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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options August 5, 2011: Secret Light Of Invisible Fire [the real secret of magic]

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
Javier Estrada  Voces Del Viento   Options   0:00:00 ()
Chancha Via Circuito  Amelia   Options   0:02:53 ()
Thornato  Okesa Prayer   Options   0:08:11 ()
Dubbel Dutch  Madloopz   Options   0:12:38 ()
Pwedza  Parde Mein Rehne Do   Options   0:17:56 ()
DJ Melo  Star Time   Options   0:22:33 ()
Puga  Vai Perereca   Options   0:27:08 ()
DJ Klac  Alors En Danse 3ball Remix   Options   0:32:13 ()
Deejay Lazer  Pirujoz 3ball   Options   0:34:18 ()
Petrona Martinez  Sepiterna (Thornato Remix)   Options   0:41:40 ()
El Indio The Beat Maker  Los Caminos   Options   0:45:33 ()
DJ Avatar  Boricua Bounce (Loisaida mix)   Options   0:48:34 ()
Gabrilcoox  La Cabellona   Options   0:53:27 ()
Drop The Lime  Hot As Hell (Canblaster Remix)   Options   0:55:54 ()
Music behind DJ:
Javier Estrada 
Voces Del Viento   Options   1:01:47 ()
Sonny G  Arabic   Options   1:08:10 ()
Julius Sylvest  Phil Collins   Options   1:12:48 ()
Puga   On   Options   1:15:57 ()
Masala  Bateria com Funk   Options   1:20:17 ()
J-Trick & Anndyk  Blaze It   Options   1:30:03 ()
Mister Gomes en Bombay Feat. Li Saumet  Música Pesada   Options   1:33:31 ()
Juan Chuchita con Beto Cartagena y su conjunto  El Ñeque   Options   1:37:15 ()
Don Fiya  Wild Life   Options   1:42:19 ()
Flying Lotus  Lullaby   Options   1:46:27 ()
Thundercat  For Love I Come (prod. Flying Lotus)   Options   1:50:05 ()
Flying Lotus  Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph   Options   1:53:47 ()
Music behind DJ:
Javier Estrada 
Voces Del Viento   Options   1:56:19 ()
Kaglar Omega  The Edge   Options   2:02:55 ()
Culprate  Grime Frog   Options   2:08:09 ()
Kaglar Omega  Shivers / Inner Circle   Options   2:10:35 ()
The Process Church: OFJ  Zen Temple of Drone-Hop   Options   2:17:59 ()
Tes Uno & DJ Raedawn  Let's Get Better   Options   2:21:11 ()
DJ Klac  Medicina de Amor   Options   2:25:54 ()
Javier Estrada  Chaotic Jungle   Options coming soon on RITMOS DEL MUNDO 5  2:28:50 ()
Sany Pitbull  Tambor Roll   Options   2:32:04 ()
Peace Treaty  Change (Dj DaGo Remix)   Options   2:35:39 ()
Douster  King of Africa   Options   2:42:46 ()
Canblaster  Thunderdome Got Crunk   Options   2:47:31 ()
José Larralde   Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito remix)   Options   2:51:57 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 8/5/11 6:06am hamburger:

good morning
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:06am :

  Fri. 8/5/11 6:06am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 6:07am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 6:08am hamburger:

woa - skull & bones
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:10am HotRod:

skull & bones??
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:16am hamburger:

yea skull & bones said hello up there
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:17am HotRod:

oh...I can't see that listener's name for some reason.
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:19am HotRod:

It's a symbol, that's why I can't see it.
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:20am :

install moar ascii fonts, hehehe, and u will see
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:33am annie:

morning hotrod... not awake yet... morning everyone...
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:55am ?:

good morning coffee is done :)
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:55am Ozzy Skateboard:

oops forgot me name hehe
  Fri. 8/5/11 6:58am Isa GT:

your music is fresh!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:00am Dave B:

Greetings folks, and a wonderful morning to you HotRod
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:04am Nathan:

Go Go Go Hotrod!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:14am Nathan:

Nice Phil Collins drum break!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:19am HotRod:

Where you from, Nathan!?! Thanks for listening!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:21am Nathan:

London... same as Isa. Got a crew hooked on your show today.
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:21am Anne Mohak:

yeah hot rod!!!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:22am Dave B:

That was Phil Collins? I thought it was the Cadbury Gorrila...

Me - I have this on the TV (with sound off) while listening to HotRod - absolutely nuts!

