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Shamanic vibrational love frequencies for the infinite mind. Shed all fear and allow the forces of nature to rattle your spine. We are the future. Welcome to the 5th Dimension.

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Options July 15, 2011: Conscious Evolution. Planetary Awakening.

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Artist Track Comments Approx. start time
  Pyramind of Healing Sound 144 Hz     0:00:00 ()
Filastine  hello, my name is... / dance of the garbageman   Options   0:06:25 ()
Spacedocker  Regulate   Options   0:12:47 ()
Matanza  Puya   Options   0:17:31 ()
El Nomada  Mamao / Azucar   Options   0:20:55 ()
Douster  Carajo!   Options   0:31:15 ()
Freaky Philip  Bombo   Options   0:35:15 ()
FFF  Takin' It To The Streets   Options   0:39:24 ()
Joelito  Cry Wolf   Options   0:44:51 ()
Trowa  Headhunter   Options   0:49:55 ()
Sonora  Motivation   Options   0:54:11 ()
Antanukama  Venus   Options   1:04:37 ()
Jacob Miller  Healing of the Nation   Options   1:19:19 ()
DJ Tetris  Sudafrika (Mundial Mix)   Options   1:24:11 ()
Bro Safari & LeDoom  Tempora   Options   1:27:38 ()
Ian Boom  Montreal   Options   1:33:53 ()
Tito Rodriguez  Descarga Cachao   Options   1:38:48 ()
Patrick Alonzo Conway  Canto Pa' Yewa   Options   1:43:30 ()
McCoy Tyner  Caravan   Options   1:51:13 ()
Margarita  Luces de Colores Potentes   Options   1:54:56 ()
Music behind DJ:
Pyramind of Healing Sound 144 Hz     1:57:22 ()
Margarita  Explota El Cuerpo   Options   2:04:39 ()
Uladat  Rusalka   Options   2:07:07 ()
Kastle  Time Traveler   Options   2:11:11 ()
Brenmar  Waiting On   Options   2:14:40 ()
UFO!  They Will Love   Options   2:18:15 ()
Quait  Grue In The Dark / Eat People   Options   2:21:08 ()
The Trust  Sea Slide Galaxy (feat. A-Mac)   Options   2:32:07 ()
Freaky Philip  I Found Love   Options   2:36:27 ()
Chong X  Inti Tayta   Options   2:40:57 ()
SAUR  Flootahton   Options   2:45:47 ()
HOLY OTHER  Touch   Options   2:50:29 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:02am hamburger / london:

happy friday!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:04am Azam:

Good morning and also happy Friday!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:07am annie:

morning hotrod!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:11am HotRod:

  Fri. 7/15/11 6:11am maja:

Great start after that great set by stan. Morning all!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:18am pierre:

Bonjouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur HOOOOOOOT ROOOOOOOOOOOD !!!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:22am pierre:

two gif for the same song, is it Christmas ?

…no its HotRod !
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:23am fred:

Good morning HotRod! It had been a while, I usually can't listen at work anymore.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:25am pierre:

salut fred ! :)
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:31am fred:

salut pierre!
I don't know if Lucas will make it on Sunday, he needs money so he's working as much as he can
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:36am pierre:

right, are you coming? (if you are speaking about the R. Stevie Moore gig right?)
i tried to buy a ticket with the all mighty internet, it didn't let me… so i'll buy it at la Java.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:39am fred:

I don't think it will be sold out. I'll get my ticket there too.
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:44am HotRod:

How is everyone!!?!?!?!?!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:45am maestroso:

Good morning Ms HotRod! Your energy is especially welcome today...
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:46am Andrew:

Holy Crap! Calm down!
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:48am pierre:

good > agreed w/ maestroso
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:48am HotRod:

Too much for you, Andrew?
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:49am nice cat:

dj harry potter reprazent http://bit.ly/nAhzLW
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:51am Andrew:

