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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options October 3, 2011: this bustello's making me nauseous

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Unovidual + Tara Cross  Microphone Connection   Options V/a, The Hidden Tapes: A Compilation of Minimal Wave from Around the World '79 - '85    0:00:00 ()
Prurient  Time's Arrow / Time's Arrow (Unsolved)   Options Time's Arrow    0:12:00 ()
Deaf Wish  Gentle Mental Illness   Options Reality & Visions    0:23:25 ()
High Castle  Swamp Thing   Options Spirit of the West    0:25:08 ()
Home Blitz  Last Cycle   Options A.T.K. 7"    0:27:47 ()
Alex Chilton  Take Me Home and Make Me Like It (version 2)   Options Bach's Bottom    0:31:06 ()
The Frogs  Enter I   Options Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise  for Yvonne, whose actual request you can enjoy here, but nawt awn the reddio  0:37:52 ()
Knotted Cord  Dissolution   Options Polyphonic Beasts Expand in Parallel    0:45:12 ()
Don Fleming (w/ Kim Gordon)  Torn by the Hands that You Could Not See   Options 4    0:49:22 ()
Spost Dusch  Sǿjler   Options Op/Ned I Hus 7"    0:52:25 ()
(etre)  We Do Boring Things Together (for Philippe Sollers)   Options Inferno from My Occult Diary    0:56:08 ()
Laurice  Born to Serve   Options Best of Laurice, Vol. 1  whoops! wrong TT  1:03:18 ()
Maki Asakawa  Chitchana Toki Kara   Options Maki    1:06:15 ()
High Places  Year Off   Options Original Colors    1:09:09 ()
Larsen + Z'ev  In V.tro 1   Options In V.tro    1:13:21 ()
DeTrop  Apart from the Dutch Administrators There Seemed to be Only a Dozen Whiteskins Living in Bali   Options DeTrop    1:20:40 ()
Radio People  Anthem   Options Hazel    1:25:00 ()
Sore Eros  Stacy   Options Just Fuzz    1:40:03 ()
Shimmering Stars  Nervous Breakdown   Options Violent Hearts    1:42:41 ()
Vex Ruffin  Shield For You   Options Crash Course EP    1:44:42 ()
Sonny & the Sunsets  I Wanna Do It   Options 7"    1:47:31 ()
Secret Colors  Lime Green   Options Confusion Control    1:49:57 ()
Olivia Tremor Control  Looking For Quiet Seeds   Options Black Foliage Vol. 1    1:56:42 ()
Ashtray Navigations  Monkey Music / Throw Money At The Monkeys   Options Three Rockets Thicken 7"    1:59:41 ()
Tom Fazzini  Stats   Options 7"  it's new, and nothing like his old (80s)  2:05:24 ()
Sick to the Back Teeth  12-28-10   Options Starling EP    2:08:56 ()
Kim Jung Mi  The Sun   Options Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974    2:10:04 ()
Acid Birds  Rapture Rupture   Options III    2:22:17 ()
You  Time Code   Options Time Code    2:37:38 ()
Roedelius  Ruf aus der Ferne   Options Wasser im Wind    2:40:52 ()
Schatten Unter Eis  Brückenkopf im Niemandsland   Options V/a, Never See You Again: Augsburg 1982-1985 2x7"    2:46:29 ()
Brain Fruit  tr 2-3   Options 1.1    2:48:03 ()
Cave  Adam Roberts   Options Neverendless    2:55:47 ()
Ozzy Osbourne  Mr. Crowley   Options Blizzard of Ozz    2:59:30 ()
Fleetwood Mac  Albatross   Options Black Magic Woman    3:04:10 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 10/3/11 3:01pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

so, any chance for some Fleetwood Mac around here? :)
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:02pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Mr Williams, I presume.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:04pm A Phlebotomist Writes:

Scott, your tries in the Rugby World Cup for Wales against Namibia & Fiji in New Zealand were wonderful. Hope the jet lag diminished. Good luck against Ireland.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:05pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

so you WERE in NZ?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:05pm Scott W:

c'est moi, bruh. oh noooooo, do i share a name with aNOTHER goddamn sportstar?!? i do believe that makes 3
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:07pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

who was the second superstar?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:07pm Scott W:

hey, thanks a ton to whomever has already pledged! Yeah folks, we're doing this -- begging for your bux, but making no noise about it. Would love to hear some silent jingle jangle of love from y'all!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:07pm BSI:

Yes please. Use the audio magic(k) and blast this bug right out of my head and nasal apparatus, please.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:07pm Scott W:

well there's that figure skater and some basketball player
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:08pm Scott W:

comin' for you BSI!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:08pm BSI:

hm.... i detect an oberheim OB-8 in this steaming prurient thing.
ok, i shut up now.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:09pm Brian in UK:

So I suppose you missed the Great American Beer Fesival in Bolder, if you were in NZ.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

didja get one of those fancy oberheim OB-8 detectors? all the kids are using them now, I hear.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:11pm glenn:

peter green version or the two crazy chicks version?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:11pm Joe Zawinhul:

Did someone write Oberheim already?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:15pm Winnie the Pooh:

Anyone for sticks? You never know what might happen.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:17pm hubba:

If you're going to do the Mac, then Danny Kirwan is your boy
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:17pm Brian in UK:

Hey glenn did you see my kilt joke the other day?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:18pm glenn:

nothing is worn.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:18pm Brian in UK:

  Mon. 10/3/11 3:18pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that must feel so FREE
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:19pm Brian in UK:

DCE now you know the meaning of hotleg!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

now I've heard the word "hotleg" and have assigned a general connotation to it...
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:21pm glenn:

as long as it's not rod stewart.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:22pm glenn:

i've started watching misfits, brian. it's really very good.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:22pm hubba:

there... i wanna spread the love
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:26pm Brian in UK:

In the UK at football matches a few years ago when it was crowded and the fans full of beer and no way to get to well you know. They would give their neighbour a 'hotleg'.
glenn I am an infrequent watcher of TV so I will have to check out Misfits.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:28pm glenn:

i watch a lot of british t.v stuff. misfits is pretty much my favourite so far. except for chef. chef is the best thing ever.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:29pm Brian in UK:

hubba what happened to the gangly streak that is/was Danny Kirwan. Not being an electric geetar fan much I think P Green had it tied down.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:32pm Brian in UK:

glenn is Chef with Lenny Henry?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:33pm glenn:

yes it is.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:35pm hubba:

Brian: Look up "Dragonfly" it was b-side I believe during the Kirwan phase... it is so pastoral and gauzy that it is like nothing else I've heard... on the Youtube, it is a performance from Beat Club... On Bare Trees, "Danny's Chant" is fun
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:35pm Brian in UK:

Lenny Henry first appearance was in a programme called The Black and White Minstrel Show featuring men blacked up. Only he needed no makeup. Needless to say it is no longer aired.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:36pm hubba:

I think Danny got strung out and got "lost."
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:36pm Brian in UK:

hubba that would be around 1970?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:37pm hubba:

Possibly... gotta look into it.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:37pm glenn:

jigsaw puzzle blues is a danny kirwan tune.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my favorite Danny Kirwan-era Mac
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:40pm hubba:

yeah, 1970, so after Kiln House but before Future Games?
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:40pm duff:

Fleetwood M.'s 'Kiln House' seemed pretty good, at the time.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:41pm Brian in UK:

It's quite amazing the number of people and changes that Fleetwood Mac have gone thru since 1967. Yair Yona you got this started!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Bare Trees was '72, I think that was it for Danny
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:42pm hubba:

I really like Bare Trees... great cover art.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:43pm Brian in UK:

Jeremy, Peter, Danny, Mick all got close to the edge. Oops sorry wrong group.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:43pm bartelby:

hi scott, I am home not feeling well. My town had a "boil water" alert over the weekend so hopefully it's just a cold or pollen and not e coli i may have ingested while taking a shower. If music is a curative then I am in the right place.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:44pm Old Hickory:

Hey Scott,

Fine set so far, with a little Frog love boost!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:44pm hubba:

I'm off early today to get an ultrasound... my hernia is having a baby!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:45pm glenn:

uggh. hernia. my sympathy.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:47pm A Phlebotomist Writes:

bartelby, I'll be over for the blood test in an hour.
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:50pm hubba:

Scott, how do you find time to prepare your expansive shows? Everything fits so well...
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:52pm Tony Dillof:

Really like that Spost Dusch! Anyplace i can hear more in the web? Tony (Detroit, MI)
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:52pm hubba:

thanks for the sympathy... I may need a anohter dose aorund the 8 month mark... wait, did my hernia jsut kick, fuck... KUATO!!!!!!!
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:54pm hubba:

later ya'll... thanks again S. Williams
  Mon. 10/3/11 3:55pm glenn:

did you have it fixed? after my surgery, the surgeon said everything would be tickey boo in two months. i was still getting weird twinges and pains a year later
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:04pm Scott W:

thanks y'all! @Tony Dillof, I gots no idea - no label. they appear to be swedish
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:06pm Carmichael:

Kirwan & Green found some religion at the same time back. Or religions. I was avoiding the detailed description. Or descriptions. Anyhoo, this explains the mysterious "opportunity" for the random noise generator known as Bob Welch.

