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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options July 11, 2011: with Lila, part 3

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Bonde Do Role  Geremia   Options Bonde Do Role With Lasers    0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
Alan Vega  Kung Foo Cowboy   Options S/t    0:02:37 (Pop‑up)
Hey Colossus  I Am Bunga Bunga   Options Rrrr    0:05:58 (Pop‑up)
Ivor Cutler and Linda Herst  Women of the World   Options Privelege    0:10:44 (Pop‑up)
Nude Vegas  Club Addict   Options Split CD w/ Voyageurs    0:21:42 (Pop‑up)
Syreeta  I Love Every Little Thing About You   Options V/a, Our Lives are Shaped by What We Love: Motown's MoWest Story 1971-1973    0:29:12 (Pop‑up)
Marine  Kiss My Knee   Options Life In Reverse    0:32:29 (Pop‑up)
Regal Degal  Pretty Busy   Options Speckled Fruit    0:40:06 (Pop‑up)
John Bender  Tr A1   Options I Don't Remember Now/I Don't Want to Talk About It  possibly wrong speed  0:44:40 (Pop‑up)
Michael Garrison  Take A Chance   Options In The Regions Of Sunreturn    0:46:33 (Pop‑up)
The Alps  Spray   Options Easy Action    0:50:30 (Pop‑up)
The Gene syndrome  The Children Sleep   Options single    0:53:23 (Pop‑up)
Wet Hair  Echo Lady   Options In Vogue Spirit    0:58:56 (Pop‑up)
Public Image Ltd  Poptones (Peel Session)   Options Plastic Box    1:03:12 (Pop‑up)
Space Needle  Love Left us Strangers   Options The Moray Eels Eat The Space Needle    1:07:37 (Pop‑up)
Alexander Spence  War In Peace   Options Oar    1:21:34 (Pop‑up)
H.  taitatai   Options Nevada    1:25:24 (Pop‑up)
Bitchin' Bajas  Water 4   Options Water Wrackets    1:28:58 (Pop‑up)
Melanie Velarde & Michael Northam  tr 3 (exc)   Options Cyclogenisis    1:40:47 (Pop‑up)
Soft Opening  unknown title   Options S/t    1:41:18 (Pop‑up)
Dirty Beaches  A Hundred Highways   Options Badlands    1:45:19 (Pop‑up)
Optiganally Yours  Mr Wilson   Options Spotlight on Optiganally Yours    1:50:13 (Pop‑up)
Bobb Trimble  Live Wire   Options The Crippled Dog Band    1:56:49 (Pop‑up)
Ivan Julian  The Naked Flame   Options The Naked Flame    2:00:33 (Pop‑up)
Cosmic Analog Ensemble  Dormeur du Val   Options Navigations Nocturne    2:03:32 (Pop‑up)
Kitty Wells  My Big Truck Drivin' Man   Options     2:06:43 (Pop‑up)
Shannon & The Clams  Would You Love Me If I Was Dead?   Options Hunk Hunt7"    2:08:58 (Pop‑up)
Woods  Any Other Day   Options Sun and Shade    2:12:35 (Pop‑up)
Fancy  Wild Thing   Options V/a, Love to Love You Baby  Joe McGasko's 2011 WFMU Marathon premium  2:13:35 (Pop‑up)
Black Sabbath  Children of the Grave (alternative lyrics)   Options Alternative Version 69-71    2:16:25 (Pop‑up)
John Cale  Mercenaries (Ready for War)   Options 7"    2:20:57 (Pop‑up)
Larsen w/ Little Annie Anxiety  It Was a Very Good Year   Options Cool Cruel Mouth    2:25:24 (Pop‑up)
Holy Other  Feel Something   Options With U    2:29:19 (Pop‑up)
The Rebel  SLC BTR   Options Split 7" w/ The Bomber Jackets    2:33:17 (Pop‑up)
Gastric Female Reflex / ID M Theft Able  untitled excerpts   Options The Oink Inside    2:35:43 (Pop‑up)
Tannhäuser Sterben & Das Tod  Endfilm   Options Eigengift    2:38:48 (Pop‑up)
Mueran Humanos  Horas Tristes   Options Mueran Humanos    2:50:09 (Pop‑up)
Ethan Persoff  When You Sleep Do You Have Dreams   Options Live at Harry's Loft (2009)    2:56:29 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  Mon. 7/11/11 3:04pm Marmalade kitty:

evening/afternoon Scott and everybody!!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:06pm Scott W:

g'day everyone! this is gonna be nutz
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:06pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I believe you!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:07pm thiagO:

Ih fudeu! Geremia apareceu!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:08pm Bad Ronald:

N-V-T-S - NVTS!!!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:17pm paula pc:

i needed some ivor cutler today, and this is the right one...thankyouthankyou
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:18pm kirsten:

hi scott! hi lila!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:18pm googleclone:

  Mon. 7/11/11 3:19pm annie:

is lila the one you had on last year?
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:19pm Granny:

Love to hear the Lila laughter. How I miss her already.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:20pm raga:

oh my god
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

she's not shy, right!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:20pm fishmonkeystew:

Oh, this is gonna be good. Hi, everybody!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:20pm LT:

I could listen to an entire show of Lila LAUGHING.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:20pm annie:

e-shay oves-lay e-thay everb-ray
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:20pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

careful man, I remember my six year old blew out my effects processor by screaming too loud into a mic.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:21pm 12539:

I like the Lila show.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:21pm EzSezz:

Normal is not in the card today
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:21pm chris:

  Mon. 7/11/11 3:21pm LT:

lol @ Dead Corporate
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:22pm other david:

Who is this Scott Williams guy and what's he doing on Lila's show?
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:22pm LT:

  Mon. 7/11/11 3:23pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

god, my kids are ALWAYS saying my teeth are green too...how weird is that??
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:23pm LT:

This should be an SNL show. :-)
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:24pm 12539:

Children of the world take over.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:26pm thiagO:

what about some chip 'n dale tunes?
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:30pm LT:

This could make for a L-O-N-G show. But, hilarious!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:31pm EzSezz:

Club Attic--Good name, Lila!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:32pm annie:

mike's on..
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:32pm LT:

Have her sing along, Scott ...
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:33pm SUeA:

not cute enough to chatter over songs.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:34pm monica:

Star. please tell Miss Lila that Butter says hello and loves the picture she drew when they met.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:39pm don:

hola, scott and lila. havin' way fun!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:40pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

what state do you live in now?
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:41pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

  Mon. 7/11/11 3:42pm annie:

you'd better apologize
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:43pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

wise words...I usually talk to strangers and always go off the path...
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:43pm joe:

Could we please stop having "bring your mildly cute child to WFMU" day?
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:44pm LT:

Buzzkill, Joe ~
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:45pm other david:

Negativlands - Over the Hiccups would suit this show to a tee
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:50pm Robert:

Joe, I'll admit that the gimmick is in danger of being overworked, and even that Lila is...pushing it a bit. However, I think the schedule overall has stayed well within those bounds, and I particularly like it when it's done at approximately annual intervals, as in the Give The Daughter Some series Doug Schulkind had, because you get to hear them mature.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:51pm Robert:

Plus, it's enough that we get these great volunteer DJs...you want them to get babysitters too?
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:54pm other david:

I just hope Ken stops bringing that son of his, Andy, onto 7 Second Delay
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:54pm Grumpy Nokids:

Getting a babysitter isn't really necessary. In my day, our DJ parents would just tell us to keep quiet while they're on mike.
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:57pm Carmichael:

Wishful thinking with this tune, eh Scott?!
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:57pm other david:

  Mon. 7/11/11 3:57pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

in my experience this song title is patently false
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:58pm Scott W:

Yo Carmichael... yeah Carmichael
  Mon. 7/11/11 3:59pm BSI:

I hereby request the Fabio chant.
seriously....Practically willing to pay real cash money for this... a live vocal rendition, with SW applying gooey delay/reverb/etc to the mix.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:02pm Scott David:

Hola Lila B!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:08pm Marmalade kitty:

  Mon. 7/11/11 4:08pm don:

shit yes!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:16pm swami:

My boys in the Space Needle! Jud! Jeff!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:17pm LT:

Hey, someone brought me a drum synthesizer asking if I could figure out how it worked (technical manua written by a staff NOT fluent in English). I was HOOKED for 3-days and didn't want to give it back. You KNOW she's gonna want to take that sucker home!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:20pm Robert:

What happened to the lady taking stuff to her sick grandma?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:21pm Nat the Parker:

This is possibly the most adorable thing i've ever heard on the radio, ever
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:21pm LT:

lol@ Robert
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:22pm Robert:

Wouldn't it be great if you could rewind your life like that?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:23pm Alicia Renee:

...any chance of her *not* hearing the music/effects/etc...?
lovely mixups y'all got goin' on there!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:23pm Not Usually So Grumpy:

Please dig deep into your memory, back to before you had kids and think about how annoying it is to hear somebody's kid recite the alphabet...even when it's not going out on the air. Please stop.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:24pm other david:

somewhere.. over the *hiccup*...
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:24pm George of Troy:

Live dada on the radio courtesy of Lila and Scott!!!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:24pm Robert:

OK, enough. Plus, the ABCs aren't so impressive by a 6 YO. Sorry to be harsh.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:25pm Grumpy Nokids:

Yep, with Robert, enough.... still. love Scott and WFMU, so it's off to the archives.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:26pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

ol' Skip did too much acid for his own good, but just enough for ours
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:26pm Robert:

She actually had a good thing going with that story before the breaks, but with the att'n span of a 6 YO, it didn't have a chance.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:26pm moose:

ha i knew people'd be upset over here
but look he's made up for it already
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:27pm other david:

Are listeners grumpy because its Monday and too warm?
Enjoying the show, it all its anarchic 6 year old glory
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:27pm Carmichael:

The whole album Oar is really spacey stuff. I just played it last night for someone I didn't know too well. And won't get the chance to know them any better, either. :-)
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:28pm Robert:

I've heard some really sweet children on WFMU. But Lila isn't treating it as a privilege, so she's not bringing the good stuff.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:29pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

that's funny, Carmichael...you gotta be careful of your picks when you're in that "getting to know you" phase.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:29pm don:

chill robert. we get it. you have an opinion. lila is bringing the fucking heat today.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:30pm other david:

Scott open the phonelines and let Robert give Lila a piece of his mind.

It could be great...
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:30pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

it's silly how ubiquitous that Sunshine of Your Love riff was back then--such a dumb guitar riff. like the first one I learned to play.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:30pm Not Usually So Grumpy:

No, listeners are grumpy because if they wanted to hear a six year old recite the alphabet, they'd go to a playground in Park Slope. I normally love Scott's show too, so I'll forgive this misstep and keep the radio on. Came very close to switching back to the FAN though!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:31pm definition of freeform:

The only rules that free-form DJ's are bound by are FCC regulations such as station identification and restrictions on foul language.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:32pm Robert:

It's always possible that Mr. Wilson very realistically expected her to be a fun addition to the show today, but then when the time came Lila decided to just be bratty on the air. I coach children in football, I know how this can be.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:32pm LT:

You guys have never heard Lila swear up a blue streak?!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:33pm don:

mr wilson?
pay attention!
and for pete's sake, take a fucking breath already people.
she has been on air for less than 5% of the show.
is it really that different?!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:34pm Robert:

It's also possible that. Mr. Wilson overgeneralized from a previous appearance by Lila. 6 months ago she might've been in awe of it all, but that's a long time for children this age.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:35pm lulu:

this kind of sounds like it could be from a john carpenter movie
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:35pm other david:


good god
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:36pm Not Usually So Grumpy:

@definition of freeform: agreed. doesn't mean we have to like everything that's played. these boards are for our input, no?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:36pm Robert:

What I'm saying is that it's not his fault.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:36pm marq:

i think i decided long ago to never really worry or get upset about what a dj on wfmu plays or does. it is just a privilege to have dj's do what ever they want and I think it is so magical of a thing. I don't care for listening to 6 y/o either but think it is quite great to have it possible for a dj to do anything even the most annoying. wonderful stuff.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

thank you, Dr. Robert. Ah ha, Mr. Wilson...
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:37pm BSI:

.....it's almost as comment-provocative as playing grateful dead, hawkwind, or zappa.....

staying clear off to the sidelines with a clipboard, adult beverage, and riot police on speed-dial, I remain yrs. truly, etc.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:38pm Robert:

And it's always possible that in another 6 months she'll once again have a greater appreciation and be a fun addition to the show again.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:39pm Robert:

We've all experienced the opposite, haven't we? Where the exuberant kid clams up in front of company?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:39pm annie:

wow, just got back to the comments... wow... i say this: vivre la free-form!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:39pm Matt:

Great....now that that's settled...
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:40pm other david:

annie, preach!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:40pm Carmichael:

Yo Annie, how's the Lucky Dog?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:45pm Robert:

Sorry if my writing "Mr. Wilson" seems overly formal. I just lapse into grownup-speak around kids.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:47pm Channeling Kenny G:

Well Put Marq.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:48pm 12539:

Who is Mr Wilson?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:48pm Robert:

I wouldn't be surprised if SW is playing longer cuts than he'd planned to (although they don't seem longer than his usual) because things didn't go as nicely with Lila as he'd expected.

