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Options November 3, 2011: The Devil Made Me Do It......

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Bill & Belle Reed  Old Lady & the Devil   Options Anthology of American Folk Music  0:00:00 ()
The Almanac Singers  Get Thee Behind Me Satan   Options Talking Union and Other Union Songs  0:03:40 ()
Johnny Cash  Devil's Right Hand   Options Unearthed  0:10:40 ()
Hank Williams III  Blue Devil   Options Risin' Outlaw  0:11:00 ()
Gene Vincent  Race with the Devil   Options   0:12:04 ()
Otis Spann  It Must Have Been the Devil   Options The Chess Story 1947-1975  0:13:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     0:16:43 ()
Brown Bird  Devil Dancing   Options The Dancing Devil  0:20:29 ()
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Devil's Waiting   Options Howl  0:27:07 ()
Luna  Seven Steps to Satan   Options The Days of Our Nights  0:27:35 ()
Fiercecreaturesband  Satan is a Vampire   Options   0:32:23 ()
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah  Satan Said Dance   Options Some Loud Thunder  0:37:59 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     0:43:27 ()
Bruce Springsteen  Devils & Dust   Options Devils & Dust  0:48:38 ()
Neil Young & Crazy Horse  Devil's Sidewalk   Options Greendale  0:53:12 ()
Rory Gallagher  The Devil Made Me Do It   Options Jinx  0:58:27 ()
Atomic Rooster  Devil's Answer   Options The Best of Atomic Rooster  1:01:18 ()
Alice Cooper  Run Down the Devil   Options Dirty Diamonds  1:06:18 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Beach     1:09:06 ()
Robert Johnson  Me and the Devil Blues   Options The Gold Collection  1:12:14 ()
Skip James  Devil Got My Woman   Options Ghost World (soundtrack)  1:14:31 ()
Reverend Gary Davis  Say No to the Devil   Options Say No to the Devil  1:17:51 ()
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band  DT's or the Devil   Options The Whole Fam Damnily  1:21:28 ()
Th' Legendary Shack Shakers  Devil's Night Auction   Options Cock-A-Doodle-Don't  1:24:30 ()
Eagles of Death Metal  Chase the Devil   Options Death by Sexy  1:26:49 ()
Reverend Horton Heat  The Devil's Chasing Me   Options The Full Custom Gospel Sounds  1:29:42 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk     1:35:10 ()
Donnie Brooks  The Devil Ain't a Man   Options Mme. Ritard's HORRORS of the WAX MUSEUM  1:39:38 ()
Tammy Faye Bakker  The Devil's After Me   Options Murder on Your Ears  1:41:57 ()
Radio Spot  Mark of the Devil   Options   1:43:05 ()
F.F.F.  Devil in Me   Options Blast Culture  1:43:43 ()
Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys  Little Devil   Options Bunnys Singles  1:48:28 ()
Beck  Devil's Haircut   Options Odelay  1:51:01 ()
  Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     1:54:10 ()
Fantomas  The Devil Rides out   Options The Directors Cut  1:58:04 ()
Laibach  Sympathy for the Devil   Options Sympathy for the Devil  1:59:39 ()
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds  Up Jumped the Devil   Options Tender Prey  2:07:17 ()
The Gun Club  A Devil in the Woods   Options Miami  2:12:26 ()
X   Devil Doll   Options More Fun in the New World  2:15:33 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds From the Coney Island Boardwalk     2:18:45 ()
Flogging Molly  Devil's Dance Floor   Options Swagger  2:22:55 ()
Dropkick Murphys  Devil's Brigade   Options The Gang's All Here  2:26:44 ()
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones  Devil's Night Out   Options Devil's Night Out  2:28:08 ()
Entombed  Like This With the Devil   Options DCLXVI: To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth  2:30:46 ()
Suicidal Tendencies  I Shot the Devil   Options Suicidal Tendencies  2:32:59 ()
Van Halen  Runnin' With the Devil   Options Van Halen  2:34:57 ()
Music behind DJ:
Sounds of Sideshows by the Seashore     2:38:35 ()
Daniel Johnston  Devil Town   Options 1990  2:39:29 ()
Echo and the Bunnymen  My White Devil   Options Porcupine  2:40:21 ()
The Smiths  Handsome Devil   Options Hatful of Hollow  2:44:59 ()
Throwing Muses  Devil's Roof   Options Hunkpapa  2:47:44 ()
Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians  Sleeping With Your Devil Mask   Options Globe of Frogs  2:51:40 ()
INXS  Devil Inside   Options Kick  2:54:50 ()

Listener comments!

