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On the way home, the view was beautiful.

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Options April 24, 2012: Fill-in for Brian

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Artist Track Album Label Year Format Comments New Approx. start time
O Yuki Conjugate  No Latitude   Options Mind the Gap Vol 2  Staalplaat  1993  CD      0:00:00 ()
Illitch  Morning Dream   Options Un Jour Comme Tant D'Autres  Beta-Lactam Ring    CD    *   0:05:55 ()
Colorsound  Help Me to Understand (Feeling My Way)   Options You're Only as Good as Your Sound  Summershine  1994  CD      0:14:21 ()
Stock, Hausen & Walkman  Hemline   Options Organ Transplants Vol. 1  Hot Air    LP      0:26:44 ()
Isan   Eusa's Head   Options Clockwork Managerie  Morr music    LP box set      0:29:19 ()
Planet Nett  Song 1   Options Split 12" w/ Stereo Symphonic  TBTMO  1999  12"      0:33:27 ()
Kieth Fullerton Whitman  Modena   Options Playthroughs  Kranky    CD      0:45:17 ()
Second Family Band  Night Graces of the Mornig Temple   Options Good Blood  Alt. Vinyl    LP      1:03:43 ()
AMP  Frise   Options Passe Present  Enraptured  1998  LP box set      1:15:09 ()
Silver Pines  Fortress of Daughters/Old Sky   Options Forces  Light Lodge    LP      1:23:58 ()
Tomorrowland  Saturn   Options Sequence of the Negative Space Changes  Kranky    LP      1:31:29 ()
Starving Weirdos  Dreams, Endless   Options Land Lines  Amish    CD    *   1:37:20 ()
Drop  Save My Soul   Options Within and Beyond EP  Chapter 22  1991  12"      1:49:18 ()
Blair 1523  The Psych One   Options Beatiful Debris  Voxx  1993  LP      1:58:28 ()
Terry Riley  String Quartet   Options Two Early Works  75    LP  performed by the Caldera Quartet  *   2:14:55 ()
Los Chikichaka  Musica Mulata   Options Obsession (various artists)  Bully    LP box set      2:31:55 ()
J.P. Buckle  Kiss Me Quick   Options Flyin LoFi  Rephlex  1998  LP box set      2:35:42 ()
John Bender  Decomposition   Options   Vinyl on Demand    7"      2:40:45 ()
Sandoz  Dark Continent   Options   Touch  1993  12"      2:43:38 ()
Coppertone   Clandestiny   Options Killa nd Release 7"  NNA Tapes  2011  7"      2:51:33 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 4/24/12 3:04pm listener 666:

Welcome to Tuesday Jeff
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:04pm Carmichael:

Well hello, Jeff. BT said you'd be subbing today. Lookig forward to both noise AND syrup.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:05pm BSI:

Jeff Emm!
Egad, haven't heard O Yuki Conjugate in a thousand years...
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:05pm Cheri Pi:

This is an unbelievably soothing loop.
Avatar Tue. 4/24/12 3:08pm jeff-m:

Hey. Good afternoon. Feeling kind of spacey. Gonna try and get the ship to take off I guess.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:10pm northguineahills:

Been home for 10 minutes and have watch an awesome beginning. Now I'm off again, hope to catch the end! cheers!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:10pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

Oh Cool Jeff M in Brian's spot ! - love the "dream" now gonna try and create it now had none this morning man !!!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:10pm northguineahills:

oh, and O Yuki Conjugate rocks!!!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:14pm vanya:

illitch sounds dreamy! i wonder if the people who make this music are good members of the society?!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:16pm BSI:

Spacey is goodey.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:17pm Cheri Pi:

What BSI said.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Noise. Syrup. And now some hot coffee too. Yum.

