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Options March 29, 2012: There are 7 deadly sins..... which one are you?

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Dead Can Dance  The Cardinal Sin   Options Spleen and Ideal    0:00:00 ()
The Birthday Party  Several Sins   Options Junkyard    0:05:16 ()
Bryan Ferry  Seven Deadly Sins   Options Bete Noire    0:08:16 ()
Nina Simone  Sinner Man   Options The Best of Nina Simone    0:13:07 ()
Glenn Washington  Wages of Sin   Options Studio One Riddims    0:18:39 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       0:22:21 ()
The Guess Who  It's My Pride   Options nuggets II: original artyfacts from the british empire & beyond vol. 2 comp.    0:26:33 ()
Ramones  Swallow My Pride   Options Leave Home    0:28:52 ()
Echo & the Bunnymen  Pride   Options Crocodiles    0:30:55 ()
The Hellacopters  Pride   Options By the Grace of God    0:33:38 ()
Husker Du  Pride   Options Zen Arcade    0:36:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       0:38:56 ()
Lykke Li  Love Out of Lust   Options     0:43:25 ()
The Go Go's  Lust to Love   Options Beauty and the Beat    0:47:55 ()
Depeche Mode  A Question of Lust   Options 101    0:51:57 ()
Iggy Pop  Lust for Life   Options Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop    0:56:02 ()
Buzzcocks  Just Lust   Options Singles Going Steady    1:01:08 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       1:04:21 ()
Derrick Morgan  Fat Man   Options Sings Ska Rocksteady and Reggae    1:10:28 ()
Frank Yankovic  Too Fat Polka   Options Frankie Yankovic & His Yanks' Greatests Hits    1:12:22 ()
The Kinks  Maximum Consumption   Options     1:14:34 ()
Wesley Willis  I'm Sorry That I Got Fat   Options Greatest Hits    1:18:50 ()
Weird Al Yankovic  Fat   Options The Food Album    1:22:36 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk       1:26:15 ()
James Brown  I'm a Greedy Man   Options Star Time    1:30:09 ()
Fugazi  Greed   Options Repeater + 3 Songs    1:33:02 ()
MDC  Greedy and Pathetic   Options Millions of Dead Cops    1:34:54 ()
Pere Ubu  March of Greed   Options Long LIve Pere Ubu    1:36:10 ()
The Tiger Lillies  Avarice   Options Freakshow    1:39:43 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       1:42:32 ()
Luna  Jealous Guy   Options Mr Jealousy Soundtrack    1:45:03 ()
Digital Daggers  Envy   Options Human Emotion    1:49:19 ()
The Diplomats Of Solid Sound  Jealous   Options What Goes Around Comes Around    1:53:15 ()
Mercury Dance Band  Envy No Good   Options Afro Rock Vol. 1    1:56:11 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk       2:00:58 ()
Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon  Burgers of Wrath   Options Prairie Home Invasion    2:03:47 ()
Testament  Eyes of Wrath   Options The Gathering    2:06:48 ()
Gwar  The Apes of Wrath   Options Violence Has Arrived    2:12:11 ()
Bad Religion  Grains of Wrath   Options New Maps of Hell    2:15:19 ()
Iron Maiden  Wrathchild   Options Killers    2:18:20 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore       2:21:21 ()
Wagon Christ  Sloth Gets Paid   Options Ninja Tune XX    2:24:20 ()
The Slits  Lazy Slam   Options Trapped Animal    2:27:10 ()
Happy Mondays  Lazy Itis   Options Double Easy: The US Singles    2:30:46 ()
Deep Purple  Lazy   Options Machine Head    2:33:32 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach       2:40:51 ()
Pet Shop Boys  It's a Sin   Options Actually    2:41:45 ()
Nine Inch Nails  Sin   Options Pretty Hate Machine    2:46:36 ()
AC/DC  Sin City   Options Powerage    2:50:46 ()
Music behind DJ:
Original Sin   Options     2:55:24 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 3/29/12 6:01am Chuck:

Greetings evil ones...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:02am Meghan:

I think I was sloth this morning....
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:04am Jay/ London:

Good Morning all Sinners !!!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:04am Chuck:

Me too!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:06am fred von helsing:

Which sins are fully compatible with listening to radio?
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:08am Caryn:

Hello all! Overcame my sloth enough to turn on the laptop to listen in.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:10am jefff:

Forgive me Meghan for I have sinned. I have bike envy, I ate all of the leftovers, I hit snooze twice this morning, and I fed my gremlin after midnight
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:11am fred von helsing:

Forgive me Meghan for I have sinned. I drove past a farm and had impure thoughts.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:11am Meghan:

Oh no... NOT the Gremlin!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:12am Meghan:

hehehe.... Fred..... tsk tsk
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:12am Dave B:

What'd I miss?
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:12am Chuck:

What are the wages of sin? I could use some part time work...
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:17am Caryn:

So, Meghan, are you going to be playing the sins in order from least serious to most? In alphabetical order? Just random?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:18am Meghan:

Caryn I didn't know there was a specific order.....
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:20am fred von helsing:

"Sticks and stones / will break my bones / but whips and chains excite me"
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:21am Dave B:

Jefff - are you sure you "sinned" and didn't "sined/cosined" by mistake?
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:22am Dave B:

  Thu. 3/29/12 6:23am Caryn:

The guy behind the original, longer list, Evagrius of Pontus, ranked the sins in terms increased self-interest as: gluttony, lust, avarice, sadness, anger, acedia, vainglory, and pride (from least to most serious). When Pope Gregory the 6th reduced the list to 7 sins, he ranked them in terms of being offensive to love as: lust, gluttony, avarice, sadness, anger, envy and pride (from least to most serious). (BTW, sadness/acedia was turned into sloth in the 17th century)
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:24am Nathan:

"I'm Sloth"... I was just about to crack an egg into the pan and almost missed.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:25am Caryn:

Also, sloth actually means "intellectual laziness", not physical laziness. When they categorised the 7 deadly sins by social class (envy was for the peasants etc.), sloth was reserved for the clergy. Intellectual laziness was a no-no.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:26am Dave B:

Heheheh. Me and my brother have a habit of wearing orange on st. Patrick's day
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:27am jefff:

Sounds like you're going off on a tangent Dave.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:27am Caryn:

Ah, orange, the colour of gluttony...
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:29am fred von helsing:

I will trade you one block of dark chocolate for one act of unspeakable depravity
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:30am Dave B:

Also the Protestant north
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:31am Dave B:

@ jefff - www.instantrimshot.com
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:31am Chuck:

Ha! I do unspeakable acts for free, FvH! Lucky you!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:32am Caryn:

Interestingly, as green is the colour of envy, the Protestant/Catholic conflict could simply be put in terms of "the orange guys eat up all the space, and the green guys are pissed off at them for it".
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:32am fred von helsing:

Do any of these words excite you: winkle. vibraphone. wankel rotary engine.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:32am Dave B:

I hope that mike Kennealy track sent makes this set....
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:33am Caryn:

Pride: symbolised by violet and the horse. Punished in hell by having your body broken on the wheel.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:33am Meghan:

It got knocked out Dave..... last minute too!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:34am Dave B:

Caryn in my case I drink up all the Guinness and Powers
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:35am Dave B:

Too bad. Sinful set all the same
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:37am fred von helsing:

Live: Nena! http://dl.dropbox.com/u/367739/Nena-TanzAufDemVulkan.mp3
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:38am Dave B:

Next week - repentance!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:39am Caryn:

@Dave B: nice idea, but might be hard to find songs for that exact word. Might have to include all "sorry" songs.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:40am fred von helsing:

"Sorry"? Inflatable Boy Clams have a GREAT one.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:43am Chuck:

You should have started throwing things at them, Meg...
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:44am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 3/29/12 6:46am fred von helsing:

siouxsie's "sin in my heart" it's megalusticated
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:47am Chuck:

I second that, FvH!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:48am Caryn:

Lust: symbolised by blue and the cow (don't ask me why), punished in Hell by being smothered in fire and brimstone.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:49am Caryn:

BTW, FvH, are you going to the Zola Jesus gig on Sunday?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:50am Meghan:

wow, neither of those seem lust icons..... Red should be the color....
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:50am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 3/29/12 6:51am Chuck:

I think they use red for anger...
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:51am Caryn:

@Meghan: well, red is taken by wrath/anger. But the cow is a weird choice. Maybe I'm just unaware of the seedier side of bovine life...
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:53am Dave B:

Probably cause the sheep was already used.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:53am Chuck:

My question is why they even use animals as symbols, Caryn. Animals don't even know what sin is...
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:54am fred von helsing:

they can be taught *cough*
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:55am Dave B:

So - "live"? Is this open for stuff like "whipping post", "freebird" or "green grass and high tides"?