  Thu. 11/3/11 6:02am Chuck:

Morning, sinners!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:04am Meghan:

Morning Chuck!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:06am Chuck:

I feel a bit like a devil myself. I'm going to make out like a bandit on this enlarging project, Meg. HE HE!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:06am Meghan:

  Thu. 11/3/11 6:07am Marmalade kitty:

G' Morning.. Shock and Occupietober
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:08am Chuck:

Charging for 3 weeks work and it looks like it's only gonna take one! I am evil!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:09am Meghan:

uh oh.... Marmalade Kitty.... watch out... that could catch on!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:11am jamesie:

amidst the screaming a yelling of the trading floor, my boss tells me my headphones are too loud, the prick.
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:11am Marmalade kitty:

  Thu. 11/3/11 6:12am Meghan:

ha! Go figure Jamesie..... keep it up!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:13am jamesie's boss:

  Thu. 11/3/11 6:13am dirty old man:

No hao from Beijing. Wow, the wonders of the Internet.

@ Dave B: pleasure to meet you.
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:13am jamesie:

am a shit shoveller and leaving in dec. Will be helping #occupyLSX in London. #solidarity
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:14am Meghan:

Now you can feel like most of my listeners DOM! Enjoying China I hope!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:16am Meghan:

Nice Jamesie...... The first step is knowing what you do.... second is helping out those that have been screwed! Go Occupy!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:19am david from ks:

,,,,so our traveling music finally brought us to this domain?
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:21am :

pl speak less
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:21am pierre:

Bonjour Meghan !
Bonjour every ones !
long time no heard/see !

how's everythng
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:21am Dave B:

Hail Setan
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:23am Meghan:

awwww Pierre! We have missed YOU! how have you been?!

Not speaking less strange avatar that I don't know how to call you by..... sorry!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:23am Dave B:

@DoM - the pleasure was all mine.
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:26am pierre:

yeah i've missed you as well,
i'm doing allright, having a working/meeting lunch in an hour, and i'm still having tea at home…

the theme today make me think about a graffiti in that movie "Adventureland"

  Thu. 11/3/11 6:29am Budapest:

very nice music in general!!! thx
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:29am Dave B:

And I meant

Hail Seitan (that mock duck stuff)

Although its not nice to mock ducks
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:32am Meghan:

Definitely don't mock ducks..... that isn't nice..... hehe

Thanks Budapest!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:32am Chuck:

The devil would mock ducks....
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:34am Dave B:

For the record - Meyerman rocked last night
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:36am Dave B:

Whenever I think of "the devil" I always get a vision of Underwood liverwurst
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:36am Meghan:

awww, where did they play? And they should know better than do a gig on a Wednesday night!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:39am Dave B:

Local 269 on East Houston
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:41am Dave B:

Many a school lunch

  Thu. 11/3/11 6:48am Marmalade kitty:

Is stan short for satan? I suppose it is really..
Hail stan!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:50am Meghan:

ohhhh, next time I see Stan, I'll have to ask! hehe...
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:50am Dave B:

Visit Satanstan!

It's always warm

This message brought to you by the Satastan Board of Tourism
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:52am Chuck:

Holy crap! Just checked my email and have an order for a mold and 16 resin casts! There isn't gonna be enough me to go around...
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:53am Marmalade kitty:

pronounced: satanIStan
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:56am Marmalade kitty:

satan is the biggest scapegoat! poor satan!
  Thu. 11/3/11 6:59am Dave B:

He looks like a goat, with those cloven hooves, his beard and horns
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:00am hamburger:

cursed ye all blasphemours.. cursed ye all.
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:01am Meghan:

Come to the dark side hamburger..... come on.....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:01am Chuck:

Certainly you can't blame him for having a bad disposition then, Dave. heheh...
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:01am ?:

any time you can squeeze Gallagher in a set is a good time!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:02am Dave B:


"?" = me
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:03am Meghan:

whenever I think of Gallagher I think I need to watch out for watermelons!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:05am Chuck:

Good thing Gallagher doesn't use a "Punkin' Chunker" catapult....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:08am Allan:

Greetings from Germany, Meghan.
Is Mitch Ryder coming up, "Devil with a blue dress on"?
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:08am Elwyn:

Hey Everyone!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:09am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/3/11 7:14am Meghan:

Guten Morgan Allan! Oh my! I can't believe I didn't even THINK of that one! It's so obvious! See..... even the obvious ones can easily get passed by! wow... I shocked myself!