Hey Jeff, glad to hear you in the afternoon!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:19pm Mike East:

hmmm...I just sent out for coffee, and the guy I sent came back with no coffee. You're not somehow involved in this, are you Matt?
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:23pm Matt from Springfield:

(Stirs noise and syrup into coffee) Why no, course not. Coffee is all over the place, I just happened to-
(bolts out of the office)
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:23pm Donovan Donuts:

First, there is a coffee, then there is no coffee, then there is.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:23pm Mike East:

get back here, you!!!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:25pm Wired in Baltimore:

have a feeling these are not the same blokes behind the dreamy, syrupy groove on http://www.facebook.com/colorsound
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:27pm Wired in Baltimore:

that, or they switched out all the "spacey" knobs in the studio with "sucky" ones
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:29pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

is DD the FUSS :O !!!! ie .. (Donuts) !!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:30pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: Peace offering, I found a donut (of sound)!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:30pm ADM:

Wow I am for sure that I have heard that scream or a sample of it before in a way more mainstream song.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:30pm Tom - In Gravesend Brooklyn:

.... FUZZ even ....
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:31pm Matt from Springfield:

Let that be a lesson: when dealing with that guy, never accept coffee as payment for anything.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:32pm BSI:

that's no coffee....
.....it's a SPACE STATION.....
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:33pm Mike East:

Seriously, I gotta go get my dollar back.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:37pm still b/p:

In space, no one can hear you Cremora.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:38pm Matt from Springfield:

@BSI: I would hope that by the time people are regularly traveling and living in space, they might have this stereotypical "space" music playing in space stations. But people are people, and will probably just play the same commercial crap as they do now.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:39pm BSI:

I'm canceling the future.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:40pm Moog Synthesizer:

@Matt I was once the harbinger of a bright future, traveling majestically through outer space. Now look at me.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:40pm spacehead:

Any new/current numbers for play?
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:40pm Matt from Springfield:

John Milton, "Musical Idealism Lost".
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:41pm Chris from DC:

Future cancelled then. Although I remember the past and am living the present.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:42pm Matt from Springfield:

On the bright side, BSI, by continuing to support WFMU we will guarantee that WFMU will be transmitted in space. Maybe even the first radio station to broadcast by satellite AWAY from the Earth!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:43pm Criswell:

Perhaps on your way home you will pass someone in the dark, and you will never know it, for they will be from outer space.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:45pm Criswell:

Many scientists believe that another world is watching us this moment. We once laughed at the horseless carriage, the aeroplane, the telephone, the electric light, vitamins, radio, and even television! And now some of us laugh at outer space. God help us... in the future.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Speaking of volunteering Jeff, I believe you were the Jeff who took my pledge on Julie's show this Marathon. I just want to single you out for your own noble volunteering, not just fill-ins at all hours but also behind the scenes. You said you had nothing better to do, so you went down late at night to answer phones! That's the spirit! Thank you!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:48pm allan:

  Tue. 4/24/12 3:49pm still b/p:

So I'd never seen more than a minute or so of Mad Men, and watched a portion the other night and in one scene this young fellow insists he's from Mars, which I hadn't anticipated, but so, like people from space have like been here, like, in offices, like, right..?
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Criswell: If there is intelligent life out there...would they want to meet us? Some say they are observing us but trying to monitor as an experiment, like an ant farm.

Alternately, with how messed up our world can be, they probably hear about us like we hear about disasters in Haiti on the international news; they say "glad we're not there" with no intention of trying to get here.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:54pm earwax:

earth is listed as a place to avoid by alien travel agencies
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:54pm Mr Donut:

I had a teacher who went off on a tangent once about how aliens are already here, we just can't perceive them because of the dimension gap
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:54pm Mike East:

Just sent another guy out for coffee, but Guy#1 somehow doesn't have my dollar anymore. WTF? I think he may be from another planet.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:55pm ?:

Here's hoping the aliens outsource some of their jobs to Earth. Their crap jobs might be fabulously futuristic by our standards.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:56pm Matt from Springfield:

  Tue. 4/24/12 3:56pm Caryn:

Aargh! The aliens deleted my name from my post! Or I forgot to type it in. But I'm going with the alien story.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:57pm Mike East:

Mike East Makes, The World Takes.
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:58pm Mike East:

Sorry for the Jersey reference, Matt - just realized you probably wouldn't get that. (Its a Trenton reference)
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:58pm Matt from Springfield:

To combine earwax and Caryn's comments, perhaps instead of dead-end service jobs on Earth, humans might find higher paying service jobs in the resorts that aliens DO go to. Or, be enslaved/eaten by the third party planet for trying.