  Fri. 8/5/11 7:23am HotRod:

What's up, Anne?????? :)
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:25am Ozzy Skateboard:

my dogs are getting it on to Marsala ;)
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:26am jeremy:

that megaman gif is freaking awesome. morning HR
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:27am Anne Mohak:

all good great show so far, that´s some energy, rather to do a workout to hehe
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:32am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 7:34am La Peruana:

Your show is the biznitch!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:34am Isa GT:

yep Nathan got a bunch of us into it. go hotrod!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:35am HotRod:

I LOVE IT!!! ;)
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:35am fred:

Good morning HotRod and listeners!
A few people have spent the whole night at work (not me), they look like they could use your show by now. Like coffee without the side effects
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:38am Isa GT:

go go go Colombia!!!!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:40am jeremy:

metal man was my favorite level and bad guy, by far.
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:40am HotRod:

llorona Records! :)
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:42am fred:

I saw a sound system from Colombia called Systema Solar a couple of weeks ago. Pretty cool, they even had a scratching DJ
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:48am Ozzy Skateboard:

wold life sure freaks your ears out, good one
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:50am Ozzy Skateboard:

* wild life
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:55am Dave B:

This Thundercat track is the bees knees
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:56am HotRod:

Hope you guys are ready for the 3rd set!!!
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:56am jeremy:

HR you ever play RC Pro am? Just sent you an email
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:58am Nathan:

Hands in the air! *Whistling* (ready for the 3rd set)
  Fri. 8/5/11 7:59am La Peruana Tetona:

Your show is a great kickoff to the weekend!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:00am jeremy:

old NES game
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:00am Isa GT:

do you have twitter? you well deserve a follow friday!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:03am Dave B:

Phil Collins as played by the Cadbury Gorilla!!!

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:05am HotRod:

Dave B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:05am woj:

checking in from new haven to say great show so far! perfect music to (alas) work to - esecially since no one else is in the office and i've got it turned up.
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:05am wild bill:

Awesome show. Cleaning our kitchen to it here in London uk. Weather's great, kitchen's filthy
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:06am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:07am VJ 5LAYER:

I dont know what I like best your gifs or your moooozick!?
more l o n d o n loving coming right at ya X
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:08am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:09am maestroso:

Oy, I'm late! G'morning Ms HotRod!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:10am Nathan:

I'd lick that toad's back!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:11am HotRod:

Oh my...
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:12am Dave B:

HotRod - if you roll your own GIFs, and can use Vimeo as a source, check this guys work out.


It "superflows" super-dope with HotRod on WFMU!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:17am Ozzy Skateboard:

wow shivers sounded like optimus prime from the transformers having sex
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:21am Ozzy Skateboard:

and I don't say that lightly hahaha
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:25am Anne Mohak:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:25am La Peruana Tetona:

Sooo dope
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:25am Ruairi:

I only live a few blocks from WFMU and I never knew this type of stuff got played! Lovin it.
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:26am Kevin:

this is awesome thanks
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:28am Anne Mohak:

GRANDE!!! medicina
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:29am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:29am HotRod:

3ball Guarachata!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:30am La Peruana Tetona:

Bachatea tigrasa!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:30am Anne Mohak:

ha me cago
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:31am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:37am La Peruana Tetona:

Sua música me faz dançar. Eu gosto!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:38am Anne Mohak:

bring - it - on
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:39am Nathan:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:39am Dave B:

Volume UP!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:44am La Peruana Tetona:

Ugh... Off to work. Thanks HR, for the great vibe and beats. Enjoy your weekend all! :)
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:44am HotRod:

Bye Peruana Tetona!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:44am Anne Mohak:

ah, i always play that one too!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:45am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:45am HotRod:

It's been a while ;)
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:45am Anne Mohak:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:50am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:51am jeremy:

best start to a friday
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:54am Anne Mohak:

ah me encanta!!!
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:56am Nathan:

Oh no... only 4 minutes left! How am I going to keep these Friday vibes going? I'll have to resort to my own records now! Even more distracting and I am supposed to be working... Hotrod can you just keep going for a few more hours?
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:56am Megan C.:

Fantastic show! First time I have heard your program but it won't be my last! <3
  Fri. 8/5/11 8:56am HotRod:

  Fri. 8/5/11 8:58am Ozzy Skateboard:

happy weekend folks :)
  Fri. 8/5/11 2:29pm HotRod:

  Tue. 8/9/11 10:31am r0:

Hey, HotRod I LOVE this José Larralde track.
  Wed. 5/9/12 7:30am thfhgc:

˙∂≈gfvagbdvgdshcjxnkvkjlAdnewhbdsvclxjknbikjfsdcjxvjnc klmv,nbjklfmncvklmkbn cbfxasczpoxy okay?
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