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Options November 13, 2011: Fill-in for Martha

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Artist Track Album Year Approx. start time
ZZ Top  Move Me On Down The Line   Options Tres Hombres  1972  0:00:00 ()
The Fall  Cosmos 7   Options Ersatz GB  2011  0:03:29 ()
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats  Over And Over Again   Options Blood Lust  2011  0:05:23 ()
Blue Öyster Cult  Flaming Telepaths   Options Secret Treaties  1974  0:08:15 ()
Truth And Janey  My Mind   Options No Rest For The Wicked  1976  0:13:26 ()
Toad  Vampires   Options Tomorrow Blue  1972  0:19:07 ()
Serenity  Sea Time Rain   Options Piece Of Mind  1972  0:24:42 ()
Darkthrone  Lifeless (with Fenriz and Nocturno Culto commentary)   Options Ravashing Grimness  2011  0:33:05 ()
Lee 'scratch' Perry Vs Digital Mystikz  Like The Way You Should (Mala Remix)   Options 12"  2011  0:37:09 ()
Guernica  Yume No Sangaku-Chitai   Options Kaizo He No Yakudo  1982  0:40:29 ()
Tom Cameron  Toy Cannon   Options Music to Wash Dishes By  1982  0:42:42 ()
Dip In The Pool  Rabo Del Sol   Options Silence  1986  0:48:55 ()
Junior Reid  Banana Boat Man   Options 7"  1990  0:57:21 ()
Daddy Freddy  Jah Love   Options   2011  0:59:43 ()
Horsepower Productions  Boogaloo   Options The Lost Tapes EP  2011  1:02:59 ()
Flosstradamus & Kid Sister  Luuk Out Girl   Options   2011  1:08:24 ()
Koan Sound  The Edge (Original Mix)   Options Funk Blaster  2011  1:10:53 ()
Plaid  At Last   Options Scintilli  2011  1:17:03 ()
Roots Manuva  Wha' Mek?   Options 4everevolution  2011  1:21:24 ()
Severed Heads  4.W.D.   Options City Slab Horror  1985  1:29:58 ()
Bushido  Extract From Beyond The Great Wall   Options Life At The Top  1984  1:32:45 ()
Rubella Ballet  Arctic Flowers   Options Never Mind the Day-Glo Here's the Rubella Ballet  2010  1:37:46 ()
Organum  Meister Nix (Part Two)   Options Meister Nix  1989  1:43:51 ()
Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death  Salt   Options Helpless  2005  1:44:29 ()
Merzbow  Vanamali and Sharavan   Options Surabhi  2011  1:46:57 ()
Amebix  God Of The Grain   Options Sonic Mass  2011  2:00:47 ()
Deteriorate  Cannibal Autopsy   Options Rotting In Hell  1993  2:04:38 ()
Vomitory  Regorge In The Morgue   Options Opus Mortis VIII  2011  2:08:20 ()
Conflict [U.S.]  American Woman   Options Last Hour  1983  2:10:43 ()
Charles Mingus  Original Faubus Fables   Options Presents Charles Mingus  1960  2:13:09 ()
Lee Morgan  Stand By   Options Indeed!  1956  2:22:19 ()
Fela Kuti  Zombie   Options Zombie  2001  2:33:05 ()
John Entwistle  I Feel Better   Options Whistle Rymes  1972  2:41:51 ()
Nargaroth  Frühling   Options Jahreszeiten  2009  2:46:28 ()

Listener comments!