Hey Caryn!
  Tue. 4/24/12 3:59pm Mike East:

though most aliens will tell you, NJ is the center of the universe.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:00pm Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: What, NJ makes, Trenton takes (in taxes)?
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:01pm Caryn:

Hey Matt!

A mysterious man just showed up at my door with a dollar and a cup of coffee. I wonder where those came from?
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:02pm To Swindle Man:

"It's a cooked book!!"
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:02pm Matt from Springfield:

Hey, it's Even Steven! (With Caryn on the receiving end..)
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:03pm Caryn:

  Tue. 4/24/12 4:03pm Mike East:

You got that right, man! I owed those jerks 92 bucks this year! But no, its a slogan written on the side of a bridge over the Delaware river..."Trenton Makes, The World Takes"
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:05pm Caryn:

Of course, since I don't drink coffee and the dollar is not our currency, I think the guy is just screwing with us all. *shakes fist at the heavens*
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:05pm BSI:

@Mike East: I have the WFMU glow in the dark map of NJ. I should know all of this by now. It must be defective.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:06pm Mike East:

A client just asked me for change of a five...I only had 4 singles (you guys know why) and he took the deal!!
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:07pm Caryn:

@Mike East: yay! Either the universe is balancing itself out, or this is some complicated experiment those aliens are running.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Even Steven is running around everywhere today! Hey, wonder what's going on...is the world slowing circulating around itself???
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:09pm Mike East:

@BSI - as long as you know where the Taylor Ham/Pork Roll split is, you're good.

still waitin' on that coffee...
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:09pm Caryn:

@Mike: Your taste in music has convinced the aliens that you'd be more accepting of strange things than most earthlings, and so they're taking baby steps to test you before revealing their presence to you.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:11pm BSI:

Hell, I can't even figure out why there's no self-service at the gas stations up there. [holds up one hand semi-defensively] NOT THAT I'M COMPLAININ' Y'SEE...
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:11pm BSI:

[in all seriousness, that gas thing is a curiosity...]
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:12pm Caryn:

For some reason, this music reminds me of morning prayers in a Buddhist monastery.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:14pm Carmichael:

Mike, you'll owe him $1.12 tomorrow. Was his name Big Vinnie??
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:16pm Matt from Springfield:

I don't know how prayers are conducted at Buddhist monasteries, I would think long periods of silence, maybe chanting as a group. Western monasteries have chants at various times of day, I'll have to look into Buddhist rituals...
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:17pm alien:

we like these sounds
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:18pm Caryn:

Well, I'd probably call it more "morning service", but basically, plenty of mantras and chanting and the occasional drum beat.

@Carm: or he'll ask for "a little favour"...
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:20pm Chris from DC:

No self-serve in Jersey (and Oregon) is an old law designed to preserve jobs apparently.

Ooh, AMP
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:22pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: There's apparently no central Rule of Buddha, so practices vary with the particular location and schools of Buddhism. I was thinking of silent monks because of the Laurie Anderson piece "Song For Juanita":

(Go ahead, it's free! Partially because of FMU!!)
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:26pm Mike East:

Turns out the coffee was $1.25, which I don't have now since I gave all my change to the other guy, so I'm in debt...not to Big Vinnie, but I still don't like being in debt. and P.S.- this swill ain't worth a buck 25! I am loving the show today, though, Jeff M.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:27pm Matt from Springfield:

Mmm, pleasantly zoning out to this Silver Pines...
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:27pm Caryn:

@Matt: yeah, maybe I should've qualified that statement, but then again, I'm not 100 % sure of the exact school of Buddhism practiced in the particular monastery I was referring to. I'm Theravada myself.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:30pm BSI:

Some things are simply worth dying in a fire..... am i rite? hah?
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:33pm Matt from Springfield:

@Caryn: Wow, I was in Thailand a couple years ago, I saw that school up close (if I'd known I would say you would be more qualified to answer that question).

