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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options October 18, 2011: Special: Assorted live session excerpts from the program

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As part of WFMU's month of "Shock and Awetober", Brian's digging out some prime live sessions he's hosted through the years and playing excerpts today! Tune in and relive some heavy sounds in the Jersey City studios with performances from Wire, Circle, Prince Rama, Bill Orcutt, Z'ev, th' Faith Healers, Sic Alps, Crom, Times New Viking, Skullflower, Killdozer, Pissed Jeans, the Legendary Pink Dots, Blues Control, Ice Age and more!

Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Circle  Virsi   Options 9/25/07  0:00:00 ()
Kurt Vile & the Violators  Monkey   Options 8/18/09  0:06:41 ()
Ice Age  New Brigade   Options   0:09:39 ()
Times New Viking  My Head   Options 6/27/08  0:18:21 ()
Koenjihyakkei  5/13/07   Options   0:20:42 ()
Hertta Lussa Assa  8/24/05   Options   0:27:07 ()
Sir Richard Bishop  5/10/05   Options   0:30:54 ()
Pissed Jeans  L-Word/Boring Girls   Options 3/30/10  0:44:31 ()
Th' Faith Healers  Moona Inna Joona   Options 3/26/06  0:54:35 ()
Legendary Pink Dots  Russian Roulette   Options 11/1/10  0:57:18 ()
Rocket From the Tombs  Final Solution   Options 6/9/03  1:03:03 ()
Negative Approach  Can't Tell No One   Options 5/14/08  1:15:00 ()
Total Abuse  7/14/09   Options   1:16:07 ()
Crom  9/16/08   Options   1:17:50 ()
Group Doueh  live remote show in Paris 6/2/09 @ Les Instants Chavires   Options   1:22:45 ()
Bill Orcutt  8/3/10   Options in the WFMU bathroom  1:28:07 ()
Calexico  Burning Down the Spark   Options 7/5/04  1:32:17 ()
Blues Control  Frankie's Problem   Options 2/13/07  1:42:14 ()
Sic Alps  Everywhere, There   Options 11/6/07  1:47:16 ()
Unrest  I Do Believe You Are Blushing   Options 7/7/10  1:52:15 ()
Blank Realm  Full Moon Door   Options 3/23/11  1:56:32 ()
Killdozer  I Am, I Said   Options 11/1/08  2:07:38 ()
Milk Music  Fertile Ground   Options 6/18/11  2:12:45 ()
Comets On Fire  6/24/05   Options   2:16:46 ()
Skullflower  5/16/09   Options   2:26:04 ()
Wire  Pink Flag   Options 4/411  2:35:12 ()
The Ex  Live Wire   Options 12/15/06  2:46:35 ()
Prince Rama  Panoptic Yes   Options 5/12/09  2:53:17 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 10/18/11 3:06pm Funky Wagnalls:

excerpts, fwiw. or is excepts a play on words? i could except that.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:06pm bill:

This NWOFHM happened in a studio at WFMU? Holy smokes!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:07pm Matt from Springfield:

Excepticide. GNFAB.

Hey Brian! Highlights of your show, or the station in general?
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:08pm Matt from Springfield:

@bill: NWOFHM = New Wave Of <French?> Heavy Metal??
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:09pm jljl:

I assumee NWOFHM - Finnish.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:13pm bill:

  Tue. 10/18/11 3:14pm Matt from Springfield:

Probably makes the most sense with all the metal bands there--I just didn't know there was a New wave of it, or even an Old wave. I like Children of Bodom and Finntroll, but not too familiar on the other metal bands from Finland.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:15pm Matt from Springfield:

And thanks bill! I didn't know where Circle was from. Are you a fan?
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:15pm bill:

Circle normally play motorik like stuff but they have metal alter egos, on display in that cut
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:18pm bill:

Matt - was a fan for a long time - BT sometimes plays their side projects, like their rock project Pharaoh Overlord
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:18pm Matt from Springfield:

Wow, quite a range of stuff--I like bands with alter egos. Thanks again bill!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:19pm jljl:

Finland isn't so metal compared to their nordic brethren. some good hardcore tho, Hero Dishonest, Radio Pulhelimet, good raw garage punk The Heartburns. And old glammy stuff like Smack and Hanoi Rocks. Don't know Circle tho, will have to do some research. Black Oak Ark, haha.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:20pm jdelz:

is the Circle song "Suddenly" on those live sessions? I loved how they performed that one as a set closer around 06/07 but didn't like the studio version on Hollywood. Please help me find the live version!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:24pm Rory:

Koenjihyakkei is awesome!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:25pm Matt from Springfield:

@jljl: Thanks for all the good Finn metal references.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:25pm BT:

No, those Circle sessions are pretty much long improv piecs otherwise.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:26pm Matt from Springfield:

@Rory: Yeah, crazy arty Japanese stuff!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:30pm jljl:

Are any of you guys in the NY/NJ area gonna see Kvelertak? Or other areas around the country that aren't Boston. Pissed they're not coming here but got to see them in Oslo in Sept. Cool heavy stuff you should check out. (And go see Zounds who were quite good even tho it's one guy and hired hands.)
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:31pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Tue. 10/18/11 3:31pm WildNeil:

Finair ROCKS! So does dried reindeer at the Helsinki airport....the Finns are really cool, fly their airline ,not Luftsthatnsa....
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:31pm bill:

More Finns!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:34pm jdelz:

  Tue. 10/18/11 3:34pm BT:

JLJL: Im going to Kvelertak on the Rocks Off boat cruise Saturday, stoked!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:34pm jljl:

i had undried reindeer in Norway which was really good. and don't yell at me, also had whale. Icelandair is the easy way to go.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:35pm paula pc:

this Bishop track is putting me over the edge...consider yourself Shocked and Awetobered, Brian.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:35pm bill:

Kvelertak in Oslo eh? Was that by design?
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:37pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: Belated Hi to you!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:39pm Matt from Springfield:

There's a reason he's SIR Richard Bishop! If he hasn't actually received a knighthood for his guitaring skill, THEN HE SHOULD!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:40pm jljl:

Timed Bergen for some of Hole in the Sky fest then lucked out w/ Kvelertak doing an outdoor show in Oslo. Kind of in the sticks tho so by the time we figured out how to get there, we only saw 3.5 songs. Would love to see a whole set in a smaller venue.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:42pm mlk:

that was pretttttty awesome
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:44pm Rory:

Bishop kinda reminded me of the way Ravi Shankar played his sitar. Very beautiful guitar!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:45pm Matt from Springfield:

Good comparison, Rory. His speed and agility remind me of Ravi's playing as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

busy today. I'm hearing bits and pieces and I wish I could be hearing swaths of whole cloth.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:51pm bill:

behind the aggression PJ are pretty funny. Get a load of all the spaceships swooping around in the background!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:52pm jljl:

I like listening to Pissed Jeans more than seeing them. At least the one time i saw them.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:54pm bill:

Why's that, jljl?
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:56pm jljl:

just one of those things bill, I can only take so much noisiness at a time so playing them in the midst of a set on radio is cool, 30-40 min straight is too much (for me).
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

plus there's that pee smell and the chafing.
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:58pm Chris from DC:

Oh yeah, Faith Healers!
  Tue. 10/18/11 3:58pm jljl:

  Tue. 10/18/11 3:59pm bill:

DCE, you mean being at a club?
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:00pm jljl:

I think DCE is just joking about pissed jeans, the concept not the band.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:00pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well no
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:00pm pierre:

Bonsoir Brian Turner,
Bonsoir los listeners
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:02pm BT:

Cheers, Pierre
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:03pm Matt from Springfield:

@DCE: The interesting thing about homophones (words that sound alike), is there's at least 9 possible meanings to the words "pissed jeans". For example:

--Pants that have been urinated in
--A group of angry girls named Jean (or guys named Gene)
--Drunken heredity genes too pissed to do their job.
And so on.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:04pm Matt from Springfield:

Buenos noches, el listener pierre!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:04pm Cheri Pi:

jljl-I'm going to see Kvelertak in Columbus, Ohio! Next week, can't wait!!!!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:05pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

there you go, Matt. I heart homophones!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:05pm Ike:

Wow, great LPD track.

Yeah JLJL@3:56, I feel same about some noisiness, esp. Puffy Areolas. They were ear-shreddingly annoying live, no upside. OTOH, really dig Lightning Bolt live.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:05pm Cheri Pi:

I bought and returned a Pissed Jeans cd to the record store, I hardly ever do that-I just didn't like them.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:06pm jljl:

I'm just IM'ing my friend who works for Skeleton Witches label and I guess Kvel want big bucks. You're lucky to see them. How big is the club?
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Ike, it helps if you're really really drunk and in the mood.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:07pm jljl:

Ike, I can't take Lightning Bolt either. I've found the older I get, the more I need a *little* bit of a tune.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:08pm G:

Wow is right! Legendary Pink Dots was awesome and so is this "Final Solution" cover by Rocket from the Tombs.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:08pm Ike:

Yes, mood is key. But alcohol has little or no effect on me (extra-weird brain), believe it or not. @JLJL, I understand. Usually prefer hearing this stuff in chunks on FMU to live. The variance of the segues makes it work better.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

I heart homophones too! Sounding the same but not spelled out leaves them open to more possible meanings.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:09pm jljl:

Is this RFTT from the tour when they played during the big snowstorm?
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:09pm Cheri Pi:

If my memory serves me it is not a very big club at all, I hope they're able to get their $$$
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:10pm jljl:

cheri, someone will have to talk to them and see if they really think they're the next Metallica (haha, that's the 'word on the street').
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:12pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I woulda seen that tour in CLE back in '03. I remember getting there halfway through the set and still paying $15.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:13pm jljl:

03 seems so long ago but I think that's when a bunch of us in BOS went out in a blizzard to see the RFTT show.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:17pm Cheri Pi:

Brannon has not mellowed with age.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:18pm bill:

I don't think they'll achieve Metallicadom with a name like Kvelertak
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:18pm jdelz:

Brannon sounded amazing at the reunion shows I saw. Great on this live set too! Only problem was that he seemed to forget a lot of the words, but the crowd filled in most of his empty spaces.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:19pm jljl:

I was gonna say the same thing about the NA reunion. I'm not sure he forgot the words as he was just too lazy to do anything other than scream.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:19pm Cheri Pi:

Let them have their dreams, Norway hasn't been hit with the economic crises like the rest of the world.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:21pm jljl:

I felt like we were getting a bargain if entrees were <$40 in Norway, crazy. Ciao guys and remember there's good radio in the Boston area too.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:23pm Cheri Pi:

Oh I remember Crom, they were dicks.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:25pm jdelz:

Wow that Crom recording sounds great. Definitely need to check out the whole set.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:27pm slugluv1313:

ooooo loving this!!!!!! Rocket From the Tombs!!!!!! and now GROUP DOUEH!!!!!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:30pm pierre:

cool ! les instants chavir├ęs, when is it that you come back ???
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:31pm BT:

Hey Pierre, I'll be in France in April if all goes well. Had a great time in Paris!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:34pm pierre:

cool ! x 5; should i organise some kind of french wfmu meet up there, for April ?
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:37pm Matt from Springfield:

Love this Calexico--great slide guitar and horn section!!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:43pm Edley:

You are awesome Mr. Turner :)
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:44pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what, is that a Mountain riff in the background?
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

the Sic Alps are just so GOOD at that sound!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:52pm Fredrik Nilsen:

Incredible show today Brian!
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:52pm WildNeil:

i THINK i HEAR strawberry alarm clock? Matchstick men? Somtehing link that wiegh slewed dhown.
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:54pm slugluv1313:

WOW was just thinking of this Sic Alps set!!!!! so awesome to hear again . . . !!!

@ Dead Corporate Eyes and WildNeil -- i kinda hear ALL of those, with some Royal Trux thrown in for good measure! :)
  Tue. 10/18/11 4:55pm Lulu:

this sounds nice
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:02pm Fredrik Nilsen:

Loved hearing that Ka-Spel dude and his co-horts.
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:02pm BT:

Hey Pierre, that would be super, but my schedge is unknown yet, I'll be in Paris some and Nantes as well....can you touch base with me on email? bt@wfmu.org. Sounds like fun!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:03pm Lulu:

this too - good tunes!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:09pm slugluv1313:

YES Jefferson Airplane too!!!!!! and/or perhaps Royal Trux' take on the Airplane's "Law Man" ??!!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:12pm paula pc:

never get tired of hearing Michael Gerald growl
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:13pm Tom:

Killdozer, a name taken from a Theodore Sturgeon story. One of the great S.F. writers of all time!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:15pm Matt from Springfield:

Killdozer--great cut! And that Blank Realm was amazing as well.
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:15pm jenny:

your show is making it completely OK and even... great? to be sitting alone in the basement drawing.
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:17pm BT:

Thankx everyone, its a kick to relive the jammage!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:17pm Matt from Springfield:

And "Fertile Ground" -- that's the only Milk Music riff I can definitely place to the band!!

@jenny: Drawing in the basement to WFMU? It makes everything better!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:28pm pierre:

great BT i'll do that ! would be fantastic
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:38pm bill:

I guess BT's waiting till the very end for Khanate
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:39pm Rory:

Great show today BT!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:40pm pierre:

yeah !!! Wire !!!
(funny fact, and i don't know if i told this before Brian Turner, but i was sitting in a Wire show with my FMU tshirt on, and he recognize it and said in front of everybody "great Radio, great tshirt !" and then the piece of clothing got me talking to Graham Lewis for a while after the show, great fun guys)
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:41pm BT:

Graham's a party monster!
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:46pm Coolman Awesomedude:

Pierre - I've learned to wear an FMU shirt to every show. Instant cred.
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:53pm pierre:

@ Brian Turner : that what i thought when he pass me a glass of Whysky and Coke

@ Coolman Awesomedude : well that's what i discovered, but then, now that we know, it's difficult to just wear it as a simple t shirt, it gave to much of a message in that way. A great way to make friends as well !
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:58pm channeling Jon Anderson:

Why didn't I ever think of that title "Panoptic Yes"? More concise than "Tales from Topographic Oceans."
  Tue. 10/18/11 5:59pm bill:

Now that's DJing!
  Tue. 10/18/11 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Thanks for the memories, as they say!
Great show Brian! Good night everyone!

And pierre--great job! Keep those Parisian listener meetups comin'!
  Wed. 10/19/11 12:24pm Nate K:

Great job Brian. And, amazingly, I think I know every band in this set. That never happens.
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