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On the way home, the view was beautiful.

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Options September 12, 2011: Fill-in for Therese

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Artist Track Album Label Format Comments New Approx. start time
Carter Family  No Depression   Options Best of  MCA  CD      0:00:00 ()
Benoit Pioulard  Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat   Options   Hall of Owls  7"      0:07:06 ()
Codeine  Realize   Options Barely Real  Sub Pop  CD      0:07:33 ()
The Warlocks  House of Glass   Options Rise and Fall  BOMP!  CD      0:19:26 ()
Moon Duo  Catch a Fire   Options   Agitated  7"  Scientists    0:20:13 ()
Woods  Be There   Options   Sacred Bones  7"    *   0:23:45 ()
Matt Valentine  Ease My Eyes   Options What I Became  Woodsist  LP    *   0:29:50 ()
The Dove Azima  a4   Options The Dove Azima  Oakhill  LP    *   0:37:27 ()
PC Worship Mutant Soul Band  So Denied   Options   World War / Shdwply  7"    *   0:41:42 ()
13th Floor Elevators  Kingdom of Heaven   Options The Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators  Decal  LP      0:45:04 ()
Flying Saucer Attack  Psychic Driving   Options   Domino  7"      0:52:05 ()
Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi  A1   Options Sound Gates  Ultramarine  LP    *   0:53:45 ()
Ninni Morgia and Marcello Magliocchi  A2   Options           0:57:53 ()
The Piss Superstition  Falcon Take Long   Options A Themepark for Whatever Happened Before  Memoirs of an Aesthete  LP    *   1:04:38 ()
Dead C  Waves   Options Secret Earth  Badabing  LP      1:09:42 ()
Gris Gris  Pick Up Your Raygun (acoustic)   Options   Birdman  7"      1:21:15 ()
Future Shuffle  Fog Spelunk   Options Water's Edge 12"  Holy Mountain  12"    *   1:25:08 ()
White Rainbow  Slow Air Blood   Options Gnarchives Vol. 1  Gnar Tapes  Cassette      1:31:15 ()
High Wolf  Swallow Pills With Ganges River Water   Options   Bathetic  7"    *   1:43:34 ()
The Lumerians  Orgone Grinder   Options   Subterranean Elephants  12"      1:49:38 ()
The Oscillation  See Through You   Options Future Echo  All Time Low  12"    *   1:56:08 ()
Angel   Paradigm Shift   Options 26000  Mego  CD    *   2:10:29 ()
Pax Titania  Side A (excerpt)   Options Cult of the Colonist  Hanson  Cassette      2:27:54 ()
Christina Carter  Alone   Options Alone / Together #1  Emerald Cocoon  7"    *   2:38:51 ()
Andrew Liles  Side A   Options Anal Auragram  Beta Lactam Ring  LP      2:43:23 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 9/12/11 12:19am T-Zero:

I'm allergic to codeine, but this has no detrimental affect. ;)

Evening, Jeff. After the schedule change in November will you be on the "winter" schedule? Or do people know yet?
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:24am colm:

hey Jeff can I hear some Jesus and Mary Chain
moon duo are cool!
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:26am jeff-m:

sure, give me a few and i'll find some
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:27am jeff-m:

as of now, I have no idea. Won't till Oct or so
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:29am T-Zero:

Just for clarity, I'm not allergic to the band, just being silly.
Ok, Jeff. Thanks. I thought it might be too early too, or that it might be kept under wraps.
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:45am Chop Scott:


Always super happy to hear you on the air-Cheers!
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:48am jeff-m:

hey, What's up Scott!

thanks man. Little more song based tonight than sometimes.
How you been?
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:49am jeff-m:

bass on this album is intense...
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:50am Chop Scott:

I'm fine--usual nonsense, but finally a good productive day in the Shop
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:56am jeff-m:

Good man, I'm glad to hear the shop is busy
  Mon. 9/12/11 12:57am Chop Scott:

As focus allows...
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:00am m@:

thtat song ruled
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:08am RobotBoy:

Good to see you're still around Jeff. Always good for late night listening.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:10am RobotBoy:

You ever play anything by Final, the Justin Broadrick ambient project? Seems like it would go well on here.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:11am jeff-m:

Never have. First I've heard of them / it.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:11am jeff-m:

to m@:

the whole album is pretty fantastic
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:14am m@tt:

:) Love your show jeff. This is the first Dead C song I've been able to swallow, though its verry verry good. it's so rigid and shakey feeling.. good shit!!
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:14am m@tt:

The hurricane special was great as well.. Will remember that night!
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:16am RobotBoy:

Wasn't the hurricane "special" mostly just umm, Julie and that other dude filling in? Had no power for three days, I did...
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:17am m@tt:

Jeff had an ambient set cued to the storm, it was beautiful!
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:18am jeff-m:

that was a fun night.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:19am jeff-m:

sorry, you lost power for so long. Only about 14 hours for me
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:20am m@tt:

yea i never lost power.. so happy about that. must have been hot as shit!
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:21am RobotBoy:

Eh. It wasn't that bad, but let me tell you, time goes by slowww without electricity. Stuff was going to go bad before much longer, too. Funny thing was I had power through the initial storm, lost power the next afternoon after some weird wind gusts.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:23am m@tt:

ahha wow that is funny. Jeff you just converted me to Dead C. Time to give them a real listen,,, that song was so brutal it became romantic.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:24am RobotBoy:

I liked it. Kind of like Sunn O))) mixed with Guided by Voices production. Not exactly, but you could do worse in describing it.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:26am m@tt:

i can see that robotby : }
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:27am jeff-m:

I like Dead C a lot, but not a;ways. Give that album a try since it's more long song based
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:28am RobotBoy:

Now this sounds a lot like Ambient 4 era Eno. There sure is a lot of stuff on vinyl anymore.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:31am m@tt:

face is melting this song is transcendental fuck yaaaa
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:34am RobotBoy:

Now he's playing a cassette. 8 track on deck! Kill your CD player!
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:35am jeff-m:

haha, sign of the times I guess. Comes with a digital download card...
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:37am m@tt:

wow this almost sounds like marble sky until the vocals
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:38am RobotBoy:

When was the nadir of vinyl, Jeff? About mid-90s? Too young to remember really, but from what I've heard plenty of people dumped their vinyls when they "upgraded" to CD. Good time to pick up vinyl I'm sure, cheap.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:41am m@tt:

i have a windy and carl hand made sleeve with emerald green vinyl. I think I just realized how precious that record is..
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:41am jeff-m:

not totally sure. I'm just about 38 to give you some time line. Just always liked them myself. Would've been before the mid 90's though. Records have been dying ever since I started shopping for them at 14 or so.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:41am jeff-m:

they have a new album coming out soon. I'm excited for it
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:44am RobotBoy:

Yeah, but there's a resurgence for vinyl now. Don't you guys get more vinyl at the station too, probably? That's what I'm saying, it's at least been holding ground for a while.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:45am m@tt:

windy and carl are coming out with a new album!?!?
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:51am jeff-m:

yeah, it definitely has made a come back. We get much more than at anytime before I think since the 90's I'm pretty sure.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:51am jeff-m:

yeah sometime soon. Think it's been about 4 or 5 years since their last.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:53am m@tt:

hell yes dude this song is sooooo good. her voice is so on point.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:53am m@tt:

Happy about w&c album.. much anticipation for that release for me as well.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:55am RobotBoy:

We gotta get the years listed on this stuff, Jeff! Sure, I've got an Internet connection here and could look it up, but I don't pay you good money for nuthin'.
  Mon. 9/12/11 1:58am RobotBoy:

I'm liking the trippy, psychedelic stuff tonight.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:04am m@tt:

yes i feel so inquisitive about how jeff could find such goof shit and find so much of it.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:04am m@tt:

  Mon. 9/12/11 2:11am RobotBoy:

Pan Sonic, recently got their four CD album. Pretty excited about it.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:18am jeff-m:

years would be good actually. Anything with a (*) is from the "new bin" which is the station's and is 95% of the time an actual new release. Rest is mine from home.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:25am RobotBoy:

I wonder what WFMU was like in the olden days (when it was still part of Upsala). Guess it was still freeform. It would be interesting to have a more in-depth history of the station, and to know some of the longer-standing personnel and shows. Wikipedia only knows so much.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:30am alberto:

pass the cough syrup.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:32am alberto:

mmmm...thank you :)
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:38am RobotBoy:

I am liking where this song is going. Bleep blooop.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:42am (mta) Tony:

RobotBoy: I've been listening to fmu since their first day of broadcast, so there is nobody better qualified to tell you how it was back then. Yes, you're right, it was very much as it is now; totally free-form, but not limited by any digital laws so you heard a lot more full albums and album sides and perhaps many songs by the same artist, both of which are basically illegal now with the digital laws that prescribe how many songs on an album can be played in a row, and also today it's somewhat illegal to tell the listeners what you're going to play next so as to prevent listeners from recording the upcoming song; stuff like that, but basically, you can believe me, it was very much the same: the best DJs and the best music. Vin Scelsa started the ball rolling and it just kept going.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:43am jeff-m:

Thanks Tony. Well said.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:45am jeff-m:

only been in the area about 10 yrs. Before I ever thought to listen to the radio online...
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:47am RobotBoy:

Ah, an elder appears. Thanks for that reply... It's a shame what the RIAA and their ilk have done. I boycott them because of stuff like that, that they lobby for. Not that I want much of their music these days anyways. Maybe WFMU should have a sister station in another country, then they can tell the feds to stuff it! Might be a bit of effort and money o'course.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:51am RobotBoy:

"This is WFMU Kyrgyzstan..."
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:56am m@tt:

wonder when capitalists paradigms will implode when will those damn suits just give up and accept that software has revolutionized the way music is traded.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:56am (mta) Tony:

That's a terrific idea, RobotBoy, but alas you're right about the cost of setting up a foreign-based "sister station." FMU works well around the regulations, though, so it's not all that much of a problem for the station. In other words, there's really no need to go to that extent to circumvent the laws. FMU does questionable things all the time regardless of the laws.

jeff-m: thanks for the compliment. Of course the biggest difference between now and then is the advent of the internet. But fmu was always on the cutting edge of technology, so in a way, online listening is par for the course and expected as soon as it was an available option. FMU is always the first at everything!
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:57am D in Miami:

Fortunately, I don't think much of what is played here has any affiliation with the RIAA.
Great show, again, Jeff!
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:58am jeff-m:

thanks all. Good night!
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:58am RobotBoy:

Yep, good show, I've got me some goodies to look into. Anyway to see if you're subbing in advance Jeff? There's always the archive of course.
  Mon. 9/12/11 2:59am (mta) Tony:

Good point, D in Miami, by not playing the "Top 40" junk, we're basically off "The Man's" radar.

Good night, RobotBoy.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:00am (mta) Tony:

Good night, jeff.
  Mon. 9/12/11 3:02am RobotBoy:

Night, Tony etc.
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