Hey there Elwyn!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:15am Dave B:

so the other day I was watching the 1938 Robin Hood flick with Errol Flynn and during the archery elimination when the king announced "Elwyn the Welshman - eliminated" I chuckled to myself..
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:16am Elwyn:

@Dave: Ha ha! I've never seen that. My sister was allowed to pick my name when I was born. She was 4 and chose the female version of my name. You can't trust sisters. :-)
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:17am Chuck:

I actually have that on DVD, Dave. Now the next time I watch it I'll probably get a giggle out of that myself. hehe....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:17am Dave B:

Errol Flynn - another fine Australian
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:19am Meghan:

there should be a rule against 4 years picking out their little baby siblings names..... I'm surprised there aren't more kids named booger or jerkface..... (but there is baby Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation!)
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:19am Dave B:

and thanks for that letter Elwyn!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:21am Chuck:

Little kids shouldn't get to name pets either. How many small dogs named "Muffin" do we need?
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:22am Elwyn:

@Dave: You're welcome... to use it to incriminate me later in life. :-)
I'm reading about Flynn on Wikipedia. Is this a mere coincidence:

"Unreleased MI5 files held by the British Home Office were claimed in 2000 to demonstrate Flynn worked for the Allies during the war.[35] That Flynn was bisexual was also claimed by David Bret in Errol Flynn: Satan's Angel, although Bret denounced the Nazi claims."
Oh, and there's allegations of him being a statutory rapist etc.
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:25am Elwyn:

@Meghan: That's a lot of Reverends. That WFMU DJ Premium "Sinner's Crossroads" from this year was strange... All those sniplets of Baptist preachers working up their audience and almost singing bits at times. Weird!!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:26am Dave B:

Allies or Axis?

Either way, with a rap sheet like that - he really was a lady's/man's man, hmmm?

Now Errol Flynn - thats a welsh name too, isn't it?

  Thu. 11/3/11 7:26am Meghan:

The south is weird and scary with that kind of stuff..... This is why I stay up north.....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:28am Dave B:

Sam Kinnison was a preacher for a while...
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:28am Chuck:

Flynn was no worse than today's movie stars then, Dave....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:29am Meghan:

I love the idea of Sam Kinnison as a preacher.... AWWWW... AW AW AWWWWW!!!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:29am Elwyn:

@Dave B: Ah! Sam Kinnison. I am not familiar with his work except for his cover of "Wild Thing" feature a scantily clad Jessica Hahn. Mmm... red...
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:29am Meghan:

Flynn is the same as Tom Cruise.... who is gay
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:30am Dave B:

Feisty Faker she was....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:31am Chuck:

You never know with the "pretty boy" types, Meghan...
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:32am Dave B:


HAHAHA for the ellipsis use. Almost spewed coffee!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:33am Meghan:

no, Tom Cruise has contracts with different women to marry him for a short time to make it seem he's straight.
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:34am Elwyn:

@Meghan: Still can't believe Kelly McGillis came out before Tom did.

@Chuck: I think it's like Captain Kirk - try too hard to act hetereo and you know they are gay or bi.
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:35am Chuck:

Sort of like Louis C.K. saying that he would blow Ewen McGregor because he's so pretty....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:37am Dave B:

Hey Meghan & Chuck - the Fishbone documentary is playing in Woodstock and Rhinebeck next weekend.


  Thu. 11/3/11 7:39am Chuck:

Have to see where I'm at with work, Dave. But, sure, haven't been to Upstate Films in a long while...
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:41am Elwyn:

"opens her arms"?? Just her arms?
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:42am Dave B:

"First she drains them of their manhood"

And this song reminds me of that Ann Margrock song from the Flintstones
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:42am Meghan:

Hmmm, not sure what is going on next weekend. Saturday going to see Jeff Magnum (Neutral Milk Hotel)
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:43am Elwyn:

PS Is it too late to include this?
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:45am Chuck:

Never thought that giving you a barf bag would be a selling point for a film....
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:45am Chuck:

"You've gotta see this movie! It'll make you puke!"
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:46am Dave B:

A little F.F.F. for Pierre!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:47am Meghan:

Though I think Pierre is at a meeting now....

