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Theme (n) - the subject of talk, a piece of writing, a person's thoughts, or an exhibition; a topic.

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Options November 10, 2011: I Talk Thai.... I talk Thai real good.... last part of the Asia trip

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Zom Amara  I'm Not Miss Thailand   Options Sweetless  0:00:00 ()
General Rudie  Rickshaw Ride Through Thailand   Options Cooling the Mark  0:03:49 ()
T-Bone  Skaville Thailand   Options Enjoy Yourself  0:07:05 ()
Man Man  Bangkok Necktie   Options Life Fantastic  0:10:50 ()
Alex Chilton  Bangkok   Options Top 30  0:13:38 ()
Murray Head  One Night in Bangkok   Options Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the '80s, Vol. 14  0:15:33 ()
The Last Rock 'n' Roll Band  Banged Up in Bangkok   Options The Last Rock 'n' Roll Band  0:19:39 ()
Pawnshop  Thailand   Options Cruise'o'matic  0:23:41 ()
Rush  A Passage to Bangkok   Options 2112  0:26:49 ()
Steve Pottinger  Thailand   Options Less Rock, More Talk  0:30:09 ()
Adam Balazs  Jake in Thailand   Options The Elephant King  0:35:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:37:06 ()
Dead Kennedys  Holiday in Cambodia   Options   0:43:53 ()
The Lillingtons  Charlie Goes to Cambodia   Options The Too Late Show  0:48:09 ()
Kim Wilde  Cambodia   Options Essential  0:50:27 ()
Winston Blake  Cambodia   Options Trojan Producers Series  0:54:17 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:56:14 ()
Phil Ochs  Talking Vietnam Blues   Options All the News That's Fit to Sing  1:05:20 ()
Johnny Cash  Singing in Vietnam Talking Blues   Options Johnny Cash's America  1:08:57 ()
Tom Paxton  Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues   Options The Best of Tom Paxton: I Can't Help Wonder Where I'm Bound  1:11:52 ()
John Lee Hooker  I Gotta Go To Vietnam   Options Urban Blues  1:15:11 ()
The Fiery Furnances  The Vietnamese Telephone Ministry   Options Bitter Tea  1:19:33 ()
Jimmy Cliff  Vietnam   Options Ultimate Collection: Jimmy Cliff  1:25:08 ()
Dead Milkmen  Beach Party Vietnam   Options Death Rides a Pale Cow: The Ultimate Collection  1:29:50 ()
Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards  Vietnam   Options Lars Fredericksen and the Bastards  1:31:28 ()
The Riptides  Johnny's Back in Vietnam   Options Tough Luck  1:35:39 ()
  Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:38:36 ()
Aaron Nazrul  Savannakhet Breakdown   Options Butterfly Man  1:45:14 ()
Joe Markus-Blue Top  Full Moon Over Vientaine   Options Blue Top  1:49:40 ()
Roger Miller  Burma Shave   Options Platinum and Gold Collection  1:54:13 ()
Tom Waits  Burma Shave   Options Used Songs 1973-1980  1:55:55 ()
Dorothy Lamour  Moon over Burma   Options Music & the Moon Vol 2  2:02:27 ()
Blake Babies  From Here to Burma   Options Earwig  2:06:04 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     2:08:19 ()
Simakuma-gunghoes  Bhutan No Komori Uta   Options Back an American Life  2:15:49 ()
Ray Buttigieg  Bhutan Border   Options Music for Movies  2:20:06 ()
Hub Hildenbrand Trio  News From Bangladesh   Options News from Afar  2:23:34 ()
George Harrison  Bandla Desh   Options The Concert for Bangladesh  2:26:52 ()
Liz Phair  Oh, Bangladesh   Options Funstyle  2:30:50 ()
We Were Wolves  Night in Bangladesh   Options Yeah , Mammouth  2:35:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     2:38:29 ()
Hubert Camus  Sri Lanka   Options Day Off  2:43:28 ()
Nimal Mendis  Sri Lanka My Lanka   Options A Songwriters Diary Vol. 1  2:48:16 ()
The Dead Milkmen  Sri Lanka Sex Hotel   Options Beelzebubba  2:52:12 ()
Le Voyage de Noz  Les Maldives   Options Tout doit disparaitre  2:55:45 ()
      2:58:23 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/10/11 6:02am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 11/10/11 6:02am Chuck:

