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Order and disorder in a freeform haze of terribly-played guitars, shorted-out electronics, found audio detritus, strange sounds from strange lands all around. Psych-punk-junk, collage, even pop. Lots of in-studio live performances to boot.

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Options May 3, 2011

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Artist Track Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Hot Rod  Osama Bin Laden Is Dead   Options     here    0:00:00 ()
Dicky Design  Mexican Senoritas   Options Into the Getto (sic)        0:09:26 ()
Towel  Go Away   Options Various: False Object Sensor  Vermiform      0:14:01 ()
High Rise  Mira   Options Live  Squealer      0:17:27 ()
Zappo  Rock and Roll Crazy   Options Various: Satin Dustin Dustbin: Even More Junkshop Glam  Ursula 1000      0:25:53 ()
Rabbit  Lady La Di Da   Options     w/Dave Evans post-early AC/DC (before Bon Scott joined). See.    0:28:36 ()
Derek Monypeny  The Painful Nap   Options Don't Bring Me Down Bruce  Raheem    *   0:40:28 ()
Hair Police  The Haunting   Options Constantly Terrified  Troubleman Unlimited      0:41:11 ()
Luis Antero  Sinfonia Amphibia   Options Sinfonia Amphibia  YANSR    *   0:47:38 ()
The Food Reviewer  Ellio's Pizza Review   Options     here    0:49:26 ()
Han Bennink / Brodie West / Terrie Ex  Side B   Options Let's Go  Terp    *   0:53:26 ()
Michi Sarmiento  El Arruyo de Macuya   Options Aqui Los Bravos!  Soundway      1:01:50 ()
Toncho Pilatos  Dejenla en Paz   Options Toncho Pilatos        1:02:31 ()
Vladislav Delay  Minus Degrees, Bare Feet, Tickles   Options Vladislav Delay Quartet  Honest Jons    *   1:13:39 ()
Watersports  Live at Eat Records 2005   Options Natural History  Dog Daze Tapes    *   1:17:17 ()
Uday  Head of Horse   Options 7"  Flogsta Dancehall    *   1:19:48 ()
Eskorbuto  Ratas Rabiosas   Options Eskizofrenia  Munster    *   1:23:21 ()
Culo  Military Trend / Don't Care Part II   Options Military Trend EP  Deranged    *   1:24:55 ()
Ceremony  Not Tonight   Options Not Tonight  Custom Made Music    *   1:26:52 ()
Television Personalities  God Snaps His Fingers   Options Yes Darling, But is It Art?  Seed      1:30:18 ()
Glen Galaxy  All Authority   Options Thankyou  Great Comfort    *   1:40:16 ()
Anne-James Chaton  Barack Obama   Options Evenements 09  Raster-Noton    *   1:43:11 ()
Ghetto Raiinbow  Serve It Up (Tennis Anyone)   Options Straight Outta Castro: Greatest Hits 1998-2000  No Label    *   1:46:22 ()
Blizaro  Midnight Lurkers   Options City of the Living Nightmare  Razorback    *   1:48:25 ()
Circuit Rider  Laught   Options Circuit Rider        1:53:04 ()
O. Rex  Sunshine of Your Love   Options My Head's In 73  Gulcher    *   1:55:03 ()
Dictators  The Next Big Thing   Options Go Girl Crazy  Epic      2:00:06 ()
Sightings  ICH/IC   Options Michigan Haters  S-S  2002 CD rereleased on vinyl  *   2:03:46 ()
Zond  Blind   Options Zond  Kemado    *   2:11:36 ()
Black Vomit  La Pastora (the Shepherdess)   Options Jungle Death  Rusty Axe      2:18:53 ()
Tannhauser Sterben & Das Tod  2011   Options Eigengift  Altin Village and Mine    *   2:26:26 ()
Rebecca Black  Friday slowed 5 x   Options         2:26:40 ()
John Bender    I Don't Remember Now  Record Sluts      2:41:30 ()
Kraftwerk  Live   Options K4 - Bremen Radio 1971        2:47:24 ()

Listener comments!

  Tue. 5/3/11 3:04pm Cheri Pi:

Oh no BT you better DON'T!!!!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:04pm SiHV:

So topical!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:06pm Matt from Springfield:

Hell yeah!
Is this brand-spankin'-new or was this made in advance and kept behind glass, to be broken and played in the event of his death?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:06pm bill:

This makes me wanna par tay!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:06pm efd:

This is so wrong. And so right.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:07pm Sean Daily:

You know, if a SEAL team busts down my door and kills me, I'll definitely want someone to write a dance song to celebrate. It's so darn... Imperial Roman, you know?