Green came back as a Hamster, then as himself. I don't know if Kirwan ever came back at all.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:09pm BSI:

behold! z'ev!
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:09pm glenn:

he has a channel on youtube, or at least somebody purporting to be danny kirwan has a channel on youtube.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:10pm Brian in UK:

Jeremy is still in Texas.

Scott how do you pronounce Z'ev
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:13pm Scott W:

I've always just said "Zev"
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:16pm Brian in UK:

With all due respect Scott and there is a lot accuring; do you not think that it would be spelt that way? The ' has to have a significance in the same way that pickle had a place with Mr Guthrie.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:19pm Scott W:

  Mon. 10/3/11 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

my guess is the ' would denote a small hesitation speech.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:21pm wiki:

In the fall of 1978 he began performing under the name Z'EV, which comes from the Jewish name his parents gave him at birth (Sh'aul Z'ev bn Yakov bn Moshe bn Sha'ul)
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:23pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Buh-buh-but, I was on my way home, sans radio, when you played The Frogs! Waah!
I'm sitting in the corner with my laptop in my hand, going NO NO NO NO NO!
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:26pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

Hey Scott, who's that version of You Lost Your Lonesome Feeling that's playing behind you when you talk ?
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:31pm Brian in UK:

Hey Wendy any luck with Mr Rance?
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:32pm yair yona (tel aviv, Earth):

Fred what?
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:36pm don:

this isht is bang
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:36pm Lenny:

Frank Comstock I believe.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:37pm Lenny:

First post. I didn't know they'd make me do math.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:39pm Scott W:

Wendy, you can listen to "Enter I" later, and "Fuck Off" now! It's perfect! Comstock is correct y'all
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:41pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Scott, I presume you mean via the link you put for our friend Yvonne. Okay, I'll try it!

Brian in the UK: I'm waiting to hear back from one of the Abe Books sellers. I wrote with a question about the condition of the book but have yet to hear back. So, I'm getting there. Thanks! :-)
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:47pm Carmichael:

The Sunsets 7" has me asking the question: When is the week when Ken gives DJs the 7"-only marching orders?
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:48pm Scott W:

@Carmichael, that'll be the week leading up to the record fair, which starts on 10/28
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:53pm Nate in Detroit:

Was this Olivia Tremor Control just re-released or something? This is the second time its been played today. Nothing wrong with that, of course.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:54pm Carmichael:

Thank you sir. I'll be at the record sale in spirit.
  Mon. 10/3/11 4:55pm Scott W:

yup, new reish; they'll be live on FMU sometime in Oct as well, if I've got my facts straight
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:15pm yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

Yea- play Landslide!
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:17pm blacktooth:

Has anyone heard that easy-listening GG Allin cover-band called Fleetwood Smack?
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:19pm Carmichael:

In the interests of equal time, perhaps you should play some North Korean psych rock?
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:34pm don:

some prime october music selects, scott williams.
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:35pm Scott W:

oh, why thank you don!
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:39pm mark from vt ska marq ska slab:

I am looking forward to the record fair and the finale weekend of awetober. I am staying in jersey city this time around.
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:40pm glenn:

  Mon. 10/3/11 5:42pm mark:

  Mon. 10/3/11 5:45pm Snortley:

Only 1%? Look, Lamin got 32% in one show. He did it by being awesome. Scot, you gotta get awesome!
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:47pm mark from vt ska marq ska slab:

The iPhone spell correct turned aka into ska. This auto correct is entertaining in some ways with ridiculous ness
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:49pm mat:

loving this Brain Fruit track...
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:50pm Call in Show:

Time to Put Your Buttocktober on the Air
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:54pm Wendy del Formaggio:

  Mon. 10/3/11 5:54pm chris:

  Mon. 10/3/11 5:55pm Scott W:

it is, chris
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:57pm mark from vt ska marq ska slab:

I used to like ozzu and sabath back in the day when I was young then I took acid and it did not sound good anymore. This happened with a lot of music. Just did not sound right after.
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:57pm mark from vt ska marq ska slab:

I used to like ozzu and sabath back in the day when I was young then I took acid and it did not sound good anymore. This happened with a lot of music. Just did not sound right after.
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:59pm Noah:

PERFECT packing music!!! Thank you sir!
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:59pm Wondering:

Did you hear double?
  Mon. 10/3/11 5:59pm Scott W:

Thank you sir! Still got that super 8???
  Mon. 10/3/11 6:00pm yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

Scott, I knew you wouldn't resist the Mac
  Mon. 10/3/11 6:11pm Scott W:

Albatross kills me Yair!
  Mon. 10/3/11 6:34pm dpcnull:

Wow, you absolutely must include more stuff like Cave by Adam Roberts! That was amazing.
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