  Thu. 11/10/11 6:02am Meghan:

Morning all!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:02am Chuck:

Umm, Thai food....
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:04am Meghan:

fred, you might want to go look at the comments of my show from sunday. You were discussed there.... for a long while actually!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:04am Chuck:

How do those guys keep their balance on bicycles loaded with that much stuff!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:05am Jay/ London:

good morning Meghan still off work go back on Monday its my Birthday to day so made a big chocolale cake and also its the day your show is on :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:06am Jay/ London:

@ chuck what about when they have to stop !!!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:06am Meghan:

Happy Happy Birthday Jay! Glad to hear you are headed back to work soon.... I assume you are on the mend!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:08am Chuck:

So you were on Sunday, Meghan? Nobody tells me anything...
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:08am Chuck:

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jay!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:09am fred von helsing:

will do! I was out of commission at the time...
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:09am Meghan:

I posted it on the Facebook site.....
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:10am Jay/ London:

what have they got on the bikes ?
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:11am Chuck:

I haven't messed with Facebook much in the past few weeks. No time to noodle around with the computer....
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:12am Chuck:

Looks like the pods from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", Jay....
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:18am Chuck:

Ha! I was just listening to my CD of this the other day...
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:18am fred von helsing:

I'd like to teach the world to sing /
In perfect Mandarin //
With Uncle Ho and Chairman Mao /
Fidel and Madame Binh
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:20am the anchovy:

Bonjour, Meghan and listeners!
Murray Head! yeah
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:21am Meghan:

Bonjour Anchovy!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:22am fred von helsing:

Kung-Fu Kitty !!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:28am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 11/10/11 6:28am Chuck:

You have got to be kidding me!!! Rush!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:29am Jeff:

For the love of the theme!!!!!!!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:31am Chuck:

Is it that this song is actually about smoking weed that made you think it was okay to play, Meg? heheh...
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:33am fred von helsing:

lunchtime, brb kthxbai
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:34am Meghan:

happy lunch!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:35am Marmalade Kitty:

Hello :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:35am Meghan:

Hello Marmalade Kitty!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:41am Jay/ London:

morning Kitty :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:43am Chuck:

What's a "day off"?
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:45am Chuck:

And Good Morning to you, Jessica.
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:47am T-Zero:

Happy Birthday! Jay!

On the bikes... they raided the brazier closets of Grace Jones and Madonna.
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:50am DaveB:

Sorry, i was held up in customs...

  Thu. 11/10/11 6:50am Meghan:

ha! nice one T-Zero
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:50am Marmalade Kitty:

Happy Birthday Jay :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:50am Chuck:

You missed Rush, Dave!!!
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:51am DaveB:

whoa. whoa. whoa...

Do my eyes deceive me?
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:52am DaveB:

is this the UTP from an alternate universe?

is it the end of times?
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:52am Chuck:

Nope. She did actually play it, DB...
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:53am Meghan:

it very well could be.....
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:55am Jay/ London:

hi T-zero :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:58am DaveB:

...oh, and HBD Jay/London
  Thu. 11/10/11 6:58am Dave B:

Hey Jessica!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:00am Elwyn:

Hey everyone!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:01am Chuck:

Wow, Jessica instigates a complete breakdown in protocol. Nice work, Jess!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:02am Elwyn:

Fuck I hate Santana!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:04am Dave B:

"What's the matter with violins on television?"


-- Emily Litella
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:05am gumby:

Bass Line = Haitian Fight Song Charles Mingus
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:05am Elwyn:

@Meghan: Have I sent you the Top Gear episode where they visit Vietnam yet?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:07am gumby:

bestbase line = anything Graham Maby played on those early Joe Jackson records
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:07am Chuck:

Phil! A personal fave...
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:08am Meghan:

Elwyn.... i don't know if I saw that one!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:09am Jay/ London:

talking vietnam blues never heard this one i like it ***
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:12am Elwyn:

@Meghan: I'll send you and the other DJs a package in December then.

@Jessica: Have you worked out not to trust Evil Brady yet? :-)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:14am Meghan:

Elwyn.... she's not sure, but I am sure she would gang up and join he evil.... she's like that..
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:20am T-Zero:

Jay, your friends coming over for your birthday later?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:24am Dave B:

I may be evil, but at least I'm not a mook for the Empire....

