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Just two girls. Having a good time. On a Friday night. (Visit homepage.)

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Options September 2, 2011: Prized Possessions

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Andy & Frangry  Shut Up, Weirdo   Options

Listener comments!

  Fri. 9/2/11 6:02pm stinkbug:

yay for calendars!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:03pm Bob fosse's mom:

Helloooooooooo Pets
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:03pm FRANGRY:

Hi Weirdos
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:03pm Johnny Muller:

You already did thid april 16
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:03pm TubaRuba:

Glad I didn't have to hear that endless "the show is over" outro music from the previous show this week
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:03pm Paul:

Woooo Shut Up Weirdo is on the air!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:03pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Yeah, my calendar is my prized possession. Not really.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:04pm Cecile:

One of my most prized possessions is a set of knitted dolls I bought with my first music story money. They are from this women who used to knit up dolls of bands like the Beatles, The Sweet, etc. Mine are the Kinks! Then she stopped making them, so they are one of a kind.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:04pm Cecile:

I mean she, not they.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:04pm Spike:

Besides my Precious Moments figurines?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:04pm Rat Eat Rat:

My SUW Calendar!!! Yeah!!!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:05pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Cecile I just figured out who you are!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:05pm Cecile:

they have awesome hand written labels on them
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:05pm Cecile:

What do you mean?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:05pm Rat Eat Rat:

Shirts, Andy?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:05pm TubaRuba:

How about you do the "discuss alternate show topics" banter during the week instead of during the first 10 minutes of each show
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:06pm Repeated Topics:

Welcome to the nursing home.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:06pm Cecile:

WHO'S A PRETTY PRINCESS? That was the best show ever.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:06pm stinkbug:

How about "Things you have or had on your wall"?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:07pm Rat Eat Rat:

rachel maddow
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:07pm Cecile:

I have limited edition Shag prints and a Kiss coke mirror. Also vintage Replacements o bilia. And a Joan jett poster.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:07pm Cecile:

and cels from Batman the Animated Series.

I win.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:08pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Cecile: I think I know you as a writer.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:08pm Rat Eat Rat:

rachel ray & rachel maddow
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:08pm stinkbug:

if by win you mean lose, then yes.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:09pm Cecile:

Excellent! Do I know you?

I still do, Frangry.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:09pm Cecile:

Do I know you, Dave?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:09pm Rat Eat Rat:

kate moss is my hate effff
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm TubaRuba:

Well, like most topics, I have nothing to contribute - I haven't hung anything on my walls since college dorm life
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm Cecile:

Sorry, it's the end of the day, didn't mean to be repetitive.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Cecile, yeah sort. I am from Mpls from various bands.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm ENJ:

my hate partner= olivia munn
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm G:

A rolling Kate gathers no Moss.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm stinkbug:

how long before this dissolves into Do, Eat, Be again?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:10pm Cecile:

Which bands?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Salamander for one.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:11pm Rat Eat Rat:

I have a giraffe mask on my wall. I'm not sure why.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:11pm stinkbug:

dave, Lily Liver?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:11pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

stink: no, but that is funny
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:11pm TubaRuba:

@stinkbug - Nobody called on the topic in the first 30 seconds of the show!?! Bail, bail!!!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:12pm Sean:

The topic should be "What should our topic be?" The winner gets a shirt AND the heartwarming knowledge of having contributed to WFMU and saving SUW from utter chaos.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:12pm the gimp:

prized possession + hate partner + on my wall: whomever's on the other side of my glory hole...
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:12pm Rat Eat Rat:

Why did ANDY have a NASSER poster on his wall?

