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Freer, Formless.

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Options April 29, 2011

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Artist Track Album Approx. start time
Unidentified Egyptian Female Singer  Auminaity Ashufeak Ya-Alby   Options VA - Arab Music (Lyrichord 1970)  0:00:00 ()
K. Shulzenko  Andryusha (rec. 1938)   Options VA - Russian Oldies (Soviet Artists)  0:07:32 ()
Jean Bosco Mwenda  Mama Na Mwana   Options VA - True Vine 78 Series Vol. 18: Sub-Saharan Guitar & String Music of the 60's  0:27:35 ()
Wet Hair  Ordinary Lives   Options Dream (2009 Not Not Fun)  0:27:16 ()
Beauclerk  bisonoric   Options Beauclerk (2011)  0:15:49 ()
Attrition (UK)  Shrinkwrap   Options Onslaught [1983 cassette]  0:26:36 ()
Gambit of Shame  No Bounds   Options No Bounds 7" [1982 Dead Hedgehog Enterprises]  0:30:11 ()
Ut  Sharp's Loose   Options VA - 135 Grand Street New York 1979  0:32:09 ()
X-Ray Spex  I Am A Poseur   Options Germfree Adolescents: The Anthology (disc 1)  0:35:12 ()
Sister Fleeta Mitchell and Rev Willie Mae Eberhard  Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down   Options Art Of Field Recording Vol 1: Survey  0:37:54 ()
The Treat Family  Erev Shel Shoshanim   Options Demonstration  0:44:12 ()
TwinSisterMoon  The Hollow Mountain   Options The Hollow Mountain (2011)  0:46:37 ()
Gaslight (UK)  Henry Martin   Options Gaslight (No Label 1970)  0:49:18 ()
Carol Anne McGowan  So To The Sea   Options Songs from the Cellar (2011)  0:53:57 ()
Camp Romaca Campers  Twilight Descends   Options Camp Romaca for Girls [1978 Alma Mater Recording Company]  0:57:08 ()
Moon Duo  When You Cut   Options Mazes (2011)  1:03:15 ()
The Max Block  Came In A Can   Options The Max Block EP [1986 Flying Nun]  1:08:09 ()
Crusaders  God Lives   Options Make A Joyful Noise With Drum & Guitars (1966)  1:11:04 ()
Danielson  Olympic Portions   Options The Best Of Gloucester County (2011)  1:13:12 ()
The Tree of Life  Join Me   Options VI FIRE (ARTRONICS 1969)  1:18:20 ()
Bobadin  Nat Pwe   Options Music Of Nat Pwe: Folk & Pop Music Of Myanmar Vol. 3  1:28:19 ()
Paraja Tribe / Orissa  Courtship Song   Options VA - Folk Music of India (Orissa) 1963?  1:31:17 ()
Zulfu Livaneli  Mehmetcik Mehmet   Options Nazim Turkusu (1978)  1:33:58 ()
Habib Bin Seilan  Lukiza   Options VA - True Vine 78 Series Vol. 18: Sub-Saharan Guitar & String Music of the 60's  1:38:36 ()
Bo Hein & Bo Mein  Master of the Nine Cities   Options Music Of Nat Pwe: Folk & Pop Music Of Myanmar Vol. 3  1:41:28 ()
Red Army Choir  Dear Byelorussia, Golden Ukraine   Options VA - Russian Oldies (Soviet Artists)  1:46:55 ()
Hank & Carol-Leigh  Inquire Within   Options Inquire Within (1969)  1:54:48 ()
Kim Jung Mi  A3 - 고독한 마음   Options Vol 2 (1973 Unversal Records)  1:56:55 ()
Ken (Nevada) Maines  Coconut Tree   Options The World of Las Vegas 'Night-Club' Music [196? SMILE]  2:01:20 ()
Edna Leal Williams and Bonnie Guitar  The Quiet One   Options Edna Leal Williams - Bonnie Guitar (Leal Publishing 196x)  2:03:30 ()
John Richardson Meadows  [A4]   Options John Richardson Meadows (1971 Century)  2:13:36 ()
The Bunch  Life   Options Now That Summer's Gone  2:18:45 ()
Angel Olsen  Halfway to Paradise   Options Lady of the Waterpark (Cassette 2010)  2:21:19 ()
Quoth the Raven  Expansion   Options Nevermore (197x)  2:24:11 ()
Vive Le Fete  Tele   Options Jour de Chance (2007)  2:30:59 ()
The Other Half  Mr. Pharmacist (1968)   Options Mr. Pharmacist & The Lost Singles  2:34:28 ()
Pace Setters (Huey R. Harris)  Push On Jesse Jackson   Options Push On Jessie Jackson / Freedom & Justice 7" (KENT)  2:36:59 ()
Jazz Symphonics  Fresh Egg Boxes   Options The Beginning  2:39:38 ()
The Sweet Talks  Mampam Sukuruwe   Options The Kusum Beat (1974)  2:46:48 ()
The Devils  The Exorcist   Options Vol. 1-Funk Cargo (Famous Groove)  2:50:48 ()

Listener comments!