Michael Shelley doesn't have that option with what he plays, but What's-Her-Name the kid is GREAT on mike. Sorry about the comparison, SW.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:49pm don:

stop speculating robert
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:50pm Robert:

Darn! WILLIAMS! I lapsed not into adult-speak, but my usual mix-up-everybody's-name speak! Sorry.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:50pm Stanley:

Sorry to interupt but that Soft Opening thing was just what I like, no messin'. This Dirty Beaches ditty is doing it for me too.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:51pm 12539:

I was beginning to wonder if we were all listening to the same station.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:51pm Charles:

How about them Mets
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:51pm Carmichael:

That's actually a decent screen name: Speculating Robert.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:51pm jaycjay:

"Mr. Wilson" just makes me think of the old guy from Dennis The Menace, which is sort of appropriate, except he would be here complaining... not DJing.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:52pm Robert:

Couldn't we say I know the family by their real name of Wilson instead of his performing name?
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:52pm BSI:

I'll second the praise on Soft Opening. Rat here. Rat now.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:53pm don:

@bsi rat on!
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:53pm other david:

Gonna leave comments board, Robert is sucking all the joy out of what is a good show.

  Mon. 7/11/11 4:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

Well played, Mr Wilson
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:54pm 12539:

ditto DCE
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:54pm Speculative Robert:

  Mon. 7/11/11 4:55pm jaycjay:

  Mon. 7/11/11 4:55pm kiemzi:

scott rules.
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

"screw you guys...I'm goin' home" ;)
  Mon. 7/11/11 4:57pm Speculative Robert:

And the amazing thing is, he already had that record scheduled for right there.
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:09pm Seminal:

  Mon. 7/11/11 5:19pm Bad Ronald:

This right here is one fine set of music. Thank you Mr Williamson. Great show!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:28pm efd:

One of the best screams in the history of screams.
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:30pm Jeff in Puna:

Loving the sets this morning, Scott!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:31pm Bad Ronald:

@efd - ha, yes from within CBGB's i believe.
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:32pm BSI:

.....do you like chilies.....in OHIO?.......
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:34pm fred:

Monica had an amazing cover of that track (it was a very good year) on her premium last year. But this one is pretty good too
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:40pm Julie:

Wow doesn't the comment board have a scorching case of the mondays
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:41pm Speculative Robert:

Was that all of "It Was A Very Good Year"? Seemed like there were verses missing.
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:42pm BSI:

Julie: damned tootin'! Some folks didn't have their Dabur Chyawanprash (tm) this morning.... and you see what happens...
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:46pm fred:

@julie: everyone's afraid Lila will channel her inner Amanda if we don't behave. Nope, that's not something to be afraid of, that's something to await breathlessly. Same difference when it comes to commenting
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:49pm Marmalade kitty:

Great show Mr. Wilson!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:50pm jeff-m:

cheers man
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:51pm Speculative Robert:

Hey, the Williams-Wilson confusion is far from my worst. At a birthday party this past Sat., I assumed it was her husband's b'day!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:53pm Stanley:

@BSI you and your ayurvedic herbal tonics. So that's your secret!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:56pm BSI:

@Stanley: Amitabh Bachchan endorses the stuff, it's gotta be the bee's EFFING knees, am i rite?

.....bee's effing! knees!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:56pm LT:

Bye Scott & Lila. ♥
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:57pm other david:

Thanks for the show Scott & Lila!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:58pm Stanley:

Amitabh Bachan is a god. If its good for him its bound to be good for us mortals.
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:58pm Carmichael:

Thanks Scott and Lila!
  Mon. 7/11/11 5:58pm Marmalade kitty:

  Mon. 7/11/11 5:59pm Stanley:

Adios Scott
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