With the right show, any one of those could be an entire set
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:55am Caryn:

@Chuck: sins tended to be represented by animals or women. I guess in the olden days, both were considered "lower" and, essentially, chattel.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:56am Caryn:

@Dave B: true. Heck, one Santana live track would probably take up the whole show.
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:57am Dave B:

Probably easier to remember for the layperson too
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 6:58am Meghan:

yeah.... not the 20 minute long live tracks.... that could be a bit much!
  Thu. 3/29/12 6:58am Dave B:

Do you...
Feel like I do?

  Thu. 3/29/12 6:58am Chuck:

Ah, Caryn. Like all religious stuff it's completely arbitray. They just make it up and try and get people to go for it...
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:02am Dave B:

I kinda like the seven princes of hell, and that's why I sent Todd Rundgren's "Mammon" over for greed. I would have continued on that tangent (hat tip to Jefff!) but couldn't find anything for Belphegor
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:02am Caryn:

@Chuck: well, duh. :)
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:02am Chuck:

arbitray = arbitrary (still not sure I spelled it right. Coffee!)
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:05am Jay/ London:

I am here but am painting so can not comment on the sins of you all .. so just carry on sinning .. and of course more coffee
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:05am Dave B:

Would a nice juicy steak be a legit substitute for the cow/lust thing?
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:06am Caryn:

@Dave: well, there is a band called Belphegor, so any track of theirs could have done. And an anime character called Belphegor, who has a song.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:06am Caryn:

@Dave: nice, combine lust and gluttony by eating the steak really eagerly
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:07am Andrea on the M62:

Buzzcocks on tours inc USA
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:08am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Israel, Earth, Milky Way):

Dark Star IS an actual song. just takes three days to finish playing it, but it's a song!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:09am Jay/ London:

live date buzzcocks http://www.buzzcocks.com/site/livedates.html
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:10am Andrea on the M62:

sorry dont kow if original line up but maybe at least 1 of them?!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:11am Dave B:

  Thu. 3/29/12 7:12am Jay/ London:

i see some of the usa dates for the buzzcocks are 21+ and others are all ages i wonder why
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:13am Dave B:

Jay - maybe to keep hipsters out!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:13am other david:

Mmmmmm gluttony
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:13am Caryn:

Gluttony: symbolised by orange and the pig (now this makes sense, unlike the cow), punished in hell by being forced to eat rats, toads and snakes (so, regular food for some cultures... not much of a punishment for them).
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:13am Meghan:

What the hell.... all their US dates are in California!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:13am fred von helsing:

I have a live track Birdy Nam Nam where the singer is still miked while he makes a pit stop (and then he returns to the stage to finish the song). Would that be playable over the air?
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:13am Caryn:

@Jay: it might just be the venue itself having age restrictions. Or a liquor license.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:14am Meghan:

ha! yes that can be played....
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:14am Caryn:

Oh, if only Frank was related to Weird Al...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:15am Meghan:

That 21+ was the bane of my teenage years wanting to go to shows in Boston! But yes, that is partially right Caryn, that and they don't want to deal with kids!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:16am Dave B:

I have a live track by my old band where Kirk Hammet (from Metallica) joined the band for a stage and was heckled to the point of fisticuffs from the CBGBs matinee crowd. "get that rock star off the stage, right now!"