All my evil doings are executed on MY terms...
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:29am Elwyn:

Ooh! Snap, girlfren. :-)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:29am fred von helsing:

a bit disorienting... hearing such an upbeat song about Vietnam... it's just an attack of oldfartedness
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:31am Marmalade Kitty:

play some vietnamese music meghan? ask Rob Weisburg!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:32am Jay/ London:

@ T-zero yeah one on his way over now maybe a few more might cime over later BTW Meghan great mix really enjoying it
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:32am Marmalade Kitty:

Dead Milkmen.. I love these fellas!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:34am Meghan:

Thanks Jay!

Marmalade..... I we have a ton of comps from Vietnam and Cambodia in the library.... but I need the country in the title!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:34am Marmalade Kitty:

I buy you a late BDay pint when we have listner meet up Jay! ;)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:37am Jay/ London:

hey Kitty the meet ups are only in new York .. it would be great to do one here in the UK
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:38am Marmalade Kitty:

I know!? we have to sort one or two out over here!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:40am Dave B:

@Jay - maybe the 'FMU sponsored ones, but us listeners can do so anytime! I med Pierre and Fred (not vH) the last time I was in Paris.

Just do it! (or contact Liz Berg for official sanctioning)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:40am Jay/ London:

kitty i would not know how we could as we only talk on the board we have no contact details but would love to do one :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:41am Dave B:

med = met

though we self medicated over a few fine beers
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:42am Dave B:

Meghan can exchange emails on your behalf...
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:42am Jay/ London:

@dave B how did you contact each other ?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:42am S:

Hey! I was in Laos as a tourist, it was great! Don't say nobody goes there :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:44am fred von helsing:

Vietnamese foooooood................
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:44am Dave B:

Meghan has all emails. She can make inital intros. From there, it was just a matter of coordination
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:45am Dave B:

well... if you add an email in the chat forum window. She'll see it...
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:45am Chuck:

Good thing that vegans don't generally tune this show in!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:45am Jay/ London:

so who of you all live in or near London ?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:46am Elwyn:

@Chuck: That's because you hunted and ate them all! ;-)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:46am Parq:

Why did you say 'Burma'?

I panicked.
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:48am Dave B:

I'm a vegan!

twice removed.

(I let those delicious animals eat the veggies for me, turning it into delicious MEAT)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:49am Chuck:

Ha, Elwyn! It would be just vegans are sort of annoying. (and hunting season starts on the 19th!)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:49am Marmalade Kitty:

I'm up fo rgoing down London..! Theres loads of us! we just need to put word about on the board and with Dj's if they don't mind..?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:50am Meghan:

Parq.... that is the country we are visiting next....
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:50am Chuck:

Venison, delicious, venison....
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:50am Meghan:

Jay/Kitty... .you should contact Vicki of People Like Us! She's over there....
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:51am Jay/ London:

@ kitty lets do it !!!!
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:51am fred von helsing:

"Vegetables: It's what food eats."
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:51am Dave B:

@Chuck and Elwyn -

My kinda place:
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:52am seang:

wow, those guys are pretty resourceful
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:52am Jay/ London:

megan how do i contact vicki ?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:52am fred von helsing:

"You have a nice dog. Does he like children?"

"Yes.. especially with ketchup."
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:55am Chuck:

"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of MEAT?"
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:55am T-Zero:

@Jay; Go to the playlist page and use the contact for her from there. Like the link for Meghan on this page.
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:56am Marmalade Kitty:

Jay, Dark night Julie loves London, maybe we could arrange for the next time she visits.. Just need to get my thinking cap :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:57am Jay/ London:

@ T- zero thanks @ kitty we can do this i hope
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:59am Marmalade Kitty:

I'm up for it! :) can we track down Hamburger?
  Thu. 11/10/11 7:59am Dave B:

@Jay/Kitty - just call a time/place out right here on the boards, meet up once, and plan it out!

I promise not to crash the party.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:03am Jay/ London:

ok Dave hey kitty what about the wheelbarrow pub in camden high street this saturday night
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:03am Dave B:

Hey NYC listeners...