Oh, and... fifth comment! Woo hoo!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:07pm northguineahills:

I thought Trent was filling in for Brian for a second......
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:07pm Rodney:

Oh boy, this is great.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:08pm Cheri Pi:

My butt says yes, but my brain says no.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:09pm Bad Ronald:

Is this FMU's very own Hot Rod?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:09pm Gav Bo:

Is this gonna last 3 hours???
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:10pm paul:

oh i am gonna hate myself if this gets stuck in my head.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:10pm Tom G:

Get your goose on!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:10pm mg:

make it stoppp
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:10pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I thought it ended but Flash just stopped...ugghhh...
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:10pm SiHV:

Please stop! I'm starting to get strange looks from my fellow toilers.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:11pm urinal:

I'm getting strange looks from my fellow toilets
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:11pm efd:

Bad Ron, this is 50 Cent protégé Hot Rod, not the WFMU DJ.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:12pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks for the clarification EFD!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:12pm bill:

mad rhymin skillz!!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:12pm Matt from Springfield:

@Gav Bo: Hey, Brian's never done a 3 hour song before--we gotta do that sometime! Maybe it's now!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:13pm J J:

Bet the guy sat on this song for a long time trying to figure lyrics to go along with it. So inspired.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:13pm Sean Daily:

"Osama bin Laden is Dead" is a bit... repetitive, innit?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:15pm Lisa Simpson:

@JJ: Well, it delivered what it promised.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:16pm bill:

"Hot Rod"? "Dicky Design"? Is this some not so subliminal boasting?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:16pm Ike:

FMU's Hot Rod recently said "never celebrate death and hatred," so she really wouldn't want to be associated with that track. Also if she did it, it would sound more creative, I bet.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:17pm BT:

That was actually a faux quote attributed to MLK that went around Facebook yesterday...
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:20pm Ike:

No, not that one. Before the fake MLK quote, there was, "NEVER CELEBRATE DEATH AND HATRED. HAVE WE NOT LEARNED ANYTHING?!?!" Apparently not attributed to anyone else.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:25pm BT:

Ike, you just dont want to dance.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:26pm Ike:

Yeah, I'm so square I only dance to early Autechre.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:28pm BT:

Thats intelligent dancing.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:29pm Matt from Springfield:

@Ike: You're So Square Baby I Am Interested In Seeing Just What Early Autechre Dancing Looks Like.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:31pm Matt from Springfield:

JUNKSHOP GLAM! This is "Glitter From The Litter Bin" quality! Love this stuff--has Joe McG ever played this album?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:34pm Cheri Pi:

Sweet Rabbit video!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:35pm littledannydiamond:

  Tue. 5/3/11 3:35pm welsh:

  Tue. 5/3/11 3:37pm BSI:

wait..... is this dancing?
or do i need to call a qualified physician?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:38pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

you may be having a seizure, consult physician IMMEDIATELY!
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:39pm littledannydiamond:

seizures not funny
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:40pm Ike:

Next I'll try dancing to some Blue Sausage Infant. What BSI release is danceable for a square?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:40pm Frank:

I won't dance, don't ask me.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:42pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I will dance with bleu cheese, if it asks me
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:46pm BSI:

Ike: I suggest the one that goes BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ and has all the sparkly PEW! PEW! PEW! noises all phased out like electric tadpole hailstones... or actually, maybe all that bsi sh*t sounds like that....
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:46pm littledannydiamond:

@ Dead Corprate Eyes

what time is it?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, er, ah, 3:50pm by my estimates?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:51pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

oh, wrong again
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:52pm Ike:

@BSI, that sounds delightful.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:53pm littledannydiamond:

I wouldn't know, I don't have a clock! but this would mean you are on the east coast?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:56pm northguineahills:

I'm going out for some Indian food.
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:56pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

well, no, I am in the Great Lakes region, but we are on EDT. I'm, ah, not sure where this is going....
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:57pm Matt from Springfield:

Is that frogs in the background? Or something that's been sped up/slowed down?
  Tue. 5/3/11 3:59pm littledannydiamond:

Have you heard "Marky Ramones Punk Rock Blitzkreg" via Sirius radio?
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:00pm Tom G:

Hot Rod again?
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:02pm northguineahills:

Han Bennink is always a treat to see live, if you have a chance to see, do so!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:03pm Time Piece:

@littledannydiamond: Rock out with your clock out!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:08pm Matt from Springfield:

Loved the Michi that was the last item.
Also lovin' the Toncho Pilatos--like Zeppelin en español.
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:09pm fleep:

Tercera de Mayo!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:13pm Matt from Springfield:

@fleep: That's right, party from Tercera to Cinco de Mayo!