  Sun. 11/13/11 9:07pm Michele:

Sounds great so far!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:07pm texas scott:

hola chris
i imagine you got a lot fer us.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:08pm kiemzi:

woo hoo!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:12pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Chris! Nice set so far. And now, with the Blue Oyster Cult. Yay! Welcome to the airwaves.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:13pm pipandbaby:

I dig the 70's jams.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:14pm gretchen:

Roc-Roc-Rockin' on a Suh-Suh-Sunday Night! Very Nice.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:15pm Steve:

Well then, a necessary infusion of ARENA ROCK
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:16pm #K:

this show makes me feel awesome
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:16pm kiemzi:

oh man, this show sounds so great already! love this blue oyster cult!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:16pm kiemzi:

(umlaut implied)
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:16pm Joe D.:

Chris M you are a BOLD MAN and I endorse these proceedings so hard
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:16pm PB:

The joke's on us for having to listen to this. BOC is perhaps the worst rock band in history.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Kiemzi: thank you for implying the umlaut! I always forget, and with rock and roll and metal, it's crucial! :-D
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:19pm Joe D.:

I also admire your beard.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:19pm pipandbaby:

There can never be enough umlauts.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:19pm Steve:

Hey PB :), weren't their first three albums were great fun as a teenager
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:19pm kiemzi:

i don't even know how to do an umlaut or else i would put them all over the place.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:20pm kiemzi:

i would just spell my name in all umlauts. and maybe a seven.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:20pm will:

Uh oh, fight breaking out already on comments board! Hello PB, Blue Oyster Cult's 1st and 3rd records are in the pantheon of top 100 records of all time!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:21pm PB:

@ Steve, no, they're awful and always have been.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:22pm earwax:

I like a cheese umlaut for breakfast.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:22pm texas scott:

why umlauts....
why not dangling participles?
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:23pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Oh wait, I have a Mac now. I can do umlauts. Blüe Öyster Cult. ROCK AND ROLLLLL!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:24pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Texas Scott, we also need some split infinitives to go with the dangling participles.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:24pm pipandbaby:

This is making me realize I need to listen to more 70's rock. Like, all day.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:25pm Steve:

Yeah, not very sophisticated, but cavemen like myself still like the bombast; tear down the walls now with rock 'n roll.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:26pm texas scott:


don't get me started on those...!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:28pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I think we should follow earwax's example and settle on a nice cheese umlaut.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:28pm Steve:

If Chris plays Mountain then I would say that is going over the FMU line of decor few dare to cross.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:34pm G:

I sense an evil plot by Clay.

Enjoying it, actually...
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:35pm ADM:

This humor sounds a little dry.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:35pm Evon Slimslacks:

This is scientific
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:35pm pipandbaby:

Sam Goody! Goody Got It!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:35pm Joe McG:

I've got to get down to Tower and pick up that Fall album tomorrow. Thanks, Chris!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:36pm Evon Slimslacks:

And terrific!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:36pm PB:

No offense but BOC music is "cerebral"? Is Rush's music also "cerebral"?
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:37pm Jelly:

PB's a little salty tonight
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:38pm PB:

Commentary by Bjorn Borg?
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:38pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Joe McG, I think you might be a bit too late for Tower... Didn't they all close? You'll have to go to Sam Goody. Or Record World! (That was the one in the mall when I was a teenager. The Rockaway Mall!)
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:39pm Joe McG:

@Wendy: I could always go to Coconuts.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:40pm kiemzi:

is there a director's cut commentary track on this commentary track?
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:42pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Joe McG, I totally forgot about Coconuts. The one on Rt 46 in Little Falls (or is it Wayne?) is where another old favorite used to be: CRAZY EDDIE!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:43pm PB:

Or the Wiz.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:43pm Chop Scott:

Excellent! Great to hear you on air Chris...
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:43pm Scott W:

show-prep schmow-prep - I'm sticking with you, Chris!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:43pm Joe McG:

@kiemzi: I just hope there's a blooper reel.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:43pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Nobody Beats the Wiz! Well, until someone apparently did...
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:44pm #K:

this is the most star studded comments board I've ever seen here
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:44pm kiemzi:

great scotts! hi!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:45pm pipandbaby:

I can dig it.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:45pm kiemzi:

hi to everybody, of course. i just wanted to say great scotts.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:48pm kiemzi:

wow! music to wash dishes by! i coulda used this earlier today!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:48pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Scott W, just play three hours of The Frogs. Everyone but a few of us will stop listening, and with not so many listeners, you won't have to worry so much about your radio show. See, I'm FULL of good advice, right?
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:50pm mapp:

herro frynd
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:50pm Steve:

We can quit worrying about BOC at this point
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:51pm kiemzi:

but i was just gonna request "harvester of eyes"!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:51pm kiemzi:

i need all the peepers i can get!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:52pm Joe D.:

the eyes have it
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:53pm Scott W:

well Wendy, I was gonna play a buncha Tom Cameron actually, guess that one goes back in the sack! Chris, the show's sounding great!
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:53pm Brandeo:

No HTML, please
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:53pm pipandbaby:

This is all very nice for a Sunday evening.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:58pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I never heard of Tom Cameron until now, so I look forward to a future exploration of him on your show, Scott W. That "Toy Cannon" was super-duper.
  Sun. 11/13/11 9:59pm ADM:

Humor still pretty dry. Overcooked.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:00pm ADM:

I take it back. All it needs is a little salt.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:01pm Thomas:

That background music!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:01pm Joe McG:

I was hoping you'd play this!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:06pm Joe D.:

I also like yr tawk-over music. I think it is pretty fantastic.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:09pm Cynic:

This dude has incriminating video of everyone at the station!

No, seriously, great selections....
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:10pm bryce:

i wasn't *actually* picking my nose
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:10pm Thomas:

Joe D, it's like as long as I have that talk-over tune, everything will be alright
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:12pm kiemzi:

finally, kid sister.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:12pm Mike VL:

Oh snap.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:12pm Evon Slimslacks:

This is my favorite song
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:12pm Joe D.:

@Thomas, we are in full agreement.

but I might be having a stroke because for some reason I think I'm hearing Flosstradamus on WFMU
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:13pm Cynic:

coming up: "Short Dick Man"
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:13pm Ernie I:

Great set, Chris!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:13pm Joe D.:

I've SEEN Flosstradamus. TWICE.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:13pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Bryce, you can just tell everyone you were putting things IN your nose, rather than picking things OUT of your nose. Problem solved. Next!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:14pm Jason:

I was really washing dishes during music to wash dishes by!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:14pm Ernie I:

Woah this Koan Sound tune is awesome
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:28pm Jason:

Great show, really diggin this!

Was that junior reid 7" from the record fair table where they recite the items into a voice recorder, and pretty much everything's $1? That table's too good
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:28pm Thomas:

Jason, i stopped washing dishes to check that tune's info on the playlist and had to quickly return! i'm back now
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:31pm PB:

Is the Sam Goody "joke" some kind of an inside joke or something?
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:34pm Thomas:

everyone on the expressways and parkways are so happy you're playing this
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:37pm Bridget:

It's so awesome to hear you on the radio, Chris!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:40pm ADM:

Where would we be without the 80's?
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:42pm Math:

Still in 2001???
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:42pm Evon Slimslacks:

My brain is melting!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:45pm anne:

oh i just put 2+2 together and realized what's going on! excellent!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:45pm bryce:

Chris. Hey Chris. Chris.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:45pm glenn:

there's no way blue oyster cult is worse than styx.
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:46pm bryce:

williams just spilled his hennepin
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:48pm PB:

@anne, do tell. This has been a very weird show (even by FMU standards).
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:49pm anne:

i just realized it's Chris. Chris, Chris. hello Chris and everyone!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:49pm Bridget:

Bwa hahahaa
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:50pm kiemzi:

oh man, this song!
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:51pm #K:

all familiarities aside I actually really genuinely enjoy this show
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:51pm Scott W:

it's a smuttynose gravitation, bryce. and it did spill, not that dennis deyoung gives a flying starship about that.
and what kiemzi just said
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:56pm PB:

Who's Chris?
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:58pm ADM:

Is this the Beatles?
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:58pm Steve:

PB, the DG
  Sun. 11/13/11 10:59pm PB:

It's Styx, glenn's favorite.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:00pm kiemzi:

is it pronounced merzbow or merzbow?
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:00pm Steve:

Thought that might be an outake intro to Up From The Skies
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:03pm kev:

those are good ted nugent songs you should play more ted nugent
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:04pm luis:

great show! someone might have already asked this, but what's the background music during set breaks?
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:04pm Steve:

I wouldn't mind a little Spanish Castle Magic
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:07pm kiemzi:

is this dude just listing celebrity baby names?
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:08pm kiemzi:

moses! apple! pilot inspektor!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:12pm Satan:

Listen sweetie, they're playing our song!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:12pm Steve:

Where are we now on the BOC dilema
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:13pm PB:

Even BOC is better than this stuff. This show has been bizarre (and not in a good way). I'm out.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:14pm Satan:

  Sun. 11/13/11 11:18pm PB:

Last comment of the night, any DJ who follows up a speeded-up "punk" version of American Woman with Charles Mingus is trying way too hard.Give us a break.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:18pm Scott W:

good for you, giving it 2 hours before bailing PB!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:20pm kev:

It's important to have strong opinions or you might vanish.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:22pm Satan:

PB may have listened to more of the show than a lot of people who liked it. Diabolical!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:26pm T-Zero:

It is freeform radio after all, but gotta say I haven't quite caught on to what the connector is for the sets, if indeed there is one
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:27pm Joe D.:

Opinions are like assholes - I've got hundreds of them
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:27pm Satan:

That stinks.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:28pm kev:

chris is the connector, the joiner of paths, the opener of the way, the gatherer of toadstools, the layer of transatlantic cable
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:31pm T-Zero:

In other words you have no clue either.

It's not a comlaint, mind you. was just sayin...
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:33pm Joe D.:

thematic coherence! It's overrated.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:33pm kiemzi:

i like music!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:34pm Variety:

Does anyone remember *me*?
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:36pm kiemzi:

i <3 this!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:37pm T-Zero:

Yeah, as I said, it *is* freeform radio after all.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:48pm kiemzi:

john entwhistle, professional creepo.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:50pm Congolia:

Good stuff.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:50pm Steve:

I've been impressed with the diversity, a hallmark of most FMU DJ's. Maybe Chris will narrow his interests to a few per show in time.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:53pm ADM:

I could almost imagine the guitar line as the main melody in a third reich marching band.
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:53pm mapp:

My sister sez: "I'm so confused by you. Everytime I take out my headphones you're listening to, like, a completely different genre"
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:57pm bryce:

chris, just follow your inner voice. the sky's the limit!
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:58pm djD:

does it ever end?
  Sun. 11/13/11 11:58pm Bridget:

I strongly disagree, bryce. He should follow protocol.
  Mon. 11/14/11 12:00am kev:

was that a Slade cover
  Mon. 11/14/11 12:01am Scott W:

chris, just follow minnie riperton, except for the lion attack
  Mon. 11/14/11 12:01am Curious:

What was the imaginary part?
  Mon. 11/14/11 12:20am T-Zero:

Chris M: Just so it's clear... Really wasn't complaining. Thanks for the diverse show. Never knew what would come next.
  Mon. 11/14/11 3:06am Lisa:

Chris M. - I tuned into WFMU for the first time tonight and was blown away by your show. Special thanks for introducing me to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.
  Mon. 11/14/11 9:49pm Amanda:

Listening to archive. Congrats and I hope you had a great time!!! The BOC sounds just right.
Avatar Swag For Life Member    Wed. 5/10/17 1:57am CDToaster:

@Amanda: Good to find someone commenting on an archived show. This show could be enjoyed even more with subsequent listens. Good work, Chris M.
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