  Fri. 4/29/11 6:10am Jason Elbogen:

Good morning
  Fri. 4/29/11 6:19am annie:

morning jason!!
  Fri. 4/29/11 6:22am Jason Elbogen:

hey annie
  Fri. 4/29/11 6:51am maestroso:

Morning Annie and Jason!
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:07am annie:

i've been busy reading my news.... and trying to avoid the royal wedding..
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:08am Deepak:

Its 4.35 pm here in India, still Good morning.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:13am Jason Elbogen:

Wow, Deepak! thanks for listening... where are you in India/what's it like this time of year?
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:16am Deepak:

NW India, Chandigarh. You can't step out in th sun this time of year, most of the day its like 35-40 celsius
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:21am Jason Elbogen:

hold on--this stupid North American needs to convert celsius to a form I can understand..
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:23am annie:

over 100 degrees..
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:23am Jason Elbogen:

Yes. That is very warm.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:24am Deepak:

yes it is and thats just the start, will go upto 45-48 in July.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:26am maestroso:

How about southern India? Is there much difference?
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:26am annie:

i always times two plus 30.. to get the farenheit
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:28am Deepak:

South India is even worse, and i know about Minnesota , the influx of North European immigrants in early 20th century which is the reason for a lot of Norwegians there.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:30am annie:

OBL is dead, isn't he??
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:37am Deepak:

This track could be from anywhere in India, there are so many dialects.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:39am Deepak:

My Philosophy professor is from Orissa.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:39am annie:

yes, deepak, from what i'm told, even from one village to the next..
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:42am Deepak:

yeah, you'd surprised by the change in accent, btw people of our region are particularly rude.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:43am annie:

yes, we live by the illusion that any other culture seems to be idyllic and peaceful, forgetting that humans are all the same, wherever yo go
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:49am Deepak:

We philosophers are quite sceptic of cultures, i'm a slavophile but i'm also quite aware of the not so pleasant reality
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:51am Deepak:

wow, thank you for this choir, did i tell you i'm also a Marxist?
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:52am Chico:

Me too!
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:53am annie:

i tend to think that only a small percentage of people in any given group really practice mindfulness. the larger percentage struggle from day to day just getting by, not really focusing on any bigger picture.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:55am Deepak:

Operation Barbarossa in 1941, invasion of soviet union
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:57am Brian in UK:

I'm down with anything Groucho says. Is there a bigger picture?
PS I work in a hospital so I do have a pair of ears.
Now it seems that it's the multi nationals that are out for global domination.
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:58am Deepak:

No, aspiring Philosophy professor, i'm still 21 and doing my Bachelors
  Fri. 4/29/11 7:59am Brian in UK:

Was it George Santayana who commented about us not learning anything from history?
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:01am Deepak:

Yes he did and he wasn't the only one who said so.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:09am ausmanx:

history teaches us that we can make loads of money from royal weddings and the people like their bread and circuses. that's a lesson learnt well. annie is mean to diss lovely Will and Kate; I'm sure they're entitled to their special day despite being privileged maggots who filch millions in public money...
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:11am annie:

hoopla is hoopla.... i don't particularly care for elitism especially when there are those who hunger or suffer.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:18am maestroso:

I'm old enough to remenber turntables with the 16 rpm speed. I was under the impression that only spoken-word works were recorded on these records, though I never actually saw one.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:20am annie:

my dad made them for his russian language series..we had a slew of em in the house
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:21am Jason Elbogen:

any opinions on this John Meadows track? I'm curious
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:21am Brian in UK:

Anyone want a job lot of Harry & Kate mugs that were made in error in old china in China. True. At least we willingly allow this elitism of the unelected. What price those with democratically elected maggots.
I like the idea of privileged maggots with tiny crowns atop.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:23am annie:

democratically elected... hhmm.. democracy only works in small groups. not oligarchies
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:26am maestroso:

Sounds pleasant, Jason, certainly worthy as an artifact and perhaps a modern re-recording.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:27am Brian in UK:

Democracy is the name we give the people whenever we need them. Not my quote
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:30am ausmanx:

this is a lovely thread... i like the interweaving of privileged maggots with 16 rpm turntables. they're as anachronistic as each other, but retain a certain charm...
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:38am annie:

i was just realizing yesterday that by the time my dad was the age i am now, he was an angry man.. pissed off at things politically skewed... it takes a long time to get the hint...
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:40am HRH Prince William of Wales:

I needed to contact my Mr Pharmacist to calm my nerves this morning.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:43am Siggi:

Why dont you try some weed to calm your nerves? I do belive prince william would love some right now
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:44am ausmanx:

your majesty, it will do wonders for the profile of WFMU that you're listening in on your big day!
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:44am Siggi:

Laughing Out Loud
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:45am E nough:

I hear Madame Le Guillotine has a cure for headaches and parasites.
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:47am Siggi:

Hastla VICTORIA siempre
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:51am Siggi:

“The monarchy is so extraordinarily useful. When Britain wins a battle she shouts, "God save the Queen"; when she loses, she votes down the prime minister.”
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:52am Siggi:

Winston Churchill
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:53am annie:

siggi, loved that pregnant pause..
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:56am succession singalong:

Bill's blood's better than my blood,
Bill's blood's better than mine...
Bill's blood's better 'cuz he's got the blue thing goin',
Bill's blood is better than mine.

see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi84maqHgxg
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:57am Siggi:

Well you know Annie when pregnant it´s time to remidate
  Fri. 4/29/11 8:58am Handsome Harry:

The Devils killed it. Great way to start the day over here in Cubicle Land.
  Fri. 4/29/11 11:38pm tahomajohn:

Another great show Jason! You were fun to listen to.. your music choice was unpredictable, bizarre and beautiful. Cheers!
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