Was NASSER Andy's hate partner?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:12pm G:

Comments bored!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:12pm stinkbug:

Green Pyramids?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:13pm Spike:

  Fri. 9/2/11 6:13pm Skirkie:

Sarah Palin is too obvious.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:13pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Stink is stuck in the early 90s!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:14pm Cecile:

I think mine has to be Ryan Reynolds. I'd have to duct tape his mouth.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:14pm G:

Hate Eff -- Michelle Obama. Word. Bossy bitch.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:14pm Rat Eat Rat:

I hate myself - so I am I my own hate partner?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:14pm Cecile:

Dave, Lifter Puller? :D
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:14pm stinkbug:

yes, the early 90s rocked!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm stinkbug:

dave, I found a copy of the LL cd here in seattle at a goodwill earlier this year!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm Cecile:

I didn't leave my house much in the early 90s, so I'll have to take you word for it.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm disastrogirl:

What about lost possessions that were lost, destroyed or stolen?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm disastrogirl:

What about lost possessions that were lost, destroyed or stolen?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm TubaRuba:

@G - Bossy bitch? All she does is hang out with kids and talk about nutrition
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

It was pretty interesting I would agree
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:15pm G:

The current caller is a total burnout
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:16pm Rat Eat Rat:

Andy - don't you have something from RUSSIA on your wall?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:16pm disastrogirl:

Crap. I mean prized possessions.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:16pm G:

Exactly. "Stop eating junk food and grow a fucking organic garden, all you losers." (Michelle O.)
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:16pm TubaRuba:

Kristen Stewart is definitely a hate-eff - she's a total douchbag but she's completely hot.

Also thanks to Google for providing her name as the top result for "Twilight girl"
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:17pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I really don't have answers for any of these topics, sorry.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:17pm stinkbug:

This show gives us joy, thus we forget about or don't want to bring up the people we hate.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:18pm TubaRuba:

"We have no callers - it means I'm not saying the phone number enough" - typical radio logic
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:18pm Cecile:

I have great stuff on my damn wall.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:18pm Barry:

Agreed about Michelle ma belle. Oops, I'm in deep shit now.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:18pm Rat Eat Rat:

I have stolen Johnny Muller posters on my wall, suckers!

I replaced them with FAKES!!!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:18pm TubaRuba:

Holy shit she plays a stripper and James Gandolfini is in it?!? Rock on, Frango
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:19pm disastrogirl:

Would you like to come over and see my etchings?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:19pm Rat Eat Rat:

NANCY GRACE is hateful...but not at all sexy.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:20pm ENJ:

to expand, my hate partner is Olivia Munn because she's gratingly unfunny and when she shows up as a correspondent on The Daily Show it grinds to a halt. She's like a comedy black hole. But hot.

[insert joke about hate f'ing a comedy black hole here]
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:20pm kel-bel:

my husband got a 2 foot cast iron cross/candle holder/towel holder from the goodwill, he demanded it go on the wall. We are not religious so he said it is to defend ourselves against intruders and Jehovah's witnesses.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:20pm Joe's Taco Truck:

Casey Anthony is HOT, just stating the obvs.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:20pm Barry:

I'll help you with your itchings, disastrogirl. Here at home, I'm in the doghouse.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:20pm stinkbug:

hate eff = S.E. Cupp, conservative political commentator
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:21pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I have to thank Cecile for all the support she has given me in all the different bands I have been in over the years!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:22pm TubaRuba:

@ENJ - I thought grinding to a halt *was* her brand of humor? She's very anti-humor as her style. Never seen her on the Daily Show, though
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:22pm Cecile:

what bands, though? I don't support a whole lot of them, LOL!.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:22pm Rat Eat Rat:

I think ANDY would pick Kim Kardashian.

Do you hear how ANDY flipped out when he found out she was getting 2 million for her wedding!!! Great Radio, Andy!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:23pm TubaRuba:

@Joe Taco - Yeah, but nobody hates her except CNN
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:23pm TubaRuba:

@Rat - Yeah, did Andy say one yet?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:23pm G:

High Anxiety = 35 YEARS AGO NOW
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:24pm Minnesota Jeff:

Andy, glowing suitcase? Kiss Me Deadly?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:24pm Kim Kardashian:

I got 20,000,000 for my wedding, ANDY.
Eat your heart out!!!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:25pm TubaRuba:

I like how Andy says "big butt"
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:25pm Scarlett:

Andy is an ass man??
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:25pm G:

2,000,000, 20,000,000 -- what's a few zeros here and there among celebrities?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:26pm disastrogirl:

Kiss me Deadly is the movie
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:26pm ?:

hate hump?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:27pm TubaRuba:

@? - nice!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:27pm Rat Eat Rat:

Kim Kardassssshian
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:28pm G:

Ask Andy's wife about his Assitude
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:28pm TubaRuba:

I cringed at the thought of Kei$ha
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:28pm stinkbug:

Since leah remini is a Scientologist, I guess she would fall into the hate ef category.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:29pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I don't want to advertise on here :)
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:29pm G:

Use the usual radio technique of having a staffer call in from the next room.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:30pm stinkbug:

Did A/F scare off Jenna?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:30pm Rat Eat Rat:

Paula Deen???
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:31pm G:

Yeah, Jenna's scheduled to call in at 15 past every week.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:31pm stinkbug:

leah remini was in King of Queens, duh. currently a co-host of The Talk.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:31pm Rat Eat Rat:

Ellen...I hate her & I would set her STRAIT.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:31pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

I can't believe no one has said Frangry.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:31pm natalie:

a Jonas Brother
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:31pm TubaRuba:

Aw man, Michelle was cool - but if Andy keeps saying "big butt" maybe he will win me over
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:32pm TubaRuba:

And please stop encouraging those twins to call again
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:32pm G:

someone did, Dave, keep your ears open :-) -- she said she was waiting for it to come...
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:33pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

Sorry, I was too busy trying to work at the same time
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:33pm G:

"first of all" the caller said? SAVE YOURSELVES, HANG UP IMMEDIATELY!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:33pm SF:

Instead of Ann Coulter, I would vote Michelle Malkin. Hot and evil!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:33pm Rat Eat Rat:

I hate Hillary Rodham Clinton...but it would be like efffing a manatee. A very fugly manatee.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:34pm TubaRuba:

@natalie - pick one! You should have picked one of the Hanson bros - they're much cuter
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:35pm Rat Eat Rat:

Veronica from Archie Comics.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:35pm TubaRuba:

Pssh Avril is my Real Eff, not my Hate Eff
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:35pm natalie:

but TubaRuba, they're weird and virginal or something
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:35pm Skirkie:

There are attractive people that I hate that I don't want to have sex with. This guy named a few.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:35pm G:

Yeah, turn Lady Gaga into Lady Spoogie
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:36pm Cecile:

Ha! all the Hansons are married with many, many kids.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:36pm Rat Eat Rat:

Muammar Gaddafi - anyone???
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:37pm TubaRuba:

I'd love to have heard the moment of silence between when you ask Ken a question and before he answers while he thinks up something obscure enough to say
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:37pm TubaRuba:

@nat - you'll fix that! eh? eh??
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:38pm oogoo:

kevin costner .... he wants 2 be gay
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:39pm G:

Ken's lost in the 70s/80s!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:39pm oogoo:

hey how about t he white grl on the view...
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:39pm TubaRuba:

@oogoo - haha agreed
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:39pm G:

articulate caller here
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:40pm Skirkie:

He's doing a Family Guy bit.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:40pm TubaRuba:

Oh man I love a failed attempt at being funny
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:40pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

This show should be called TMZ
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:41pm KSchaos:

Reese Witherspoon
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:41pm Cecile:

bye! have a great weekend.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:41pm stinkbug:

My most prized possession is that podcast I downloaded of a great SUW show.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:41pm TubaRuba:

@Dave - Ha! Yeah, this is pretty much the most celeb gossip I hear every week
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:42pm stinkbug:

sarah silverman = hot and funny
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:42pm TubaRuba:

@stink - when's the last time that happened?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:42pm All of NYC:

Wouldn't someone like to befoul and degrade our noble NYC mayor's horsey daughter?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:43pm Rat Eat Rat:

Sarah Silverman is America's Most Important Jewess, people!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:43pm natalie:

i knew Jonas Brothers were better than Hanson
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:44pm Joe's Taco Truck:

Amanda Knox
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:44pm Lee Greenwood:

@RER: God bless the Jew Ess A!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:44pm Skirkie:

Spike doesn't even listen to the shows he calls into does he?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:44pm Listener Dave from Seattle:

We got Spike's real name on 7SD this week.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:45pm natalie:

my old room mate wanted to have hate sex with Jeffrey Dahmer
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:45pm Rat Eat Rat:

Was Spike in a hurricane?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:45pm TubaRuba:

Extreme Sex Murder
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:46pm Mick Jagger:

@RER: You betcha.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:46pm Corp:

anyone say Olivia Munn yet?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:46pm TubaRuba:

@nat - Jeffery Dahmer? Not Ted Bundy?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:47pm greg in portland:

The Balloon Boy. For deceiving America.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:48pm Rat Eat Rat:

I want to hate sex Hurricane Irene as hard as she fucked Vermont!!!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:48pm TubaRuba:

@RER - weren't we all?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:49pm Skirkie:

Kat Von D
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:49pm TubaRuba:

This actually is a pretty good show - and you know what it takes for me to say that
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:49pm Mike Bloomberg:

El hurrican is mooey pella grosso. Yousteds tea en de coodarsee uhmediamentay. Shin guh too mad ray!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:50pm Rat Eat Rat:

ANDY wants to hate sex Tom Scharpling.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:50pm natalie:

@Tuba, Bundy died before she was born, Dahmer was a strange childhood fantasy thing
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:50pm TubaRuba:

There's an above-ground BDSM scene?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:50pm Anonymous:

Paris Hilton? Anybody?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:51pm Skirkie:

Rhymes with turkey.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:51pm Mike Bloomberg:

Paris Hilton didn't die years ago?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:52pm Rat Eat Rat:

SHOW GRADE - B plus.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:52pm alberto:

whitney houston
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:52pm Mike Bloomberg:

Paris used to be fapworthy.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:53pm dale:

has anyone said janet napolitano ? i'd give it to her just because!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:53pm natalie:

Billy Mays
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:53pm Mike Bloomberg:

janet don't swing that way, dood
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:54pm dale:

natalie - that's necrophilia - are we talking living or dead here?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:55pm Mike Bloomberg:

come to bermuda with me, frangry baby. we can have hate sex with each other all weekend.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:55pm dale:

mike, that makes it all the more hateful.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:56pm mark:

It wouldn't do any good to Hate-F Ann Coulter 'cause EVERY F of hers has been a Hate-F.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:56pm Rat Eat Rat:

Frangry's Mom.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:56pm Skirkie:

Sham Wow guy beat up the hooker.

Billy Mays had a heart attack or something.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:56pm Anonymous:

Next Topic, Necrophilia.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:56pm Ric:

Why limit yourself to Peggy Hill? Reach for the stars: Sarah Palin!
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:57pm mark:

  Fri. 9/2/11 6:57pm Mike Bloomberg:


My sucky mayoralty, I mean.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:57pm natalie:

eh either one does. the sham wow guy looks like Ryan Seacrest... Ryan Seacrest is a good one
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:57pm stinkbug:

it's hard not to feel deflated after all of andy's big butt talk.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:57pm Rat Eat Rat:

Big-Butt Tournament.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:58pm stinkbug:

ugh, what's with all this Kreayshawn stuff lately. she's annoying.
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:58pm Sir Mix a Lot:

Someone called?
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:59pm mark:

That's the point
  Fri. 9/2/11 6:59pm TubaRuba:

@mark - I considered Kreay
  Fri. 9/2/11 7:00pm Skirkie:

I'm still not sure that was a lady.
  Fri. 9/2/11 7:00pm Rat Eat Rat:

Need some new topics, people!
  Fri. 9/2/11 7:01pm Sir Mix a Lot:

@Andy: It's never to late to comment, unless someone closes the actual comments entry window.
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