. Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say exsanguation!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:30pm kat330:

May the wind always be at your back.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:31pm kat330:

Yes, BSC, since you omitted a syllable. ;)
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:32pm Philo Gristle:

@Matt Not as good as UCA, but interesting. First was a true collab, the second was showing egos of two geniuses clashing.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:32pm Berg:

@kat330 CEST – Central European Summer Time
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:34pm Philo Gristle:

Go Jello!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:34pm kat330:

@Berg: Aha, thanks for the clarification. So that will be the middle of night for US EDT folks? I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:35pm Berg:

@kat330 it's in 9h and 30' from now basically
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:35pm Cecile:

you got kids on coffee by the descendants, brian?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:36pm kat330:

Middle of the night for me. The announcement will be from CERN I guess?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:36pm Matt from Springfield:

Vagtazo Halottkemek KICKZ AZZZZ!!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:38pm Matt from Springfield:

Or, maybe that was Dipers "Dog Mosh". Either way, KICKZ AZZ!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:40pm Liz B.:

Nice mini-set, BT! Or should I say B(ut)T?
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:40pm kat330:

Someone's got a case of diaper rash.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:41pm kat330:

Thank goodness there's some Creem for that.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:44pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: Yes, unusual, if inadvertent theme going on with the band names.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:45pm Philo Gristle:

Those bands all KICKED GAZZ!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:46pm kat330:

Oh, I think it's intentional. This stuff's so scary I couldn't listen without PG here by my side to see me through. ;)
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:47pm Typhoid Mary:

Epsecially scary that Raw Sewage Roq.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:48pm Berg:

@kat330 http://webcast.web.cern.ch/webcast/ is the CERN webcast url
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:48pm Matt from Springfield:

@PG: Don't forget to grab a flaming torch while walking through this set! ;)
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:49pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 7/3/12 5:49pm kat330:

Thanks, Berg. I really had not been up-to-date on this news.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:49pm mick:

uhh.....fadensonnen`s not too shabby
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:54pm kat330:

Speaking of controversial filmmakers -- well someone was at some time -- we recently watched one of Philo's b-day presents: Shock Corridor by Sam Fuller. His "White Dog" caused quite the Dog Mosh and put him in the Shit House.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:55pm Berg:

@kat330 you're welcome
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:55pm Philo Gristle:

That was a buttload of exciting music! Thanks BT & posters.
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:55pm nympho:

  Tue. 7/3/12 5:56pm kat330:

Winding down and out (BT's gotta have trouble saying some of these titles with a straight face! :) -- have a great holiday folks!

Thanks, BT!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:56pm nympho:

requesting "Beach Babe" by Beechwood ^^^
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:57pm Philo Gristle:

I do recommend White Dog -- terrific, if flawed, last hurrah for Fuller. Great Morricone score, cameos from Dick Miller and Paul Bartel!
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:57pm Matt from Springfield:

@kat: BT fortunately has a very dry sense of humor, so hopefully he can speak any title while not cracking up! :)
  Tue. 7/3/12 5:58pm Matt from Springfield:

All right, great show BT!
Hope everyone else enjoyed as well! Have a good one!
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