  Thu. 3/29/12 7:17am Jay/ London:

Thanks for that Caryn we do not have that in the UK they just take our drink off us so that we have to buy drink in at high prices
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:18am fred von helsing:

check ur mailbox
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:18am Meghan:

Damn it! Stupid tour booking people! Madness is the same... Just West Coast! Hello! Us people on the other side would like to see you too..... *grumbles at Buzzcocks and Madness.....
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:19am Caryn:

@Jay: kinda the same here in Finland. Though I can remember a couple of times when there's been an 18+ age limit for a show.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:20am Dave B:

Patience Meghan. Probably fallout from Cochela.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:21am fred von helsing:

What is the name for the sin where a songwriter rhymes "all night" with "all right"?
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:21am Meghan:

it is..... or more like prior to Coachella..... and then straight to the UK for all their festivals...
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:23am Jay/ London:

@ meghan they are only doing one show in London and i bet it's all sold out now
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:24am Dave B:

Gluttony = cheesy
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:24am Caryn:

@FvH: being serious, that would be sloth...
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:24am Meghan:

hehehe.... fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net...
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:25am Caryn:

Those Yankovic's sure do like their "fat songs". Two in a set!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:25am fred von helsing:

Lust for Life has that heavy percussion intro. If I ever go to buy some decent speakers I'm goign to ask the salesman to demo it as loudly as he dares. I ain't gonna touch the volume control - and hafta pay for blown speakers.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:26am Caryn:

@Meghan: heh :) I think he's moved from Mr. to Sir there...
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:26am Elwyn:

Hello sinners!

Just got home!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:26am Jay/ London:

buzzcocks lineup for gigs Part One: new and contemporary material featuring the current line-up of Pete Shelley (vocals / guitar), Steve Diggle (vocals / guitar), Chris Remington (bass guitar) and Danny Farrant (drums).

Part Two: Pete and Steve perform the United Artists 'classic years tunes featuring the classic line-up of Shelley / Diggle and Steve Garvey (bass guitar) and John Maher (drums). Expect 'Love You More', 'I Don't Mind', Moving Away From The Pulsebeat', 'Ever Fallen In Love, Autonomy, Harmony In My Head, 'What Do I Get?', 'I Believe', 'Fast Cars'.

Part Three: Pete, Steve, and John will be joined on stage for the first time in over 33 years by original co-founder and front man, Howard Devoto, to close the evening by performing the four tracks featured on the band's debut 'Spiral Scratch EP' : 'Breakdown', 'Time's Up', 'Boredom' and 'Friends Of Mine'.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:30am fred von helsing:

Kinks, "Demolition", "Money and Corruption"
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:31am Caryn:

Greed: symbolised by yellow and the frog, punished in hell by being put in a cauldron of boiling oil.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:31am Chuck:

Yeay! A bit of JB in the morning always satisfies!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:32am Caryn:

Doing some sofa-dancing here to the Godfather of Soul.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:32am other david:

@Chuck: Preach!

  Thu. 3/29/12 7:35am Dave B:

  Thu. 3/29/12 7:35am other david:

Fugazi now? Oh Meghan you are spoiling us :)
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:35am frederick of hollywood:

oh damn did I miss the lust set??????????
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:35am Meghan:

*sighs*..... Maybe if I write to them they will come play here....
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:35am Div:

YEAH - not enough Fugazi on the airwaves.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:36am Caryn:

So, apparently it's hard to find genuine "greed" songs, but the few that exist are all by great acts? Quality, not quantity.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:41am PKNY:

@Dave B - so you were in the Crumbsuckers? Nice!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:42am Dave B:

PKNY - yup. Notaro replaced me. That incident was his first time out with the band...
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:46am PKNY:

@Dave B - what an auspicious debut! I had heard that Kirk once sat in with the Crumbsuckers, but I never heard the whole story, thanks for the link!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:47am Caryn:

Envy: symbolised by green and the dog (huh?), punished in hell by being submerged in freezing water (wouldn't that be better for cooling off lust?).
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:48am Dave B:

I'll submit the track for Meghan's approval for next week. The audience part is pretty funny!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:49am Barkevious Shabazz:

Black Flag-Jealous Again. Yippee.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 7:50am Meghan:

These are very interesting Caryn..... dog huh? Well Bosco does get jealous if I pay more attention to another dog....
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:51am Elwyn:

Yay! One of my friends is in Digital Daggers.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:51am Chuck:

Jealous Dogs - The Pretenders
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:51am Caryn:

I suppose if one dog has a bone, other dogs would try to get it too...
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:54am Caryn:

I should point out that my examples are based on Medieval etchings, writings and engravings. I'm sure wikipedia has others too. And Dante's "Divina Comedia" has other punishments for the sins.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:55am fred von helsing:

Whoa! Cool toon
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:55am Andrea on the M62:

  Thu. 3/29/12 7:56am Caryn:

Liking this! The sax line is very catchy.
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:58am Chuck:

More cool horns!
  Thu. 3/29/12 7:59am Caryn:

Other bands are jealous of these bands' cool horns.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:01am Meghan:

okay.... I could use that coffee now..... and a little tasty snack as well....
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:03am fred von helsing:

To match your seven sins you have your five basic food groups: salt, sugar, grease, carbohydrates, and alcohol
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:04am Caryn:

@FvH: you forgot Dr. Nick Riviera's faves: the congealed group and the chocotastics.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:05am fred von helsing:

I guess "congealed" includes Spam
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:05am Meghan:

it's your window to obesity!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:06am Caryn:

Wrath: symbolised by red and the bear, punished in Hell by being dismembered alive. Pleasant.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:06am Dave B:

Bummer - http://news-briefs.ew.com/2012/03/29/earl-scruggs-dies-bluegrass/
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:07am fred von helsing:

Dr Nick: "Well...be creative. Instead of making sandwiches with bread, use poptarts. Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon, ..."
Bart: "You could brush your teeth with milkshakes!"
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:08am Caryn:

I feel like eating a big-ass burger right now. Whether it should be "of wrath"? Hmm, I think I prefer a bacon cheeseburger.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:08am fred von helsing:

Wow, Jello and Mojo! That's congealed AND voodotastic!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:09am Chuck:

Heheh! That's the only kind I make, Caryn....
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:09am Dave B:

Failure Pile in a Sadness Bowl

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:10am Caryn:

@Chuck: what, the wrath kind or the bacon & cheese kind?
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:11am Chuck:

Bacon and cheese, of course, Caryn. I don't do wrath. Takes to much energy that I need for other more constructive things...
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:12am Cheri Pi:

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:12am Caryn:

For a limited time, the local hamburger chain is offering "giant double bacon cheeseburgers". While that sounds good right about now, have to try and save money for the trip to see Zola Jesus. Darn!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:14am Caryn:

"The Apes of Wrath"... you know, Steinbeck's career might have been different if he had gone for that title.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:14am Dave B:

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:16am kath:

Morning fellow sinners!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:16am Jay/ London:

did you drew the pictures Meghan very good
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:16am Elwyn:

Grapes of Wrath makes me think of Nelson Muntz's diarama.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:17am JMD:

agreed w/ Jay. The artwork is terrific.
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:17am Meghan:

Oh Jay, I wish I had..... These illustrations come from the book “The Frenchmen and the 7 Deadly Sins”, by Cyril Satorsky.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:17am Caryn:

@Dave B: ah, old Patton favourite
@Elwyn: heh!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:18am jefff:

Wrath rocks!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:19am Meghan:

hahaha... wasn't sure if you were still there. I assume you loved Testament....
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:19am JMD:

Iron Maiden! Neat and thanks.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:20am jeff p:

Good morning, everyone! Fuck off!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:21am Cheri Pi:

I love Maiden.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:21am PKNY:

Paul Di'Anno > Bruce Dickinson.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:21am Caryn:

So what we've learned: pride, lust and wrath are the rocking sins; gluttony is cheesy and populated by accordion-savvy Yankovics; greed spans many genres, but is for the very cool; jealousy has nice horn and rhythm sections.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:21am jeff p:

\m/( >_< )\m/
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:22am Dave B:

you mean "wrocks!"

I'm going to use silent "W"s in front of w"R" all day!

And umlauts! Cause they're mowre METAAAAAAL!

\m/ (>_<) \m/
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:22am jeff p:

omfg, my math question answer was "666" for Iron Maiden!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:23am Caryn:

I have to applaud Iron Maiden for not naming their track "Child of Wrath". The "of wrath" meme was starting to bore me with the titles.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:24am Dave B:


I've got a stockpile of stuff! I think I can start next saturday!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:24am Chuck:

Dave has brought up another wierdness of the english language. What's up with silent letters? If you don't pronounce it, why is it in the word to begin with?
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:25am Andrew Waterloo:

Damn, I was going to recommend a Noise Unit song called Sloth
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:25am Caryn:

Sloth: symbolised by light blue and the goat, punished in hell by being thrown into a pit of snakes.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:25am Andrew Waterloo:

There's also a Brandon Perry song called Sloth on my playlist
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:26am fred von helsing:

@chuck Aw, who nows? And now for a tortilla rap...
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:26am Elwyn:

That's it. I'm changing my Facebook status to:
\m/ (>_<) \m/
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:26am Dave B:

sorry that should have been stawrt and Satuwrday.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:27am Andrew Waterloo:

Brendan Perry, Sloth: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GknznwSbXoU
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:27am Dave B:

aw cwrap

sorry = sowrwry
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:28am jeff p:

No sloth for me today - I rode my bike to work!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:29am Meghan:

Was it Brendan Perry.... not DCD? I was looking for the DCD, but didn't find it..... Maybe it's cause I hadn't loaded up the whole album or it didn't transfer when switching computers....
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:29am Caryn:

Don't forget the umlauts, Dave!

söwrwrü is the way to go!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:31am Elwyn:

@Caryn: Heh. Evil Brady is Sloth Brady now.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:32am Dave B:

That's Slotherby to you!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:33am Caryn:

There there, Dave, that's mighty prideful of you!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:34am Meghan:

I think Elwyn has a little envy to be honest...
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:35am Dave B:

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:35am Elwyn:

@Meghan: I'm glad you didn't accuse me of lusting after Brady!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:35am random pirate:

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:36am Dave B:


  Thu. 3/29/12 8:36am Caryn:

And I sensed a little anger in Dave's retort. Man, we're covering all the bases here. If it turns out that the Elwyn/Dave relationship is all based on mutual lust (and greedy, gluttonous sessions of eating bacon cheeseburgers and steak), we'll be 7 for 7.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:37am kath:

AH! This sounded really good! Then I look and see why; DP!! yay!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:38am kath:

Hope it's not the bad singer tho! Remember that!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:38am Chuck:

Well their playing is hardly Lazy, Kath!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:38am Dave B:

no Kath, this is Ian Gillian
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:38am jefff:

Live version of lazy off of made in Japan for next week
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:39am Dave B:

^up vote jefff's request ^
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:40am Meghan:

find another song..... don't want a repeat!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:41am kath:

DB: This reminds me of Bobby Bernish trying to imitate Ian; very badly!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:42am Dave B:

heheh Kath - Jefff - "The Mule"?
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:43am Caryn:

I was wondering where this was...
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:43am fred von helsing:

An all-drugs show. An all-sins show. What's next? All-rollerdisco?
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:44am Chuck:

Yeah, throw some 80s synth at my head!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:44am Caryn:

Video directed by Derek Jarman, you know.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:46am Dave B:

I'm waiting for Meghan to get an on air show, and then it'll be an all F-Bomb show finale!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member Thu. 3/29/12 8:46am Meghan:

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:47am Caryn:

Geena Davis played Pride in the video, too.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:48am kath:

I forgot to put this one in my playlist. Wow, it's been a long time since I heard it.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:49am cb:

I can't hear that Pet Shop Boys song without thinking of Bronson.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:50am Elwyn:

I'm waiting for *that* and the bass lines show.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:50am Chuck:

Ditto, Kath! Can't believe it come out 20 years ago. Still sounds fresh!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:52am kath:

it had sure tapped into my emotions at that time, Chuck. Such ANGST!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:54am Chuck:

Somehow my teenage angst has never fully left me, Kath. heheh....
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:55am kath:

have you guys still not had the bass lines show!?? I thought I missed it in my absence.
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:56am Dave B:

something for Ken's love of GIFs:

  Thu. 3/29/12 8:56am northguineahills:

Nice set! Just checking in!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:56am kath:

Chuck, I think perhaps having kids kinda beats that angst outta ya, or at least tires you to the point of not minding it anymore. I still have some, but now its like an old friend. I keep it around!
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:58am Chuck:

It's always had a place with me also, Kath...
  Thu. 3/29/12 8:58am Caryn:

Great show, Meghan!
  Sat. 3/31/12 9:22pm will:

Meghan -- You forgot the epic "Sloth" by Fairport Convention from FULL HOUSE (1970) the record they put out after Sandy Denny quit. But then ya hardly had enough time since that song is 9 minutes. WJ
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