Had to get up early this morning. I guess I should thankyou for the jungle pick-me-up :)
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:52am pierre:

nice ! nice cat
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:52am Topher:

Energy welcomed....
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:53am hamburger / london:

what Topher said
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:54am fred:

Keep it coming HotRod! I didn't remember how awesome your show is
  Fri. 7/15/11 6:56am HotRod:

So nice to see you here again, Fred! :)
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:01am pierre:

how could we not be awake ?
HOTROD is on !!!
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:08am the bahai llama:

i'm reckoning each of those lights on the spinning globe represents a pocket of HotRod's listerners... which means there's no one listening in Antarctica
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:11am hamburger / london:

maybe penguins don't register as light pockets
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:13am fred:

HotRod, I wish I could check in every week. But I'm supposed to be available to help a coworker and I was told headphones send the wrong message. Then again, he usually takes a lunch break during your show...
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:14am the bahai llama:

penguins are so cool they can do anything... but i guess that means they can make themselves invisible. any iceberg dub tonight, Ms HotRod, to tempt the penguins?
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:17am pierre:

@ the Bahai llama : i've found somebody who disagree (http://www.fupenguin.com/), with lots of animals, acutally…
@ fred : (well not really) funny, i've been told the same "headphones" give the wrong message… but i stil use them as it's the only way i can listen to sweet wfmu. If they could only play it in here… sigh
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:20am Dave B:

Who ever said sleep was over rated was WRONG

  Fri. 7/15/11 7:20am hamburger / london:

well, I guess if you're an air-traffic controller - I can kind of see how that sends the wrong message if you're just tuned into the radio :D
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:23am hamburger / london:

shouldn't that be under rated??
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:26am the bahai llama:

a fine website, pierre, but it looks like pure envy to me. that guy so WANTS to be a penguin. as do we all...
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:26am Dave B:

Thank goodness for archives

Fred? Long time no see. How've you been? Greets to therestof the crew!!

And to you miss HotRod, a wonderful morning.
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:27am pierre:

yeah jaleousy makes everyone do/say silly things
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:27am Dave B:

Hamburger - you are right

I am not caffinated yet
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:28am hamburger / london:

hah - reminded me of the belgian penguin man viral video from way back:)
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:31am pierre:

* BOOM *

(something detonated in my mind, i'm bitting my lips)
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:32am fred:

Hi Dave! I'll be going to le bouillon belge tonight, for the last time in a while as gigs are getting scarce with the summer (and they also have neighbor troubles). I'll be sure to drain a glass (or two) in your honor
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:36am the bahai llama:

i think the penguins would like this, HotRod...
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:36am david from ks:

,,,Ms.HR ,,,,i dreamed of jet tanker mounted spray nozzles dispersing rain cloud dissipating chemicals to further the extreme draught conditions we are barely noticing,,,,,,,anyway a good xanax morning to you ,,,,
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:38am HotRod:

Penguins are featured on this track...
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:39am the bahai llama:

canadian penguins?
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:39am Dave B:

@Pierrre - the whole penguin convo reminds me of this:



@Fred - please do. I miss Paris. My dear friend recently moved to Toulousse...
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:44am pierre:

@ Dave B : hahahahaha… thanks !
(and people who move to Toulouse are great people)
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:46am HC:

Good morning all! Great morning, great show! I love Fridays!
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:46am the bahai llama:

toulouse is pink, isn't it? pretty suspicious, if you ask the llama...
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:49am Dave B:

I don't understand the "pink" reference I've been hearing about Toulousse -

Pierre / Fred - can you offer some 'splainin?
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:51am HC:

Que linda melodía
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:52am the bahai llama:

it's built out of pink stone... and did we know today is (would be) the birthday of ian curtis AND johnny thunders?
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:53am jeremy:

HR it's nice to have you back on Fridays
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:53am Parq:

Not feeling chatty, but checking in.
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:53am Dave B:

McCoy - I'm lovin' it!
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:55am fred:

@dave: I can't say for sure, but I think the pink refers to the local architecture style involving bricks
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:56am pierre:

what fred says (plus, the Claude Nougaro's song might i've add some meaning to this nickname)
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:58am pierre:

here is a typical Toulousain's wall (with the pink bricks) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/26/Old_brick_wall.jpg
  Fri. 7/15/11 7:58am annie:

parq and i are on the same bench
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:04am Dave B:

Thanks folks. - I guess its another place to visit!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:05am pierre:

definitively, i'm sure you'd love it, and make sure to taste the Cassoulet (one of many Toulouse's food speciality)
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:07am scott:

just moved to a new timezone, so excited to listen to this show now
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:08am pierre:

(not like anybody would care or anything, but the white power ranger was one of my role models)
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:11am Parq:

God, I can't even focus enough to read the news. I can barely get through the headlines.
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:12am hamburger / london:

from wiki: " In Malaysia, as part of its campaign against drugs, the word "Morphin" is censored, by substituting or muting footage where the word is spoken (the phrase "It's morphin' time") "
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:12am Griff:

Enjoying the show in Dublin, Ireland
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:13am annie:

parq, at least check ted rall this morning.
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:14am the bahai llama:

and penguins always use the term "white power ranger" to refer to their morphine supplier... just trying to bring some cohesion to the comments, even though HotRod didn't say hello to me so I am feeling snubbed...
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:16am HotRod:

HELLO BAHAI LLAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:17am pierre:

those weapons look difficult to use on an everyday basis.
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:18am the bahai llama:

now I am all aglow, Miss HR... which is good as I'm working on a Czech film about crushing the Prague Spring tonight, so good karma is essential...
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:22am Parq:

Saw it, Annie. As usual, exactly.
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:22am hamburger / london:

I'm pretty sure one of those 'weapons' is just a back scratcher
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:23am Parq:

Miss HR, I want to see the movie that yielded the gif accompanying Kastle.
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:24am annie:

is that a mortal kombat movie?
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:24am HotRod:

Big Trouble, Little China
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:25am Dave B:

Extreme Ear Picking utensils!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:27am the bahai llama:

actually, i reckon the hats are pretty fetching too... you could shelter entire families under those
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:31am HotRod:

  Fri. 7/15/11 8:31am r0:

nice Friday to all

the bahai llama: can you reveal who's director of said film?
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:31am Dave B:

HotRod - I meant to share this with you earlier. You've been leading the GIF revolution for a while:
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:32am pierre:


this sound is so heavy !!!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:34am Dave B:

@bahai llama - add a fine bithumus coating, and that same family could float down stream in the rainy season!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:34am the bahai llama:

yo, Irena Pavlaskova... it's pretty damn good, actually... AN EARTHLY PARADISE FOR THE EYES... going out on Australian TV is a few weeks! no penguins in it, though, which is a major disappointment. like, the penguins could have turned the Soviet tanks back, especially if they had some of those evil looking back scratcher things
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:35am HC:

  Fri. 7/15/11 8:39am HC:

I found love in HR. Fridays are the biznitch!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:40am Marmalade Kitty:

Pierre, I love cassoulet! and goodbye toulouse is my favourite Stranglers song!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:43am Dave B:

  Fri. 7/15/11 8:47am the bahai llama:

"I’m a boiling cauldron glowing hot with manly desire. It's Derrida, one of his quotations." A line from the film, just made me think of HotRod's gifs... and it's Derrida's birthday today too!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:47am hamburger / london:

bwaaaa only 15 mins left. WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?!!
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:53am pierre:

yeah where does he went ?!!

HotRod + Cassoulet, that would be something… just imagine…
  Fri. 7/15/11 8:59am pierre:

thanks for the energy HR, see you next week !
  Fri. 7/15/11 9:00am Dave B:

  Fri. 7/15/11 9:04am tomasz.:

this ruled, thank-you.
  Fri. 7/15/11 9:05am HotRod:

thank YOU!!!!!!!!
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