IRWIN's watching the Food Reviewer?? Uh oh.
Jersey City, we have a new "star"!!!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:15pm Cheri Pi:

Personal & the pizzzzzas??? I love them.
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:17pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

I recently obtained a 12 pack of Corona for 2.99 after rebate
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:19pm fleep:

Minus Degrees, Bare Feet, Tickles, Burns, Turns Black, Frostbite, Amputation
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:21pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

yeah, I really thought Vladislav kind of glossed over the dangers there in that song title!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:30pm Matt from Springfield:

Culo = Cool! First I've heard of time, and enjoying them a lot.
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Somehow I feel this doesn't pass the Kevin Nutt Sinner's Crossroads standard...
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:48pm Tom G:

The Glen Galaxy almost sounds like some 70s Xian private press deal.
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:50pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

luckily I turned the speakers down at the very moment this started
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:50pm Matt from Springfield:

@Tom G: Yeah, if only it had surface noise like a record! Or maybe an obvious cassette sound, that would absolutely make it!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:51pm Matt from Springfield:

Ghetto Raiinbow, are they touring?!
I'm sure Bee Money is also on the bill.
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:53pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

turning speakers WAY up now
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:53pm bill:

Kinda torn between wishing Ghetto Raiinbow was still playing and digging the sh* out of this
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:54pm chris:

i give props to my dunlop
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:58pm jason:

awesome set!
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:58pm Matt from Springfield:

The Circuit Rider singer's voice sounds like Van Morrison on his "contractual obligation album".
  Tue. 5/3/11 4:58pm bill:

btw, if you get the DVD of You're Gonna Miss Me be sure to see the extra performance of Cold Night for Alligators
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:02pm joshua:

"oSama bin laden is dead" that title is like say..i'm a stupid i have not ideas, please kill me.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:04pm joshua:

and I'm deform
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:07pm Matt from Springfield:

The Dictators!! You got some great hard rock playing today, BT!
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:20pm Marmalade Kitty:

Hotrod would kick their sickly sad asses !!!!
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:23pm BBC2:

there's no evidence he knocked down the world trade centre anyway.at that time he had about 14 followers and was banished by all other islamic countries to the middle of nowhere in afghanistan.he was hiring extras to be in his camoflage wearing films.obl being dead(if he is) ((if he existed at all)) has no bearing on any situation -unless he had a girlfriend or boyfriend ,,as far as i can see.....just thought i'd mention it
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:27pm glenn:

i watched you're gonna miss me. compared to the rest of his family, roky's not crazy at all.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:28pm northguineahills:

wasn't "black vomit" the name of the Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton collaboration.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:29pm Hopey:

I missed this at the start of the show. Like it mixed this way!
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:30pm BBC2:

good rave tune though--or happy hardcore or whatever it is
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:30pm glenn:

i'd also like to point out - the great lakes region stretches from eastern ontario / upstate new york to wisconsin. one hell of a region.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:31pm Marmalade Kitty:

glenn, you're gonna miss me, is that a newfilm or the old one?
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:33pm Hopey:

I really really tried to ignore this meme.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:34pm joshua:

and now.. how many osamas remain?
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:34pm fleep:

Who knew choosing the front seat or the back seat could sound so soaring, so majestic. Who knew at this speed, her voice could still sound like nails on a chalkboard.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:36pm glenn:

i'm not sure when it came out, but i think it's from 2005 or so. just a guess.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:38pm Hopey:

Does this also mean 5x as long? Argh.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:38pm Handsome Harry:

Yeah. She still sucks slowed down. Almost as much as Ke$ha.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:39pm Marmalade Kitty:

There is a documentary by the same name made in 1983 apparently. Ive seen that one. (youtube) Is the new film good?
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:41pm Matt from Springfield:

Ha ha, I THOUGHT this was something slowed down...at this point I think albums should include bonus tracks of slowed down, ambient versions of songs.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:41pm Jarvis:

More Ghetto Rainbow please!
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:43pm Billy Jam:

@Handsome Harry - hah ha - only difference is it takes a lot longer to get thru the week to Friday & the weekend with this mix. Hey Brian - thanks for that Poly Styrene documentary link
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:44pm glenn:

i enjoyed it quite a bit, but then again i'm a huge fan. it might not appeal to the celine dion lovers of the world. please please for the love of god get this rebecca black thing off the air.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:44pm Chris from DC:

Today it is Tuesday/a very long time from now it will be Wednesday....
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:46pm Matt from Springfield:

Housewife: "Honey, it's Tuesday--today's my slowed-down Youtube meme yoga/tai chi class."
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:47pm Matt from Springfield:

Although some, like "Gimme Pizza" would have to be slowed down even more, into a drone suitable for meditation.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:47pm Billy Jam:

@Chris - yeah and now Brian has spun his magic spell and made every moment five times longer- It's like we are suddenly stuck in dog years - in reverse. At least that's what it says on the internet under "Brian Turner's (Rebecca) Black Spell"
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:49pm Chris from DC:

Well, Billy, it's on the Internet so it must be true.
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:55pm andyg:

wow! rother and dinger are totally drowning out florian and ralf. no wonder they split ways
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:55pm Political Correctedness:

The proper term is "Temporally Challenged".
  Tue. 5/3/11 5:59pm paula p c:

it's refreshing to hear a Kraftwerk track that is not ralf and florian up way way front -- thanks, Brian!!
  Tue. 5/3/11 6:00pm Matt from Springfield:

Great show Brian!
G'night everybody!
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