Ha! Elwyn, I have just him singing the lyrics with no backing as well!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:53am Elwyn:

I always wanted to hook my Zoom H4 to the microphone when playing SingStar with my last housemate. He couldn't sing in tune without watching whether the bars told him he was high or low.
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:57am Marmalade kitty:

haven't heard that Beck for over a decade probably, how time flies daaang!
  Thu. 11/3/11 7:59am fred von helsing:

Yikes! Thanks for the Faceborg reminder !!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:00am jeff p:

\m/ \m/
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:01am Meghan:

ha! I have to go around making sure you are all in the right place....
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:01am fred von helsing:

Saw Jane Birkin last night

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:01am Marmalade kitty:

Hot diggity dang!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:02am Meghan:

oh sweet! Saw her perform or just saw here walking around?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:02am fred von helsing:

Mein Herz brennt !
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:03am Marmalade kitty:

what is the animal top far left corner of the picture?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:05am Meghan:

Not sure..... kinda looks like a fox... but no back legs....
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:08am fred von helsing:

a ferret coughing up a hairball ?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:09am glenn:

hey, that's what i was gonna say.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:10am glenn:

although, on reflection, i'm not sure ferrets get hairballs.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:11am fred von helsing:

Oh Jane performed! About 1h40m. Mostly chanteuse stuff, but a couple of yé-yé. For "Comic Strip" the violin player was up in the wings doing the sound effects. A good time was had by all... altho I gotta say, it was quite the older crowd, not SO many new fans
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:12am fred von helsing:

The Great Karnak: "May your spinster sister cough up a yak hairball."
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:13am glenn:

ya know - that picture's a pretty accurate depiction of the republicans.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:14am Meghan:

ha! I like that Glenn....
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:15am Chuck:

Oh, now I don't think that's entirely fair, Glenn. Republicans aren't evil, they're just stupid...
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:16am jeff p:

A quick shout out to Dave B for coming out to the meyerman show last minute last night. Thanks again, Dave!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:17am Meghan:

Jeff- he said it was a great time! Too bad it was a Wednesday!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:18am jeff p:

tell me about it. i'll be dragging today....
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:19am fred von helsing:

Before most of the songs she said a few words about it. Usually it was something about Serge. She said that for her, Serge is still alive, living in the music. The band was all from Japan, all very good. She was very lithe, young at heart.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:20am KevinWho:

did I miss Devil Doll ? :(
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:20am glenn:

nope. i'm pretty much convinced that all real "social" conservatives are, in fact, the pure distilled elixir of evil. and since fiscal policy is social policy, i guess that means all of them.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:21am Elwyn:

I only have one Guns 'n' Roses album and it's definitely not the covers album, The Spaghetti Incident. Hate their Sympathy for the Devil cover.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:22am KevinWho:

phew !
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:24am ?:

Word Up! Good Times Jeff P!


  Thu. 11/3/11 8:24am fred:

Hi everyone! My turn to get trapped in a meeting soon, but the theme reminds me of the classic "dyslexic man sells soul to santa" from the principia discordia
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:25am Meghan:

Wow, the French are all meeting today.... we should be scared!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:25am jeff p:

Hey, Ewlyn, how's Drake's Deception?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:25am glenn:

i don't know flogging molly, but i like so far.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:27am Dave B:

Possible band name:

Satan's Cavity
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:27am Elwyn:

@Jeff: Going to start playing it after the show. I want to play with surround sound on. I got the edition with treasure chest, action figure, belt buckle, ring necklace etc. :-) That's cool.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:28am fred:

that meeting will be pretty international: Germany, Italy, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia and Turkey will be represented. Nobody from the US though. Be afraid...
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:28am Buckets Of God:

Not bad. We need an opening act.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:30am Meghan:

Damn that EU..... I knew it was a bad idea! ha!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:31am glenn:

hey meghan, if you ever do a show about boats / ships, don't forget to play "the irish rover" i love that song.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:32am jeff p:

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:32am Meghan:

wow, did I do a ship show? I can't think...... anyone else remember? Chuck?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:32am Budapest:

Hungary represented too
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:32am Marmalade kitty:

glenn, I think you're right about the pure distilled evil..! have you read all the toxic internet blog comments? yahoo etc youtube and co..?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:33am Dave B:

\m/ (>_<)\m/

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:33am glenn:

comments about?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:34am fred von helsing:

I have to go get trapped in a meeting... with my lunch... be still, my lovelies, while I bite your delicious heads off... *belch*
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:34am Marmalade kitty:

in general, you know the ones I mean..
who are these "people"
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:35am Meghan:

see! The world in meetings! Come on US! We need to have a meeting about the rest of the world's meetings!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:36am glenn:

i don't listen to moron right wingers. i'm fully supportive of all the occupy movements.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:36am jeff p:

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:36am fred von helsing:

Oh good grief I can't leave in the middle of Van Halen !
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:36am PKNY:

LIke DLR, I also live my life like there's no tomorrow b/w best bassline candidate. Thanks for playing!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:37am Andrew:

awww...I came home late O_Q
Hi Meghan & everyone
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:38am Dave B:


  Thu. 11/3/11 8:38am Chuck:

Ah, not sure about a boat/ship show, but I think not....
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:38am Meghan:

hello Andrew and PKNY!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:38am Elwyn:

Oh crap. This reminds me that I wanted to see VH for the second time ever but the stupid Soundwave festival was poorly managed and got cancelled. On the other hand, I hate festivals.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:38am glenn:

i have to say, once i discovered danny gatton and richard thompson, i realized that eddy van halen was just a wanker.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:40am Dave B:

Should have played this version of RWTD:

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:40am Randy in NC:

@Marmelade Kitty, there are some really rabid people out there who hide behind the anonimity of internet commenting. The people who comment on the stories on our local TV stations, where do they come from? They can mutate the comments on a story about a lost dog into a foaming at the mouth diatribe against liberals in just a comment or two.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:41am jeff p:

prefer the version by these guys
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:42am Meghan:

I fully agree Randy! Notice the comments here sometimes! You get one person being a dick because he would never to it to my face. Though, we are lucky cause that doesn't happen often.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:42am Chuck:

Yay! E&tB!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:44am Randy in NC:

@Meghan, most 'FMU'ers seem to be relatively like minded...
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:44am Dave B:

like the skull and bones guy @ 6:21am?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:45am Meghan:

is that what that was supposed to be? I couldn't figure that out.... but yes, like that person
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:46am Marmalade kitty:

Randy, like lifting a rock to see what crawls beneath ..very disturbing indictment on society..:( desperately tortured souls
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:47am jeff p:

Handsome Devil! where's the "like" button?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:48am Meghan:

Actually Jeff...... that is something Ken was talking about at the Radiovision Festival. Things he wants to do with our playlists. Have them be more interactive!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:49am Dave B:

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:49am jeff p:

oh, Throwing Muses, too! Great end to the show!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:49am Andrew:

guess I missed some interesting comments.
I just got a Smiths singles CD for 50c
Ohh I think i have the Throwing Muses album or EP this is off
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:50am Chuck:

Probably my favorite Throwing Muse's recording!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:50am Marmalade kitty:

or just no soul..? :(
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:50am Andrew:

yep, I have the album ^_^
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:51am BEEZLEBUB:

It's not over til I sing....
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:52am Marmalade kitty:

well THIS IS the devils shoe!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:53am seang:

yes, great tune
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:53am Meghan:

hey, who knew that Professor Dum Dum was here!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:53am Chuck:

Well, this is turning into the best set of the show! Nice, Meg!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:53am glenn:

if you're going to be a dick, don't be a coward.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:54am BEEZLEBUB:

Gotta scoot. Devilishly good show!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:55am Meghan:

Then you better sing!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:55am Andrew:

hehe, prof. dum dum is funny ^_^
I only heard the last 8 songs, but they were all good! ^_^
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:55am Elwyn:

@Chuck: "All the best bands are affiliated with Satan" - Bart Simpson

Hey Chuck, I forgot to ask you. Now that I have my scout blaster kit, I can see that its scope is hollowed out. Should I just put some glass in the scope hole? Should I make a circular bit of glass by sand papering some broken glass from a broken picture frame?
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:55am BEEZLEBUB:

  Thu. 11/3/11 8:56am Andrew:

O_O my suggestion! ^_^
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:56am seang:

yer killing me with this nostalgia : )
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:57am Meghan:

Though, I will sadly have to talk over it soon.... :( never enough time!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:57am glenn:

how big a piece of glass do you need? if it's small just buy a pair of plain lens costume glasses and pop one out. boom done.
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:58am Andrew:

aww, I'm happy though ^_^
thanks Meghan!
  Thu. 11/3/11 8:59am Marmalade kitty:

Great show Meghan!
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