@BSI: WFMU's concept will be realized when a fire drill is indistinguishable from its programming, and people perish while being very satisfied with what they hear.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:37pm Caryn:

@Matt: It has to be said that whenever the "test of the emergency broadcasting system" is played, I feel like it could just be another music track. So in that sense, WFMU is part-way there.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:40pm BSI:

True, but THIS fire alarm has no texture, no depth. And the robot vocals get in the way of the whole composition.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:55pm Matt from Springfield:

Another lovingly hypnotic track, "Save My Soul"--beautiful.
  Tue. 4/24/12 4:57pm ADM:

Classic Shoegaze?
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:02pm Matt from Springfield:

It does feel like a very shoegazey set right now. My kind of music! (gazes at shoes)
Avatar Tue. 4/24/12 5:03pm jeff-m:

I guess it's when I came of age :)
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:06pm ADM:

That rhymes.
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:07pm ADM:

I don't know what to do, as I'm not wearing shoes. There seems to be renewed interest recently in Shoegaze as a "genre"
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:11pm BSI:

It's a great word. Right there in the middle is OEGAZ, which seems very important somehow.
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:14pm ADM:

Where are the birds coming from? I heard a cardinal in there.
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:16pm Caryn:

@BSI: once the aliens make themselves known, you'll find out why they implanted that word in your mind.
Avatar Tue. 4/24/12 5:16pm jeff-m:

it's just from my back yard. it's from 5 am. Live in a very wooded area
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:22pm Matt from Springfield:

Just when you thought the alien thread was finished, it returns, out of nowhere...
Just like the aliens themselves!!
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:23pm Matt from Springfield:

@Jeff: That's cool, it's like a high quality ambient CD track of birds, yet it's homemade! I'm sure we can all find cool ambient sounds around us, given the right opportunity.

Incidentally, OEGAZ backwards is ZAGEO, wonder if that gives a clue...
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:25pm Caryn:

It's the 6th Marx brother?
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:26pm Caryn:

Or Naceo Herb Brown's less famous sibling?
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:27pm BSI:

neh, that was Zippo, the arsonist.
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:29pm tim from Champaign:

Has anyone listened to the Japan benefit comp that Blonde Redhead curated? It has a Terry Riley cut on it. Just curious.
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Hi everybody. I was lurking all afternoon but the use of IE at work prevents me from commenting on Jeff's shows. Wonder why that is?
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:39pm Matt from Springfield:

I have no clue, must be an outdated version of IE? Or else the no leisure-on-the-clock Nazis have finally cracked your comments lifeline?
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:40pm Matt from Springfield:

Anyway, I love this staccato rhythm with the subtle steel drum sounds.
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's definitely out of date. but I can comment on every other show on FMU, just whenever Jeff M does a sub the whole box disappears. TECH!!
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:42pm Matt from Springfield:

Weird...maybe Jeff M is the tech people's favorite show, so they're hogging all the comments for themselves.

Hey, if any of you are the tech people where DCE works, could you save some comments for him?
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:50pm Mr Donut:

It's been a very bumpy couple of hours but this show help me cruise through it pretty sweetly. Thanks Jeff
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:50pm BSI:

sandoz, nice... gotta run home
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:50pm BSI:

sandoz, nice... gotta run home
  Tue. 4/24/12 5:52pm BSI:

bloody iphone comment got truncated
Avatar Tue. 4/24/12 5:53pm jeff-m:

  Tue. 4/24/12 5:54pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks again for stopping by, Jeff!
As always, a wonderful haze of sounds!
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