  Thu. 11/10/11 8:04am Marmalade Kitty:

Good ideas thanks Dave, TZ
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:04am hamburger:

you'll never find me!n mwahahaha - I've just been held hostage to a trouser stain on my pants after washing my hands in the bathroom and leaning too close to the sink...
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:05am Dave B:

Kick the Pickle!

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:07am Meghan:

You speak of hamburger and there he is...
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:07am Sam:

Hi folks!
Is that why this show is called Underwater theme park, in honor of underwater Bangkok?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:07am Chuck:

And we've got pickles to go with him too, Meg!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:08am Jay/ London:

@Kitty so what you think about this saturday in camden town or it could be most and day before monday
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:08am Marmalade Kitty:

Jay, can't do this week.. maybe next week 18 19th?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:10am Jay/ London:

Kitty yeah 18th 19th is good for me where ?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:11am Elwyn:

I miss the Blake Babies.

Haven't you done the world theme before?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:11am Dave B:

@Jay/Kitty - the one key thing to do is to wear FMU swag. Makes for identifying people easy!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:12am Jay/ London:

i was just thinking that Dave b very good idea !!!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:13am hamburger:

omigosh - 3 hours of 'we are the world' looped ;o
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:14am Dave B:

@Elwyn - you are correct...

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:14am Marmalade Kitty:

Camden sounds cool! maybe catch a band?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:15am fred von helsing:

hmm can't think of a double-entendre that uses the word Bhutan
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:16am Elwyn:

Don't forget: they did ever WORSE versions of those charity songs in the last few years. How is that even possible?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:17am Sam:

You just check out Galway, it's a lot more friendly than Dublin. And less grungy.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:17am Sam:

Oh god - this sounds like We are the World sung in Bhutanese
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:17am Dave B:

Nothing is as bad as the Chicago Bears "Superbowl Shuffle"
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:18am Dave B:

@Fred vH -

Putting your bhutan the line
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:19am Jay/ London:

yeah Kitty there are bands at the wheel barrow every night and its free. what time and day is best for you here's the web site for it http://www.wheelbarrowlondon.com/
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:19am Meghan:

did i? I was looking through my playlists on my computer and didn't see it..... was it earth?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:19am fred von helsing:

it's bhutanerrific !
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:19am Sam:

shake shake shake
shake shake shake
shake your bhutan
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:19am Meghan:

crap! I did! hmmm.... I will have to rethink this.....
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:19am Dave B:

august 28 Meghan
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:20am Chuck:

Fred, Dave, Sam, please DON'T get started....
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:20am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:20am ken bastard:

This song is makin me think of child prostitutes in Thailand.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:20am fred von helsing:

put yer bhutan mah face
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:20am Meghan:

Alright.... open to Theme suggestions!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:20am Jay/ London:

@ sam is that it no more words in the song ?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:21am fred von helsing:

Things you can put on your face !
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:21am Meghan:

I love you Ken Bastard! dirty man
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:21am Dave B:

"Pass me the Bhutan"

- Marlon Brando - Last Tango In Paris
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:23am Chuck:

This album is appropriately titled. Sounds like the music to a cheap horror film....
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:24am jeff p:

Good morning, everyone! glad i got to hear "beach party vietnam" on my way in to work! Also glad to hear Megan and Jess together again. It's like a Bob Hope movie.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:24am Meghan:

Got one! forget world! I got it!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:25am Dave B:

@Meghan - Meat and Vegetables....
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:25am Sam:

Start getting the jokes ready for Bangladesh. Come on, it has the word bang in it!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:25am Meghan:

Jeff- Jess says you know you are old when you reference Bob Hope....
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:25am Dave B:

@Jeff P - "The Road To Bhutan"
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:25am T-Zero:

She went larger... "Universe" ;-)
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:26am Sam:

Yeah the theme could be "everything in the freakin' universe". That's easy to fill 3 hours with.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:27am fred von helsing:

@daveB good one!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:27am Marmalade Kitty:

Meghan, could Jay and I exchange e-mail with you for listener meet up purposes?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:27am Dave B:

hey, on a serious note... Is there no cheese in South East Asia?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:28am Chuck:

Somehow I don't think they're big on it, Dave. Never heard of a S.E. Asian dish with cheese in it...
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:29am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:29am Meghan:

Kitty/Jay- make sure you put your emails in the field and I can do the exchange for you.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:29am Sam:

Most of them are lactose intolerant.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:30am Marmalade Kitty:

Thanks Meghan!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:30am Dave B:

I hate people who are intolerant of those who lack toes.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:30am T-Zero:

It's called tofu
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:32am Chuck:

Don't give in to hate, DB. That leads to the dark side! Wait.... Evil Brady is already there.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:32am jeff p:

dammit, work getting in the way of me participating in the punnies.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:32am Sam:

We think they're strange for not eating cheese.
They think we're strange for not eating dogs
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:33am Marmalade Kitty:

Kashmir Led Zep?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:33am Jay/ London:

Meghan my email is in the box so you should see it
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:35am fred von helsing:

I read that at least in Japan the lactose intolerance is acquired; the youngins have a lot less of it
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:37am Jen in Baltimore:

shout out!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:37am Meghan:

Jen! How are ya!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:38am fred von helsing:

Dogs are on the menu in Beijing, but only here and there and it's expensive
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:38am Dave B:

I think that George Harrison track is titled simply "Bangaladesh"
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:38am mohawkdave!:

Hi all; no time for mohawkdave to partake in fun chit chat, but wanted to jump in and say HELLO!! Everyone have a wonderful day, Friday, and weekend! Thanks Meghan for the tunage. =:)
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:38am fred von helsing:

Catspam Fever !
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:39am Jen in Baltimore:

I'm good. Just rockin' out.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:41am jeff p:

I wanted to make a bad pun but most of you had already Bhutan me to the punch.
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:42am fred von helsing:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:44am fred von helsing:

and speaking of penises...
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:44am hamburger:

then a prison sex theme?!?!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:44am Chuck:

"Little Robbers" - The Motels
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:45am Saleem B:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:45am fred von helsing:

"Women Behind Bars... while the menfolk do the actual drinking"
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:45am Meghan:

Hey there Saleem!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:46am Chuck:

"Police and Thieves" - The Clash
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:47am ken bastard:

Tell Jessica that if she is so obsessed with The Peen where are the anatomical paintings. Would make good Christmas Gifts!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:48am Meghan:

she'll make a whole series for you Ken!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:49am Saleem B:

Hi Meghan!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:49am Meghan:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:49am jeff p:

Who's peen will Jess use?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:50am Dave B:

Nurse With Wound - "A Handjob From The Laughing Policeman"

@44 minutes running time, there's 1/4 of your show.

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:50am Saleem B:

I don't know about that Ken......what if Forrest is the model for it :-O
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:51am Chuck:

"Cops & Robbers" - The Downliners Sect
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:52am jeff p:

I was thinking that she'd use a peen to do the drawing
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:52am Meghan:

You are grossing Jess out with the word PEEN
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:53am jeff p:

kinda like this... only with the peen
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:53am ken bastard:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:53am Dave B:

In Japan, the hand is used as a knife...

They also have the festival of the steel phalus

Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り "Festival of the Steel Phallus"

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:54am fred von helsing:

be sure to play some heist film music, it's always good :)
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:54am Dave B:

The PEEN is mightier than the sword
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:54am Chuck:

Gives a new meaning to "ball peen hammer"...
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:54am jeff p:

TWO dead milkmen songs in one show!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:55am fred von helsing:

ball-peen hammer! there, I said it!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:55am Dave B:

@jeff p - check the first set!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:55am jeff p:

When using the peen as a brush, do you use oil or latex?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:55am fred von helsing:

whoops chuck beat me to the punch
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:55am Meghan:

Jess says check out pricasso.com. He does penis paintings
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:55am jeff p:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:56am Dave B:

@Jeff P - White Out....
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:57am erika:

one of my favorite songs!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:57am Dave B:

does he paint penises or paint WITH his penis?
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:58am jeff p:

I thought it got cold suddenly around 6:20. it was because HELL FROZE OVER!
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:59am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/10/11 8:59am fred von helsing:

oh noes it's time to goes
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:59am jeff p:

he paints with his penis! Elwyn should go check him out... so to speak
  Thu. 11/10/11 8:59am mohawkdave!:

paints peni with his penis.
  Thu. 11/10/11 9:00am Chuck:

I was rather taken aback by it myself, Jeff P....
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